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Drunk Driving - Eric Mickel

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A society video depicting the sudden life changing moments that occur during a drunk driving accident. Does an excellent job of showing it from the victims and drunk drivers point of view
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Steven Kellis (5 years ago)
The story of Jacqui is both sad, but heartwarming that she continues to live her life to the greatest extent that she can.
danny howells (7 years ago)
flaming dolphin (7 years ago)
the majority of fatal car crashes do not involve alcohol cars are simply not safe
N (8 years ago)
Let us go and drink mey-- The wine of the Kingdom of Ray; If not today, then what day?
@thegathering18 its not the drinking that does it...its the driving after...you can drink....hell you can get drunk...just DONT DRIVE!! thats what kills people....I drink every once and a while...most of the time...I am the Designated Driver....so people won't drink and drive and someone else go thru what this beautiful young lady is going thru....sooo sad....
SilverflameYoshi83 (8 years ago)
its sad that people can get hurt by other people's mistakes
SilverflameYoshi83 (8 years ago)
its sad that other people can get hurt by other people's mistakes
Diego melo (8 years ago)
my god!
natedoggcata (8 years ago)
for fucks sake WMG its a friggen public service announcement and you are going to disable the audio? assholes
QAZX001 (8 years ago)
i felt sorry for this girl .... i thank god for being a muslim ... because alcohol is not allowed for muslim
MaxxRussia (8 years ago)
when you get into an accident. You can fix the car but you cant fix people. Thats my saying of drunk driving.
Tomahawk7670 (8 years ago)
fill so sorry,, dont drink and drive thats the reason
seapeddler (8 years ago)
There are no absolute laws. If cars were built safe it would not matter if a driver was drunk, tired, diabetic, or had visceral larval migrans.. The 'drunk' scam allows people to think that driving is safe. if only the big 3 + stopped making sardine cans we would be safe in all situations. What about people who die in MVA's who are not drunk? People are suckerd into the 'drinking' because it is an easy subject. Where did GOD create the universe? Isn't that more intellectually stimulationg?
jmr1068204 (9 years ago)
Secondly, in response to this video...I think anyone with a DUI should not be able to drive again for 10 years minimum. Let them live in a city, take a bus to work...and after 10 years they'll learn to hopefully not drink and drive. If not, they should never be allowed to get a license again. Period. Putting people in jail nowadays is doing them a favor. Some have cable tv. Food prepared for them daily. They sleep all day and don't have to work. They lift weights.
jmr1068204 (9 years ago)
@SweatyManChest...yeah, but people are fools for thinking that weed "doesn't hurt you because it's 'natural' and from the earth." So is wood. Burn it and inhale it long enough, and see if you don't end up with lung cancer, however. The same thing with any planet, any plant product, etc.
blazinhomo (9 years ago)
@jpena45 Actually my friends are 23-25 years old, and police DO have a way to tell if you're high. a) bloodshot eyes b) you smell like weed. And it's clear to me that you either have shit weed, or you're not taking enough tokes.
blazinhomo (9 years ago)
@jpena45 No you can't. I've had friends who were completely trippin balls and couldn't even stand upright. You're a idiot--any impaired state is considered DUI.
blazinhomo (9 years ago)
Fuck you WMG
05 mustang gt (9 years ago)
its not as bad as driving drunk. its not smart to do, but its not nearly as bad. and you cant OD of weed you fucking idiot
mannen myten (9 years ago)
1.06 is that a spirit ?
BrewNet (9 years ago)
To think, WMG are more concerned with their precious copyright than a truly needed message. Shame on them.
ChrisBennett18 (9 years ago)
poor pooor women i almost got into a crash a rear end one because some kid that i know would not stop tail gating me
That Guy (10 years ago)
what is that at 1:06 that white thing
Anna Kite (10 years ago)
DUI's happen because the government makes billions of dollars every year off of the fines they charge & collect from drunk driver. IF anybody ever really wanted to stop drunk driving they would MAKE the government REQUIRE breathalizers in EVERY SINGLE car. If your car won't start, you can't drive. They required air bags, that middle brake light, safety crash test, but no $ 75.00 breathalizers.... think about it... they love people to drive drunk!! That's how they make big bucks! WAKE UP PEOPLE!
Dicaire Seb (10 years ago)
On estr ak toi !!
Kevin James (10 years ago)
Thats why I waited, Im just taking my permit test at 16 and don't plan on getting my license intill im 18
Helene Pelletier (10 years ago)
Wow. I never really noticed until I read your comment and looked back. Thank you for pointing that out.
WM T (10 years ago)
i think she's still hot though...
holly desautels (10 years ago)
i feel so bad for her. she was so pretty too!
morgantough (10 years ago)
really people shold really think before they do anything stupid like speed or drink and drive ,blindly you dont realize if you dont care what happens to you or care if you life or die some ppl do want to life and be happy and do things right. BAD BAD BAD!!!! wake up,life isnt all a party all the time,ppl should learn to draw the line!! this is wrong on so many leavels honestly omg :( lost for words bye take care
Spanxxx (10 years ago)
imzesuit you're clearly joking around trying to be funny on the internt, but i sincerely hope someone close to you dies tragically..
gravityhammer25 (10 years ago)
I see a spirit at 1:07 god bless there soul.
