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Drunk Lesbians Watch "The Girl King" (Feat. Bridget McManus)

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This week on Drunk Lesbians Watch, Amanda & Bridget McManus go back in time to 1644 Sweden to see the same movie we've seen a thousand times. Check out Bridget's website: www.bridgetmcmanus.com Check out GirlShip on social: @GirlShipTV WE HAVE MERCH! Shop.spreadshirt.com/girlshiptv Donate to our patreon! Patreon.com/GirlShipTV LIKE, COMMENT, SUBCRIBE PLEASSSSSE
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Girl Ship TV (3 months ago)
We're doing movies again. If it doesn't kill me, cause the movie is 2.5 hours long, next week should be The Handmaiden... Hopefully.
Mik Kat (2 months ago)
Girl Ship TV this was based on a true story
Ellen Turner (2 months ago)
You should watch the fingersmith on the show.
Messy (2 months ago)
Messy (2 months ago)
Audreyisveryrainbow (5 days ago)
i came out and my dumb ass was like "ill get the Ellen cut! thats a good idea!" (it wasn't a good idea)
BlackHearted Soul (6 days ago)
I have a coming out haircut... I'm getting it into a Mohawk or what I like to call a butch cut in a few weeks
Gabrielle Alexander (8 days ago)
"So written and directed by man" that is always my first thought
Lia S. (9 days ago)
the 17th century is not medieval times.....
J (10 days ago)
I desperately need to know if Bridget McManus and Kate Mckinnon still talk.... We are talking about the OG afterellen crew. UUHHHH WHERE IS JILL BENNET???
jaclyn camacho (13 days ago)
" get outta here, pregnant"
Lex W. (14 days ago)
Chenoa Curtis (16 days ago)
Will u be my bed companion! 😜😗
Thea Garam (18 days ago)
3:46 That's Finnish actor, Mikko Leppilampi! I forgot he was in this movie.
Maria Manias (21 days ago)
Sure didn’t feel consensual to me 😬 what a cringe fest!!
phoebe doering (22 days ago)
I have an idea for an app it’s called gaydar, and its a queer dating app that matches you with people based on their proximity to you. It’s random, but I feel like I should tell someone. And if anyone could make this app please feel free to, and please make it free.
phoebe doering (22 days ago)
7:11 that’s literally me with every movie
sabrina fervolo (22 days ago)
Thabitha K (24 days ago)
''I am the king, stfu!''
ebass and ukulele (24 days ago)
ViolentOrchid (25 days ago)
Zab (26 days ago)
Zab (26 days ago)
bloobeyond (27 days ago)
Thelma is now on Amazon Prime. I’d love to see a Thelma reaction!! Super LESBIAN scifi.
YuriInRealLife (29 days ago)
Whelp. That was written by a man.
Julia Jundi (1 month ago)
girl king is so fucking pretty
Lydia Kahssay (1 month ago)
15:09 did anyone else notice Bridget lol
Rozilie Reina (1 month ago)
When I came out I got a pixie cut
Lystanson (1 month ago)
Queen Kristina is hella gorgeous in this move tbh
laura chang (1 month ago)
You guys are so funny
Danny James (1 month ago)
Athena Specker (1 month ago)
Mine was a neon pink pixiecut
GirlsWillBeBoys (1 month ago)
Idk how to post my haircut, but I got a short bob and bangs.
Avacado (1 month ago)
Did you guys know that this is a real story?
Karmamel K (1 month ago)
The part when Kristina says she doesn't need permission is not about rape or sex; she was responding to the countess's statement, "You may call me that [Kristina had just nicknamed her "Belle"] if you wish." I liked this movie, but felt sad for Kristina. She lost her beloved father at a young age, had an insane mother, wanted to enlighten her country's people with education but couldn't, and lost the love of her life. Seemed like she was a noble individual faced with so many social battles throughout her youth.
xaniiu (1 month ago)
The book fucking scene was so funny!!
Maggie Miller (1 month ago)
definitely chopped off all my hair when I came out. Like a little longer than shoulder length to pixie cut.
radames x (1 month ago)
Donna Brooks (1 month ago)
In Sweden in 1644, no people of color are going to be in the country, much less the Royal Court. Southern Europe, sure. Not Scandinavian countries.
Kaia Keefe (1 month ago)
**comments about how straight people think lesbians just fall in love via eye contact** **proceeds to get flustered over said eye contact** what a mood honestly
Anita Johnson (1 month ago)
oooooo please do the film 'High Art'!!!!!!!!!! it's a throwback. 1998
Patrice Besa (1 month ago)
Long gaze + lip biting = Eye fU€K!ng
Olivia Unknown (1 month ago)
Before my transgender realization, I also came out with the haircut xD yup kind of for being lesbian back then, and kind of of being ftm trans now.
Kunterbunte Welt (1 month ago)
I cut my hair and than came out. Does that count ? 😂
Linda (1 month ago)
When the queen bends her over the book, Bridget damn near slid off the couch! 🤣 Doest thou protest too much?
isabella Stone (1 month ago)
You don't get the history...sad.
