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Hot Girls on Needy Guys

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Need Help With Girls? https://www.manleymethod.com/preview Instagram: @jackmanleytv https://www.instagram.com/jackmanleytv/ Twitter: @jackmanleytv https://twitter.com/jackmanleytv Snapchat: jackmanleytv Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jackmanleytv/ Intro music: Jakwob - Fade (sane beats remix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsOe8... Background Music: Jou Beats - Brasil https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ka7nM... Have you ever felt the need to give your girl attention? Well be wearing because you might give her too much! In this episode Jack ManleyTV asks girls what their thoughts are on needy guys and the verdict was QUITE POLARIZING for these girls. Remember to throw a like on the video if you enjoyed it! For business inquiries email: [email protected]
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Text Comments (14259)
Jack ManleyTV (1 year ago)
Rosa S. Andreasen (13 hours ago)
If lying was a job some people would be billionaires.
xxreckm8xx sup (5 days ago)
Pussy Destroyer
Aemn AEMN (14 days ago)
Jack ManleyTV taffy Thulfiqar on action
Thomas Hood (1 month ago)
Tell him to come to my house at 8427 West Glendale Ave lot 107
Angelo Orizaba (4 hours ago)
Saw you staring at some titties my guy but it's all good fam I understand.
Jed K (6 hours ago)
I think some of these are needy hoes
Andrew Irvin (6 hours ago)
Ryan Bamford (12 hours ago)
Jack looked shook when that girl pushed him away, he thought he was gonna get jumped
helios7003 (14 hours ago)
Rip Piper
Ollie Heaton (18 hours ago)
Rouen me on
Ravi Singh (1 day ago)
Chutiyapa 😂
solos de trompeta (1 day ago)
Music -intro plis
"You wanna throw hands?"
polarbär _lp (1 day ago)
1:35 shes hot
MackenzieN183 (1 day ago)
did you have sex after with that girl ofter
B Zoom (1 day ago)
What the fuck is needy?
Leroy Ski (1 day ago)
right path (1 day ago)
That first girl was from India
Slash (1 day ago)
What's the background song?
NonPlayer Charecter (1 day ago)
Evan McKinnon (2 days ago)
Find me a girlfriend to pld
Sonny Ruffins (2 days ago)
What is that one girls Snapchat that you said was your sister
Artu Aguilar (3 days ago)
You have to come back to do videos like this
Kris (3 days ago)
Any1 know who the sister chick is
LinkWave (3 days ago)
Damn, why does this have 25M+ views??
Prince Original (4 days ago)
They ugly as fuck
Cenk Toplar (4 days ago)
I can't wait to see all these women hitting THE WALL at the age of 30 ! When their pussies look like the flower petal , Eww !
Fırat Türk (4 days ago)
Atalarımızı boşuna dememiş ''avrupayı bilimin de baz al gavatlığında değil .'' Edit: İncide bu videonun linki ni atan '' rock star among your '' un amk
Prathamesh Mhatre (4 days ago)
Wait! But where is Piper??
Caleb Carroll (5 days ago)
How how is it so easy man
Moo N (5 days ago)
Where is this place😍😍♥️🔥
avalanchesoul (5 days ago)
Ugly chicks the angriest acting like dudes be getting needy on them yeah right. Treat em like shit and they'll all fall in love. Girls are dumb.
Derek Johansen TiDom (5 days ago)
Watch this guy be a "needy guy" in 10 years and look back on this vid like "fuck, what happened!?" 😂😂😂
NeoZangets (6 days ago)
Go to a area where drink chicks are....bring a camera and a microphone, ask simply questions........get free kisses and felt up :P
Spirit Shotgun (6 days ago)
i love 6th street, free fuck
xSmooth GT (6 days ago)
Fucking played the girl in the intro so hard 😂
Tasneem Basit (6 days ago)
Piper was jeolous....saying"no...u can take that home with you"
ziad ahmed (6 days ago)
Fuck them
Charlie de Vocht (6 days ago)
Where did you find the black and yellow BOSS & Firelli jacket at 0:11 ?
Amitoj Gill (6 days ago)
Your sister was bout to bang
Where country is this?
Jim Duke (7 days ago)
Hmmmm…..and when these hoe's grow up, they will scream how they are not taken seriously and how men just see them as a hunk of meat with a hole in it. women do not want a nice guy.....they want a dickhead that they see as an alpha male. Once the fun of that gets old is when they scream injustice and become the SJW's of today that views men as predators once they realize that a nice guy is safe and treat them with the respect they want. Then, after 5-7 years of a good life, they want that feeling they are special again from a man that gives them the attention that is appropriate to the courting ritual. They will give up on the respect and good life they had with the respectful male that has conformed to the family man, for the sole reason to get the special attention of the male seeking to get into their pants. The flowers and nice things they do and say over the stability and person that is good with her kids and to her, for the shallow attention of a dude that just want to fuck her and then demand his personal space while ignoring her kids that he once showed attention to until he got tired of her pussy and the kids that are not his. Hmmmm No, I am not a disgruntled male. I have never been married because I have never wanted to give up half of my stuff for a piece of pussy. Which is how the majority of women see themselves....to get a man to do whatever they want because they feel they are soooo hottt. Even the ugly bitches act this way. Have you ever met a fat black woman?????? A 350 pound black chick feels she has it going on and is soooo sexy that she deserves to be able to act like a cunt because she "feels" sexy. OMFG.....