SuzzyStohelit (10 years ago)
My son Zach who was just 20 years old was killed recently by a drunk driver. I wake up every morning and he is first in my mind. so I come here to know I'm not alone. I wish every school played this video right before Proms, Grads... Someone here has a wonderful heart So thank you and peace
Tara Tarantula (10 years ago)
My dog got ran over in 2006.Let's talk about reckless driving.What about running over someones pet?Oh, it was awful.I had to go out and pick up his lifeless body.His body and bones were all crushed,I could feel it. He got out of the fence,some said it was all my fault.Anyway, I understand losing a dog can be tramatic, unless your being a sarcastic asshole and are lying.I don't know. My point is you shouldn't be drinking and driving.We've all lost dogs,it's a bitch.If you got to drink, stay home!
Tara Tarantula (10 years ago)
You wanna feel better? Oh go out and buy a breathalizer is your solution?? NO DUMMY! QUIT DRINKING AND DRIVING!! THAT'S YOUR SOLUTION. PLUS, YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD. ALMOST RAN OVER A CHILD.
Juju502056 (10 years ago)
You're right. You are ugly on the inside and that is far worse.
NashPreds39 (10 years ago)
you really dont have a heart do you, you dumb bitch.
NashPreds39 (10 years ago)
lol i was right, i looked at your videos and ur ugly as fuck. i guess you deserve bein ugly for makin fun of the lady in the video. no offense or anything but me and my friends barfed whilst laughin at the video of you and your ugly bitch girlfriend. seriously, no offense. +o( in my country we would just beat the shit out of ya
NashPreds39 (10 years ago)
no offense? r u bullshitting? how are you gonna say all of that and then say ''no offense''? im guessin ur probably fuckin ugly and tryin to make yourself feel better by talkin about someone like that.
Oh (10 years ago)
she looks like my mum
Joshua Mickels (10 years ago)
I was surprised to see this title. For a few seconds I though this video was about my brother. His name was Eric Mickels and he was killed by a drunk driver January 18th 2004.
Michael Ross (10 years ago)
all fun and games until you kill you somebody ther kaos3124. I just hope to god its you in that hospital klinging to life insetead of your victim!
pfmfan38 (10 years ago)
you got no heart. live with that
Taylor Tromp (10 years ago)
is that all you can fricken think about she still the same god **** person you loser if you have A heart maybe you should use it!!!!
SmashBrosBrawl (11 years ago)
that girl was kinda hot before but after.....
SuperTubes2 (11 years ago)
I have had too many experiences with drunk driving and am so happy that I haven't killed anyone including myself. I am now living the rest of my life without drinking at all because I know that is the best thing to do. This video has really shown me what drunk driving can really cause: Someone's life!
Mark Bykerk (11 years ago)
what song is this? please respond ASAP
2wheelmonster (11 years ago)
This is horrible, it makes me cry when I saw this.
Pvt. Trenton Taylor (11 years ago)
I remember when my friend got drunk and drove home, omg I kicked his ass. Then he asked me why I kicked his ass, and I told him, "'Cause you could've killed someone and yourself you idiot!" It's not that hard to call someone up and say, "Hey, I'm drunk and I need a ride."
superburnman (11 years ago)
if you are apologizing i just wanted to say 'cool' it's very rare around here for someone to admit fault. that was real. keep it that way. peace.
jenuelpr (11 years ago)
chrizzynl (11 years ago)
Just laying in bed and not coming out is the savest!
chrizzynl (11 years ago)
I know this is the fault of this drunk driving bastard! But I wish the 2 paramedics who tried to save Jacqueline were more capable! First the paramedic should have extinguish the fire completely, and not still let burn a small fire (that was the reason the flames came back and why she is burned), second the other paramedic should have protect her with his fire protection clothes, which he was wearing at that moment!
quietman1k (11 years ago)
Man that shit is fucked up I feel sorry for that lady or anyone else who has to live like that this is a tradgedy and my heart goes out to everyone who this occured to.
Amy Louise D. (11 years ago)
go post ur hot cam girls shit somewhere else and grow up
Maricsa Trejo (11 years ago)
i sooo agree with you.
Maricsa Trejo (11 years ago)
grapic? it happens everyday...the news is graphic and that's not about to get canceled!
WATUP1971 (11 years ago)
The song is call How Could This Happen To Me by Simple Plan.
WATUP1971 (11 years ago)
Sorry spelling error I meant pretty graphic.
WATUP1971 (11 years ago)
I agree that this is pretty, but maybe people seeing it will make them think twice before the drive drunk. I feel anyone that is going for their licence should be made to watch this video first. Inocent lives distroyed because some losser decides to drink and drive.
imjillian (11 years ago)
that guy that did that to jackie didnt he go to lake travis high school?
Patricia Burden (11 years ago)
This moved me. Great song to use.
Mindy Rhodes (11 years ago)
This is the kind of shit they need to show to Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. I think it would be a good idea to let them meet survivors who have either lost someone to a drunk driver or is themseves a victim (with serious or permanent injuries like the girl above) to show them and talk to the about the result and the mess of one's mistake can cause.
rvsaraiva (11 years ago)
man the person who did that to that girl should be left alone with the family of the victim so justice could be done!
ShowingUncle44 (11 years ago)
if a drunk driver kill one of my kids or my wife, I will take out the eyes with my fingers, no matter if I go to jail.
ElectricShark (11 years ago)
Why should she kill herself? Someone else drove her car and she became mangled like that! It was not her fault! She did nothing wrong!
Ryan (11 years ago)
Wow, I can't believe you have the nerve to say that. I hope karma catches up with your ass.
holidayfromjurna (11 years ago)
wow! amazing! unbelievable! tank you for uploading do you know how the girl is doing now?
Brenda Gellinger (11 years ago)
Very Powerful!

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