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DUI driver sues victims, sells assets

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It's a story you'll have to hear to believe: A man who pleaded guilty to killing 3 people in a DUI crash, then sued his victims! Now, the I-Team is looking into a new accusation: that's he's hiding his finances to keep the victims from getting a dime of his money.
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Lop Kam (6 hours ago)
Jesus Christ, this is beyond fucked up. That scumbag of a person deserves to rot in hell
_egas calybird (7 hours ago)
police let the DUI who killed my mums boyfriend go, even though he had gotten multiple dui's in the past. we wanted to sue. we didnt know if the man who killed him was someone of social status or something because it didnt make sense how much the police didnt want to pursue this man, despite his past. very strange. ive lost hope in the world and society. i look to the regular people, its all we have left. the last few people with God still in them; with humanity in them.
Al Hoyt (1 day ago)
Spoiler, he loses and has to pay the family even more money.
SouthCalifas619 (2 days ago)
America, a country filled with selfish heartless people, integrity does not exist here.
Travis Roberts (2 days ago)
I honestly would take the guy beat the shit out of him and tie him to a tree. But only if the guy tried to sue me. And if probaly smack his parents around too.
Bilbo Baggins (3 days ago)
you cant sue a family for what what ADULT child did...you people are ridiculous
infamous420 hip hop (3 days ago)
The audacity to sue a family u destroyed because of ur self actions, fuck him and his family
Wolf Lady (3 days ago)
Wolf Lady (3 days ago)
Fontaine King (3 days ago)
This happened to a ex brother inlaw of mine. He was drunk driving on wrong side of rode, hit a vw bug head on and burnt the guy real bad. Hid all his assets with his rich father who was a heavy contributor to local politicians and had plenty to shell out. Poor guy got nothing. Was scared for life. Brother inlaw got out of it. All most two years to the day. Two masked men caught said inlaw out one night and broke both his legs and dotted both eyes. Said that's for so and so. Don't ever let us see you again. Old bill moved to Fla.
Fontaine King (3 days ago)
Someone just needs to kill that scumbag!
Will Herman (3 days ago)
Maybe he needs to be, um, disappeared.
Bob Wangor (4 days ago)
Please let me be on that jury. I will get a boner watching those vermin have to pay the victims from the hidden stash. This shit only happens in America.
youtube university (5 days ago)
Idk how this is legally possible. It's definitely unjust and plain fucked up
Dan Conner (5 days ago)
I lost an aunt due to a drunk driver. Crossing the street with the green light in her favor and she was dragged approximately 180 feet under his car. Never knew what hit her. And this clown tried to blame the victims and the Florida Highway Patrol? What DUMB. ASS ATTORNY took this case?
johnny1893 (5 days ago)
Leonard Chornomaz (6 days ago)
The mother, father, son and his wife should be sent on a nice all expenses paid vacation to Africa. For a real wild African safari adventure. I'll even volunteer to go as their personal protection body guard.
CROOKED MEDIA (6 days ago)
The victims got screwed.
C Smith (6 days ago)
How families can back up such disgusting behaviors shows clearly alcoholism is a family disease. Raised him to believe he was an exception. We'll see how it goes for him in Jail, with that attitude...
FN440 (6 days ago)
David you will get what's coming to you. Believe me. You just don't walk away from what you did and what your pathetic parents are doing. Life will find a way to give you and your FUCKING parents what you deserve.
ArrowJ Smith (6 days ago)
Go after the sorry ass Construction Company. Get the IRS to investigate. Call the IRS.
Chris Barras (6 days ago)
12 years? That's it? What a fuckin piece of shit. His mom is a whore, lying piece of shit. Always a shame the Drunk driver lives. Should be dead. Hope he got Ass fucked repeatedly in jail.
Charles Clason (6 days ago)
This guy is a piece of shit with a capital S and his mother and father a right up there with him fucking scumbags
Tom Broder (7 days ago)
hey.... Rev. Al wants his wig back.
Sara Freedom (7 days ago)
Throw the whole family away
Jarrod3588 (8 days ago)
12 million dollars for medical fees and losses? it was an accident but that doesnt cost 12 MILLION the VICTIMS are the cunts here for suing for that much.
The baddest bitch (8 days ago)
Freaking parents and son of a bitch which is the son who drove that night drunk all are animals I feel so sorry for the victims family 12 yrs how pathetic need to be tougher punishment for theses fools ( drunk or high drivers)!!!!!!!!
Nicky sue Lund (8 days ago)
Disgusting family. No accident he put that liquor into his body and got into that car and drove that car into the victims KILLING THEM.
