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Hot Girls on Needy Guys

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Solve Your Girl Problem https://www.manleymethod.com Instagram: @jackmanleytv https://www.instagram.com/jackmanleytv/ Twitter: @jackmanleytv https://twitter.com/jackmanleytv Snapchat: jackmanleytv Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jackmanleytv/ Intro music: Jakwob - Fade (sane beats remix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsOe8... Background Music: Jou Beats - Brasil https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ka7nM... Have you ever felt the need to give your girl attention? Well be wearing because you might give her too much! In this episode Jack ManleyTV asks girls what their thoughts are on needy guys and the verdict was QUITE POLARIZING for these girls. Remember to throw a like on the video if you enjoyed it! For business inquiries email: [email protected]
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Text Comments (15194)
Jack ManleyTV (1 year ago)
Upside Down (13 hours ago)
Yeah Jack looks fresh and hot. With him I'd be up for a quick bang. 💋
NOODLE MAN !!!! (23 days ago)
Jack ManleyTV lucky bastard
Karina Roque (27 days ago)
Man this canal should be called jack manly TV the stud!!!!!
Mr AMIES -/ (4 hours ago)
2:34 U get sub 4 that
The Nitruc (5 hours ago)
She was so mad she kissed him LOLOL "You can take her with you" Her face was like : O
Gabriel Gregório (11 hours ago)
Sluts on needy guys* there i fixed it for you
Carlito Cabanas (16 hours ago)
Shits crazy...I can't believe
Brian Valdez (16 hours ago)
Lmao . This guy is funny af 👏
Chloe (19 hours ago)
Wow hahhahahha
ABHISHEK SAHNI (1 day ago)
I feels pity for their upbringings and fuckin whore culture . Hw they will bought up their families and what teachings r they gonna give their kids ,Its like father n mother to dear kids become a porn star or whore and join prostitution 🤨💫
İsrafil Yılmaz (1 day ago)
Pic ya
Shmele (1 day ago)
You that lesbian girl is hot af
Samuel Perea (1 day ago)
They fucked after the video was over
Zaya Camarillo (1 day ago)
Damn, Adele's over here trying to get punched in the vagina 3:30
Lolaa Vandelza (1 day ago)
me wen i go outside n my hood
Orxan Merd Official (2 days ago)
nikhil Narain (2 days ago)
You have chance to have ma y fu k
martı iş başında (2 days ago)
güzell am kaldirmissin kardesiim benim
Lui Jack (2 days ago)
This is obviously fake. The women are paid.
xD xD Hahaha great video dude xD Where is this place anyway?
Steve Richards (2 days ago)
looks like the greates place on earth whit the chill'est people ever exist! lul
rickcologne6 (2 days ago)
This is America smh
Bubble Gum (2 days ago)
1:50 hot girl
Aaron Wilson (2 days ago)
This is fucking painful.
Bilal Hafeez (3 days ago)
Where is this place
Equinox_Shocka (3 days ago)
i need to go wherever the fuck he is coz these skanks are eaaaassyyyyyyy
David J. (3 days ago)
every person in this video is braindead. god I want to leave!
Giraffen Brüder (3 days ago)
1:23 she lock like Hanah Baker! LOL 🥺
Elijah Nunnally (3 days ago)
My dog, I like when u get all the hoes
Robert Fisahn (3 days ago)
Fucking hoes Man, its unbelivieble
daddy andy (3 days ago)
were is that place called ?????
Blinders (4 days ago)
what is this country name
Shah Jacob (1 day ago)
england is my city
Ismael DaBoss (4 days ago)
Fake and paid
OscarBoi (4 days ago)
dis dude's a player
MSi GS70 6QE (4 days ago)
am needy
kodak trae (4 days ago)
Lol 1st time i realized whats the meaning of oreo 5:55
Favourite Movieclips (4 days ago)
These girls really make me think man
Fuck U (4 days ago)
Fuckin bitches I like that whores!
Al Wa (4 days ago)
Wtf 3:40 Wtf
caddilac19 (4 days ago)
that fucking blonde man daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn
BRO Be Chill (5 days ago)
U are a creep
yingy5146 (5 days ago)
What’s the name of the girl!!!! Who kissed him!!! She is HOT!
Артем П (5 days ago)
American whores give their pussy in such an easy way.
fietfEit (6 days ago)
Lmao. And all us blond blue eyed guys are happy to have seen this lol (esp when planning about wth to go to meet girls today, Day of Valentine)
Ashley Megan (6 days ago)
1:28 who tf let her walk out like that.
