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Money Go Getters Inc. presents... Redd feat. Chivas Kimber- HOTGIRL Music Video

30 ratings | 4150 views
Produced By: Major Vision Edited By: Neu Era Media Group
Category: Музыка
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Abel Soliz (5 years ago)
my boy chivas aka bama is killing everything hes on remember that.
Laquetia Houston (7 years ago)
teena nguyen (7 years ago)
first of all....to Neu ERa....for future reference....this is not a hotgirl....putting her under your name makes you look like a struggling business...she cant rap...cant dance..and looks like trailer park trash....this is not her car....in person she has rotten teeth....she got celulite everywhere...and yall know yall shoulda gave this bitch a spray tan!! LMAO to Redd....find a new hobbie...you are no competition....and NO ASS!!LOOKING LIKE DAFFY DUCK WITH A MALFUNCTION!!HAHAHAHA HIILARIOUS!!!!
WalBar orange (7 years ago)
Video was nice, but redd u need to work on ur vocals! Just being honest u were off beat with the singing/rapppin or whatever and really cant dance. Practice makes perfect
PFRTV (7 years ago)
JS REALISTATE (7 years ago)
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Honey- Suckle (7 years ago)
Loving it!!!! Redd a fuckin beast and she sexy!! = TO THE TOP!!...keep it up lil mama i wanna hear more!
Ms. Quita (7 years ago)
whoever did this video did a good job!!
Chivas Kimber (7 years ago)
phonz14 (7 years ago)
Ok, ok, I see yall.
Absalute Robins (7 years ago)
Dope video yall! Really like this joint
Cheryl Payne (7 years ago)
Awesome vid! I love it!
Geo Neither (7 years ago)
Anything my city put out I represent... lovin the track red... t slimm wat up
don smith (7 years ago)
I really like your style mommie keep this videos comin

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