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Meek Mill - Left Hollywood [Instrumental]

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"Meek Mill - Left Hollywood [Instrumental]"
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Adam Castillo Jr. (1 month ago)
I left them hataz alone. They put shot in ma home. 16 and I won't leave that shit alone. You pull up to ma krib and let them shots bang. Just m ow when I see you in person you ain't finna be standing up mayne. These kids think I'm playing. Fuck what ya saying. Put a whole clip to ya head and I let that shit bang.
mynameis bob (2 months ago)
This is so pretty. Really beautiful track from him.
Jennifer Carolina (2 months ago)
I'm tired of shit that just keep me stress I guess I need faith just keep me blessed there's a couple blood niggas im beeging with got me this heat cause they want to see me dead sk this heat make holes this heat take souls I got this heat just to make it home they said I snitched say it aint so I never said shit but they don't take my word they won't leave me me be the want to see me deceased when all I want is peace in these streets they wont leave until either one of us bleed but theres no way to go
SkullCrusherSC1 Gaming (3 months ago)
Yeah I had to make it outta Syracuse wanted to go to Hollywood Meek said I can do it by myself,I'm a hard as you can tell Make you think I'm a old man with the wisdom I tell Make a women cry for what God said when she was begging for help Look above I'm sky high Superstar,Rockstar,God at large Hated by my own still I stand strong Got a couple brothers from other mothers Pain you wouldn't understand So I smile so you can't  see the fire inside me One day ima die believe me it ain't the end g Ima a beast,thought the only Hollywood id see is on tv,not talking about movies but my clips are extended but there's no rewind Give me a Mic I'll glow like I'm from a diffrent word with my special flow Ight same story just a different episode That's life
Lor Ray (5 months ago)
I love this beat 💙
Trey Davis (6 months ago)
Who else here cus of Don Q mans ?
Rubin Woods (3 days ago)
Demetrius Kelley (1 month ago)
Alex Burton (8 months ago)
R.I.P The Guys (10 months ago)
Sound Like The Original😳🔥
SheLovesCarloss (1 month ago)
This is the original😂💯🔥
victor vega (11 months ago)
Best one on YouTube
PhillyTha3rd (1 year ago)
good job bro , u killed dis

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