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Top 10 Shocking Sports Bans of All Time

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Top 10 Shocking Sports Bans Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! http://watchmojo.com/suggest Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Sports Bans. Check out our other videos of the Top 10 Most Shocking Mistakes in Sports: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5rf7wz06xI, the Top 10 Sports Meltdowns: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9iH4W92EtY, and the Top 10 Most Unsportsmanlike Moments in Football: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wk5YoywdgDM. Want more incredible content from Getty Images? Be sure to check out their page here: https://www.gettyimages.com #10. Marion Jones #9. Donald Sterling #8. "Shoeless" Joe Jackson #7. Jim Thorpe #6. Muhammad Ali #5. Ben Johnson #4. Mickey Mantle #3, #2 & #1??? Watch on WatchMojo: http://www.WatchMojo.com Check our our other channels! http://www.youtube.com/mojoplays http://www.youtube.com/mojotalks http://www.youtube.com/msmojo http://www.youtube.com/jrmojo http://www.youtube.com/watchmojouk WatchMojo's Social Media Pages http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo http://instagram.com/watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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Text Comments (219)
Andrew Rand (4 months ago)
My dad looked up to you Pete Rose you’re a damn shame to the game of baseball
Andrew Rand (4 months ago)
Ha Muhammad Ali knocked out The Beatles
What about Fabio Briatore from F1
Pienimusta (6 months ago)
Top 10 American athletes *
Buffy Slays (6 months ago)
Thing is, harding is technically gifted and better than other skaters that time.
diego1982xxx (6 months ago)
Number 1 is Louis Resto (boxe).Look for his infamous match,people...
JP Mackey (6 months ago)
I thought Lance Armstrong would be #1.
Lance drug strong
B M (6 months ago)
Dishonourable mention 😂😂
Nero that Blunt (6 months ago)
Tonya didn't know about the attack in her ex's involvement in it
Aj Valencia (6 months ago)
Should have known pete rose would be number 1
kr4ftt (6 months ago)
Second video in a row from MOJO focused only in north Americans. #FromAmericansToAmericans... Gosh MOJO you went downhill fast
Glaux De (6 months ago)
Luiz Suarez should be banned completely
WhittanyBrittanyBskt (6 months ago)
Weird Al Yankovic included Tonya Harding's scheme in his 1994 song Headline News.
Zachery Abrams (6 months ago)
What happened to Jim Thorpe was a classic example of prejudice and racism in the IOC with many white athletes doing the exact same thing and being able to keep their medals without the IOC sparking investigations
Moonstone2732 (6 months ago)
Disliking not because of the list 8B, but cause some of these sports people I could care less about/or its not shocking. I mean Harding? should I be shocked nope 8B, not
ieatanddrink (6 months ago)
A weak number 1 for all your non-American viewers. Just because you call it a World Series doesn't mean the world cares.
Matt R (6 months ago)
Donald Sterling isn’t even an athlete, he was just an owner of a basketball team, why don’t you put Eddie DeBartolo Jr. the former owner of the 49ers. Also Tonya Harding and other ice skaters are snowflakes, they’re so full of themselves!
Nitpicking Arsehole (6 months ago)
Match Fixing, yes. Doping, nah. Let them all dope up.
Alex Moreno (6 months ago)
What about people like Marge Schott?
Baron (6 months ago)
If Lance hadnt been caught , he wud have went for the medal another 7 times. While fighting cancer he became a cancer.
Daniel Haire (6 months ago)
Highest Batting average of the series (.375), The Series ONLY home run. 6 RBIs, threw out 7 baserunners and fielded 30 other outs. If that is Shoeless Joe throwing a game, I would have loved to have seen the definition of him trying to win. The MLB took advantage of his illiteracy to get that confession. MLB, overturn the suspension and put him posthumously in the Hall!!
Osk42 (6 months ago)
How is it a shocking ban when an athlete get caught for doping?
