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One suspect dies, four others arraigned in Fairborn home invasion

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One suspect dies, four others arraigned in Fairborn home invasion
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arrowhead753 (20 hours ago)
Controversial id's when American citizens can't protect themselves in their own homes!
Ahr Cee (1 day ago)
The field Nooz Geek had to get her twatoid negativity regarding guns into her twatoid Nooz Geeking; tiresome, especially in Ohio where awake and aware Whites are armed to the teeth because of rampaging Killer Apes that spread like cockroaches out of Killer Ape fuxxated Hellholes like Dayton.
Zach Wilkinson (1 month ago)
Should have picked your own cotton
willieboy3011 Jonas (1 month ago)
Old lefty media hates it when the good guys defend themselves against the bad guys, so we get this deception slipped in: "Now this story has brought to light the very controversial issue of gun laws." The liberal media's bias is the only thing this story has "brought to life."
Gary Smestad (1 month ago)
More gun control is needed. Be sure and use both hands when aiming your pistol to defend your life and property.
Joe Langley (1 month ago)
Homeowner needs more practice, ho got only one.
george mifsud (1 month ago)
fucking blacks the only fuckers
Patrick C. McEvoy (1 month ago)
Those black bastards are very lucky to be breathing right now, a lot more than can be said for their partner in crime who is now checking into the 'motel HELL' as we speak...write, uh...read. yah, as we read n write...
Tiberiusduck (1 month ago)
Clarence Hamm (1 month ago)
Shopping for college turns deadly for one, homeowner says he left his change😊
William McKenzie (1 month ago)
Poor dead thug. Rest In Pieces, you lowlife dead scum. I hope they buried your punk ass in the cheapest Walmart sneakers made.
Norman Spurgeon (1 month ago)
At least they were smiling for the camera.
Shaun Sim (1 month ago)
Shoot them Ebola chimps, Just don't get blood on yourself while doing it, Don't worry about brain matter that has chemically dissolved them brains years ago!
Mike M (2 months ago)
Doesn't this show just how dumb these guys are? Bring a plastic gun to make sure we give them a valid reason to shoot us.
Pete Horrall (2 months ago)
Too bad the home owner did not kill all five of these scumbags ......... would have saved the tax payers a lot of money and time
Phillip Carpenter (2 months ago)
It should be required by law that homeowners have to arm themselves, and kill whoever breaks into their homes.
Clifford Jones (2 months ago)
Y do fucking black trud racist allways go to some one else home and tried to kill people this is y most white people don't like you all don't you all black racist truds get it stop stupid ass shit this is y the police allways fuck with you black people that a fact you all never stop your stupid shit. You all don't show no respect for people wen you do stupid shit like that don't you black people get it
Jack Fleming Jr (2 months ago)
The resident should have re-enacted that American History X open mouth curb stomp scene with all those dindu-nuffin nig-nogs.
twaflyer1 (2 months ago)
Look at the DEGENERATE & EVIL looks on their faces! It look like Mental regression is taking place? All guys like that know is Crime and Sex! Their kids will undoubtedly be on the Streets too one day?
FUTMZ (2 months ago)
".....DeTaVaughn Lewis, who also attends Wright State....." See? Even "of colors" enrolled in college can't shed their thuggy criminal genes.
Deplorable Me (2 months ago)
2nd amendment brings 5 to justice. Good work. Give the other 4 thugs life. I love these warm and cozy stories with a good ending!
Chip Hargis (2 months ago)
Just a bunch of college kids who are great kids and DINDUNUFFIN
Manley Nelson (2 months ago)
they didn du nuffin
23 Skiddoo (2 months ago)
Manley Nelson dey wuz good boyz.
velia garcia (2 months ago)
At what age dose STUPID stop......
John Anonymous (2 months ago)
That's what happens when you unlawful enter someone's house
Kenny williams (2 months ago)
he should have killed all of them lucky mf.
Joey O666 (2 months ago)
Bravo!!!!! Good work!!
Michael Aude (2 months ago)
Home invasions should be considered a terrorist attack and penalized w life in prison and or death
C David (2 months ago)
they were turning their lives around
Def Blinders (2 months ago)
All 5 of them should be dead.
J James (2 months ago)
Bye bye ape!
Stuart Little (2 months ago)
I will take 1 out of 5. They will be charged for homicide.
mike jones (2 months ago)
i love happy endings
Tom White (2 months ago)
The thieves was going to med school next week!
Guy Lewis (2 months ago)
Tom White, they were turning their lives around.
Trent Cleghorn (2 months ago)
Hooray hooray!!
XtremeBudgetMusician (2 months ago)
Lol.. look like fine gentleman
Jay Jimenez (2 months ago)
Felonious criminal activity, while Black.
Greg Moonen (2 months ago)
Shooting intruders is fine for some people, but I like to take them out quietly - by knife, crossbow, katana, etc. That way, their buddies won't get spooked by the bang of a gun, so they'll come right in and get the same.
Juan Flores (1 month ago)
but will stain your floor/carpet
Canadian Guy (2 months ago)
All four of them should be shot to death
Deplorable Dave (2 months ago)
Knee Grows got no reason.
Unknown User (2 months ago)
Black people
keegan773 (2 months ago)
I can't believe that five black youths were involved in a violent home invasion. They were probably on their way to bible class and took a wrong turning. It's an easy mistake to make, after all theys good bois and dindunuffin.
tony pro (2 months ago)
Bring a plastic gun to a home invasion! Wow
O g (2 months ago)
This is NOT a controversy. The Second Amendment states that citizens have the right to bear arms. This is exactly why.
Bobcroden Leeroy (1 month ago)
O g they foresaw that the apes will rise.
