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How To Partition Your Time Capsule

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Greg Games (24 days ago)
There is no instruction to partition a drive. Should be titled how to fix the size of sparsebundle. There is a BIG difference between partitioning a drive and copying a sparsebundle of fixed size. Your TC still has but one partition.
Vivek Binepal (1 year ago)
at 4:15 you copied the file right? coz its not mentioned. the clipboard otherwise would have those 2 data files and not this one tb-1 file .... pls corrent ?
Oliver Stirling (1 year ago)
Worked perfectly, great guide :)
Stefan Jacobsson (1 year ago)
Thanks for a great guidance! It worked out perfectly!
Rocksolid182 (2 years ago)
Hey Todd can you update this for Sierra? I was able to do it before but now Disk utility doesn't have the same setup menus/formats as before.
Ronald Hoeijenbos (2 years ago)
Thanks for the very clear explanation. Works fine for me with 3 Macs making the backup on 1 time capsule. Disk Utility looks a little different today, but functionalities are still available. Great work !
Lawful1973 (2 years ago)
And I would also like to know if I can erased de Time Machine folder created. Thank you.
Lawful1973 (2 years ago)
First, thank you for your help!; sorry but I have 2 stupid questions. 1) Which partition is the one for free use? 2) Can we access it while Time Machine is working in the other partition? Thank you again for your time.
Paul van der Marel (2 years ago)
Hi Todd, appreciatie your video, thanks! 1) Around 4:30 you say you can do this pasting (of the two files, copied from within the initial sparsebundle) for every Mac concerned. I suppose FIRST every Mac should have its own sparsbundle,from which to capture these two files? This rather than using the two files from TB-1 to use for pasting into the other sparsebundle, right? Otherwise the backups originating form the other Mac´s might all be pointing to the TB-1 sparsbundle...? 2) What if I wanted the sparsebundles to reside in a subdirectory of the Airport´s disk? This in order to use the rest of the 2 Tb for file sharing of data between the Mac´s? Best regards, Paul
AuM (2 years ago)
Hi Todd, I am an amateur at this. This video clearly explains limiting 500-something GB for backups. Which is a fantastic idea. I went through the comments, but still could not fathom how to use the rest of 1500GB into storage like an external hard drive. Does one just create a new folder inside the 'DATA' folder and start transferring data/photos/music/movies? Will this be a shared folder over the network? Thanks in advance! Anu
Todd Boniface (2 years ago)
Hey Aum, You answered your own question :) the way you described is exactly the way I would do it too. (least, I think that would work, I no longer have the time capsule with me, (it was at my parents house )
garylovesbeer (2 years ago)
Thanks for the guide Todd, still useful 2 years after you posted it! The tip in the comments about locking the copied 2 MachineID files was invaluable. Happy new owner of a Time Capsule. I installed a 5TB drive in mine so it is really very useful for a household full of Macs and can now be used as a NAS although the read/write speeds are not as fast as a dedicated NAS.
Todd Boniface (2 years ago)
Hey Gary, Cheers for the nice comment :) I'm glad I was able to help you out. I need to make more videos again... thanks for the motivation. Enjoy your beer! -Todd.
Jackie Frank (2 years ago)
Which is not to say that the video is not helpful! Thanks, Todd for explaining it so clearly!
Jackie Frank (2 years ago)
Well, the way I see it... This is not really partitioning the hard drive of the Time Capsule, but merely limiting the maximum file size of the sparsebundle (file) that is used for the Time Machine back up of your Apple computer. Which is fine, but it is not partitioning, if you ask me... Example: by limiting the maximum size of the sparsebundle to 500GB, this file (with the back up of your computer) will never grow larger than 500GB, which means that on your 2TB Time Capsule, you will always have 1,5TB 'free' for other storage.