DJ Kevgeez (9 days ago)
Lol asshole. You kill people then Sue them?
none02910 (9 days ago)
Pure narcissist behavior time to knock this prick down a peg or two along with the rest of his asshole family........
NuranNora Arrowood (9 days ago)
She is guilty lying to court
NuranNora Arrowood (9 days ago)
crazy DUI
NuranNora Arrowood (9 days ago)
omg what a crazy ppls
Ken Evanska (9 days ago)
What an horrible cunt . And his mother is an even bigger horrible cunt.
Malachi Mendez (9 days ago)
This should be 3 accounts for 1st degree murder
Heather Feather (10 days ago)
Wow ...that's a special kinda assholery.
Chadohog (10 days ago)
People like that give people a bad name.
toportime (11 days ago)
His entire family are horrible pieces of shit.
Alexis Garcia Cortes (11 days ago)
horrible. theyll get whats coming to them
Matt Jones (11 days ago)
This family has every right to kill the DUI driver.
The Sizzler (11 days ago)
The wrong people died that day.
BEAR WALKEN (11 days ago)
Down with hammerhead construction let's ruin them.
Bazooka Joe (11 days ago)
Two POS raised a POS, anyone surprised?
Jake G (11 days ago)
Only 12 years? I thought I’ve seen one that was atleast 20 years for 1 DUI, this was also on a Christmas, I think that’s worse
Todd Mastrianna (11 days ago)
please...death penalty for DUI....awful
Vincent Marquez (11 days ago)
Well there all going to hell if there is one
Sam McKissock (11 days ago)
The family could probably have a couple skinheads "handle" this piece of trash for a couple cartons of smokes... Just sayin'...
Masha Mitchell (11 days ago)
A court order could compel him to disclose all assets or sit in jail indefinitely.
Dionicio Ysassi (11 days ago)
That's why the guy is a piece of shit. He was raised by pieces of shit
ame buta (11 days ago)
with parents that lie and cheat no wonder hes such an asshole. drunkard piece of shit..
M14 SMK (11 days ago)
Talk about a corrupt family. If that would’ve been me that killed those folks my dad and mom damn sure wouldn’t help me for the bad decisions I made.They love me,but they’d make damn sure I did right by the family I caused so much harm.The scumbags of society.But there are 2 things that breathe new life into a situation like this. #1 being Karma.Karma is a Wonderful thing and she ALWAYS pulls through. #2 Judgement Day. One day this family will bow down before God and be judged accordingly. They will all get theirs. It’s just a matter of time.
David Charles Fisher (11 days ago)
Lawyers and our Federal Government at its finest. They ALL fail. And none of them should be working as lawyers or Federal employees if they allowed this to go on-only in the US would this level of ridiculousness be tolerated. This man should have been in prison after his first DUI or at least spent several years there and have no license to drive. He obviously has a problem...and too many $ hungry lawyers make a living off of this kind of trauma.
Metal RocksOn (12 days ago)
I hope there is a hell for piece of shit like that! I would get some mid evil revenge on the drunk!
TheOfficialCzex (12 days ago)
One thing I've learned from binging these videos: Floridians are either shitty people or they have really good news coverage.
Craig Beacom (12 days ago)
Scumbag family
Joe Duprey (12 days ago)
This piece of S*#t and his scumbag mother need to be dispatched …… Go figure right , the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...Scumbags
TheHardik112 (12 days ago)
Please my humble request to all reading this. Don’t drive drunk, or under the influence. If you’re drunk, and have to go home use uber, And don’t get behind the wheel until you’ve sobered up. God bless.
bob Thomas (12 days ago)
This is a family with no morals. You can tell the mother of the perpetrator has no values and he has learned from her.what a bunch of Lousy people. I feel sorry for all the people that have had work done by this family I bet they’ve cheated them to
fck fracking (12 days ago)
Only 12years in jail for taking 3 innocent lives!!! Wow!!
John Msx (12 days ago)
Just kill the cunt already.
Kim Ayo (12 days ago)
This is what's wrong with the white community.
Okaro X (12 days ago)
The family members that hid the assets should be hold fully responsible for the compensation.
Matt Jones (11 days ago)
The other family has every right to kill them.
Carol Schacht (12 days ago)
This doesn't surprise me at all. This is how underhanded people are. Those poor people.
Jason (13 days ago)
What cold hearted bastards. I hope they pay for what they’ve done and continue to do to the victims.
archduke (14 days ago)
Throw the whole family off a bridge.
Emile Soucey (14 days ago)
I want to find people like the criminal in this case and just find and hurt them so bad.
john sullivan (14 days ago)
when the mother said it was an accident, when someone gets behind the wheel dui then its no accident
Paul Smith (14 days ago)
What a piece of crap loser.
