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Old Woman Is Master Sea Snake Catcher! | Wild Japan | BBC

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Text Comments (870)
Jay Allen (12 hours ago)
that's it I'm showing my grandmother
Mariah McCray (2 days ago)
They’re so beautiful but so deadly. Since they’re food moves fast they gotta have something to kill them fast.
szorohov85 (4 days ago)
woooow she has more energu then people in their 20s here in the west most 70s old are disabled
life is good (8 days ago)
They say it's one of the most venomous and that it takes some nerve to wade in with no protective clothing? But they dont bite though! lol a lot of people commenting like it's some special elderly skill but they literally dont bite.
Frank Lee Borja (8 days ago)
They must be related to Orochimaru-sama
Leona Leona (9 days ago)
I could never! 🤤😨
Mck Dgz (9 days ago)
I admire their skills but what if they're bitten by those accidentally? Still there is no known anti-venom for those sea snakes for its greatly potent that even a horse may not survive injected with its venom to produce anti-bodies for the development of anti-venom for those sea snakes .. just hoping they'd be much more careful in dealing with those snakes .. bless their old age for they're still very much strong and still working ..
A Ru (9 days ago)
Why do they do this? Is it a hobby or do they sell something if the snakes?
Vineleak (10 days ago)
grannies hunting one of the most venomous snakes in the sea, in a cave at night bare foot and bare handed....
Mikes Science (11 days ago)
My grandmom never taught me this.
Y.Yvette L (12 days ago)
I'm done when she just grabbed the snake from the small cave.
120starter (12 days ago)
That ain't an old woman.. that's tsang tsung
A. P. (13 days ago)
And here I am .. Still scared of spiders and mosquitoes 😂😂😂
Emma Horn (13 days ago)
So the fn snake went from sea to land back to frikken sea? Lol
Queesha Louboutin (13 days ago)
Meanwhile my 30 yo self can barely go to the grocery store without running my toes over with the cart. Smh.
Gregg Powers (13 days ago)
Marry me!!!
(13 days ago)
this is either amazingly brave or incredibly stupid. either way, these old ladies rock!
knickandchester (13 days ago)
What do they do afterwards with their bag o' snakes????
Josephine Kennemore (13 days ago)
Brave Women
Taylor's Room (14 days ago)
Wow I would Not do this any day or age in my life
jim Vestor (14 days ago)
Sea snakes hate her
Adarsh Verma (14 days ago)
Balls of Grade A Carbon Fiber
Pushkar Nakil (14 days ago)
I'd like to watch the full documentary, please let me know when I can get a YouTube link in order to watch it.
it's Goku's mom and auntie
Hefizba Beula (15 days ago)
they are not disgusted!!!
Alberto Cortez (15 days ago)
Damn these old ladies have more balls than I do, kudos to these women and I hope they live to tell their younger generation about this. 👍🏼🍀❤️
Conan Allen (15 days ago)
legend has it this is who trained Chuck Norris on the style of the serpent
Just Jay (15 days ago)
Watch out Randy Orton!
Sanele Fakude (15 days ago)
They can sense them
Sehab Uddin (16 days ago)
She made that look so easy
Alpha 88 (16 days ago)
What do they do with the snakes afterwards? Are they for eating or is there another purpose?
vikas k (16 days ago)
They are grabbing like vegitables😆🤔
seethroughwalls (17 days ago)
I love their laughter!
Anuradha Aravind (17 days ago)
These sea snakes come to drink fresh water on certain nights in summer, wow, how wonderful nature is. Perfect amphibian!
Pru Rose (17 days ago)
These women are fearless!
Moon Willow (17 days ago)
When grandma is more metal than you 😂😂🤘🤘
Matthew Cisneros (18 days ago)
I love that they just waiting and stepped in the water barefoot and was like "look I grabbed a snake"
John Eminah (18 days ago)
In Japan, being 70 years old is like being 40 out in the west here. They are still strong and very agile in their old age. Must be something in the food they eat. Makes me laugh when I hear American colleagues in their 40's talk of being old and tired. In Japan they would be babies.😂😁😀🤣😃😄
Ed Ochoa (19 days ago)
she looks like my grandma waiting on me late at night!
DatGidiGirl S (19 days ago)
Ladies in their 70s are badass. I know cause my mom is one. Super cool generation!
Saurabh Tak (19 days ago)
I will be using some part of your clip , am I permitted to do so ? if you deny or ask money , no matter , I will be still using this clip , so say yes , otherwise your no will be if no matter for me , I will use it anyhow
Jennifer Webb (20 days ago)
Master? she caught ONE snake?!?
menov73 (20 days ago)
Joe Andrews (20 days ago)
Yeah they are about as placid as they are venomous tho
Not the real Sujay (20 days ago)
The real 'Hell's Grannies' 😋
Shekhar Moona (20 days ago)
Grandma is you cray cray?!?!
Nate Arshad (21 days ago)
Old Ladies, In The Dark, Catching Snakes, No Fear = Big Balls!
Erin Moore (21 days ago)
these women are my absolute heroes
No Life Soccer Fan (21 days ago)
davebeastly (22 days ago)
Is there anymore of this Wild Japan series?
