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Design for Business: Experience and Brand Innovation in the Era of OMO - Lei Teng | UIUX Conf 2018

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In an era of disruption, the clear borders are disappearing among all industries. Now, we stand on the brink of being surrounded at all times by amazing new things, from sexy product to swooping app to perfectly crafted business. The relationship between design and business will be closer in the future, complement each other, and work together to innovate and disrupt. Business needs innovation, the design will always be sexy. Speaker Tenglei is internet famous in the field of design, he has 13 years of experience in user experience, business strategy and product innovation. He worked at Frog Design and Microsoft, where he designed Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 product concept. ------------------------------- This talk is from UI/UX Conf China 2018 - featured 20+ speakers, 16 talks, and attracted more than 1,000 creatives all over the world. UI/UX Conf China is organized by Wiredcraft. We create & grow digital products for the world’s best brands. Want to know more about us? Follow Wiredcraft on Website: https://wiredcraft.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/wiredcraft LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wiredcraft
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