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Harassment in Public, Guys vs Girls (Social Experiment)

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Joey Salads (2 years ago)
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helpstop misandry (18 days ago)
I'm glad this video was made,thank you Joey Salads!!
Threesom666 (2 months ago)
Wtf? He even says he is his gf on his turn. The guy defending the girl cuz she was fine is pathetic.
Mr _awesome (3 months ago)
People are so stupid
brandon heffernan (1 hour ago)
Fucking feminist
متع عقلك (5 hours ago)
*that is the reason i hate all girls.* every one love them that guys.
J mill (1 day ago)
This really pisses me off
IVAN MARCO123 (1 day ago)
His is how the world treated men like, it's kind of cruel...
Hazel Diez (1 day ago)
Not a boy beeing harasd by a girl but a girl beeing harsad by a boy
Dbhdjsn Dhhdjddj (2 days ago)
Men still have the most advantage to woman women don’t tend to do that Women get catfish more women’s are the ones that are being out looked for being kidnapped to their marriage , Men are stronger and they sure do have stronger reflexes
Valentina Deleon (2 days ago)
This is sad to see becuase when a male is sexually harassed nobody cared..but when a female is sexually harassed everybody cares It does not matter which gender Sexual herrassed ment is a problem Sorry if I can't spell lol.
herb tender (3 days ago)
Is saying I want too toss your salad sexual harassment?
Arahorn (4 days ago)
Why is everyone suddenly worried about the man, there isn't any such thing as male discrimination, he's a MAN for god's sake. Anyhow it doesn't matter, men are f-cking creeps and deserve whatever punishment they get.
Vidhu J kumar (4 days ago)
harassment done to boys dont replys
O (4 days ago)
I still remember those good old times when you could slap some girl's ass and she just pretty smiled to you after that.. Ohh.. Those were the days, my friends..
xc5647321 xc5647321 (4 days ago)
I didnt need a video to tell me this. I have seen actual, real life abuse of a man in public who finally slapped her back and the fu----- world exploded as though he killed her with a hatchet or something. Women and the trained dog men ganged up on him.
Phillip Galloway (4 days ago)
Interesting reactions..
Blablabla Bla (5 days ago)
But lets talk about when she did it. She wasn't violent and he wasn't scared, he was smiling...
Bye Felicia (5 days ago)
Feminists should watch that video...
Angel Goku (5 days ago)
This is sexist
Can she sexually harrasse me ?
Christos Symeonidis (6 days ago)
Ecmc (6 days ago)
You suckers
Ecmc (6 days ago)
Mr_ Robloxian (6 days ago)
People are sexist in abuse and in sexual abuse thise need to end.
David Jones (7 days ago)
This was disgraceful! I CAN'T BELIEVE, that people only cared when a man was touching a woman, and not the same with the woman touching a man. These people's reactions to the woman touching the man was disgusting. I am, however, glad that the man touching a woman had people helping her, but no one even SLIGHTLY cared when he was getting harassed. This is honestly SO disappointing.
Faith (7 days ago)
Maybe if Joey would have moved away faster then they would have reacted. And less people were there
XtremeGummy (7 days ago)
I think why no one stood up for the guy was because boys are usually stronger than girls and the public knows that they can hurt more. As a boy, I think that harassing is inappropriate and no matter what gender you are, you shouldn't harass anyone. But damn I felt so unsatisfied when no one stood for the man.
Calico Spider (7 days ago)
I feel like the first chick is the type of person that complains about manspreading, but puts her bags on the bus, taking up so many seats
Valentina Zelaya (7 days ago)
Omg I hate this society so much. No one did anything when he was getting touched but when she got touched everyone freaked out. I hate that This is coming from a girl btw
Thegamer 95 (7 days ago)
Remember kids sexual harassment is ok when it is a man
5BitE (7 days ago)
This really pisses me off that people think it’s ok for guys to get harassed
That fat white bitch got emotional lmao
The real potato Soup (8 days ago)
1:50 The oompa loompas on there way to get that one dead bitch outta the chocolate river
Ragnarok -_- LIT (8 days ago)
Anyone miss his old short hair
sean li (9 days ago)
Do this with a gay/lesbian couple. I wanna see how people react to that.