Hard Truth (22 days ago)
I’m offended by the advertisement before this video. It refers to United States military as “heroes“. Henry Kissinger refers to them as “useful idiots” because they are dumb enough to go kill innocent people and believe they are doing it because the United States government cares about “human rights” and “spreading democracy“.
Ben Jammin (22 days ago)
wait? What is the skill that has been passed down here? all they did was have some balls to go inside the water and grab the snake by it's throat. Unless...may be its the dark black majic ceremony they did before they left the house was the skill she's talking about that's been passed down for generation.
waleed50336 (23 days ago)
i've always thought sea snakes were non venomous
Isaac Willis (24 days ago)
They don't mention that these snakes have a tiny mouth and it is very difficult for them to bite anything other than your pinky finger or little toe.
David Morgan (24 days ago)
"I can sense them" , bruh they make it seem like theyre super natural....she said "i can see them" lmaoo
Kar Tha (25 days ago)
0:38 lol 😂
MissNebulosity (26 days ago)
Poor snake faces :( :(
Eleonore Bon (27 days ago)
But... why?
ManuelPabloArnao (27 days ago)
How do they not get bit?
Ali Gattor (29 days ago)
These snakes don't seem to be very agressive and maybe they don't consider humans are ennemies since we don't live in the ocean !
Jessie Lewis (29 days ago)
My goal woman
Cassie Collingsworth (29 days ago)
That's gangsta
waeva taytay (30 days ago)
One of the worst toxins ever ! N i was like waaaaaaaaaaaaa, i thought they're pretty harmless n when the narrator said their greatest nemesis is arriving n i was like yeahhh hawk n eagle ppl, get her ass n then they show two 70 year oldz chillin with serene face .. okay then ! Still, get their ass !
Jesse soto (30 days ago)
Yoko is my baby mamma..
Sardar Anjum (1 month ago)
Anyone here to read comments
Sheila Lewis-Lorum (1 month ago)
What do they use them for?
PROUD_BRIT (1 month ago)
somehow the works Yoko and snake fit together perfectly
TheDrexxus (1 month ago)
I mean... It's ballsy sure but they didn't really do anything special. They just kind of casually picked them up. At one point the snake even gets it's head out of the bag and starts to slither away and she just reaches over and grabs it again. It could've bit her a dozen times over it just didn't for some reason. Very docile species I guess? If those were as aggressive as some snakes, those little old ladies would no longer be with us.
Lori (1 month ago)
Anyone want to give it a go???? In the dark!!
Ilze Grina (1 month ago)
Holly shit! She just picks them up!
Mara Venu (1 month ago)
What they do with it? Do they extract venom or eat it?
muhammad yaseen (1 month ago)
cant hide from grandma...
Ecco Sabanovic (1 month ago)
..so, snakes did sepuku due been ashamed because of knocked out by grandma..
Draky (1 month ago)
btw, sea snake is very shy . they attack barely humans. only trying to escape. therefore they are found only at midnight.
luigi fisch (1 month ago)
ok they hunt snakes and sell it as medizine or smoke it ^^ the month is saved enought money can go relax now ^^
Jacob Melchior (1 month ago)
Granny’s got more guts than me
Renan C. S. Maia (1 month ago)
Xoxocube (1 month ago)
Boss ass bitches
jay morris (1 month ago)
Do they eat them?
N Vannote (1 month ago)
Grandmas got bigger balls than me and Im not even afraid of snakes.
Kavinda Hewawitharana (1 month ago)
Holly shit..this woman is a devil
Brix Ferera (1 month ago)
Ben J (1 month ago)
Then what? They eat it?
In America, grandma scared of snakes. In Japan, snakes are scared of grandma.
Xiaxci (1 month ago)
these snakes look like they dont bite
Jp D27 (1 month ago)
Linda Lee (1 month ago)
What do they do with the catches? Had they ever got bitten/ great jobs. Thank you for sharing this type of knowledge.
Variella (1 month ago)
Are....are they tasty?
Kim Thomas (1 month ago)
O hell no
hojichi (1 month ago)
"Sea snake's venom can be 10x more power than a rattle snake"... Old woman: Hold my sake... 2:50
Markhor Snakeeater (1 month ago)
am sure these Grannys have big balls
timelesskoontah (1 month ago)
70 and they're looking so vibrant and energetic something is horribly wrong with the western diet...45 and we got canes to aid us in walking..damn
Jan Söderman (1 month ago)
And what do they do with the snakes?...Eat them?
Richard H (1 month ago)
Sea snakes are very peaceful and non aggressive which is why they are so easy to catch. Every snake has their own personality.
C. DOT CHRIS (1 month ago)
june loh (1 month ago)
Those two nanny are apex predator of sea snake... Ok no biggie
James Younger (1 month ago)
You see the balls on those young ladies? More man than I'd ever be....
GM (1 month ago)
Top 10 anime fights
Johnny Aingel (1 month ago)
Riverbend Taxprep (1 month ago)
Sea snakes. In a cave. At night. Pretty much my worst nightmare. And these sweet elderly ladies are smiling & laughing away.

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