Osk42 (6 months ago)
Ofc the person will be banned
Kersha Beaver (6 months ago)
They can do another list for international sports
Kersha Beaver (6 months ago)
Someone else dodge the draft 5 times but still became president. Ummm
areasevenpro (6 months ago)
You forgot the 1992 Philippine Little League team, who were stripped of the World Series championship after they lied about the age and residency of their players.
Ashoikie Saunders (6 months ago)
So why have Ali pic up when talking about crime ? All he did was refused to serve in a war the majority of America was against . Do better Watch Mojo !!
Gordon Go (6 months ago)
1966 was NOT the height of the Viet Nam war.
OMGitsSTORKY (6 months ago)
*Controversial opinion* Buuut, I still think Sterling's situation was fucked. It was a private conversation. Ban him, sure. But to also fine him $2.5M is a tad bit overkill in my eyes.
NBA players are always on dopping
Zillion X (6 months ago)
What is baseball? Is it a sport? Americans should look outside their little bubble, honestly nobody cares.
Oscar Kearney (6 months ago)
who even is this Pete Rose?
Abubakar Saddique (6 months ago)
Smith and warner
Shashwat Srivastava (6 months ago)
Lance Armstrong was an idol to many
bernd das brot (6 months ago)
is this an american only list? is that how you define sports?
Astronaut Primate-G (6 months ago)
The greatest bike pedaler of all time lance Armstrong "mr one nut" was a f- ing cheater man ,Terrible when we all found out that.....
Astronaut Primate-G (6 months ago)
Hey whoever reads this guess what????? The woman's figure skater that took the heat that her boyfriend and friend tryed to do or did to figure skater Nancy kerrigan at Competition🙄......
JSPUFC (6 months ago)
What about Lee Murray? The mma fighter who masterminded the biggest UK Bank Heist
Jett Cord (6 months ago)
Do you AUGGRRUUUEEE with our picks?
bikkiikun (6 months ago)
The list should say Top 10 Shocking Sports Bans in America.
jmyogi17 (6 months ago)
Does this channel realise that there is a lot of sport happening outside of America
MotorCity SportsSwami (6 months ago)
"...as if that's any consolation." BIG difference between betting for your team and betting against your team. Rose bet on the Reds to win, which shows why he went into debt with bookies in the 80s. If he was being against them, they would've lost more games and he'd have more money. You can't throw a game if your bet is on your team to win. Reinstate Pete Rose. It's ridiculous having a Hall of Fame without the All-Time Hits Leader. It's insane setting my son open a pack of baseball cards and seeing "the all-time hits leader" in text instead of "Pete Rose" (yeah, his name cannot even be printed on a licensed baseball card).
Josh W (6 months ago)
Pete rose bet that his team would win its not like he was throwing games to gain income. Hes ok on my book
Michael Terrell (5 months ago)
He's still not getting into the hall of fame.
Josh W (6 months ago)
@MotorCity SportsSwami ikr he definitely deserves to be in
MotorCity SportsSwami (6 months ago)
He's okay in a majority of fans' eyes these days. It's a shame an antiquated rule keeps him out of the Hall.
Иван Егоров (6 months ago)
Note that you stress letter A in the name SharApova, even if it's easier to stress O - it's not the way her surname is pronounced.
DANI BIKER (6 months ago)
Eric cantona... check out sports aoutside U.S...
Kiara Quivey (6 months ago)
Watched YouTube videos to distract self from life issues and crippling depression.
not_kool_man_keffz (6 months ago)
Where's John Hopoate??? Bahahaha
Brian Harris (6 months ago)
Ali's argument to refuse the draft as a consciouses objector to the war was institutional racism by the military during the Vietnam War. They declared the Nation of Islam ineligible for deferment and made it harder for blacks to obtain a deferment from being drafted. That's why it was later overturned when it became blatantly obvious and rampant of the institutional racism in the draft and military in general. This was the same time as the Civil Rights movements.
Pedantic Pete (6 months ago)
Tonya Harding being banned is shocking? Clearly trolling for people like me to comment because of the ridiculousness and it worked. Damn.
Ryan Nguyen (6 months ago)
Where’s CSGO ibuypower team at lmaooo?