Blank Blank (14 days ago)
Also if you killed the parents, the rest of the Belniak family would think twice before being the evil people that they are. In fact, if you killed every single person with the last name "Belniak", people named "Belniak" would never do anything like this, ever again. We don't kill enough people in today's society.
Matt Jones (11 days ago)
I completely agree with you.
Michelle Menard (15 days ago)
Wholly crap what an absolute waste of skin - you murdered 3 people and destroyed countless lives and have the gall to sue the victims. Obviously you have no remorse for your actions. That a case could even be made speaks volumes abt the legal system.... FAIL !! IF his family cooperated in hiding his assets then it helps explain his lack of character but in doing so they seem to condone his actions or is that aid and abet in a fraud making them liable too ???? What a travesty to those victims and their families!
Sending prayer🙏🏾💜💜
Battle Kitten (15 days ago)
I would kill this son of bitch. You cannot tell me that the Judge cannot stop this bullshit. Media and Hollyweirds have destroyed our justice system they cannot make movies now so this is the new entertainment at the cost of justice
Matt Jones (11 days ago)
You would have every right to kill this person.
Mr_Mack_In Denver (15 days ago)
I'd get revenge in 12, or less, years....
Shoe Shooey (15 days ago)
Maybe his mom will get smoked by a drunk driver
Ashley Johansson (15 days ago)
This reminds me of criminals who burglarized a house, suing the victim because they got hurt burglarizing the house...lmao people are so pathetic.
Suzette Randall (16 days ago)
This dirtbag family still have their business in Destin Fl. The pic on their YELP page is the same as is used in this story. Reviews are open for business too.
Matt Jones (11 days ago)
Ima look it up!
kwnyupstate (17 days ago)
Any good forensic accountant can find out where the money went.
Dong (17 days ago)
Human vermin.
Carolyn Johnson (18 days ago)
Absolutely unconscionable!!! I am stunned at the callousness of this DISGUSTING family!
Chet Manly (18 days ago)
Isn't this how you get murdered? I mean people shoot up schools for bullying. What makes these people think they won't get shot for killing family members and then suing them and then hiding their assets to avoid paying after you lose.
Matt Jones (11 days ago)
I agree.
Ole Holm (18 days ago)
The drunk driver should have all he and his parents owns, taken away and the money goes to his victims family.
freakyflow (18 days ago)
You kill my family and try to stick me with a bill? Nothing would stop me from getting justice fuck the red tape
jay bee (18 days ago)
horrible sound quality
FunkoPope Fun1976 (18 days ago)
Barbara Millicent Roberts and Kenneth Sean Carson are taking over the world.
Nicole Santiago (19 days ago)
Actual trash.
Joyful Noise (9 days ago)
If I had a child, and they were in the wrong, I would make them take responsibility and pay the victims. I wouldn't hide their money. What if the tables were turned and their child was drunk, killing your family? If you want to sue them, then they have a right to sue you! Take responsibility!
Purp Le (19 days ago)
This family will get what they deserve. I have faith.
Tanking Trucker (19 days ago)
Wow that guy's is a big pile of shit. He should have got life in prison first off. I mean he killed three people,what a fuck stick. He was drinking and driving. Yeah so life imprisonment should have been more the sentencing and obviously they know the assholes hiding his money I think the family has helped him hide the money should get hit with perjury charges and go sit in prison for a few years themselves that's just one big pile of shit family can see that
Sharron Butler (19 days ago)
Get tht mtfker. Uall no exactly wht he did smh bastards
BillPrestin Esquire (19 days ago)
What a miserable pile of stinky rotten shit , both the scum bag fucker who crashed and pile of shit family members hiding his assets , may they all die of ass cancer
Kory Looper (20 days ago)
Sue the parents for conspiring to commit fraud.
Anthony Cruz (20 days ago)
12 years only?
Lady B (20 days ago)
That whole family is disgusting.
Erick Acosta (20 days ago)
They should def sued that drunky for everything hes got.. shame on the parents.. do whats right for thise innocent people.. even i wouldn't let my child get away with that.. he must pay for his consequences.
Dave Dawe (20 days ago)
Belniak and his deceitful parents all need to loose everything they own and go to jail. The three of them are clearly cut from the same cloth. How can the Florida justice system even allow this to proceed?
Captain Buggy (20 days ago)
The rich think they can get away with everything, that they are above the law. This is one of the very few examples that they are indeed not above the law.
Simon Tran (20 days ago)
I hope this mofo gets murder in jail.
Brandy B (20 days ago)
What pieces of shit.
HEXU77 (20 days ago)
There’s a special place in hell for these slime bags.
newthrash1221 (21 days ago)
Of course this is in fLorida.

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