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Affordable ways to elevate your kitchen-style from budget to bespoke

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Have a bland kitchen that's not really your style? Designer Karen Sealy shows us all of the tricks she uses to give an off-the-shelf kitchen a fun customized look on an affordable budget.
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Jeanette Kniebusch (1 month ago)
You should show the oven and hood top for longer. Cabinets where do you get those type.
Sarah Norment (1 month ago)
How is this affordable?
Jess H (2 months ago)
Everything Is always from her own kitchen! Show us actual clients!
Robyn Dismon (3 months ago)
what the HELL is she talking about? I clicked off.
Brian Parent (3 months ago)
All of this is SO affordable! 🙄
Jeanette Kniebusch (3 months ago)
Interesting but, Useless unless you list the names and models w prices of stove and sink.list co for pulls didnt ever come up when I googled decorative kitchen handles before.
Sandy G. (3 months ago)
Nice but I don’t like open shelves.
Elizabeth Leyden (24 days ago)
Me neither. I think open shelves is a 'deeziner' feature which isn't very practical. Must have to be constantly washing whatever's on them. Although that's probably not an issue if you use them to display your everyday crockery. Sometimes I see recipe books on open shelves in the kitchen: that has to end in tears.
DeShawn Hatcher (3 months ago)
Every time this show does kitchen ideas I find they just make me think so differently. Love this
Marsha Anderson (3 months ago)
Love the kitchen very nice
Sherry Gravel (3 months ago)
This episode is too expensive, would love to see diy kitchen
Kathleen Bratti (3 months ago)
I haven't watched thr video yet but I see a $250 toaster....
patricky1995 (3 months ago)
where did she get the oak legs for her kitchen island?
Joyce Kao (3 months ago)
Check Lowes, Homedepot or amazon, they carry those furniture legs at various heights.
cruise n (3 months ago)
The gold hardware and stools look outdated. A Satin Nickel or black would look better in my opinion. Also everything is white how about some contrast besides the cheap looking gold finish
CeeCee Nunya (2 months ago)
It's so bland. And the shiny finish on the cabinets? It's looks like IKEA type furniture. Are shiny cabinets a thing now??
Kitty Buys (3 months ago)
Love this show! May we please see some rental kitchen ideas? For example, temporarily updating ugly granite countertops in a rental. Maybe kitchen hacks too :) please :)
Jeanette Kniebusch (1 month ago)
Google painting countertops some very cool also new thick marble countertops on u tube they look pretty good rachael ray even featured one.Wal mart and amazon sell them according to u tubers.
Chic Super Housewife (3 months ago)
Thank you. Using this idea in my Home Office.
Anne N (3 months ago)
Who manufacturer's the kitchen cabinets? Wonder if they are available in the states?

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