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DUI driver sues victims, sells assets

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It's a story you'll have to hear to believe: A man who pleaded guilty to killing 3 people in a DUI crash, then sued his victims! Now, the I-Team is looking into a new accusation: that's he's hiding his finances to keep the victims from getting a dime of his money.
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Janel Sorenson (1 hour ago)
I'm with the victims family. I love you. So, so much
Janel Sorenson (1 hour ago)
Janel Sorenson (1 hour ago)
12 years??????? That's it? Pos little diç. What an ugly pos.
Max Power (5 hours ago)
Have him killed. Then get over it
Jp (2 days ago)
This murdering DUI driver and his parents are absolutely disgusting. They deserve whatever ill befalls them.
yiyodder (3 days ago)
The UK fraud squad would be all over this in a flash ,how is it so difficult for them to work the obvious out over there ? That family are pure scum .
BrianC6234 (4 days ago)
It's amazing that someone who was so loaded on alcohol and drugs knows they didn't cause the accident. Crap like that killer and his parents should go to prison for life. Then take every cent they have and give it to the victims.
Head Coach (4 days ago)
Attorneys are driving this....nobody else. Attorneys are the scum of Earth. They are on a level with telemarketers. Pretty far down the scum ladder.
TomHud (5 days ago)
12 years in the uk he would be lucky to get 2.
carol holiday (5 days ago)
Man. My husband was hit by a drunk driver. I'm sooo angry with her. As soon as we buried him and waited the normal traditional ways to respect the morning period. I went searching for this woman. The Devil beat me to her. I do know the last month of her life was sooo painful I know she begged to die. It gave me little comfort. I went against my tradional up bring. I still have hate in my heart. I see her mom and dad, her siblings, her children, her fuck toy. I remind them to pray to their God for their souls because they are just as responsible as she.
Sirisaac Newton (6 days ago)
In 1994, David Belniak hit a pedestrian with his car, the woman later died, but David was never charged for her death. In 2003 after being arrested for another DUI, police found a literal GALLON of the date rape drug GHB in the trunk of David Belniak's vehicle. He pled no contest and served 17 months in prison for trafficking and the DUI. On Christmas Day in 2007, David Belniak was driving his truck while intoxicated on alcohol, Xanax, and cocaine. He was speeding, according to police he was estimated to be traveling at 75-85 mph in a 45 mph zone, before smashing into the back of a Chevrolet Tahoe SUV carrying a family that was stopped at a red light. He never even hit his brakes. His victims were Linda McWilliams, 66, her daughter, Denise Bassi, 50, and Denise's husband, Gerard Bassi, 51. Gerard Bassi died at the scene. Denise Bassi died in surgery that day. Linda McWilliams was taken off of life support a week later. Ray McWilliams, the man driving the SUV was seriously injured, and family members say he never fully recovered from his injuries and later died at 68 years of age. David Belniak pled guilty to three counts of DUI manslaughter and one count of felony DUI serious bodily injury, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison. During the entire court proceedings, even after the victims asked for an apology, he never uttered a word. David Belniak, who worked for his wealthy family who owned a large construction company and more than two dozen properties was estimated to be making over $100,000 per year from his salary and from collecting rent at his two apartment buildings. Within three weeks of the crash, he sold all of his assets to his parents, except for his home, which he sought a homestead exception for to keep it from being sold to pay for any potential legal judgements against him. He applied for the exemption the day before he went to prison. In 2012, David Belniak's attorney/sister sued the deceased driver of the SUV, alleging that the crash was the SUV driver's fault, despite David Belniak having pled guilty, despite having been intoxicated with alcohol, Xanax, and cocaine. Despite the SUV of his victims having been stopped at a red light. Despite having been speeding at 75-85 mph in a 45 mph zone and never having hit his breaks before smashing into the SUV and killing three people. He actually argued that the Florida Highway Patrol's investigation of the case was a "government-sanctioned assassination against one individual." David Belniak is a pathetic trash human being. His family that helped him hide his assets, helped him sue the estate of an innocent dead man and falsely accuse police, and helped him avoid paying the civil judgement that the jury awarded to the family members of the victims of his crime, that he actually pled guilty to, are also complete trash.
