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Victim who lost legs attends sentencing of drunk driver

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Cortney Spencer who lost both legs when Brenda Pleasants, who had been drinking, crashed into him, speaks at her sentencing in Pierce County Superior Court on Friday, June 17, 2016. Pleasants was sentenced to one year and a day in prison on a charge of vehicular assault.
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Drake Metzler (1 day ago)
Just a year and a day sentence for a serious DUI assault like that? That's completely unfair for a case involving a man who lost both of his lower limbs. She should've gotten at least 8-10 years for a DUI crash like that. Some folks get a longer sentence than what they should've gotten while others get a shorter sentence for a more serious crime. A store owner in Washington gets 8 years in prison for killing a burglar who robbed his store, and a driver who ran over a teenage girl and fled the scene in Southern California gets only 3 years in prison. It can't be denied that our justice system is corrupt, unfair, and poorly managed.
Lisa Elliott (11 days ago)
What a brave heart this young man is after this tragedy losing his legs and still being strong. God bless this brave heart always....
Jinx Clegane (1 month ago)
Stop crying bitch it’s just a year.
katie lister (1 month ago)
Some strong and dignified ladies at the end there!
Thomas Dabronzo (1 month ago)
They trying to set the stage for a lawsuit
kitteekittee (2 months ago)
I hate myself... Ive driven drunk before, these stories bother me so much. Im so blessed i never hurt anyone 😢
Albert Fish (2 months ago)
kitteekittee me to. I'm going to use uber
kitteekittee (2 months ago)
Kia Mull (2 months ago)
Not fair
G P (2 months ago)
They should let that bitch out of prison when his legs grow back
Michelle Charlton (3 months ago)
Can only hope for justice in the nick. That someone will kick the hell out of her. This bullshit sentencing has got. To. Stop.
Polar Bear (3 months ago)
1 year and 1 day for cutting off that man's legs and disabling his hand? Are you fecking kidding? Should be life without parole.
Kimberly Graham (3 months ago)
This man is in a lifelong prison,because of this lady's bad choice to get behind the wheel and drive drive drunk. I agree with the his family,she's not remotely sorry. She should have been woman enough to face the family and apologized.
Stian Nygård (4 months ago)
1 year.. lol even in Norway you'd get atleast 2
CindyN Cole (4 months ago)
Life sentence or maybe 40 years would be good for her
Salomon Balaban (5 months ago)
Not enough years!
edge2991 (5 months ago)
If that was backwards that dude would have gotten life
Maxie Grobner (5 months ago)
Five years a leg and restitution for his rehab. What the fuck!!!
The 18th Fret (5 months ago)
Not only DUI, but almost killing and destroying someone's life, AND SHE GET'S ONE YEAR?!?!?!?
VeCheetah (6 months ago)
There goes his basketball scholarship...
Robin James (6 months ago)
VeCheetah never seen Spungbob but he's got good taste in bad taste jokes :-) I could keep on taking the piss but there may be trouble afoot
VeCheetah (6 months ago)
Robin James ahh spongebob lol
Robin James (6 months ago)
VeCheetah he could try going for the scholarship but he wouldn't have a leg to stand on. Too soon? This is clearly a joke before anyone starts bitching
Danielle Muturi (6 months ago)
She need a longer sentence. That man lost BOTH of his legs wtff
Arturo Lopez (6 months ago)
Hes balck shes not sadly this is America if he was the drunk driver and the victim was a blonde he probably would of got life or the death penalty
Hammerschlägen M (6 months ago)
Arturo Lopez That's pretty much what I expected...tired as hell "fucking your mom" jokes. Or "your mom's basement". Shit like that. So go ahead and think up some witty(for you anyway) comeback. *We both know you will!* I'm bored and won't read anymore of your drivel. At least I embarrassed you enough to stop your pathetic racist comments. That'll have to suffice. *Hurry up and reply now.* Maybe someone will read it.
Arturo Lopez (6 months ago)
Hammerschlägen M Ahaha what are you going to do if I do go fat boy. I actually do want yo visit Europe just for the women, specifically your mom.
Hammerschlägen M (6 months ago)
Arturo Lopez Sure tough guy. Bring your racist ass to Europe and see how long you would last.
Arturo Lopez (6 months ago)
Hammerschlägen M What are you talking about idiot. Nobody asked what languages you speak but i bet you do have a loud mouth but i will turn your white ass black and purple trust me grammar professor.