Jonty Rosenow (6 months ago)
'he admitted to never betting against the Reds, as if thats any consolation' well it is, and if you knew anything about sports you'd know that.
Dmarcus Baus (6 months ago)
Muhammad Ali did nothing wrong.
TopSirPenguin (6 months ago)
Bruh where's dodgeball
Marco Polo (6 months ago)
So what did Roy Tarpley do. Or are you just mentioning him for the hell of it.
Yew Tube Yoda (6 months ago)
Rocky Marciano was the greatest boxer because he didn’t lose a fight and the gloves were barely called gloves.
no name boy (6 months ago)
Khadim Goumbala (6 months ago)
Racism in the NBA is unacceptable. So Donald Sterling deserves to be banned for life.
Dean Whyte (6 months ago)
Looks like baseball is a dodgy sport
Dean Whyte (6 months ago)
MotorCity SportsSwami it’s a boring game anyway so its needs a bit of spicing up 👍
MotorCity SportsSwami (6 months ago)
No...just an antiquated rule against associating with gamblers that dates back to the 1800s, when it was a "gentleman's game", and gentlemen didn't associate with bookies and gamblers because it was illegal. I understand the reasoning, because at the time, players still held jobs in the off-season to make ends meet, and the owners made them indentured servants, so fixing a game could be appealling to a player, but with the salaries of today, I cannot see a player conspiring to throw a game...hence why the Rose suspension makes no sense at all.
Typical (6 months ago)
TheGodOfPez (6 months ago)
Always good to correctly call the #1 spot in these videos! Makes it more enjoyable.
Klinsk (6 months ago)
#1 Lance Armstrong
Lilltroll (6 months ago)
Only in the US this is a list .... the rest of the world, we do not care.
lawofgravity1979 (6 months ago)
Because WM loves the US so much even tho they’re based out of Canada
kr4ftt (6 months ago)
Yeap, this is really sad... MOJO used to search for the real top 10... Now it's only American
William Gardner (6 months ago)
These are based on votes on their website.
Liam O'Connell (6 months ago)
Ali was banned because he didn't want to be in the Vietnam war?
MotorCity SportsSwami (6 months ago)
Correct. He claimed he was a conscientious objector because Islam did not allow for violence like this. Hence the name change. The U.S. government didn't agree, mostly because he was black, but also because he converted to claim C.O. status. Damn U.S. government was shadier in that war than anyone on this list...and only slightly better than its current government.
Kane Aquino (6 months ago)
Top 10 Banned Sports
YouCanTrustMe (6 months ago)
To where the iBuyPower ban :>
frank hargreaves (6 months ago)
Bowie Kuhn was a schmuck. Tonya Harding was, and is, a thug. Armstrong is straight out disgusting. There. I feel better now.
Eilanzer (6 months ago)
Let me fix that...Top 10 Shocking Sports Bans in MURICA....there is a world out there you know...there is sport there too @watchmojo.com
Rosa Jessica (6 months ago)
Dade Lee Murphy (6 months ago)
there are people who have done worse things than Pete Rose Pete Rose deserves to be in the Hall of Fame
Angela A (5 months ago)
I agree. There are several players in the hall that have used steroids, blatantly and other scandalous things that are much worse. Gambling in most other sports is legal now. So, this travesty needs to be overturned.
MotorCity SportsSwami (6 months ago)
SpikeTheWolf (6 months ago)
Dam so much for effort
Recluse Spider (6 months ago)
Who is roy from dishonorable list?
Grapefruit Simmons (6 months ago)
Getting upset that an olympic athlete used steroids is like getting mad at horses for eating grass. They all do it.
iamonrs (6 months ago)
Is this the usual American (sport) bia's? how is Rose #1? Unless you didn't tell us, he didn't fix any games... I would say Lance Armstrong had a much lager impact surrounding his ban.
MotorCity SportsSwami (6 months ago)
Because if that's the case, the taint, there are two hall of fame pitchers that need to be stricken from the books for admitting to doctoring the ball throughout their careers...Whitey Ford and Gaylord Perry.
