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ScannerMAX Compact 506 versus DT40

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http://www.ScannerMAX.com Video showing performance of Pangolin's latest Scanner, the Compact 506, and giving a side-by-side comparison with DT-40 scanners. Performance benefits such as better wide angle projection and "purer" projected images are clear. There are other performance benefits not discussed, having to do with mirror design.
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Laser Pictures (7 months ago)
look at the overshoot on the circle with the dt40s! Still, they are pretty impressive coming from China.
Arun Fernandez (7 months ago)
this scanner aka moter are great i was thinking wat about cartoon or anime in vector projection it can be done
Pangolin Laser Systems (4 years ago)
Gabor, your question about CT is a good one. We have a lot of projectors come through Pangolin with DT scanners and the like. Among the low-cost projectors on the market, not many have CT scanners. In the case of this particular video, we happened to have a projector with DTs handy, and so I took the opportunity to make this video. When we have a projector come through the office with CT scanners, then I will make another video and post it. However, with that being said, I can tell you that we've done similar tests with CT 6210 and the performance is really similar, with the exception that the Compact runs cooler. 6215 is a bit of a different story since that scanner has a rotor whose inertia is double that of the Compact 506. 6215 certainly *should* give better performance, but the price of that scanner is nearly 10 times the price of our Compact 506. The Compact 506 is a great scanner for the money. If you want higher performance, the 6215 is one option, and Pangolin also offers Saturn-series scanners for even more performance than that.
Gabor Feher (4 years ago)
Why DT-40? Why not test Compact 506 vs CT6800 or 6210 - 15.
RichOx100 (4 years ago)
How does the Compact 506 compare with the DT40, in terms of price?
Pangolin Laser Systems (4 years ago)
Price is really similar. Please contact us directly for details. 

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