Get this case on reddit. Find out where this guy lives and ruin his and his family's lives.
kawasaki whip two (7 days ago)
Belniak family = white trash with money.
G.D MEAD (7 days ago)
New Dictionary definition of the word, ''Scum" ----: Belniak Family.
a wister (7 days ago)
so scumbaggery is genetic!
Thomas Coleman (7 days ago)
Where is the goverment when yHou need them. Only 12 years is a crime. How about the family going to jail.
smilertoo (7 days ago)
A sensible country would just tell him he will remain in jail until the assets reapear.
cpoky (7 days ago)
Its stories like this that just encourage my true belief that Earth IS actually Hell. Its always the nice people that get "removed" unexpectedly and the bad people get to stay...and even get "rewarded" with free housing and food (Jail) while the people who follow all the rules Pay for everything. THINK ABOUT IT, whenever things like this happen, car crash, shot, whatever UNEXPECTED death, you NEVER see people on TV go "Ohhh that dude NEEDED to have a safe fall on him! He was an ASS!! He beat his girlfriend, robbed banks, killed pets, stole cars....". Its always seems to be "They were the sweetest person, read to the blind, donated money to Libraries, volunteered all their free time to others...."
Iansain the great (9 days ago)
This is what insurance is for
altha 2014 (9 days ago)
That Is why I have nothing in my name. was sued by someone no fault of my own... Lucky I did not have much at that time file for Bankruptcy Did get keep my house and car.................... Learned how to put everything in corporations a not to have anything in my name
Tom tonka (10 days ago)
Only in America. Horrible accident leaves 3 dead and the victim's family's biggest concern is how much money they can make out of this disaster.
HAL 9000 (11 days ago)
Is it me or is that the most pathetic sign ever at 2:05?
Mrs.Nickadeemus (12 days ago)
Every review on Yelp and Google is one star with mention of the DUI. I can't imagine that things are going good.
CatMan (13 days ago)
I have to stay away from these vids,WTF! It's back to the animal stories with happy endings for me. Is his mother high!? Wow!
Smileyrie James (13 days ago)
To the people wanting to punish the family via their business... I can understand wanting to but remember that there are probably innocent people caught up in this too, like staff members, children & others who had no part in the actions of the family. Don’t make them suffer & destroy their livelihood because of the actions of a few! And the more business you take away from the family, the less they will be able to pay to the victims’ family
Brian The Explorer (13 days ago)
Someone needs to kill that bastard along with his parents.
M Dawson (14 days ago)
Jacob Ishii (14 days ago)
But it's not illegal to sell things to pay the attorney and he will get away with it
Jacob Ishii (14 days ago)
Even when they don't hide assets none of these people pay restitution or the law suit judgements
Kris Silver (14 days ago)
It's 2019 and we're still victim blaming? I give up, humanity, you're on your own
Daniel Smith (5 days ago)
As the late, great George Carlin put it so aptly, "When you are born in this world, you are given a ticket to the freak show, and when you are born in America, you have a front row seat." December 17, 2007.
satmtcak (15 days ago)
Was there ever a follow up to this story?
Jeffrey Small (15 days ago)
But a teacher sleeps with high school students gets 23 years
Angela Lycos2.0 (15 days ago)
That guy can rot
Grim Griefer (15 days ago)
hopefully his cellmate resizes his anus
Smileyrie James (13 days ago)
Grim Griefer Yes because encouraging rape as a punishment is a great idea, particularly when his cell mate gets released from prison 🤦‍♀️
Essentially Kimberly (15 days ago)
We wonder why the son is a POS. Just look at his garbage parents.
