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One suspect dies, four others arraigned in Fairborn home invasion

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One suspect dies, four others arraigned in Fairborn home invasion
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greg E (1 day ago)
Too bad the other 4 survived
Aaron Gilliam (3 days ago)
The niggly Bears caughts again this coming from a black man f*** them now all them mother f***** charged with his murder even though you wasn't the one killed him
Olivia Balderston (4 days ago)
Too bad they all weren't killed. Human trash
DareToLive (28 days ago)
Even the ones in college? Tell us all how they dont do more crime!
Rick Tata (29 days ago)
The other suspects should be charged with murder too
MikeyBigWheel (1 month ago)
the 13% , of course.
Dale Dalton (1 month ago)
5 good kids just trying to get money for school books. Hand up don't shoot.
Ely Powell (1 month ago)
This is why the whole world hates black people!
dane kelly (1 month ago)
but they mom wil sez, dey good boi....an dindu nuffin....
dane kelly (1 month ago)
charge them all with murder!
Doug Fresh (1 month ago)
dey were guud boiz. dundu nuffin
Chris Davis (1 month ago)
almost always seem to be black
Joseph Glenn (1 month ago)
They deserved it LoL
Dan Conner (1 month ago)
One down and many, many, more idiots to go.
Bobby Alan (1 month ago)
I’m glad at least one dididu was killed
Hmmmmmmmmmmm........ Some fucking liberal shitwad will try to say it was racist.
chris sheppard (1 month ago)
The homeowner did do something to didunuffins.
lickitysplit roberts (1 month ago)
Happy ending
Michael O'Briain (1 month ago)
More proud black men?
w0w ni99ers.
Kevin Jones (1 month ago)
gary gerard (1 month ago)
don't let 'ol London's looks fool ya, he was the brains behind the plan
2016BMWi8 (1 month ago)
We should've picked our own Cotton
Tom Meyers (1 month ago)
Turned deadly? Turned Wunnerful.
rollin thirtys (1 month ago)
Not all blacks are like this but ignorant niggas like this dont help matters for how people look at us ..Personally im from the carribean and live in NY i came here when i was a child but i dont like how people treat me and Im constantly telling people im not African American ..We dont behave like that westindians have common sense and morals and a good relationship with god ..Im glad one of these bastards died..I wish they had all been shot..Like most westindians when i feel like ive accumulated enough money to live freely im building my house on my land in my country and im getting the fucc out of here..Where im from everyone is black,doctors,lawyers,judges,cops all black..African Americans dont know what that feels like ..Its like being home..truly home no racism no discrimination just a society where everyone looks like you ..Without an identity african americans will continue to tear up the streets of america .They need structure and a sense of belonging .Something to take pride in 🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳
Rabid Farmer (1 month ago)
damn— Democrats running out of potential voters quick. LOL
kingduckford (1 month ago)
Real gun > plastic toy gun
Steve Sanders (1 month ago)
Timothy Walters (1 month ago)
Good men with guns can stop bad men .
Wil Robles (1 month ago)
Charge them with murder as well and run all the charges consecutively.
charles reynolds (1 month ago)
they are black do expect any differant
Raija (1 month ago)
And did I see a Camera jumper?
Raija (1 month ago)
Home invaders deserve to get executed
Vincent DeMaio (1 month ago)
All the offenders are black. Wow I'm shocked! Too bad all of them were not shot and killed
genegeneish (2 months ago)
Barbusie (2 months ago)
They were S T U P I D enough to bring a PLASTIC gun to an armed robbery . . And these idiots were going to College ?? To study what, how to be as dumb as an average LIBERAL DEMON CRAT ? ? ? ? Since one of their group DIED as a direct result of the commision of that FELONY, THEY should be charged with (( MURDER )) AS WELL . . . . .
