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DUI driver sues victims, sells assets

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It's a story you'll have to hear to believe: A man who pleaded guilty to killing 3 people in a DUI crash, then sued his victims! Now, the I-Team is looking into a new accusation: that's he's hiding his finances to keep the victims from getting a dime of his money.
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albino dogigater (2 hours ago)
This scumbag should be executed
jim h (13 hours ago)
Wait for him. When he gets released Take a base ball bat to him.. Don't kill him Just break every joint in his body... Break his back and spinal cord...... Then wait Repeat if necessary.
Steelcitychick (15 hours ago)
These people are beyond digusting! This pos murder a family, because he chose to drive while under the influence, yet the suspect and his pos parents see nothing wrong with what the bastard did!
Samuel Toomer (22 hours ago)
This arrogant bastard!
He should be imprison for life
PunaniJohnny (1 day ago)
what a piece of shit family.
professor chaos (1 day ago)
He kills 3 people in a crash he caused and has the nerve to sue them Drunk - it's not my fault they were in my way while I was driving drunk they shouldn't of been legally stopped at a red light
S. D. H. (2 days ago)
Welcome to a sick world, full of sick, selfish people.
Artorigus (2 days ago)
All of these stories doesn't make me want to go to Florida. I'll stay here in Vermont where nothing happens and people forget about us.
Lamont Burton (3 days ago)
Could someone tell me the outcome of this case? What a dipshit!
Bob D (3 days ago)
what a pig that drunk driver's mother is.
JERRY WIILIARD (4 days ago)
What a fucking cunt
Andre Fennell (4 days ago)
This guy should get some prison "Justice"!!!
Nightcrawler 2 (4 days ago)
I hope this guy rots in hell forever.
David Legg (4 days ago)
Let's hope he gets killed in prison, and his family are killed in a traffic accident.
Jacob Joe (5 days ago)
I think the real crime here is that young lads haircut.
Rough collies (5 days ago)
Your rich but can’t afford a taxi?
Peter Demerly (5 days ago)
I'm glad the pig was convicted I hope his scummy ass is dead
Jody Lee (5 days ago)
Triple homicide? Death penalty
Carolina Demetria (6 days ago)
Sounds like he should be euthanized and have his organs harvested; try to save a life or two to try to make up for killing 3. You make the decision to drink or do drugs then you assume all responsibility for your actions while under the influence.
If you're caught drunk driving once you should just lose you license pertinently. Get used to taking the bus from now on. The three strike system is way too lenient.
Charlie Chuckleberry (7 days ago)
Seems like the family cares more about the money than their loved ones lost. It's obvious he's hiding the money and that's bad, but nobody gave a shit when 80% of illegal immigrants abuse the system in the exact same way to get a life of luxury on the government's welfare dime, while working illegally (not paying taxes, or reporting their income). It's the same case when an unusual high percentage of blacks CHOOSE to not work and get free benefits. It's a better lifestyle to get free welfare and extra money on the side doing odd jobs; because actually working legal low wage jobs is worse. I think there's a lot of details missing from this case. For example, what kind of job allows him to rake in 50 million dollars cash?
nathanielstephenbaue (7 days ago)
Jim (8 days ago)
Here's what should happen. Mom and Dad Belniak pick-up their Son at the prison and they all get killed by a drunk driver. Then their estate gets sued. And I hope that smug bitch gets burned and lingers for a week.
Trowa (8 days ago)
This is fucking stupid. How can you even be taken fucking seriously in suing the family of the people you fucking killed. Our Justice system is so fucking broken.
OUTLAW (9 days ago)
your son is a pos, just like his sorry azzes parents .
gnewb e (11 days ago)
They had my support up until they sued the state troopers, that is just some low down lawyering shenanigans that lends credence to the harshest of lawyer jokes.
Steve Jones (12 days ago)
Scumbags the whole family
C B (12 days ago)
Some people.
shannongrac3 (12 days ago)
Shouldve been the drunk driver and his parents in the other vehicle smh
x per·i·ment (13 days ago)
mixing alcohol and xanax and then driving. what a dumb fuck.
Kurt Morris (15 days ago)
answer is simple, he doesn't have the money, send him to an extreme physical labor camp where he has his arms and legs chained 3 feet apart and is taken to a field to perform 10 hours of physical labor every day 7 days a week where the government pays $11.64 per hour until all that money is paid off then he can START his prison sentence.I'm sure after 4 days of that his memory of where his assets are will start to come back to him.