Hammerschlägen M (6 months ago)
Arturo Lopez Sorry I speak German and English, I don't understand Imbecile. You(or *"Tou"* to an imbecile) know what I mean.
One Eye Candy- Lakshmi (6 months ago)
One year and one day............was that suppose to be a joke? This is terrible. 😠
Steve Gregory (6 months ago)
Why do black people always expect justice when they feel wronged, but are the first to say their own are not guilty or protest when they lose one of their own, whether or not they are guilty? They protect their own when it's convenient for them because"their boy is a good boy who didn't do nothing!" When's the last time you saw a black person say "he did it"?
Hammerschlägen M (6 months ago)
Steve Gregory Blacks have been thoroughly conditioned by the Democratic party to think like this. Being a Democrat myself, it's hard to make this comment. But sadly it's the truth.
Veronica Bolanos (6 months ago)
ain't that a bitch! 1-year sentence. Only in this cesspool of America would this travesty happen.Disgusting.
Linda McPherson (6 months ago)
Did i see right.. she got 1 year? OMG.. I hope the family sued her
Diandredofus (6 months ago)
grabs the wheel while drunk knows that it's illegal crashes and cuts man's legs, leaving him disabled for a lifetime let's take one year away from your life
BERGY Baxter (6 months ago)
One good thing will come out of this he won't be Robing any stop&go,s any time soon😁👌
Honey B Craine (6 months ago)
White privilege, but the judge is black! He must be getting bribed...
Jeff Hess (7 months ago)
Once again the "System Failed" & thats "Fucking Bullshit"!! She "Walks" to serve her time in jail & the victim leaves the courthouse in a "Wheelchair" for "Ever"!! What is so very very "Wrong" with this "Picture"!!
Barry Love (7 months ago)
This judge can’t be black he must have a wild tan
Tiffany Jarnagin (7 months ago)
That family got no justice..she will be back on the streets doing the same thing over again.
ALI Yu (7 months ago)
That's fucked up ..people get that for j walking
Alice Bridge (8 months ago)
Just terrible! Such vehicular assault should carry a minimum of, oh I don't know, 20 years. I'm just throwing out a number, you get the idea.
Jay Suttle (8 months ago)
HYPERBLADE9 (8 months ago)
judge needs to be fired and new trial. she should be watching her back because when justice screws the victim, the victim is kinda forced into a corner to exact a real penalty.
klimundas1 (10 months ago)
That should be manslaughter honestly the dude has no damn lega and she was drunk she must have a good lawyer
Alex Huite (11 months ago)
She should have been sentenced longer. It's great that the victim survived, it could have been so much worse. But the CHOICE she made to drink and drive has destroyed this man's ability to walk. His future has been completely turned around because of her actions. He won't get to dance at her daughter's wedding. He won't get to play basketball with his son. He is bound to a chair or prosthetics for the rest of his life and she gets less than two years for it? Where is the justice in that?
grape soda (1 year ago)
won't be robbing stores anytime soon
isaac padron (1 year ago)
Has Cortney Spencer thought about filing a civil claim against Brenda Pleasant or her 'daddy' Judge Frank Cuthbertson?
isaac padron (1 year ago)
It's like a joke. One year and a jolly good day. That judge Frank Cuthbertson is a joke and his Brenda Pleasants is laughing her head off. Ain't no telling what the judge got for this. He asks the kid. "You OK?" Hahahhahahaa....Then it's like, "You OK. I'm OK. Let's go to bed and make a day. On a blustery blustery day." The Whore-able (certainly not Honorable) Superior Court Judge Frank Cuthbertson actually said, "What's lost can't be replaced." I see what you did there juuudge. Get it? What's lost...His leg. Get it?? I think that was his punch line. He should be totally ashamed to have put such a worthless price on a young man's life just because the drunk driver girl was a pretty catch. Shame on that worthless judge.
Shan Mh (1 year ago)
The victim and his loved ones are the only ones really paying for what she did. So upsetting. He got a life sentence and she got a year.
Time 4 Peace (1 year ago)
I don't think that's was right He's in a wheelchair for life and she gets A short sentence Where's the Justice
Anne Morgan (1 year ago)
A year!!!! Disgusting!!!
