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Learn Programming in 10 Minutes - 4 Concepts To Read all Code

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Best course to learn programming in just 2.5 hours: http://mardox.media/learn-programming In this video I'm going to breakdown the main 4 concepts you need to know to master code and programming in the shortest time possible. If you learn these 4 concepts then almost all programming languages are going to be much easier for you to learn and master. Also by knowing these 4 concepts you can understand how computers think and how you can translate your purpose and things you want to get done to computer's language. #1 Tool To Build and Grow a 6 Figure On-Line Business: https://mardox.media/clickfunnels Learn How To Make Money Being an Expert: http://mardox.media/expert-secrets Secrets Of Building ad Growing an Online Business: http://mardox.media/dot-com-secrets Tools I Use To Make These Videos: iPad 2018: https://amzn.to/2ubz0Dx Apple Pencil: https://amzn.to/2JcC6Ms Luma Fusion App: http://mardox.media/luma-fusion Adobe Draw App: http://mardox.media/adobe-draw
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Text Comments (184)
Boost Up Knowledge (19 days ago)
terry waller (1 month ago)
This is a joke! Doesn't teach anything,! Programming for idiots by idiots!
The BLack (1 month ago)
I'm 222222 viewer
Maxx Maxwell (1 month ago)
It reminds me much of different functions I have executed in MS Excel (simplified). But it does give me a correlation.
Solito Reyes II (1 month ago)
This is the kind of information that all courses neglect don't teach. This helped demystify what is actually programming.
Rukshar Alam (1 month ago)
Great tutorial, I also recommend reading my blog-post about some cool websites to practice programming in your favored language. Because, without practice, you won't be any good at coding. https://aprogrammersexperience.blogspot.com/2017/06/beginners-guide-best-programming_19.html
Peter Bonnema (2 months ago)
I´m a professional c++ programmer and that code in the beginning still looks really scary to me... mainly because its formatting is intentionally made confusing. No human can read that in a normal way. Also, one hugely important aspect was left out which is the concepts of variables or just in general how computers manage data in their working memory.
fatmanplaying (2 months ago)
Thank you! I have had a hard time understanding 4) Functions. You have helped with that!
Bozhidar Petrov (2 months ago)
So u are sayin that 1.step by step 2. if else 3. Loop 4. Block function?????
Farhaaz Jugon (2 months ago)
Can We made our own language in coding or there are some special code learning !!! Fast reply !!
Crush on you (3 months ago)
Lol, why this voice sound so familiar?
Humble Mushroom (3 months ago)
If i did not already study javascript, it would have been harder to understand 2)
Humble Mushroom (3 months ago)
2) is a bit like javascript, no?
Myles Gmail (3 months ago)
Awesome explanation! Thx!
Jeanette Nouch (4 months ago)
Why would you close the box if you’re just gonna put in more apples?!!
Madhavan Rao (4 months ago)
Nice information thanks...
Vardaan Saran (5 months ago)
This will help me hack
ayuicyi (5 months ago)
Good overview but for absolute beginner need more details on each example and explaination of hoe it all fit in together
Hanatullah Ikumapayi (3 months ago)
yea. like me
Phantom Ninjazz (6 months ago)
If (Stry) {return true;} else{return false;} } function ShowUsers () {if($rows
Justin Boland (6 months ago)
Andrei Despinoiu (6 months ago)
Interesting video. The background noise really put me off, tho. :(
Jeff Silverberg (6 months ago)
Thank you great video.
sony apple (7 months ago)
still confusing
whats4mehere (7 months ago)
great explanation​! The first one that makes sense for beginners
Francisco Jose Esteban (7 months ago)
Awesome! Hooman thanks a lot; I´m 45, I´m loving computers since my childhood and did some programs in basic in my teenage years....... I started with Casio programming calculators, then with some TI99´s at the school "computer´s room", then my father got me an early Sinclair and a Commodore 64 and 128; then I jumped into PC´s in the form of a Tandy 1.000 and some Compaqs; I was in love with programming and computer´s hystory but had some trouble with math and physichs and decided to change interests and focused on social issues and finally into finance and administration science for the college. Years have passed and suddenly I realized that I ignore how today´s software is made and I feel bad. I have the project of recall all that I can and learn a new language to keep my tortured brain in shape. Videos like yours help me a lot to organize the basic concept in my mind.