Terry Atkinson (15 days ago)
It's a legal tactic I believe. The Las Vegas attorneys sued the victims of the shooting there. I think I read it was to stop victims from suing the shooter. It stops all legal actions from both sides. I'm not an attorney, this is what i read.
Lol the Government is trying to stop marijuana from being legal while alcohol has killed more people and has been the cause of more death then any other drug combined & yes that includes opiates and heroin
Leon Wood (13 days ago)
Probabaly because people who smoke weed would start out their comment on a subject like this with "Lol". Nothing funny about this story unless your a pothead.
George Cantstandya (16 days ago)
Am I the only person disgusted by this!? How do the Belniaks sleep at night? Smh
Gary Portell (16 days ago)
Hope the whole belniak family dies horrible painful deaths
Monster AsCanBe (18 days ago)
You may be only getting 12 years but your greed will imprison you for life.
Yougirl Kperry (18 days ago)
Butch Marlene I hope she dies alone
Stormy Keifer (18 days ago)
What a dirty rotten family
LunaticDizzy (21 days ago)
Wait, wait, just fucking wait a minute! He PLEADED GUILTY to the charges, that means he is admitting his guilt and that he was at fault for the collision. How dare this PoS attempt to sue the the victim's family. And then on top of that only 12 years for the death of 3 people? 4 years per person; that's what a human life is worth? I just don't understand.
MrSmashmonkey (22 days ago)
Nice to know David Belniak is getting 4 black cock sandwiches with breakfast every morning Yummy😁
Danny Burch (23 days ago)
How would that even be legal a lawsuit against the victim's family that you killed because you were the law breaker
TheNurdbilly (24 days ago)
Nothing is anyone's fault anymore. That is all any of this is. Everyone thinks that everything is someone else's fault. No one in this country ever does anything wrong.
jason morgan (25 days ago)
I litteraly commented on this like 3 months ago .
Zinnie Boy (27 days ago)
Anyone convicted of a crime that results in the death of innocent people should never be allowed to sue the victims' families.
STRFLTCMND. (28 days ago)
dude probably aint got a pot to piss in. mommy owns everything.
Matthew Guzman (28 days ago)
I'm here from Trendcrave. What kind of f**kery is this?!?😡🤬
Jim Mehlich (29 days ago)
Are this people for real or just selfish.
Travis Dozier (29 days ago)
hunt him down and kill him..or have someone else do it..he deserves it..
Polar Bear (1 month ago)
Hope the entire Belniak family gets pancreatic cancer.
D (1 month ago)
Family of cowards.
really dude (1 month ago)
Merry Christmas
joe mac (1 month ago)
Pumptutor (1 month ago)
Because receiving money will make evertything better. If its dragging on and you are suffering, let the money go.
Rob Rich (1 month ago)
what a prick
dennyfrontier (1 month ago)
If you can successfully kill a family with drunk driving and then sue the survivors then you deserve your money
gabrielgalaxygh (1 month ago)
This guy gets 12 years in prison for killing three people while drunk put the affluenza teen kills 4 people and injured more and gets 10 years probation.... moral of the story have money
FknSlytherin (1 month ago)
This is absolutely disgusting. *THE NERVE.* Sick. Absolutely sick. He should be in there for his sad pathetic waste of life.
Bread& Butter (1 month ago)
I guess I won't be using Hammerhead Construction
Hugh G. Rekshin (1 month ago)
Somebody needs to shoot this cocksucker!
Djplays 1801 (1 month ago)
I always say garbage people usually comes from garbage family’s that whole family should be in jail..
Robert McCabe (1 month ago)
Wow what is wrong with Todays laws you can Kill someone Because you were Over the Limit be Found Guilty,and then Gives all his Money to his Mommy and Daddy to protect it so when he gets out he will Have a Normal Life Again,He could give 2 craps about what he did to those Peaple Just take him out back and Hang Him Period
Aduha dx (1 month ago)
that brown reporter is probably the most crooked of them all.
Orbital DickBeacon (1 month ago)
If Court doesn't work go to the parents of the piece of shit force them to give me the assets or die brutally rich pieces of shit
dave miller (1 month ago)
12 years the bastard should of got the death penalty
renegade_ace (1 month ago)
Put drunk drivers to death.