Titanium Green (2 months ago)
Hey sharpton, jackson, naacp, nan, black panthers.. these are your kind..you taught them well didn't you.. why aren't you complaining about the way they do? Home invasions and violating other people's rights..the answer is simple.. as long as they are doing stuff like this to whites and not you you sit back and snooze some more..black hate groups are responsible yet in denial..truth is truth yet you squander in hate..
Sweet Willy (2 months ago)
All should be charged with murder
4 Black men committing a felony home invasion..... shocking! Never seen that before.
Miguel Tavares (2 months ago)
used toilet paper...matters !!!
Bryan crites (2 months ago)
Please just like I say it's in their DNA to steal kill and destroy whatever it takes for them to get what they wan it's not a race thing s*** like this is why people are scared of black people because they know when they pull a gun they're going to kill you over what little money you got in your pocket 💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂
Christo78001543 (2 months ago)
02:34 Idiot News transitions to gun laws in focus. Depraved and indifferent news reporting.
MrDuffy81 (2 months ago)
Kill em all
Jeff Stewart (2 months ago)
Hey Keegan 777. Dude that's some funny shit
Ash Newman (2 months ago)
Pity they weren't ALL killed.
Rick Blain (2 months ago)
WHAT DUMBASSES!!! The one who was going to the state college will now "attend" a very different state institution!!! Stupid jackass chose between being aproductive citizen, and being a criminal. BAD CHOICE ASSHOLE! When the DA adds on the "felony murder" charge, their lives will be over. So where's the interveiw with their mommies, saying what "goot bois" they are??? More blacks in prison, so that they can claim that it's ALL BECAUSE OF WHITE RACISTS!!!
Richard Madden (2 months ago)
Why do young, black males insist on becoming thugs??? I was an excellent white student who attended a (Very good) state university because I wasn't a legacy and I didn't max the SAT. The current climate is that a black who passed HS chemistry is more qualified than I (and my Masters in Organic Synthesis) will destroy this country...It's not what you know. It's how you feel)
justin allbright (2 months ago)
Shouldn't have broke into their houth
georgia home boyy (2 months ago)
buy your ARs we need more one shot kills.
Paul Secon (2 months ago)
“ WHAT THEY DO TO MY BABY??!!??!! “. Please, I can hear it already. 5 Guys to rob a house? When it comes to diveying up what they got (which I’ll bet ain’t much) their gonna be disappointed plenty. Not very smart, although one of em goes to the same school as the victim so you never know what they were going after. Not proud of my early teenage years but at least I was smart enough to do stuff myself or with only one other person. 5??🤐
jimjd1969 (2 months ago)
What controversial gun laws? You have the right to own weapons
jimjd1969 (2 months ago)
Sounds like somebody needs a little more target practice
Atoms Molecules (2 months ago)
I love a happy ending.
ben ly (2 months ago)
All black people
yesca jasta (2 months ago)
jabbling trigler tram man how did that happen . i have no time for crooks no mater there race , color or creed .there is no way to justify braking in to some ones home............................thank god our forefathers had the fore sight to give us the right to protect our self our property and our home from these animals. sad thing is now your going to start hearing all no not my boy he would not do that he is a church going good boy ! not my boy ! yes mam your boy sorry he is dead now ! but yes your boy !
PSYCHO DAD (2 months ago)
1 died, that means the rest should be charged with murder.
ihatecrackhead (2 months ago)
play stupid games, win stupid prizes
golfmaniac007 (2 months ago)
moral of the story?......don't bring plastic guns to a gun fight. it is kinda of odd that this house was targeted by 4 hoodlums. maybe the residence is selling drugs? a gang just doesn't go arm robbery on any house.
S C (2 months ago)
I suppose “racism” shoved its invisible hand up their asses and worked them like puppets and made them do this against their will.
Tim Hallas (2 months ago)
One of them was a college student? Did you hear that too... Don't tell me it's just the street culture. OJ had it all, and still had to murder two people.
Tim Hallas (2 months ago)
Remember, the more of them you shoot, the less babies they can make.... therefore the less future criminals we have to deal with. Darwin was right you know... arm yourself well my brothers..