GøsuReaper (6 days ago)
3:35 they punch you in the face then you call the police. Smh tryna set us up for jail😂
teni M (6 days ago)
Joseph is better
David Rheinhardt (6 days ago)
Wtf is wrong with that womans ? That boy looks like 12
Lucky You (6 days ago)
is this in Austin?
ricardo mora (6 days ago)
Fucking pig
Slender Death (7 days ago)
4:00 that’s sims 4 in a scene
Gramps (7 days ago)
First video I watched of yours. Subscribed
AndréA Brown (7 days ago)
This is funnn! Hahaha
allen kim (7 days ago)
00:51 Adele??
Young.pappi_ (7 days ago)
Pipers girlfriend was fire asf😘😍😍
Henok solomon (7 days ago)
Don't. Fuck this girls just kill dem
ant36au (8 days ago)
tatt chick is a psycho
stefan Hahn (8 days ago)
0:28 doppelgänger of my ex.
vini vini (8 days ago)
O'que significa Needy guys ???
Super Saiyan 3 (8 days ago)
basically if your incel just give up now
Hot girls on guys that look like a 12 year old 😡
leycha santiago (8 days ago)
He is so fine
Sex Courses (8 days ago)
Awesome vid Jack
Cem Haki (9 days ago)
Tohumunuzu sikim.☺
Caroline Randle (9 days ago)
Is it me or is he a bit of a predator
zxrgan Honor (9 days ago)
2:33 I can be good brother Though
Oh Yeah Yeah (9 days ago)
He looks like supreme patty
Witchfinder Nielsen (10 days ago)
Proof that if you AREN'T a biological psychopath confirmed with MRI's and brain scans, you'll just be viewed as a thirsty nigga.
Tarshari Mehta (10 days ago)
This is so flithy
Tomás Fischer (10 days ago)
Suprime patty?
polidelia (10 days ago)
fuck ye chad tv lookin lit
Rafael Sanchez Moron (10 days ago)
Kermit the dick (10 days ago)
These girls will never get a good guy. LMAO
John Joshua (10 days ago)
This video clearly shows girls r all bitches and they don't have feelings.
Jaiminho Graveto (10 days ago)
Fuck girls
Witchfinder Nielsen (10 days ago)
Only after a good choking.
Max1892 (11 days ago)
so *real*
Bala murugan (11 days ago)
Enjoy the life
oh yeah nah (11 days ago)
They really look like brother and sister😂
Big Boss (11 days ago)
Dude u are a legend
krzysiekchorzow (11 days ago)
Society is so screwed up...
Nichlas Christensen (11 days ago)
How is this monitized? Lmao
Yilmaz Sahinkaya (11 days ago)
These girls have no class
Witchfinder Nielsen (10 days ago)
I'd definitely kick that Ozzie cow right in the fuckin' cunt.
Gamingman 73 (12 days ago)
Finessed that girl 😭
bany makuac (12 days ago)
this is guy lucky he kiss hot chick that day
Itstaylormcauley (12 days ago)
Yo where this place at... 😂😂
KingReyConspiro (12 days ago)
this video is the decline of western civilization.
Naylin Naing (12 days ago)
Damn who that girl with the pink topp on, need her ig right the fuck now man!
bodhi (12 days ago)
oh yea dude ur such a player all it takes is 50 drinks for these girl huh?
ahmed abdrhman (12 days ago)
I'm need that man please
Julian Kemter-clermont (12 days ago)
How the fuck this nigguh get pussy?
Chika Agu-ibe (12 days ago)
2:50 what a guy
Brbadge (12 days ago)
I thought you said "Hot Girls" Lol.
F (12 days ago)
Dirty Whirty Gaming (12 days ago)
i fuck youre mom
Zero 2 (13 days ago)
2:26 after a long time comment but marry her please
Abe TT (13 days ago)
Death to America!
Tri C (14 days ago)
Ladies and gentlemen I'm needy
Relaxing Studios (14 days ago)
2:52 Marzia get out of there. I'll tell Felix
brendon james (15 days ago)
that’s a wrap hahahaha
domenic Campbell (15 days ago)
Catholic Spaniard (15 days ago)
1. Why the hell is this on my recommended. 2. This is so fucked up. How come this has got so many views? Guys, do something meaningful, don't watch a dude make out with sluts.

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