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Text Comments (19)
alphiejh1 (17 days ago)
u cant go offroading with that truck with that bar so low, how they aint made the bar so it can be hidden for better ground clearance
Renee Lopez (18 days ago)
Keep up the good work and videos
Faded Entertainment (19 days ago)
Yee yee
Anthony Cach (17 days ago)
I like ford
evan hale (19 days ago)
That poor Duramax. Low profiles terrible rims. Sorry some ones gotta say it.
Steven Izzo (19 days ago)
Yeah that thing looks fuckin gay
tyler meitzler (19 days ago)
Aaron @ DirtyDiesels (19 days ago)
tyler meitzler who is you
The doctor (19 days ago)
That Silverado came out sick!
iluvfly11 (19 days ago)
What is the deal with the yellow Amarillo f250?
Aaron @ DirtyDiesels (19 days ago)
Next week guys
DirtyDiesels (19 days ago)
Very soon guys.
Jason Eads (19 days ago)
iluvfly11 I’ve been wondering the same thing and have asked in other videos and got no response. Kinda frustrating.
Brandon Zervos (19 days ago)
Do you have any feedback on those atturo mts at all?
Duane Griffy (19 days ago)
I’ve been running a set and have over 17k miles on them. Still looking like new.
DirtyDiesels (19 days ago)
Yes. They are really nice. Let us know if you need. Set. Out of all the MT options they’re the top of the line.
Brandon Zervos (19 days ago)
DirtyDiesels what is your preferred mud tire? Been looking into Toyo m/t, are they worth 360 a tire
DirtyDiesels (19 days ago)
Brandon Zervos they’re not a bad budget tire. We’ve used a lot of them.
Austin Simat (19 days ago)
Bad ass setup on that Denali, Dirty Diesels for life 👍

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