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Wafts from The Loft #3 - Amouage - Interlude

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Two men in an organ loft talking about perfume
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Muddy (2 months ago)
Love this juice, one of my favourites. Amouage are one of the Masters in the fragrance game.
pietje puk (5 months ago)
You should try Swiss Arabian Shaghaf Oud Abyad. It smells like a more wearable intelude and only costs 20 euro. And it lasts all day on my skin. My friends like it more than interlude.
Wafts from The Loft (5 months ago)
pietje puk thanks, I’ve never heard of that! I’ll check it out!
Fatty Boombalatty (5 months ago)
I have the "vintage" version of Interlude Woman, and the newer version of Interlude Man and just adore both of them. To me they are both unisex. The men's is more about the smoke of burning incense, and the women's is about the raw, unburned resins in incense. If I'm more in the mood for a spicy, incense campfire, that's when I go for Interlude Man! Billows of smoke and it's just gorgeous.
Wafts from The Loft (5 months ago)
Sally Griffin yes, it’s intoxicating stuff!
Unbreakable 87 (8 months ago)
Old interlude better (non magnetic)
Wafts from The Loft (8 months ago)
Unbreakable 87 yes. I own both, and the friction cap certainly performs a little better, but the magnetic cap is still pretty incredible!
OwnDepths (8 months ago)
Of course guys you have to do what ever you feel like but...it will nice for to reviewers based in England to review maybe in a especial series a few country best picks ..Floris/Dunhill/Beaufort especially , of course its not a command or must just a stupid wish.i just think it fit's the theme and gives it character. I love your picks especially the areej one. You're a sparkling duo and there's something refreshing about the way you approach the matter in question. ..frags !
Wafts from The Loft (8 months ago)
Thanks so much! We're about to do some Spring suggestions, which will include some English houses, a few of which get very little mention.

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