Fans of Penguin (2 months ago)
Awesome Francisco! I hear you about your life journey. Having almost similar experience! 😁 Curious, what programming languages are you learning now? 😊
Yellow Synth (7 months ago)
this ice like making music lol
Transpower (7 months ago)
First you need to understand how to create algorithms using pseudo-code. Then you have to learn how to translate the pseudo-code into real code.
Muskan Shaheen (7 months ago)
Hi is there someone who want to learn with full package to create his / her own app without any coding and get earn money in your home. For details or information Just click the link below https://bit.ly/2HnGPK5
Lisa E (7 months ago)
Very clear and concise explanation for someone who is older ( 53 ) and has no clue as to how to read or write any kind of computer program. This was a very good instructional video in my opinion.
Kevin Olson (7 months ago)
Good video. Nice explanation
Raphael Maglalang (7 months ago)
Mahalingam Ramanathan (7 months ago)
Mahalingam Ramanathan (7 months ago)
water stridden (8 months ago)
pretty useless 10 mins tutorials though
MusicShell (8 months ago)
actually less than 10 minutes if you take out the introduction...
Mahabur Rahman (8 months ago)
Excellent !!!!
TurnersKarate (8 months ago)
Title is misleading, just says what coding is, not how to do it.
Dave Sakievich (8 months ago)
I learned how to program before most of you were even born. Maybe even before some of your parents were even born. What people do these days is 'pile' on a bunch of 'code' till something works. Most 'programming' today is absolutely ridiculous! Look at Windows for example, the absolute worst example of programming! An operating system that takes a DVD to contain it? There is so much 'code' that is done so badly and then covered up and padded with routines to make up for the mistakes in programming to make it work, instead of writing it correctly in the first place. I started "programming" back in the 80's when you had to write the programs correctly because you did not have virtually unlimited memory and hard drive space to work with. My first computer had only 4K of RAM, 8K of operating system ROM and no disk drive to store programs on. We only had a cassette tape to save to. Microsoft had written the operating system for that computer also and there were so many bugs in it that some functions would sometimes make the computer hang up or reboot. I found several errors and corrected them myself. I learned to 'program' in BASIC, FORTRAN, COBOL, PASCAL, RPGII and Assembly Language. I took my High Schools 1st computer programming class that they ever offered in 1972 and we programmed in actual machine code (i.e. Hexadecimal [0 through F and a few function keys only]). I also worked as a computer service center manager for Radio Shack when the first hard drive for personal and small business computer use was introduced by them. It was a 5 Meg hard drive that was the size of a small desk top computer today. It cost $2,495.00. So when people today say that they 'code' or that they 'program'. I just smile.
Chappie (5 months ago)
so basically you can't accept that humans made programming easier? you can't accept that the sintax doesn't have to be only 0 and 1s and maybe some mathematical formulas
db4ip (6 months ago)
Hey old timer, computers and programming have changed for the better. I’ve been programming since the 80s. I started out programming on single line terminals and punch cards. I fondly remember programming Microsoft BASICA programs on an old monochrome IBM PC with a 2 floppy drive setup. I wrote code for dBase, RPG, PL1, Pascal, COBOL, etc. But I don’t dwell in the past but continually move on to keep up with the changing times. I’m currently self teaching myself how to write programs for the iPhone, iPads and Macs. So I’m learning Apple’s SWIFT programming language. Apple released a wonderful self learning course named App Development with Swift. This is the same beginning course that Apple provided for schools to teach high school and college kids how to program full blown apps in Swift. So an old pro like me should be able to easily learn it as well. All one needs is a Mac, free Xcode app (Apple’s IDE for Swift), free Apple course (readily available via iBooks or iTunes) and a mind still open to learning and trying new things. I love to program. It is a most creative, enjoyable and rewarding endeavor. If I live to my 90s, I hope to still be programming even simply as a hobbyist. Why should the kids have all the fun?
Melvin Vasquez (7 months ago)
Great info Dave. Appreciate your time, thoughtful reply and tips. This avenue sounds like a good way to go ground up style. Exactly what I was looking for; learning some fundamentals with less distractions as possible.Thanks, I am going to try this!