Tim Hallas (2 months ago)
Here's the truth America.. It's not hard to understand... the numbers tell the story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=povHlgYCT9g
Ken Elliott (2 months ago)
Russ Monte (2 months ago)
Why are gun laws an issue? How about home invasion laws
Tiger Steele (2 months ago)
Jeff Smith (2 months ago)
defend yourself
Bill Randall (2 months ago)
regardless of language, everyone understands "BANG! you're dead now."
strmynghts50 k (2 months ago)
But by God no one's showing the homeowner that killed two student white kid's whom broke into his home....they trying to nail his ass to the wall cause the students were white....here you all feel justice is being served...bunch of hipocrits
Chi Walker (2 months ago)
Too bad 3 are still alive.
psovegeta (2 months ago)
Sounds like that dindu nuffin got what he deserved. Too bad his buddies still live.
jjacksonjr2 (2 months ago)
Way to go trash. Play stupid games win stupid prizes!!
iceman11849 (2 months ago)
em1o smurf (2 months ago)
good example of Gun Control.
Robert bishop (2 months ago)
Good for the home owners. The residence had every right to defend themselves.
Nota Zip (2 months ago)
Mah ! What u's not bee understanding bout dis higher edemication !
Edwin Bell (2 months ago)
Now lets hear from the families da was good boys and didn't do nuffin! 👊😈👎
Edwin Bell (2 months ago)
This is another reason to have hi-capacity guns! They sometimes get six thugs together to go out and commit crimes. Also one bullet might not be enough for each in a gun fight! I only wish all five ended up in body bags! Now taxpayers will have to support these thugs room and board plus medical! How is that Justice?! 💀🐀🔫😡
Raymond Barrey (2 months ago)
The home owner needs to take marksman lessons. One out of five is unacceptable.😁😁
I will buy the rope if we can hang them all.
4 dindu monkeys. Hang those chimps.
5KAmenshawn (2 months ago)
But...But... How dey suppose t'git der money?!?!
Iam__ A_Z_K (2 months ago)
Next time shoot such people in the head good job anyway
Farzarna Fazli (2 months ago)
They would be hands up don't shoot. We want to go to school tomorrow.
Farzarna Fazli (2 months ago)
A crying shame when you oluy get 1/5.
simon tills (3 months ago)
Plastic gun. Smart. Darwin Award nominee. The herd thins itself.
Valerie Zenos (3 months ago)
Gee! Would you just look at the suspects! Uh huh!
Its OK to be White (3 months ago)
One less animal.
DAD RAB Rice (3 months ago)
KA-CHING X 4! BEAUTIFUL! And what a stupid bunch of names.
MichaelofSC (3 months ago)
All four of the living home invaders should be charged with murder.
DR Dan (3 months ago)
How much you bet they will do less than ten years, be paroled and do it again.  That homeowner saved the tax payers God only knows how much money in jail and welfare costs.
Shinjo Kagama (3 months ago)
Good news. One less thug and others locked up.
Roman Angel (3 months ago)
they should of killed all of them and safe us some tax dollars
Rudy B (3 months ago)
Blacks will try to make victims out of these worthless thieves but the facts say otherwise.Justice rears it's head every now and then.
M Via (3 months ago)
DM 123 (3 months ago)
Too bad NOT ALL 5 are DEAD
kickit59 (3 months ago)
The homeowner should of killed all five! This is why you need large magazines because sometimes you get a lot of big rats! Well at least one rat is dead!
Thunder (3 months ago)
It's sad that the others weren't killed as well. Don't break into other people's property and you won't get killed. Simple. And I'm a Democrat, btw.
Golden Dragon (3 months ago)
All home invaders deserve to die. Point blank.
Mike Moats (3 months ago)
Day be sorry doe, day be sorry
Stew Ramone (3 months ago)
ERIC EDMUND (3 months ago)

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