VIDYMAE (15 days ago)
Jack alantern (15 days ago)
I would have taken the money waited and then given the money to the family and told my son to go to hell and never call again.
Luna Lovegood (16 days ago)
should have gotten life
Hammerland (16 days ago)
These Belniak people are real pieces of shit
Darkstar Archangel (16 days ago)
Suing victims makes as much sense as trying to legalize terrorism. Or legalize a serial killer to rape more innocent children. The DUI driver and his family need to be tortured and murdered. The victims already lost their family members there's no reason for them to suffer and torment them even more by taking away more than lives in their family.
Bryce Nelson (16 days ago)
His whole family looks like shit heads. Not surprised that they do this
scumbag family.
OurBrothers Keeper (16 days ago)
hahahahahaha WHITE PPL ARE FUNNY
Trippy Gypsy (18 days ago)
Oh my God, he looks like Ted Cruz, of course he's an absolute scumbag.
Marty Mahem (19 days ago)
These crooked Belniak lowlifes are most likely more of the human garbage from the northeast who have flooded into Florida in the last several decades and turned that state into a hell hole.
Michael Simmons (20 days ago)
There's a special place in hell for them
Joecephus _ (20 days ago)
They will have a special place in hell. I hope to see them there.
Hammerland (16 days ago)
hahahaha. i see what you did there Joseph. Good stuff. I love the people that say "they have a special place in hell" as if they know or something. Effing comical
Arturo B Piatosjr (20 days ago)
Karma will bite that family hard!
Clint Arnold (21 days ago)
Who the hell is this piece of crap attorney that keeps taking up his case?
Michael R (21 days ago)
I will kill that whole fucking family If that was me ,what a joke Jesus Christ
steve gale (20 days ago)
Sure you would. Truth is you would NOTHING.
chisel chin (21 days ago)
a bullet only costs a dollar.
R. A. (21 days ago)
Suing the victims? This nonsense is why people engage in vigilante justice. This was unheard of, in the past.
David Medford (21 days ago)
Wow that guy is a real asshole. He'll get what he deserves eventually. The parents should be sued/ arrested for hiding the sons assets.
He was drunk, therefore he couldn't consent to the accident.
Douglas Rodrigues (22 days ago)
My thinking about this drunk driving jerk is more basic. If he did to my family what he has done to his victims, his low life parents would be burying their son.
steve gale (20 days ago)
You are a lower piece of shit than him. Also you know nothing about his parents so STFU about them scumbag.
R Painter (22 days ago)
Under what just cause was this loser able to sue the victims of the people he murdered? You don't escape karma, maybe mans justice but not the universe.
Un Acceptable (22 days ago)
Now this is the kind of "people" that deserve to burn to death in a fire.
Tim Custer (22 days ago)
this made me laugh
TruthRealm (23 days ago)
Omg this is absolutely disgusting, that poor family.
Joseph Duclos (23 days ago)
There is a movie I saw once or twice with a main character Clyde Shelton / their time will come.
cdnbacon2001 (23 days ago)
something to be said about a public hanging, as a warning to others who act this way.
Bobaaganoosh (23 days ago)
How big of a piece of shit do you have to be to not only drive under the influence, but wreck and kill half a family, and go on to show no remorse and attempt to sue the VICTIM'S family!? Scumbag award of the century goes to this guy and his family. Jesus. If this were me (which it wouldn't because I don't drink and drive) but hypothetically if it were me, the guilt alone would be eating me alive, I'd cry myself to sleep every night knowing what I had done. I'd admit my wrongs, serve my time, and forever apologize to this family. What does this guy do? Sues them. I can't even.
vin 950 (23 days ago)
someone should off this piece of shit in prison.
Heru- deshet (23 days ago)
Un Fucking believable!
Garth Richert (23 days ago)
A case for 'Big Louis and the Boys". You know, to equalise things a bit .