Dave Sakievich (7 months ago)
Go to eBay and buy a working Tandy (Radio Shack) Color Computer 2 with Extended Basic. I'm ashamed to say that the prices have gone up a bit from the last time that I looked, the cheapest being about $80. [Note: I used to buy these at a local thrift store for between $3 and $10 each.] Make sure that you get one that says that it was powered up and preferably one that says it was tested, so that you don't just get someones junk. It hooks up to any TV for its display (a good use for your TV's that are just collecting dust), make sure that you get the manuals that cover the BASIC commands and just experiment. BASIC was invented to make programming simple and easy because it allows you to program the way that you speak and think. You will need, unless you get one with a disk drive, a cassette recorder/player so that you can save the programs that you create and are still working on. Because when you shut off the computer your unsaved programs will be gone. You will also be very surprised at really how sloooow your PC's or MAC's really are when you first turn on this machine of the 1980's because there is no 'boot up' time. When you turn on this 1980's computer it's is just on and ready to use the instant that you press on the power switch. The CPU of the Color Computer, back in the 80's was faster and more powerful with its less than .9 MHz processing speed that was the IBM PC running at 4MHz because of its built in math routines and the fact that the CPU had a multiply op code that the PC had to later get a separate math co-processor for. Later, as you are 'twiddling around' with it you might want to get an 'Editor/Assembler' program for it so that you can try programming it in 'machine language' to try out its real speed. Radio Shack had one both in a ROM pack, which plugged into the side slot, as well as one that ran from a floppy disk. One of my smallest 'machine language' programs (the assembled version being the actual run-able programs) was only 48 bytes in size and it is what transferred the 20K worth of BASIC operating system from ROM to RAM and it only took less than a second to transfer and restart BASIC in all RAM mode. The final version which did the transfer, corrected the errors that Microsoft made in the BASIC OS, and also changed the disk drive access size from only 35 tracks and single sided floppy disk of usable disk space to 40 tracks and double sided disk space and it was only about 256 bytes in size. The program would run and complete its task, again in less than a second, and it would also delete itself from RAM.
Melvin Vasquez (7 months ago)
Hello Dave, thank you for sharing your programing history with us. Very insightful. What language would you recommend for someone with no programing experience and who wants to eventually get into coding?
Charlotte carlos (8 months ago)
HOWYOUDOIN884 (8 months ago)
to short  it - #1 - row by row, executes#2 - same concept a repetition  but can branches out to yes or no #3 - looping and loops#4 - block code - boundaries
Vincent Yang (8 months ago)
the first page of code looks like garbage LOL
El Dunamis (8 months ago)
Cool One Man
S R (8 months ago)
wow.very simple and clear.thank you
Kelvin Stevens (8 months ago)
thank you very much.
Riad Ahmed (8 months ago)
4 principles wow
Fausto Pucheta (8 months ago)
Maybe this video its gonna change my life now, absolutely thanks
Adam Taylor (8 months ago)
I really enjoyed this video. Thanks for making it visual and easy to understand.
elsa Grace (8 months ago)
So programmers get high salary because job is mind numbingly boring?
Timothy Polen (8 months ago)
1. Step by Step Execution: Instructions in a single line (code). Every line is an order. Order starts from top to bottom, executing every line, one after the other. 2. Conditional Execution: If the condition exists, execute part of the code, if not don't execute this piece of code. Condition at the top, if it is true, it will be executed via a condition. If the condition does not exist, another item is executed. *If the condition does exist do something, if it does not do nothing. A YES OR NO STRUCTURE. 3. Loops: Say you have apples that you want to package in boxes. The instruction is to open the box, put the apple in, and close the box; if you want to do that for thousands of apples, you don't want to write one thousand lines. You would automate the process with loops. *Execute a set of instructions as many times as you want with loops. 4.Instructions within instructions: Block of code has instuction that you want to use in multiple places. You can call the block to be executed into any line of code when needed. BLOCK OF CODE.**
RakZ Gaming (9 months ago)
i dont understand 4th one...can anyone help me
Sahira fatima (9 months ago)
very helpful video...
Luffy Ichigo (9 months ago)
Want to learn coding???....use "Sololearn"(available in playstore)......
rodeo o (9 months ago)
Jake Smith (9 months ago)
Im gonna start a site called "Novel identity"
Private Person (9 months ago)
thats painful trying to listen to this guy explain anything. it takes him forever to get a sentance out and then he takes for ever telling us what his sentance meant and then tells us about making his pencil thinner. this guy is painful.
X\/R (9 months ago)
The way you explained this was, very well structured and I appreciate that, thank you
Vic Vukovic (9 months ago)
Thank you. Beautiful explanation!! ...and very timely for me. Best wishes to you :-)
Matthew Castillo (9 months ago)
1+1= 10
Lucas E (9 months ago)
Where are you from? Great video btw
Osman ÇAKIR (9 months ago)
Hello. I would like to create a 3Dprinter desktop software/firmware as an Inkscape , Jviewer , Ultimaker Cura 3D Printing , Marlin 3D Printer firmware. These kind of programs be able to create a Gcode progress. And I know that this job needs more study and take long time. My question is, If you were me ,what kind of way do you prefer ? and which language (visual studıo, Python, Tkinter, PyGObject + GTK3 ... etc...) will you prefer? Thank you for your all interest.