Jannet Suarez (9 days ago)
This just proves that woman are above men :/
Meme Nene (10 days ago)
hello u r guy u can defend your self from the girl i mean how stupid the video is do it on a slim and look at u r muscular guy just push the girl away
gastronomist (10 days ago)
There's a double standard because of the PATRIARCHY!
watashiwa Noodle (10 days ago)
*Girl harrases guy* everyone: heh go with her man. *Guy touches girl* everyone: GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF HER YOU SICK PERVERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Farhaldiniho #1 (11 days ago)
Nimboy 99 (11 days ago)
Uriel Fordring (11 days ago)
As unfair as it is. The guy looked jacked and fully capable of defending himself to the smaller petite woman. Other was around it possible that people run to the aid of the woman becuase he's bigger and the woman wouldn't be able to fight him off on her own. So others join in there.
Grace Fullmer (11 days ago)
e q u a l i t y i s b e i n g e q u a l
Ayushi Nayak (12 days ago)
Such an eye opener!!!
Ŧumbłr_girl_ 666_v (12 days ago)
It is sad..
Cowgirl Christian (13 days ago)
The first girl was disgusting
Lilly’s World :D (13 days ago)
Bro why are people so sexist, like ok fine it’s ok for a girl to do that but then they only wanna get mad at him for it,like that’s stupid.
Xcaliburz Storm (14 days ago)
No one helps the harassed man because society already expects them to give in, like if they are supposed to say yes to any girl, being labelled as crazy if he rejects a girl, especially if she's attractive. That's also why the majority of men say in their defence "I wouldn't mind being harassed every day". It's like society teaches them they should always want a woman and pursue her. Or else they'll be labelled pussies... What a sad world! damn so sad wow .
RYAN RICH (16 days ago)
Y do people treat men differently?!?! I'm male and I'm honestly offended that people do that 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Nugget (16 days ago)
Fuck this fucking planet bro i just want to fucking die already in this world we are the peak of living organisms And this is what the "peak of living organisms" do Im fucking tired of this world man.
PiNk LeMonAdE (16 days ago)
Ugh why is America so rude
Richard Crow's (16 days ago)
It's so sad that it's not okay to touch a woman like that but it's perfectly fine to touch a man like that
Richard Crow's (16 days ago)
so when you're a man rejecting a woman you're a loser because you don't want to have sex with someone and their sexual assaulting you in public and that's okay because they're a female this is disgusting and I've had this happen to me where a woman grabs my ass and grab my crotch before and no one did anything and it was very disgusting and people should put a stop to this if a man or anyone shouldn't be allowed to touch anybody without their permission
Princess Jansie* (16 days ago)
This just proves that men don't have each others backs as well as women do
mi_ maniac (17 days ago)
Totally wrong
Fame_ Arcane (18 days ago)
People who like this comment have a big penis
helpstop misandry (18 days ago)
0:00-0:47 sexism against Men
helpstop misandry (18 days ago)
0:00-0:47 double standard against Men
Robiul kabir (18 days ago)
*We don't need anyone's help BTY* 😁 💪✊👊🤜🤛
The Ginger King (18 days ago)
Dislikes are from the feminists
The Ginger King (16 days ago)
But I wouldn't call myself a feminist to achieve that goal
The Ginger King (16 days ago)
Well I mean it's wemon standing for unequal rights between men and women
メKawaiiYanderleeメ (18 days ago)
It's sad that people no longer know what feminism even is... smfh
aman agarwal (19 days ago)
Harsh reality of life Same thing happened to me
Blythe Nagel (19 days ago)
That is idiotic, men and women are equals and no man or woman should ever be treated that way.
Mat_The _brat (19 days ago)
I hate fucking sexism so much someone end it please
Karine Kouyoumdjian (20 days ago)
As I am a girl I was so disappointed and shocked when no one cared about the boy and made a joke on him while everyone was defending the girl. The harassment stays harassment no matter what and it doesn't depend of what gender is the person to defend someone or not..
