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How to Create an Effective Data Science Department - Kim Stedman

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Data scientists needs to level up--both our function and our branding. Data science is in danger of being a fad. Data scientists need to build a reputation for providing actual value. We are making it hard for people to find and hire us. We must do with our field what we do with our data: find patterns and show them to other people. It's time to up our game.
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Allan Sene (1 year ago)
More than 4 years since this video has passed away... almost nothing has changed... :/
tomfool23 (2 years ago)
Kick ass talk
Andrii (3 years ago)
Great presentation ! I put link on it in my group in Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/happydatascientist Thanks a lot !
Philippe Van Impe (4 years ago)
Excellent presentation, this is 100% in line with our datascience community in Brussels - @Brussels DataScience  - www.datasciencebe.com
gmshadowtraders (5 years ago)
So we have the data but not the science. Great talk. 
Phil C (5 years ago)
Xhevair Maskuli (5 years ago)
Great presentation!
Ida Jooste (5 years ago)
Amazing and timely talk! Data science - in order to do things that matter. Thanks!
Andre Smith (5 years ago)
Fabulous! We determine if data is a fad through how we use it!
Paul McLachlan (5 years ago)
Ajit Kahaduwe (5 years ago)
James Davenport (5 years ago)
Awesome! I agree with this wholeheartedly! We absolutely need to refine what it means to be a "data scientist". As a physical scientist by training I love your emphasis on the *science* part of "data science".
javaunsky (5 years ago)
That was amazing.
Infinite loop (5 years ago)
Stupid slides

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