SpacecowboiKilu (1 year ago)
One year are you fucking kidding me wooow
Mike Mentzer (1 year ago)
White privilege? The judge was black. So don't give me that bullshit. The bright side is he won't be able to run from the cops anymore
Joshua Harrison (1 year ago)
That's not enough time smh
MrRoztoc (1 year ago)
So fail. American justice. Better not.
chris77777777ify (1 year ago)
Should of been an 8 year sentence. Females deserve hell to pay
Chavy Cash (1 year ago)
To be 100% honest I would just say gg to this world if I was that guy.
Kimberly Graham (1 year ago)
I have to agree with this. This poor kid got a life sentence. I have to wonder why the judge let her off with a slap on the wrist pretty much. If this was the other way around this kid probably would be getting a long prison term. Maybe daddy paid off the judge to give his little girl a lighter sentence. Like they say,monet talks,bullshit walks.
Jonathan Williams (1 year ago)
is that a saying in the USA? heard it in a Vybz kartel song lol
CD (1 year ago)
366 days? 25 years of life should at least be the sentence.
razor ramon (6 months ago)
"To life "moron
zzztubazzz (1 year ago)
this guy should get 25 yrs jail time
GuyFromCrowd (1 year ago)
Bundy 4Prez (1 year ago)
She got off easy. She should support him financially for the rest of his or her life. Women privilege
Bertha Diaz (5 months ago)
TheNoobJack (6 months ago)
I’m sure they will sue her for money that’s civil not criminal... retard
Jen Dark Energy 384400 (6 months ago)
You came at me incel
Hammerschlägen M (6 months ago)
Jen Dark Energy 384400 Huh? Oh it's you. Again. Biiiiiiig yaaaawwwn. Try again.
Jen Dark Energy 384400 (6 months ago)
Keep crying pussy no one cares.
michael peberdy (1 year ago)
Does she have connections ? How come such leniency ? What about the rest of his LIFE ?!
Hammerschlägen M (6 months ago)
Janusza Koneczna She's probably a goddam inbred Pollock. You know how stupid those people are.
Janusza Koneczna (1 year ago)
michael peberdy she's white!
Sam (1 year ago)
Stupid BITCH!!! I HOPE SHE ROTS IN HELL!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡Drinking and driving is so WRONG!!!!! The American lawsystem sucks! In Holland we give much longer jail time for drunk driving😢😢😢😢😢Stupid old judge!😡😡😡😡😡
Guess what she hasny faced her real judge :GOD... i pray thia man learns comfort and strength in his life. Life is really not fair
Devil's Offspring (1 year ago)
When I was a little kid I asked a cop why drunk driving sentences were often lenient. His reply was that there weren't enough jail cells for everyone that does it. It's just too common. That was back in the mid 80s... I wonder if it's gotten worse or better.
Robert Miller (1 year ago)
This bitch should be in prison for years!!!
PriscilLaLand Landers (1 year ago)
Its NOT worth it to drive drunk, this CAN happen to you. You'll either be the victim or the prisoner. God Help Us All
brooklyn skillz (1 year ago)
Brenda pleasant only one year in jail for drunk driving..black guy lost his legs rite arm ..white lady got 1year
David Than (1 year ago)
hey wanna go for a jog oh wait no legs
blindkisses (1 year ago)
1 year and a fuckin day fuck that.. I would be waiting on her bitch ass soon as she gets out..
mrgenericbrand (1 year ago)
Seems fair to me. Next case.
Tony Westbrook (1 year ago)
My God! I thought the young man had great composure and he's obviously got a great family sticking by him to love and support him. His whole life is forever rearranged. I'm having the hardest time accepting her sentence as being justifiable. She might as well have gotten off with just a slap on the wrist. The punishment simply doesn't fit the crime.
Justin Osborne (1 year ago)
Our judicial system is messed up. :'( She deserves life in prison.
Salman Khan (6 months ago)
No she doesn't
Junior Bobotie (11 months ago)
Wicked nu
David Than (1 year ago)
Peaches (1 year ago)
One year? One year for making a CHOICE to drive to somewhere with her own car, drunk in that place and then drive home after drinking? Knowing FULLY what could be the consequences she chose to do that (because they teach this shit when you're getting a license). And she gets a fucking year? This man got a life. A life in a fucking chair. Because of her. And she got a year. Wow, just wow.
isaac padron (1 year ago)
I bet the Whore-able Judge Frank Cuthbertson will be waiting for that little hunk-a-girl when she gets out. Here comes da judge. Here comes da judge.- He is disgraceful. -- Prayers for Mr. Cortney Spencer and his family. From me. Not from the judge or the drunk.
adam jensen (1 year ago)
A year and a day, which means she can get 'good time', reducing her sentence.