Todd Boniface (2 years ago)
It's okay Jackie, I wasn't planning on it haha. :P
Jackie Frank (2 years ago)
Wow, that's a really good question... the thing is... you cannot partition the hard drive of your time capsule, but if you buy a time capsule and you want to use it both for time machine back ups and 'other storage', then the first thing you'll look for online would be partitioning... and this is the thing that comes closest to it (and does the trick), so in that way, the title is maybe a bit misleading, but at the same time it is not, because this _is_ what you are looking for... so in that way, I'd say keep the title - it would have been nice if it was explained in the narrative that what you are doing here is not exactly partitioning, but... *blabla* (I assume you get my point by now)... you could change it to "How To 'Partition' Your Time Capsule" (but then somewhere you need to explain why you put the apostrophes) - or people can just scroll down and read the comments... Haha. In other words, don't bother changing the title ;-)
Todd Boniface (2 years ago)
Exactly,, it isn't really partitioning it... it's more limiting the size of each machines backup.. however, what would you title the video then?
Steve Palmer (2 years ago)
Thanks, Todd. Fixed my problem!!
Todd Boniface (2 years ago)
Your welcome Steve
Shawn Beasley (2 years ago)
Is it not misleading, because you will get a message that the TimeMachine Volume is full, but you see 1, 5TB of storage free, for example when your image is full.
Alyson Kirkwood (3 years ago)
I am a little confused, not a computer person. At the beginning you say to have time machine on, and then later you say, "whilst you are doing this the time machine should be turned off". Can you please clarify???? TY
Todd Boniface (2 years ago)
+Alyson Kirkwood The actual time capsule sorry, that should be off.
Tomáš Kubín (3 years ago)
You are just so going to new tab and ...voila .. there is folder Time machine with something inside ... there is nothing like that on my Mac!? So, I dropped your tutorial after 1:32.
Tomáš Kubín (3 years ago)
Todd Boniface (3 years ago)
+Tomáš Kubín Just make a new folder called Time Machine to use to backup the files temporarily.
Alp (3 years ago)
This really helped me, thank you very much Todd. But I have three questions. If you can answer them I'd be grateful: 1- Will the back-ups still be encripted? 2- For a 160 GB back-up, if I limit the size to 200 GB, how many days do you think I should be able to go backwards in Time Machine? 3- Do you think it is safe and healty to create a shared folder in Time Capsule and access it from multiple computers? Thanks!
Aziz Shariff (3 years ago)
Simply brilliant. Step-by-step explanation of a very complex process. Thank you and God bless you.
Pravïn Singi (3 years ago)
Thanks... this helped !
Bart Pes (3 years ago)
Did you test it on 10.11.1 OS? It works without locking to files inside sparsebundle? I read that on Yosemite TM automaticly resize the partition to max space and to block it U have to lock one/two files (info.plist and info.bckup).
Jeff Myles (3 years ago)
I've completed the steps mentioned, which were very straight forward, but after clicking "replace" it has stalled. says copying, but "zero bytes of 672.4MB - Estimating time remaining..." Has been sitting like this for an hour without change. Time Capsule has 14GB of remaining space before completing these steps (of 2TB) Thoughts?
Jeff Myles (2 years ago)
+Thomas Borum Reuss unfortunately, no. :(
Thomas Borum Reuss (2 years ago)
Helle Jeff. I am experiencing the exact same problem. Did you fix yours? Regards Thomas.
Nick Hansbauer (3 years ago)
Quick question from an amateur... Why exactly would one want to partition their Time Capusle? Is it so you can limit the size of one backup so it doesn't keep "growing" when you still want to have other thing stored on it too?
Todd Boniface (3 years ago)
You're welcome Nick, anytime. :)
Nick Hansbauer (3 years ago)
+Todd Boniface Ah brilliant! Thanks a lot for confirming ;)
Todd Boniface (3 years ago)
you answered your own question :)
Luis Ramos (3 years ago)
Hey Todd, unfortunately I can't get past 1:35. I cannot figure out where the Time Machine folder is located. Any suggestions?