MotorCity SportsSwami (6 months ago)
@Red X the only argument I have with that is that the taint isn't something that changed any records. It's not like they juiced and broke records. They did something that was outside the game. No concrete proof against every player on the Sox, and no proof Rose bet against the Reds. Their actions never affected the game. It's almost as absurd as the brief banning of Mantle after his career was done.
Red X (6 months ago)
@MotorCity SportsSwami The whole point is to ban them not only from play but from the record books. It doesn't matter how good you play, you're tainted. Now, I agree that Joe and Pete probably should be reinstated, but it's not our call.
MotorCity SportsSwami (6 months ago)
@Red X Which is, in essence, a lifetime ban, because I don't see Ted Williams rising from the grave to bat .355. 😜 Now that they cannot physically play anymore, it's time to remove their bans. Rose, that should be reevaluated, as he holds a major record. He's too old to play. No team would hire him to manage. The most the Reds would do is make him scout or coach or special assistant, like Al Kaline and Alan Trammell do in Detroit. He could tell the younger players the risks of behavior like his first-hand.
Red X (6 months ago)
@MotorCity SportsSwami The exact wording of the ban is as follows: Regardless of the verdict of juries, no player who throws a ball game, no player who undertakes or promises to throw a ball game, no player who sits in confidence with a bunch of crooked ballplayers and gamblers, where the ways and means of throwing a game are discussed and does not promptly tell his club about it, will ever play professional baseball. They weren't banned "for life", they were banned "forever"
Marnerbroman (6 months ago)
Top 10 Shocking Sports Fans
- Hugh - (6 months ago)
The greatest centerfielder of all time is Willie Mays. Enough said.
Ps2 Gamer (6 months ago)
KevinField (6 months ago)
Doping ain't dope
Mike Kaltman (6 months ago)
Not quite the same, but it should be mentioned how SMU got the 'death penalty' and was banned entirely from NCAA football.
Chelsea Canales (6 months ago)
Muhammad Ali; the GOAT 🐐
Kersha Beaver (6 months ago)
That is was rest in peace
Marynn Word (6 months ago)
OMFG that's shocking
Denning76 (6 months ago)
Hint: Pete Rose isn't the most shocking sports ban in the world as most of the world doesn't give a toss about American Cricket.
shawnkiller90 (6 months ago)
Because of how youtube works..Watch trash won't ever get caught for copying other peoples videos...and top ten list because they change the order and title of video...aka they have never made a original video...
Jamie Murphy (6 months ago)
For those wondering on the dishonourable mention, Roy Tarpley was banned from the NBA due to his drug and alcohol abuse along with violating with the terms of the personal aftercare programme at the end of 1995, resulting in playing in overseas basketball clubs in Greece, Cyprus, Russia and China until 2001.
JeyVGaming (6 months ago)
Thank you for the info! WatchMojo seriously needs to add details on their honorable/dishonorable mentions lists.
Jennifer Jennings (6 months ago)
And knowing is half the battle G.I. JOOOOE
The more you know🌠
Caleb Dyniewski (6 months ago)
Jamie Murphy thanks for that dude
Alexander Jones (6 months ago)
The ball tampering scandal tearing a nation apart
Donflorgon (6 months ago)
Didnt P. Rose eventually admit he DID bet against his own team?
jeremy19175 (6 months ago)
Yes he did in a interview
Adolfo Pena (6 months ago)
Is that Margot Robbie in the thumbnail?
SAVE MOTHRA!!! (6 months ago)
CNN it’s a joke she played tonya in the movie
CNN (6 months ago)
Adolfo Pena lol your not serious.
Ema Okic (6 months ago)
Chicago Bears and Cubs (6 months ago)
My kitten got hops look it up on youtube
Chrstphre Campbell (6 months ago)
Steroids would be perfectly acceptable if there were performance enhancing drugs or amulets for every profession! who wouldn't be willing to shave 5 or 10 years off your life to be the world's greatest whatever-?!
Sam Gollings (6 months ago)
‘Without a doubt the most infamous in the history of professional sports’ Never heard of Pete Rose. Americans.
