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ORACLE TUTORIAL - How to convert .dmp file into .sql file

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in this tutorial i'm going to demonstrate you how to convert .DMP file into .SQL file using the sqlfile parameter steps by steps.
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Moderator [Buya] (11 months ago)
how if my db using postgresql is it still working ?
OCP Technology (11 months ago)
Moderator [Buya] I never tried for postgre database you can try and also share with us.
Suliman Munawar Khan (1 year ago)
very helpful video. in this video you have back up two table and convert it to .sql what if i want to convert total database into .sql format so what will be the command for it
Suliman Munawar Khan (1 year ago)
hello @OCP Technolgy i need you help please if you could it for me i will be very thank full you. i have .dmp file and i want to convert it into .sql file i have tried many times but shows some kind of error and i cant resolve it could you please do it for me here is my email [email protected] please contact me please i will be waiting for your response Regards: Sulimankhan
Suliman Munawar Khan (1 year ago)
i have created full database backup file but when i i want to change it to .sql it shows errors. directory error and log file error
OCP Technology (1 year ago)
Suliman Khan command will be same just take full database backup
Expecting Bug (2 years ago)
Dauntless Rony (2 years ago)
good job

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