Michael Bratton (1 month ago)
I would kill him and his parents
Mr. Interesting (1 month ago)
How pathetic him suing the family was even allowed to go to trial. The judge should have just laughed and put it through the shredder.
michael rogers (1 month ago)
michael rogers (1 month ago)
Iranian Super Hacker (1 month ago)
> kills three people > gets 12 years Notice the skin color.
tim harwood (1 month ago)
The blokes mother and father who helped him try to hide his assets are scum
CaMoTiMe (1 month ago)
Kill his whole family... Then he wont have shit left
Bill Boss (1 month ago)
DUI and drugs.... this was murder, he should have been executed
Steve Johnson (1 month ago)
he deserves the slowest and most painful death i wouldn't kill him. its too easy
sbarnett37tiger Barnes (1 month ago)
I'd like to know exactly how the crash occurred. You can't judge this guy accurately until you know all the facts and we didn't hear the facts about the accident. It could change your view somewhat. Just because he had alcohol in his system doesn't mean he was stone cold drunk and doesn't mean he caused the crash. I've known people who can drive better with some alcohol in their system than many people can completely sober. I'm not making excuses for the guy or saying what he did was right in any way, he still shouldn't have been driving after drinking, I'm just saying I don't judge anything until I have all the facts. And no one else should either. It's always best to take a scientific approach to everything. Being quick to believe one view point and basing your opinions on you emotions basically makes you not much better than a caveman.
Display Name (1 month ago)
That motherfucker DUI driver looks like a killer clown in his mugshot.
Richard Walker (1 month ago)
This asshole got away with ending three lives in a drunken state and Is doing this. Should be hanged using wire so his head fall off. And his trifiling parents burnt out
Boom Gang (1 month ago)
Horrible FUCKING people,these are the people who say marijuana is bad but get fucked up on pills an alcohol and kill a whole family on the road
Jesper_117 (1 month ago)
The dindus are not just minorities they are everywhere
be happy (1 month ago)
How do these cases stand up in court??? In America, you can sue anyone for anything. Fell for that family.
Chris Billingsley (1 month ago)
Kill the whole family.
Chris Billingsley (1 month ago)
Kill the whole family.
Jeff Hill (1 month ago)
An eye for an eye, this pos wouldn't live long enough to eat a big mac.
Jo12992 (2 months ago)
This is when you hire a hitman
LKX FAM (2 months ago)
Man that white privilege.... enough said.
Jo12992 (2 months ago)
Yeah, you've said enough to show people how dumb you are
Polar Bear (2 months ago)
The victims family should be allowed by the court to machine-gun the entire Belnyak family.
EJ257IHI (2 months ago)
It is clear as a bell the DUI suspect's family is covering up for him......
Deanne Kleine (2 months ago)
Some folks believe they are entitled n have absolutely no cooth!
Aiah Zohar (2 months ago)
In the USA, you have to be wealthy to make the "justice system" work *_for_* you. If you're poor you're screwed.
Gerry Smith (2 months ago)
Consider this: The thug liar may have hidden all his assets out of prison, which he will probably lose anyway. But in prison he does have one asset which can't be taken away. I am sure Bubba, Big Jake, and maybe even Achmed the terrorist enjoy his one remaining asset .. on a daily basis.
Ulises R (2 months ago)
This man should get raped in prison. No discussion. He's disgusting.
Alan W (2 months ago)
Some people don't know that they're scum.
R K (2 months ago)
A scumbag has scumbag parents. I am shocked.
Cassie Stoddard (2 months ago)
He's a dumb shit
No Chill Will (2 months ago)
This is why i believe if you kill someone during a DUI. YOU COMMITTED 2nd DEGREE MURDER. With all the PSAs and laws out there, there is no excuse for you. If i were judge, 15 to life is the starting bar for DUI murderers.
RoseKindred (2 months ago)
Does anyone have a final result of this case? Last I could find was that a federal judge tossed the suit Belniak's lawyer, Tuomey (his sister) brought suing FHP troopers for "civil rights violations." calling it a "government-sanctioned assassination against one individual.". Hesh, some people.
A VERY horny Mr.Dinosaur (2 months ago)
Xlora Yaltova (2 months ago)
Jew scam . What do you expect ??!!
TheDragonflyDoji (2 months ago)
gold, silver, bitcoin.

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