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Interior Design — Warm Bistro Kitchen Makeover

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Designer Philippe Beauparlant transforms a small space into a warm and inviting bistro kitchen for a young family. Discover his recipe for a classic and functional kitchen with character and charm to spare. The family loves to cook and hang out in the kitchen, so Philippe gave the space a cozy lounge feel. A double-duty island that backs onto an L-shaped banquette is the focal point, and works as both a dining area and prep space. Grey-green panelling and wood accents bring warmth to the white subway tile and cabinetry, while smart storage in the cooking area houses small appliances and keeps cookbooks easily accessible. Eclectic art, vintage accessories and subtle texture create a layered look that brings depth to the design. See the sources for the items in this video here: https://houseandhome.com/video/design-timeless-bistro-kitchen/
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barbara viray (2 years ago)
Beautiful design! I'd love to see more from this designer....
House & Home (2 years ago)
Here's another gem from Beauparlant Design: https://houseandhome.com/video/this-modern-white-kitchen-has-a-surprising-detail/
Jessalynn L (9 months ago)
I actually like the sofa (this coming from someone who is intro very sleek modern kitchens) , its hidden by the island so it doesn't appear as chunky had it been left wide open
annabodhi38 (1 year ago)
Not diggin the sofa.
D Ishappywithlife (1 year ago)
I liked everything except the sofa.....
Simply Cherie (1 year ago)
This designer is incredible! Can you have your own series and share more? Who would think of putting a couch in a small kitchen and it completely works?! I’m in awe.
a33a33 3333 (2 years ago)
a sofa in a kitchen? I understand the concept but it looks way too out of place in this space. no thank you.
mr tintin (2 years ago)
the couch is too close to the counter really unfriendly traffic flow
Jacob Ashuri (2 years ago)
Who wants to feel like their in a lounge or bar 24/7. Again, GARBAGE.
William Duncan (9 months ago)
I think what I want to read is a negative comment by someone who doesn’t know grammar...no, wait. No one does.
DeShawn Hatcher (2 years ago)
The sofa is off-putting
Claire Larece (2 years ago)
I love the aesthetic look of the design but to me it seems to take up the whole kitchen.....it doesn't seem have much room to move around in.
rneustel (2 years ago)
This is a very beautiful kitchen! I'm loving the wall grid paneling/wainscot.
Karla Dreyer Design (2 years ago)
Love the character to this space!
Achuchu Bam (2 years ago)
i love it. Good choice of color too!
theuniplex (2 years ago)
sorry don't like the sofa in the kitchen...... very ugly. the rest of the kitchen is nice .kind of looks like they moved a sectional into the corner
mamahu11 (2 years ago)
What's is this horrible Sofa in this great kitchen just ridiculous
SeeThis608 (2 years ago)
everything is great except for that bulky sofa. i mean, with such a small space why put a bulky sofa? it's almost near the stove and has a tendency to get stained with oil or sauces with its fabric cover. i like everything else except for that sofa, seriously!
Mira Tazkia (2 years ago)
Love this.. unexpected, but definately not boring. Perfect for family with small children.
Candis C (2 years ago)
It's definitely better than before, however I do not like the sectional sofa in the kitchen. It prevents a clear path around the island. The homeowners created a kitchen specific to their needs and did not consider resale of the home. A full size sofa in the kitchen, covering up the microwave (which is an appliance used daily in most kitchens like the refrigerator), and obstructing the full use of the island were odd choices. I was always told you should consider the fact you WILL have to sell your home one day...these homeowners went all in without that thought.
Candis C (2 years ago)
the island height is low which is also weird. it's at the height where the island counter serves as a table for the sofa. the homeowners could remove the sofa, but over time there could be tile discoloration. I've seen banquets in kitchens before and this one is just my least favorite.
katarzyna247 (2 years ago)
If they want to resell they can just remove the sofa and add some bar stools. Problems solved.
saltnlightful (2 years ago)
I always look at something in terms of cleaning it. The walls with the framing are going to take some time ...and how do you get under that banquette to wash the floor? With the exception of those two items, the kitchen is gorgeous and very desirable.
Saila Islam (2 years ago)
This is definitely much better than what it was before, however I think the giant stuffy banquette makes the room feel small. It definitely looks very comfy but probably would've suited well in a media room or game room. I also don't like how half of the counter top has access from the banquette and stools from same side. Maybe having the banquette in one side and bar stools on two different corner would've been better but I am assuming that's what the client wanted. I love the counter top though and the kitchen is very functional given the small space.
JavaGirl (2 years ago)
Baluvideo (2 years ago)
I love the stone counter-top!
misterOsc (2 years ago)
Really beautiful and timeless
lily Ellen (2 years ago)
oh formidable. .good job

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