These texas hoes so nasty and musty. Yuck. this nigga so ugly too😂😂. WESTSIDE CALI all the way
Hynex (7 days ago)
Krishna Anand (7 days ago)
Hi Jack I'm frm India I don't have gf any girl contact but want to enjoy like u. I'm cute as u and short guy like u plz Zzz helpme
Erra (7 days ago)
the most disgusting thing is chewing a gum like a pre teen monkey.
Reina Funderburg (8 days ago)
DJ BASHCOM (8 days ago)
this guy is vulnerable to herpies
kon Goz (9 days ago)
My nigga jack be getting bitches
MrBazooka (9 days ago)
Why does this dude in some way look like Paul Walker, rip!
brittany snyder (9 days ago)
this fag hanging out in front of bars after hours and trying to get drunken pussy scraps off the street..pathetic..game is weak when you have to resort to this nonsense.
fjellyo32 (9 days ago)
How drink are these girls? Or which drugs did they take? And where the fuck are you there?
Saimah (9 days ago)
you’re about to hit one million
P E T E R P I P E *H E R*
l o f i (9 days ago)
Benjamin Landgren (9 days ago)
First she wanted to talk, then she wanted to fight, then she started making out with him in front of her "girlfriend" (so the other one said she was) WUT? O___o
TatJ(Taylor) (10 days ago)
I got boner at 2:46........🎊
Some One (10 days ago)
This is one of the creepiest guys I've ever seen, preying on the weakest, least desirable women he can find.
Dominic Weber (10 days ago)
The Girl has Nice titts i want to spray on
Chosen Juan (10 days ago)
Now I remember why I subscribed to this crap.its fucking hilarious 😆
Jacy JC (10 days ago)
The girl in ths pink tank too I bet she was freaky on the low lmfao
mannat sheikh (11 days ago)
i wanna this sexy girls, please dear +91 7407527385
Adobe learnex (11 days ago)
which country is it??
Si Mo (11 days ago)
That voice 🙊
Richie Touchstone (11 days ago)
That girls emotions are all over the place😂
Winter is here I agree
le lover k (11 days ago)
Piper is mad!!
Ayush Soni (12 days ago)
Damn she's cute 1:54
Jon Bushby (12 days ago)
I think needy girls can be anoying especially when I am studying in college if I get to many texts if they are hot maybe I will keep them except if it was the hottest girl ever Emily clark
You’re too lucky
Ahmad Hussian (12 days ago)
Man I hate this kind of girls , like I really feel sorry for them
Rodolfo Balsini (13 days ago)
Jonathan Santiago (13 days ago)
Jack Scholefield (13 days ago)
4:32 idk about everybody else but the cringe is real
Joseph Tobin (13 days ago)
LOL this guy!!!
岳鹏 杨 (14 days ago)
Mekayla Joubert (14 days ago)
This guy.......😒
AA Fox (14 days ago)
1:02 that girl is so hot she's tall and cute 😘💗😍😍 I love tall girls
András Prozlik (14 days ago)
2:10 3:53 5:05
Dee Targ (14 days ago)
0:14 title of the vid pls ...
Varun Sharma (15 days ago)
Hell on Earth. Where this world is going ?? Shameless - Characterless creatures victim on lust and consumerism
Mohd Noushad (15 days ago)
whY aRe YoU rUnNinG (15 days ago)
Tongue condoms should be a thing...
92333 9403849 come all English to WhatsApp
BostonSecret45 (16 days ago)
This dude looks like he hasnt changed his look since grade 3
Khaldoun Jreideh (16 days ago)
Can you plz just wait for me I'm coooooooooooming
Anantha Krishnan kechu (16 days ago)
I think iam watching pron or same thing
Ulvven (16 days ago)
is that sid from iceage
Adam Streeter (16 days ago)
This dude also, is freakin hillarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adam Streeter (16 days ago)
and yes, sorry. yes i'm serious.
Adam Streeter (16 days ago)
And you know the ONLY KIND of sugar that never runs out is the kind you get by your girlfriend. (never had my first kiss.)
Adam Streeter (16 days ago)
I LOVE Hot Girls. WHOO!!!!!!!!! (need a girlfriend)
Ismail Alam (16 days ago)
Where is this place ??
MINI Moonlight (17 days ago)
0:44 dat wink do
Amir H. (17 days ago)
Where is this?
d00bie (17 days ago)
i also liked the blonde without a bra XD
Yea nah m8 (17 days ago)
Dragon tat chick sound like she got emphysema from smoking too much dick
Bill Nye (17 days ago)
4:48 does anyone know what shoes those are?
boi in the hood (17 days ago)
I’ll be loyal she said You can trust me she said REALLLY NIGGAA??
Legenndy GT (17 days ago)
ROR ALL (17 days ago)
sexy girl
Chul sOon (18 days ago)
*0:59** Pretty GIrl😍*
Ayoub 212 (18 days ago)

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