Mike M (2 months ago)
all four will be out on the streets doing the same thing again within 5 years, but the democrats say they will make us safe by taking our guns.
mojoe jojo (1 month ago)
+Stuart Little when has that ever happened?
Eddie * (2 months ago)
Mike M In a society where guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns.
Stuart Little (2 months ago)
The Republicans, for campaign money, will plead for more guns manufactured ....
Malvo McVeigh (2 months ago)
Racist ass homeowners. Those fine, black gentlemen were just there to spread the word of God and contribute to the community!!!
Tony Mango (2 months ago)
How much more do we have to put up with how much more can we take
Ahr Cee (1 day ago)
Soon, The Reckoning.
Tony Mango (2 months ago)
Self defense
Tony Mango (2 months ago)
don't bring a plastic gun to a gunfight
Rob Bob (2 months ago)
could have had a fivefer if they would have had an AR...
Dee Thacker (2 months ago)
LMFAO.....plastic gun.
White Devil (2 months ago)
Too bad all weren't killed
Lenny A. (2 months ago)
Like colledge will make these thugs civilized!
Mike M (2 months ago)
Probably just there to sell drugs.
Lenny A. (2 months ago)
Oh dam only one killed
mojoe jojo (1 month ago)
+Mike M lol
Mike M (2 months ago)
Really. the shooter should be forced to take court ordered target practice.
Leslie Anthony (2 months ago)
If the criminalize gun ownership, only criminals will have guns.
join the conversation (2 months ago)
Plastic guns can look ALL TOO REAL! Not a good idea. Makes other people nervous! things like THAT can get You killed!
CAGECAM (2 months ago)
Along with breaking into someone's residence. Armed or not, they are scum.
Good job home owner wish you killed them all
ataricombat (3 months ago)
The dindu tribe of Africa and its descendants.
Arky Bald Knobber (3 months ago)
the 13%...it's them, again and again
Unknown User (2 months ago)
keegan773 urmmm... Black People 😂
keegan773 (2 months ago)
Arky Bald Knobber It's a racist system that locks up proportionally so many black people. Makes you wonder who's committing the crimes then.!!!
Chuck Taylor (3 months ago)
Four intruders is why we need 30 round mags. Even trained cops need multiple shots, as one shot kills are only in movies.
Mike M (2 months ago)
We should have picked our own cotton.
Andrew John (4 months ago)
In my state, the four survivors could be charged with murder.
Robert Young (2 days ago)
its called Transferred Intent
Chi Walker (1 month ago)
Tax payer dollars to house and feed these parasites.
BlackJackMulligan (1 month ago)
Can't they be jailed for having stupid names?
not Jonathan (2 months ago)
Here in Florida they will do just that seen a case of it a week ago
Edward Price (5 months ago)
5 intruders is why they make 30 shot magazines.
Matt (1 month ago)
Mike M four in the chest two in the head
Matt (1 month ago)
Double stack 30 round magazine‘s 👍
Mike M (2 months ago)
6 rounds each?
ANTIQUEFOTOS (5 months ago)
But he needed to pay for his college tuition, come on he didn do nuffin!
Bob Leden (6 months ago)
Wonder what color they were???
Ahr Cee (1 day ago)
mai doan (2 months ago)
they not black they are brown dark chocolate
Conni Lane (3 months ago)
Bob Black. What a surprise.
Raymond Clark (1 year ago)
THESE THUGS NEED TO GET A JOB AND EARN A BUCK LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE AND STOP TRYING TO GET A QUICK BUCK(Career Criminal).Ya need to get a license carrier ASAP!!!!! More and More criminals trying to hurt or kill you to spend your hard earned cash,cards and items and put in their lazy pockets.They don't believe in going to work and earn money for themselves.like the Bible says,A thief is to kill,steal and destroy.I'm telling ya to get a license carrier for protection.
Broken Doll (1 year ago)
Blacks again....now there's a shock.
Conni Lane (3 months ago)
Broken Doll The nigga parade. LOL
Imanueali Nassem (1 year ago)
should have killed them all. 2 amendment right to bear arms.
Clarence Hamm (15 days ago)
+Narata that is complete stupidity
Narata (2 months ago)
But it is up to Jesus at the end. I know for a fact that Jesus is giving these guys karma for being mean. Praise Jesus for stopping these mean men!
chuck g (2 years ago)
Good, good, good !!!! Just wished it had been four instead of just one !!!!!
escapefromobamastan (3 years ago)
Thumbs up!!
Kia ForWork (5 years ago)
Warning shots? Criminals don't give any courtesy knocks at the door before they kick it in and try to deprive you of your hard earned property or even worse, your physical well-being. I love these stories because law abiding, hardworking folks have got to send the clear message. Violating others will end your life - expressly!
jkbrkly (5 years ago)
would you be willing to take a chance with a warning shot, even if you shot someone it does not always stop them, people have been shot multiple times and still managed to fight
MrAllmyway (5 years ago)
If all had been killed it would have save millions in legal and prison costs to taxpayers. Along with preventing all of the future crime they will commit because of the pathetic catch and release system which will have 4 violent criminals on the street in a year or two.
Kathy Jones (1 year ago)
MrAllmyway Amen!
freshmeatz (5 years ago)
while death is nothing to wish upon anyone, what choice do you have when faced with a situation of such nature? lie down and take it or stand up and fight back.. If they made the choice to intrude upon this man's property with violent and criminal intentions then they made the choice for the outcome. The case has pro constitutional rights all over it and should be used for such litigation.
PrisonEarth (5 years ago)
another case of innocent people protecting themselves with a gun. It's just a shame that all the criminals didnt die

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