MissTotos (1 month ago)
"I was like a bouncer at a strip club for a second" LOL!
A Game (1 month ago)
I look like a dude with my short hair and I love it as well as your channel
ThePhanomas (1 month ago)
Why would you do that to a prosecco?
Nina J (1 month ago)
React to Mother May I Sleep with Danger (2016)
Amanda Eriksson (1 month ago)
Lmao it's funny that you pointed out how ruffled her hair is because the real Queen Kristina was noted in her time for her "unruly hair" because she stayed up so late at night working and forgetting to comb her hair. She also wore men's clothing and enjoyed fencing and bear hunting. Theories differs between Kristina being a queer woman, intersex, trans man, androgynous, or neither. Whatever the case may be she was cool as hecke and also one of only 3 women being buried at the St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City.
Blob Fish (2 months ago)
Marshall A. (2 months ago)
....Y'all should read the story os Kristina of Sweden. She could not just do anything.
bloobeyond (2 months ago)
Amanda! Please tell me you HAVE NOT seen BARCEDES. I’d love to see your reaction. They are a pairing between Barbara and Mercedes, 2 characters from a series from Chile called Perdona Nuestros Pecados. It is legit everything we’ve been asking for.
UraniumEffects (2 months ago)
OMG Bridget McManus, I remember her from AfterEllen!
Maggie (2 months ago)
You guys should watch “The Runaways”!!!
Mik Kat (2 months ago)
This was based on a true story
Kylie Sparks (2 months ago)
Ya'll they called the tomato a love apple because for a long time people believed tomatoes to be an aphrodisiac
polyethylene123456 (2 months ago)
Love you guys but you can’t apply your American “we need people of color” ideal to 1600 Swedish courts...typical American ignorance.
Girl Ship TV (2 months ago)
Also, LOL you came in calling my want for diversity "American ignorance" and then wonder why I'm defensive?
Girl Ship TV (2 months ago)
I wish you could open your mind beyond what is "historically accurate" I guess we'll go our separate ways then.
polyethylene123456 (2 months ago)
Oh now you assume I don’t think gay people existed till recently. You’re really good at making illogical and entirely false assumptions. Btw my point was Swedish courts were unfortunately white (so no blacks OR Arabs OR East Asians etc) — note I said ‘unfortunately’, meaning I don’t like it, but history is what it is. Anyway, thanks for fighting for equal representation, just wish you weren’t so defensive about your lack of understanding of how Swedish courts looked in the1600s. 📚👩‍🎓
Girl Ship TV (2 months ago)
Bruh, people of color means... People from Asia, India, Middle East, Pacific Islanders, it's not limited to black people. Never said there were black people back then, I said people of color. Because they existed in the 1600s. Weird, right? Believe what you want but I will never stop fighting for diversity in media... You know, how gay things get made, it was people fighting for that diversity because people like you believed gay people didn't exist until recently.
polyethylene123456 (2 months ago)
Diversity is not just an American thing. But only Americans (not all, but some) start to impose their thoughts on what the times of other countries should look like. I 100% think films need to represent the time they are set in. So for most Hollywood films set in present day America it’s ridiculous how white it is. But I would not for example look at a Chinese period film and be like “omg no black people in the emperor’s court!”.
elizabeth huston (2 months ago)
I let my friend chop my hair off in high school after I came out to piss my dad of even more because he loved my long hair.
Thenamesr (2 months ago)
I had the coming out hair cut, two years after coming out
Hannah Rogers (2 months ago)
Please have Bridget back
Hopsy (2 months ago)
She gave the gloves back? CAROL
Robin Maida (2 months ago)
have you seen duck butter
sofgu02 (2 months ago)
Fun fact. I am actually one of the security guards guarding the real devils Bible, codex gigas, in Stockholm.
katkowalski314 (2 months ago)
i replayed her falling down the stairs so many times lol
LennLenn (2 months ago)
This movie plays so much on the predatory lesbian trope, it's really bad. It should be said though that she probably wasn't a wonderful person and probably didn't care much for consent since she was the queen and all. Like she also thought women were inferior to men. But I would love a better take on the history of Kristina, especially one that didn't only show her relationship with Ebba Sparre but also what happened after she abdicated (which she did because she refused to marry a man and produce an heir for the throne), became a catholic and moved to Italy where she continued on having affairs with women.
Asdf Asdf (2 months ago)
I haven’t come out but I definitely chopped off all my hair.
sub mike (2 months ago)
As a gay man, and a Renaissance scholar (as if the two were mutually exclusive), I just wanted to state the period in which this movie takes place is not “Medieval,” but early modern. And yes, there are no “black people” in this movie, not because “they didn’t exist,” but because it is early modern Scandinavia. A black person would be as foreign a member of the court as a cherry tomato. At least the former minority was represented. Ironically, during the Baroque period, she renounced the Reformation, and converted to Catholicism (quelle surprise) in Innsbrück (shout out to my Germanic homos).