Ndudirim Bathram (10 months ago)
thanks my dear
Umm e Abed (10 months ago)
Which computer language /program is suitable for my 9 years old. Basically, I want to kniw where to start from?
MrRasZe (5 days ago)
+Letícia L i started with a python book, i made a program that stores phone numbers and emails, after completing the book, you understand if you got it or not
MrRasZe (5 days ago)
+Umm e Abed thats it try make web site and put on internet, you will need sql eventually
Mr Booshit (20 days ago)
Start with scratch then python, and from there choose the following rest.
LSDsuperfruit (4 months ago)
Letícia L (5 months ago)
learn python, it's a very relevant language (used by Google, YouTube, etc) and it's also very simple and beginner friendly
Simon Bate (10 months ago)
Very simply and effective. Thank you
456DaffodilX (10 months ago)
Thank you...I like it....
Michael Scofield (10 months ago)
Nice video! Thanks a lot!
Cj Vaans (10 months ago)
Your explanation is a little rough, and accent walks it difficult to understand, but your video is helpful. Thank you.
Toriano Evans (10 months ago)
Great Explanation!! Thanks
Ulbre De Folie (10 months ago)
hi, Now that I have watched your video and have learnt coding, I would like to apply for a Programming and Coding Job with your company. You would obviously need fully qualified programmers and coders, like myself who learnt how to program and code in 10 minutes, so I am looking forward to working with you, Sincerely, U.D.F.
Ulbre De Folie (9 months ago)
# only the universal language of sarcasm
Saurabh (9 months ago)
So which language have you mastered.😀😀😀😀 These are only fundamentals but you will need to know syntax of particular programming language to use them.
Hi_Its_Matt (10 months ago)
Ulbre De Folie lol
Maxell deNomie (10 months ago)
nice and simple...thanks
Robert (10 months ago)
this does make me understand to a certain extent but you could have given a few examples of how you would use these while programming to fully understand why they are used.
Chappie (5 months ago)
you can't explain that much about coding in 10 mins, it's a really complex thing
Maraysha Washington (10 months ago)
wonderful video! although the title should say learn the basis of coding in 10 minutes. very helpful in going over a few rules that i have already learned. though i must say they way you teach and the style you use is great for beginners. I had to have it repeated to me a few times before i caught on but had I had you explaining it i'm pretty sure I would've caught on right away.
Morgan Dekker (10 months ago)
You made coding way less scary than it seemed before I watched this video! Thanks!
Noor Ahmed (10 months ago)
can someone tell me how to learn disktop and laptop hardware repairs . through free vedios. any sites please
MrRasZe (5 days ago)
look up "comp tia certification"
Phabeon Dominguez (10 days ago)
+Max Fill [email protected] you max, you brought religion into this? I ain't have no reply for that my niNja, PEACE
Max Fill (11 days ago)
Phabeon Dominguez Amen!
Phabeon Dominguez (11 days ago)
+Max Fill but how did you NOT see that coming, it's been prophesized for millennia!?? Aka BEHOLD A PALE HORSE...
Max Fill (11 days ago)
Phabeon Dominguez And I HAD potential, before I was kicked by that horse. Now everything is 1's and 0's. "1110000101000111" You know!
Ronald Kuriachan (11 months ago)
johnpro2 (11 months ago)
i now feel confident enough to apply to Google or Microsoft as a software engineer or cleaner ..one of them anyway.
Nathan Imadiyi (11 months ago)
Dude, thank you so much for making sence!!
