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Amouage interlude man (unboxing

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Mike Bell (4 years ago)
Thanks for the assurance my friend!!
King Ted (4 years ago)
No problem Mike enjoy your fragrance! !
4drian 4ver (4 years ago)
They should of sent you some samples with it...looking forward to the review!
King Ted (4 years ago)
4drian4ver, I was a little disappointed I didn't get any samples. But I'm very happy with my purchase. Thanks for watching and yes the review is coming soon..
Mike Bell (4 years ago)
What's good my dude! I noticed that you purchased your Interlude Man from the same place I ordered mine...AZPerfume via Amazon! Just had 2 question...is it legit juice and are they a legit company!? Thanks in advance!!!
King Ted (4 years ago)
Yeah my G the juice is legit and I had no problems with the company. The only thing with them they don't send samples ..thats the only problem I had. So rest easy my dude, thanks for watching!
King Ted (4 years ago)
Don't kill me people, I made a mistake calling the logo the crest lol!!

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