Ruusu Raninen (2 months ago)
Lch Smith (2 months ago)
How messed up is this: I'm watching 'Drunk Lesbians watch' while being drunk. :D
Natasha Hutt (2 months ago)
literally how to tell if a lesbian story was written by men lol.
Natasha Hutt (2 months ago)
also the 'romance' was super predatory and like...oh man
Kyland (2 months ago)
Please bring Bridget on more this was so funny
Heather Snodgrass (2 months ago)
I did not get the lesbian haircut when I came out because I already had it. I don't like fiddling with my hair too much so I tend to keep it short. I don't know if that's me being gay or lazy.
Morgan Sandusky (2 months ago)
I did the dramatic haircut
heart21197 (2 months ago)
Y'all should watch The Handmaiden Directors Cut
Han Jo (2 months ago)
this was based on a true historical events though, I mean she did abandon her kingdom in the pursuit of education and knowledge and love for the arts. she was one of the most educated women in the 17th century. her life story is very fascinating. and she did keep in contact with Ebba (lady in waiting) after she left Sweden. their letters were hella gay.
bloobeyond (2 months ago)
This is based on some true gay shit. It’s in history. These 2 were in love with each other. And still wrote to each other after Kristina left.
Kails Elizabeth (2 months ago)
You've never been bent over a counter before ? 🤣
Stefanie D'Castro (2 months ago)
please have Bridget back again, i dont think ive ever laughed so hard at one of the Drunk Lesbians video.
Kayla H (2 months ago)
Lúcia Lopes (2 months ago)
You should watch: “And then came Lola”. Its funny and has Cathy debuono and Jill bennet on it... Ahhh.... also “out at the wedding”....its very funny as well...
Courtney Mansfield (2 months ago)
I don’t know if you even take movie suggestions anymore for GLW but Bessie staring Queen Latifah is very good and educational
Megan S (2 months ago)
Totally got a haircut after coming out publicly. Lmao
Lara Lannister (2 months ago)
Omg Amanda , your face when Cristina is holding that sword 😂😂 Same Girl
Valeria B. (2 months ago)
can we see more Bridget on this show please? she is amazing
Sophie Wulfe (2 months ago)
"why is it always a blonde and a brunette..?" said the blonde. "yeah I was thinking the same thing!" the brunette exclaimed!
Anna Guggenberger (2 months ago)
Oh no, the bending her over totally ruined that sex scene for me XD
Rachel (2 months ago)
Please watch 'the firefly' it's sosoooo good and super gay
Jessica Robinette (2 months ago)
Watch anyone but me!!!! It’s a web series!
Edina Monsoon (2 months ago)
You two are hilarious!
Coco Wang (2 months ago)
You should react to Ria Mae. She's a queer Canadian singer. I really like her music videos for Gold and Red Light in particular.
Bre Stewart (2 months ago)
I love this channel, I could watch Drunk Lesbians Watch all day. Amanda is hilarious this show is so funny and I love that honest commentary about consent it always warms my heart.
Jana Liesegang (2 months ago)
Please watch "Sehnsucht der Falter" dont know the english title but yh
Alexa Aquino (2 months ago)
Reading about her story before, her hair was actually her trademark. But it's still so funny showing it like this HIHI
WhaleThisIsAwkward (2 months ago)
Brunch with Bridget used to be my fucking jam back in my early lesbo days, and this is a dream come true for me
TheFabulous Maou (2 months ago)
You might not watch anime but you should watch Revolutionary Girl Utena(the movie, then the show)
caraha02 (2 months ago)
Ummm.... can we get some more Bridget in the future?!?!😍😍
Marilyn Veliz (2 months ago)
Do Tipping the velvet! One of the most interesting storylines ever along with fingersmith! Both are based off of books written by the same woman.
Vanessa Sanders (2 months ago)
I absolutely love drunk lesbian watch!! I would love for you to watch the new movie Snapshots.
Clémentine Circaetis (2 months ago)
Hello Girl Ship TV and the queer community! I've been following your channel with a huge passion! thank you a lot for the crazy laughs and above all for investing so much energy and positive vibes. ^^ As the theme of this youtube channel supports queer contents, I would like to share a news about a fiction from Chile. Very recently, I discovered a queer storyline "Barcedes" in a Chilian series "Perdona Nuestros Pecados". There is a project to make a spin off for Barcedes! this is a positive and powerful representation of two women in love who fight for their love in Chile during the 60s. But for the realization of the project it's necessary to sign a petition. You can find more details in here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPkKFa76aN8 I'm very sorry if I sound intrusive, I'm just a fan who didn't know where to share it exactly on this youtube channel and I really wanted to share it as a solidarity with different queer representations/projects from different cultures. Please, if you read this comment, take time to check the news about the spin off Barcedes and definitively don't hesitate to share it all around you! Cheers from France ^^
AkiaDima (2 months ago)
Could you guys do the movie Yes or No? its one of my favorites and it has a sequel. Both have subtitles
Sara G. (2 months ago)
Damn... Would my life be a film... It would be " she's not that into you".. 😂

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