Poki (20 days ago)
Fuck society
지민 (20 days ago)
뭐라고 말하는 지는 들리지만 무슨 뜻인지는 하나도 못알아 듣겠다
The life of Sky (20 days ago)
That's so wrong
Ahmed Elhady (20 days ago)
I have a lot of things in my head to express my anger but all that is coming out is just:" FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK "
Cupcake Blogs (20 days ago)
Are you serious!? It doesn’t matter about the freaking gender! Omg I’m so disappointed
Robert Barber (20 days ago)
People you when you see a female sexuality harassing a male you should stop her because it's just as important as stoping a male sexually harassing a female
Jacob Moses (21 days ago)
If any girl does this to me, I will not wait for people to help but I will just kick her butt and give her some hard slaps she will never forget.
Achie Power (21 days ago)
Omg I’m a guy feminist I’m triggered What sexist world
Michelle Garcia (22 days ago)
I would have helped u this people are crazy 😳🤦🏻‍♀️
Natalia Ivanov (22 days ago)
That's so wrong..
Aadil Ali (23 days ago)
She is fitt af😍😍😍
K Sammy pinto (23 days ago)
We should have sexual harassment day.People from both genders would be allowed to harass each other for 24hours.
Pengo Pecks (23 days ago)
Omg people are so sexists
Daniel Vizante (24 days ago)
Im not even gonna watch the video. People will probaly protect her because you can easily protect yourself agains her but she could not against you
Ecmc (24 days ago)
I will not sub to you
Mark Barreto (24 days ago)
And woman complain about sexism😂
#MGTOW 4life (24 days ago)
This is just one reason of many I stay away from females at all cost
Edward Garcia (25 days ago)
U know what I hate about this is that if the guy tells a girl no i dont want you to touch me stop it theres always a fucking moron thinking that your gay. Come on idiots theres just straight guys that dont like to be touched by anyone just because u like it doesnt mean everyone else does. Everyone is different. I mean if the girl is telling the guy no stop it dont touch me that doesnt make her a lesbian.
Frisson (25 days ago)
What a fkn joke. None of them bitches cared enough when he was getting harassed! But they jumped in for her?
Mary3012 Roblox (25 days ago)
No matter what gender is sexually harassed react same
Ecmc (25 days ago)
This is why I hate girls
Luana Valquiria (25 days ago)
Hate people
dayna and rihanna show (25 days ago)
Me:in the butt??
Luke Welsh (26 days ago)
Kelly Dreams (26 days ago)
I hate when people think it's ok for a girl to sexual harras a guy and always blame the guy that isn't rigjt a guy shouldn't have to want to have sex or want to be tpuched if they don't want to!
Dillon Miller (26 days ago)
“Being a girl is so tough “ damn really isn’t it wow
savingprvtryan (26 days ago)
And this is the real sexism
Nick Yeoman (26 days ago)
If you think that's crazy, do some research on the red pill. Abuse is abuse, gender does not matter.
That is terrible
Panthera TV (27 days ago)
The world has gone so downhill everything is one sided now WTF
Lil Goofy (27 days ago)
Tbh I would think the boy was gay and would say: "Girl... Go away he doesn't even like your kind."
Mike Wazowski (27 days ago)
double standards exist
Eliza Totty (27 days ago)
He kinda made it a joke tho.
man down (27 days ago)
Now try harassing a salad in public
Samantha Mostowicz (28 days ago)
either one is wrong, & the people that wanted the guy to cave in is gross, they should’ve stopped it all together
Bethany Healy (28 days ago)
This makes me so angry. I'd fricking deck her
Imma Draw (28 days ago)
Unfair :/
iCommandYew (28 days ago)
Okay let's face it. When a girl does it to a guy it does make me think the guy is a wimp. When its a girl I know its harder for the girl to defend he self from someone way larger then her.
iCommandYew (17 days ago)
+メKawaiiYanderleeメ It harder for girls to defend themselves because they are usually weaker then males. That guy with low self esteem or shy can at least protect him self if it goes to far. And don't call me sexist. It's just like that. And a lot of girls agree with me on this.
メKawaiiYanderleeメ (18 days ago)
So what? Some guys are shy or have very little self-esteem. You help either way

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