Racheal Nalwoga (11 months ago)
Pablo Valor (11 months ago)
I have no idea how to programming
NinN Flai (7 months ago)
I feel you bro,, i feel you
Mike MIB (11 months ago)
Mr. Hooman you explained well the way that anyone can understand. i am a carpenter. but I would like to devolop a small Nesting sofware. can you explain wich are the programming need to learn to devolop a Nesting sofware?
datno hi (11 months ago)
an if statement or case statement
ralph gull (11 months ago)
Great !
susan-sojourna Collier (11 months ago)
great vid...great lesson
Matt Mood (11 months ago)
This is analogous to a video titled "Learn how to drive in 10 minutes" and then video is a guy saying "This is a motor. These are wheels. This is a transmission". Knowing what the very basic parts of a car are called does not in any way teach a person the myriad skills, habits, and reflexes that are needed to ride a bicycle, let alone properly pilot a motor vehicle. Just like nothing in this video teaches anyone any usable skills for programming. The video is not bad as a 10-minute primer on sort of recognizing the very basic building blocks of a logical method for thinking about solving problems. But by intentionally lying in the title, the true purpose of this video is revealed to be nefarious. smh
MensoJero (9 months ago)
OnePlusZero I don't really believe it's like art though. It's too straightforward to be art. Bad code stems from the same type of people that are bad drivers. Uncaring, lazy people with no drive are generally the worst of coders and in my experience it's generally the ones that have been doing it longer that are ok with shortcuts. Maybe what we need is not less videos like this, but more videos that teach good habits and explain the importance of doing things a certain way? Anyone without drive won't go past watching this video anyway
OnePlusZero (9 months ago)
MensoJero I appreciate your point of view. To be honest, programming is an art form, just like painting or composing. Some people are good at it and some people never will be. Videos like this just create false hope for those who really have no talent, and a proliferation of bad code, created when those same people insist on trying...
MensoJero (9 months ago)
Peter Abolins The problem with analogies is we're comparing two completely different things. This video teaches you concepts to make the actual learning easier. When I first started, I had terms machined gun and it left me confused. This helps so someone can start, see these terms and not be discouraged as it's not overwhelming. The more I learn about the technologies around us, the more often people seem to want to use acronyms and of course all things have their name. Understanding what something does before seeing it in action helps some people. Some of course get confused even more until they do some hands-on work. I'm glad for videos like this, but I think it should have been titled better.
Peter Abolins (9 months ago)
@MensoJero, It is a pity he didn't cover the clutch pedal, so in your analogy you would still be restricted to driving automatic cars. I have been programming for over 30 years, and I am still learning, so I am curious what "stuff" someone would be able to do after zero experience plus watching this video.
MensoJero (10 months ago)
Matt Mood I learned enough html in 10 minutes to do stuff This video is not pointing out wheels and a motor, if anything, it's pointing out a steering wheel, gas pedal and brake, which while I would agree does not "teach to drive" it is certainly teaching you the fundamentals so you could get in a car, and with this new knowledge actually drive. Not well mind you, but enough that if you were drinking you could not be exempt from a DUI.
Willem Holten (11 months ago)
Nailed it. Amazing! Basically simplified but all included thorough.
super tube (11 months ago)
How to make a apps.like this hd video player whats app etc.
Chappie (5 months ago)
you should use java or c++, or maybe try with android studio
5:10 *loop
roughtown (1 year ago)
This is my first step in the right direction. Your video made me feel more comfortable about this long journey. Thank you much!
What happened to 10 minutes?
Adel Singeri (1 year ago)
electroline trace (1 year ago)
can you tell me what is best page on youtube elsewhere on web to learn python coding
smej onacrem (1 year ago)
how i wish i can write codes....i badly want to learn it
Arlina Carpenter (1 year ago)
Great explanation.
lawton ratnam (1 year ago)
Re.point 4, did he say "block of codes"?
Peter Bonnema (2 months ago)
it means that you can group instructions together in blocks (usually called functions, methods, or subroutines), give the block a name and then you will be able to execute that block as a whole in any place of your code you want by simply writing down their name. Functions can also call (=execute) other functions and they can even call themselves (recursion)!
Chappie (5 months ago)
it means some part of the code, nothing complex lol
how can do parameter correct in my laptop
Amin Ghanbari (1 year ago)
thank you so much dadash hooman
AnDre J. Anderson (1 year ago)
😎👍🏆good video Hooman you get the YouTube award for answering the Billion dollar question.
Dharminder Singh (1 year ago)
Very helpful video Can you explain how what code languages are used for what purposes ty
Chappie (5 months ago)
I'm late but i will respond anyways: web development: html, css, javascript, php, mysql, a bit of java in some cases, ruby, game/app and mobile apps/games: c++, java, phyton, pascal (really old language tho), C#, C, swift I may have forgot something but this are the principles
Saurabh (9 months ago)
Dharminder Singh use Quora.com to ask such questions you will get answers with nice explaination.
Sam Boychuk (2 years ago)
This is great!
Majeeda Bibi (2 years ago)
Rainbow Sam (3 years ago)
You pretty much demystified it

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