Padraig Lane (23 days ago)
Thats gross.
tellurye (23 days ago)
LOL, thats what OJ did when he lost the civil suit LOL!
michael van delden (23 days ago)
frikkin scumbag family needs to burn for what they are trying to do, take it all i say, family house, company every single damn little thing!
Tony two toes (24 days ago)
the face of true evil. the entire family is evil ! hope they burn in hell !
Michael Nguyen (24 days ago)
There's special place in the Devil's toilet in Hell for people like these scumbags. Their time will come.
Daniel Moore (24 days ago)
12 years..... ok. thats fine. whatever. thats 12 years to become friends with a few guards. send their kids bday cards. show up for holidays.... and then that 12th year comes and you walk out that gate..... cameras are goin off. it amazes me that anyone thinks they will 'get away' with anything. we all still comin for you. bet on it the next time you show your face.
geoff dearth (24 days ago)
Miki Vicki (24 days ago)
He should go back to jail. For life.
Johan Fouche (25 days ago)
That blatant lack of morals, merely following the law because of the consequences, you will ALWAYS find attached to humans who have lebanese eyes & a crooked nose. Too stereotypical for you ? I challenge you to go look for yourself. Certain genetic combinations have certain chemical properties in the moral center of the brain. BUT!!! I'm of opinion that you don't get money for dead people. They are dead. How dare you use your dead family for a profit ? typical americunts.
Edward Nigma (25 days ago)
Did this family meet an untimely death yet?
Rude Gaming (25 days ago)
If he was black he would've gotten murder not manslaughter
jim h (25 days ago)
Simple take the mom and dad to the swamps.. Aligators might loosen their tongues If not.. Let the aligators at their legs... I mean Their son is shit... They are shit Aligators need to eat...
JB GTO (25 days ago)
Company is listed on Yelp. Hammerhead construction. Go give em a review they deserve!! So far only 18 youtubers have had the nuts to do so! Get off your asses youtubers!!!
Thomas Turelli (25 days ago)
Steve Dhi (25 days ago)
mike stradling (25 days ago)
do you have a brain? "i dont know, i think so" so are they also trying to sue the place that sold him the booze an whoever sold him the pills? LOL
Judy Stine (25 days ago)
Shame, shame, shame on mom and dad for sticking up for such a lowlife son.
w m (26 days ago)
I've lost loved ones and family members. The last thing I'm thinking about is money. People are fucking sick.
Kevin C (26 days ago)
He looks like the kind of subhuman scum that would kill someones family and not feel bad about it. I bet his mother taught him that.
Tyler Mikos (26 days ago)
kill that guy
Jim Schuman (26 days ago)
Every one go to Belniak's business website (home builder) leave messages telling everyone to boycott their business.
Victory Library (26 days ago)
Too obvious: kill his parents, feel much better!
scumbags should be taken to a field and shot in the face
contactpq (1 month ago)
protection afforded white people under the US judicial system...smh...and they call black folks the crooks...just evil to the core
Bucac (1 month ago)
Hoping that someone takes out their entire family
Spooky Action (1 month ago)
wow what nerve😠
yackawaytube (1 month ago)
in america, if you are rich, you can get away with murders.
Sand Sand (1 month ago)
Disgusting! Once he’s out if anyone knows him don’t let him live a day without making his life miserable. I’m not religious but I hope he burns in hell. What a sac of shit
Dont ask (1 month ago)
His mom is CLEARLY a heartless cunt out for nothing but herself. I bet anything when her son gets out of prison, all the money will be GONE. Shes spending it...all of it.
Phillip Soto (1 month ago)
man you know sold it to hide his stuff
Mark James (1 month ago)
The blond bitch.
Sansa June (1 month ago)
Any update on this
DJANGO CAT (1 month ago)
Sounds about white
Lisa Parker (1 month ago)
update: https://kahanelaw.com/driver-sues-families-of-victims/
Slade (1 month ago)
I'd just go kill that guys entire family. Fuck it, nothing left to lose!

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