Alp (3 years ago)
+loudogg82 you do not need to create a folder. Just copy the files to desktop, and once you created the sparsebundle, just paste the two files in it. After all that, paste and replace the old sparsebundle file in the TC...
Aziz Shariff (3 years ago)
+loudogg82 you need to create the Time Machine folder for the first time.
yankeh (3 years ago)
+loudogg82 Same problem for me! Can anyone help, please?
Brandon Lorenzen (3 years ago)
I have to give this a dislike because I was searching for actual time capsule videos and the title of this video has no indication it wasn't related to them.
Todd Boniface (3 years ago)
+Brandon Lorenzen when one speaks of a partition, it is fairly obvious that it is referring to an electronic product...
Brandon Lorenzen (3 years ago)
I don't get satisfaction from a dislike. I would like to know why you loosely use the term time capsule without specifying that it's the Apple time capsule.
Todd Boniface (3 years ago)
I'm sure you get so much satisfaction from a dislike....
Michael Templeton (3 years ago)
Hi there, I liked the video :-) - but will need to watch again when I am ready to partition. Just bought and received the Air Capsule. Currently I have a number of ExHDD both in Mac and Win formats (easier for travel and work) and I rent space in the cloud simply because old photos and files couldn't been saved on ExHDD. Plan for the Air Capsule is to back up Mac and at least, the MacExHDD. I have had failures with SSD in the past, so dubious about trusting them exclusively. I've been moving files to from rented cloud and Dropbox to a WD 2 TB Cloud drive directly connected to my router/modem, but this has been really slow. No easy drag/drop - so everything has required a new folder configuration. Time consuming! That process is still on-going (as when I can). My question about the partition. One of of ExHDD holds the iTunes library - currently < 1 TB which includes tv/films/books etc. I know that I can select the Time Capsule to also back up this drive as it is MAC formatted - but is it possible to set up the library on the capsule to use as cloud based down load for iTunes? i.e. either in the back up partition or as a separate folder in Air Capsule. Will this drive work as a cloud for work files once partitioned? Once again - thanks for great video - very little on MACs out there
I succeed to resize existing Time Machine sparsebundle.  Open it in Disk Utility, attach, and then in partitioning section you can reduce partition size from whole Time Capsule size. As here, but reduce http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/164949/increase-size-of-sparsebundle-for-timemachine
Kisang Pak (3 years ago)
Thank you for the great tutorial. I followed this video and partitioned my time capsule. So how do I verify that the backup disk is now only limited to the size I defined? Are there any indications? Thank you in advance.
Todd Boniface (3 years ago)
+Kisang Pak You are very welcome! thank you for the kind words. -Todd.
Rocksolid182 (3 years ago)
Fredrik Andersson (4 years ago)
Thanks! :-)
Rishi Goel (4 years ago)
Hi Todd, After you have partitioned the TC, how do I access the other half of the TC which isn't being used for backing up thje macbook? So what I need to do is - I have a 3 TB TC, I need to divide it into two 1.5 TB partitions. One of these will be used to backup the mac and the other half I need to copy some other stuff on using command line - how do I access the other half using the Terminal? What is the name of the second partition? 
Jean-Marc Bernaert (4 years ago)
I don't have a Time Capsule directory, where should I copy the com.apple files ? thanks !!!
Drogos79 (4 years ago)
confused why it still shows almost 2GB after you have changed back up destination to the new 520 GB image file. After this process will it show 2 physical partitions in DU or finder for that matter? Will I be able to reformat remaining space to fat32 so that it can be used to share files on network between mac and windows? 
Drogos79 (4 years ago)
Got'ya...or you could open TC, snap that drive into any usb enclousure and partition the hell out of it :)
Todd Boniface (4 years ago)
The other space is used for the other machines you or I have. This means you can set one mac to ONLY use it's maximum space, rather than have one Mac use up all of the space on the Time Capsual. 