Kurt Cometa (6 months ago)
We dont watch baseball in the philippines too
Noe Hernandez (6 months ago)
Zillion X I’m sorry I offended you and thanks for letting me know that you dint present any facts like I did or the fact that you completely ignored THE REASON as to why I called you those names that hurt your precious feelings, it’s cause you where completely dismissive of an entire country full of people you cunt, so much for arguing with FACTS instead of feelings, and no I wasn’t trying to intimidate you just pointing out how much of a self righteous asshole you came off to the other guy that was being extremely respectful to you. But whatever kid I’ll be on my way Now.
ザイア (6 months ago)
Peter Thorsen for Japan? Actually no. Sumo is... special in a way. Because of the amount of dedication required, it is not that popular. It and martial arts are considered a life style rather than a sport. Baseball is the national sport of Japan with football (soccer) coming behind it and basketball rising in popularity but does not yet have a national league. To put in perspective, Sumo does not have a league. There will be competitions, but if you dedicate your life to sumo wrestling, you are doing just that, giving your life to the art. What you eat, how you dress, your work out, where you live, your private life, etc. It’s a profession for sure but it’s not something any person can just do naturally. Similar for martial arts like Karate, Jujitsu, and Judo. If you choose that as a lifestyle, you will dedicate yourself to a dojo. There is no league but there will be competitions. It can be picked up more casually with professionals training others to withhold traditions, but Japan lists it less as a sport and more as a way of life that defines the history of their culture. Each fighting style has a code of ethics to follow similar to a religion or book of chivalry. Something most sports would not have.
Peter Thorsen (6 months ago)
@ザイア Isn't Sumo/Martial arts the national sport (Though not the most popular). Far as I know baseball isn't that high ranked world wide, atleast not in popularity.
Zillion X (6 months ago)
Noe Hernandez You are the one offending me calling me names and projecting what you are in others. Never heard of baseball in Latin America. Waste of time talking with someone as rude as you. Sorry to say but I’m not afraid of you or anyone else. 😂
jeremy19175 (6 months ago)
I wounder if Pete rose is on this list
paul jr lagunas (6 months ago)
You forgot to mention that pete is in the hall of fame for wwe
NaiymDynasty (6 months ago)
How do I I make videos like this I want to make a diffrent channel like this
Mitchell Tomlinson (6 months ago)
sterling paid 39 million dollars for the clippers he sold them for 2.3 billion dollars fines 2.5 million = sweet justice????????????? dude was laughing all the was to the bank
Brian Harris (6 months ago)
SSB Ace what does this have anything to about social justice warriors?
Patrick Ngoi (6 months ago)
Mitchell Tomlinson word that’s faxx. I was thinking the exact same thing when they said that lol
Mitchell Tomlinson (6 months ago)
@Patrick Ngoi im more reacting to the comment made rather than the fine
Patrick Ngoi (6 months ago)
I feel you. That was chump change for him but sadly they weren’t allowed to get more out of him
Patrick Ngoi (6 months ago)
2.5 mill is the max fine the NBA can give
esteban parra (6 months ago)
Cóndor Rojas
Duki DarkWolf (6 months ago)
Do Top 10 anime characters that definitely need boyfriend/girlfriend
american fascism (6 months ago)
Donald Sterling did nothing wrong.
jeremy19175 (6 months ago)
@Roderick Billings same reason wwe banned hulk hogan
Roderick Billings (6 months ago)
Racism is bad for business! Some of the Clippers sponsors wanted no part of Donald Sterling and the players were not going to stay silent about the creep!
jeremy19175 (6 months ago)
The NBA probably has a zero tolerance policy and he broke it
CrypticSenseii (6 months ago)
Jebus The gamer Nerd (6 months ago)
That was a great list
Nintendorak Yamato (6 months ago)
Lance Armstrong banned too
Nintendorak Yamato (6 months ago)
@newthrash1221 lol
newthrash1221 (6 months ago)
Nintendorak Yamato That’s why he’s on the list, sherlock.

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