Kewana Nedd (1 year ago)
Ilona L. Now dats a damn shame. I probably wuda jumped on her ass.
Terry Melvin (1 year ago)
They teach that shit in driving school, but it goes in one ear and out the other in most cases. However, if the justice system put real teeth in sentencing these drunk drivers...
Kasha Brown (1 year ago)
white privilege
TIFFANY (7 months ago)
It's sick as Fuck when the words I'm glad I'm a good person gets replaced with I'm glad I'm a certain skin tone... What goes around comes around. Karma may come back on her kids.
frostnip (8 months ago)
Hey big momma pump gaysha.....eat a white dick while the judge is ummmmmm. Yea
frostnip (8 months ago)
Im glad ima white man but that was wrong....kill that bitch
Fun Jolly (1 year ago)
You racist, the judge was black himself.
this guy (1 year ago)
makes me SO HAPPY to be white!!!
Darth Panda (1 year ago)
I'll look forward when karma returns the favor for this piss poor judge and the bitch drunk driver.
ray hanes (1 year ago)
Had the roles been reversed and the girl lost her legs and he was the driver he'd be doing at least 10 years. Still don't believe I'm in the privilege?
Paul Reinhard (1 year ago)
That's female privilege.
D Burgess (1 year ago)
She should have to be his servant for the rest of her life.
tiredmummy (1 year ago)
wtf........ no way is that a long enough sentence....
derekmok (1 month ago)
The victim is not the person who should determine the sentence. It's completely backwards. The idea that the victim's opinions should be considered is based on what the democratic justice system is *not* supposed to be based on -- vengeance. The sentence should be based on a third party's evaluation of what is just, and what is best for protecting society.
Ulani Meas (1 month ago)
He did say in the beginning of the video that he didn’t want her to face jail time or anything
derekmok (1 month ago)
White female criminal, black male victim. Of course the system's going to lean towards "mercy" rather than "justice". She'll be out on the road driving drunk again within weeks of being released.
G P (2 months ago)
You forgot to add her whiteness to your calculations
Banting Gamer (5 months ago)
yea! a year are you kidding me?
ManufacturedLack (1 year ago)
This is total bullshit. This guy needs to file a civil claim. Brenda Pleasants should compensate this man. Brenda we know what you have done and you owe for the damages.
John Bacon (11 months ago)
ManufacturedLack im sure he will and hope he gets paid
A Good Person (1 year ago)
This is not justice. Its a real failure. So sad.
Gallardo 5Million (2 years ago)
Its because hes black. If the victim was a white male or female she would have gotten 50 years
# 1 (6 months ago)
Gallardo 5Million stfu
isaac padron (1 year ago)
The innocent young man was black. The drunk was white. But The judge whose name is Frank Cuthbertson is black. So does this count as a white on black crime? Or a black on black crime? ---- Still, I think if he had been white it probably would have been a longer sentence. Except that I think the judge was looking at her legs.
lilo lila (1 year ago)
Robert Johnson (1 year ago)
Gallardo 5Million excuses!!
FineYoung Aiden (1 year ago)
But the judge was a black male.
bigearedmouse17 (2 years ago)
366 Days ????????????
Lucifer the Mini Husky (2 years ago)
ONLYYY a year and a half when he lost his LEGS????? Stupid judicial system smh
5Mariner (1 year ago)
She's a girl, that's why.
JakeP. (1 year ago)
that is an asian lady not white and year and a day, not half
chris77777777ify (1 year ago)
+FineYoung Aiden remorseful or not. Guilty for the crime, loss of licence for 10 years & prison for at least 6
FineYoung Aiden (1 year ago)
Star Light, did you know that the judge was black?
FineYoung Aiden (1 year ago)
Roman 10:9, are you actually calling the mom of the victim an idiot because she does not think that the woman was remorseful? If so you are a new kind of low.
William may (2 years ago)
the great act before the prelude of lawsuits so they can buy there own shit instead of expecting it for free or stealing it..... yep,,, play that when you sue the insurance and your sure to land a windfall.
Samuel Smeltzer (2 years ago)
disturbing how little the courts care about us when our lives are permanently affected by the shit decisions of others
Brigend Jones (2 years ago)
Its good to see the monkey mother wearing team color jumpsuit prison orange. How old is this young man with kid(s)? shit is a joke man he was probably on the way to some white girl on the side's house

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