Drogos79 (4 years ago)
so what's the point if you can't use remaining space anyway...not trying to be an ass just trying to understand the reason to do that
Todd Boniface (4 years ago)
No. This only stops your macs from using up the entire image. This limits a 512 Mac to only use 512. Then delete. Instead of using all the drive up.
Caleb Bryant (4 years ago)
You lost me at 1:27. Where is this "Time Machine" folder located?? Thanks!
Todd Boniface (4 years ago)
All good. :). Glad I could help. If there's ever anything else. toddstechtips.com/ask
Caleb Bryant (4 years ago)
+Todd Boniface  Ohhhh, I see, so that is just so that you don't have to keep them hanging out in your clipboard while you work!? Makes sense. Thanks for the help and quick reply! Cheers!
Todd Boniface (4 years ago)
Caleb. This is just where I temporarily save the files. You can put them anywhere. You just have to copy them back like the video shows.
whiteshadow247 (4 years ago)
Will doing this enable me to use only part of my external HD for my MacBook Pro's back up and the rest for regular old file storage and transfer i.e like holding movie files and or music?
Todd Boniface (4 years ago)
Yes. You are essentially saying okay. I'm giving say, 500GB to JUST my time machine backups. Then the other say, 500GB is used as a normal hard drive space.
Lewis Kempfer (4 years ago)
Todd - do you have a video for unboxing and doing initial set-up of a Time Capsule?
Todd Boniface (4 years ago)
Hey Lewis. I can certainly make a tutorial on how to set it up :). In the box is just the unit itself. A power cord. Ethernet cord I believe and a manual. Setup is really easy since it is an Apple product. :).
Nick Masters (4 years ago)
are you a kiwi?
Fawad N (4 years ago)
thanks good video, I was thinking copying to time capsule may take more time cause its not wired.. but just by watching the video I have realized its not that slow, 400 mb copied in like 1-2 minutes.. hardly.. 
Dusty Ho (4 years ago)
I'm trying to partition my AirPort Time Capsule  (2TB) not to backup another Mac computer but to create a storage space for HD videos recorded on my camcorder. Are the steps the same Todd?
Jenica Raney (4 years ago)
+Todd Boniface I've just successfully gone through the steps to partition a portion of the time capsule to store my laptop's backups. Like this user, I'm also wanting a separate partition for HD videos. I'm not totally following what I need to do to create the space for the videos. And once created, would I just drag and drop the videos into the specified video partition?
Todd Boniface (4 years ago)
yes the steps are the same Dustin :)
Matthew Laffin (4 years ago)
Do we need to delete the old files from the places we were copying from?
Todd Boniface (4 years ago)
If it is a time capsual.. It wouldn't hurt to. If external you shouldn't have to.. Since it is just a file and then it opens up as a partition
Shaun Green (4 years ago)
Thanks for the good guide Todd, at 2:36 mins of your video under 'format' you have the option to select 'Windows NT File System (Tuxera NTFS)'. I've followed your steps to replicate on my system but it does not dive me this option. I am trying to create an NTSF TimeCapsule partition so really interested in how you managed to do this...
Shaun Green (4 years ago)
Cheers Tom
Todd Boniface (4 years ago)
Shaun in regards to your latest comment on the other video. I will make a video about the NTFS app :)
Todd Boniface (4 years ago)
+Shaun Green http://youtu.be/1SwyYEASwIs have a look at that :)
Shaun Green (4 years ago)
From Windows-AirPort over the same network I can see TimeCapsule but there is no option to create a backup disk for my Windows System image. I've found nothing online so far showing how to do this, if you produce a video this would be a big help
Todd Boniface (4 years ago)
The time capsual should show up if you are connected to the same wireless network, I might make a video for you, have you subscribed? :)
thanks for this video.  question, when you paste the package content data files into time machine, is that a folder on your hard drive (desktop) or on the time capsule data folder itself?  jd

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