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Guess Who will leave the Trump White House next

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Trump’s White House has the highest turnover of any modern presidency. See everyone who has left Trump's administration so far on vox.com: http://bit.ly/2G3sS52 Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO If you feel like there’s been a ton of turnover at the Trump White House, there has been. In fact, Trump’s White House has seen more turnover in its first year than each of the past five administrations. And he’s beaten the record by a lot — at 34 percent he’s more than doubled the rate of turnover of the previous record holder, Ronald Reagan. High staff turnover at the White House isn’t necessarily unusual. Each of the past five presidents had turnover within their staff. But the sheer number of people leaving the Trump administration is unusual. Is this cause for concern? Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com. Watch our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o Or Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H
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Text Comments (1563)
Corvus Corax (2 days ago)
The rats are leaving the sinking ship lol
Om Patel (25 days ago)
Well Jeff Sessions is gone.
Robert Pinto (1 month ago)
Looks like Jeff Sessions is out. Who will be next?
liquidlight86 (1 month ago)
What a disastrous administration.
Ming Fung (1 month ago)
Turnover Ratio is so high I am considering buying stocks of the white house.
joethehood (2 months ago)
how bout all the lawyers
Robert Pinto (2 months ago)
Now it's Nikki Haley. No one wants to work for that tyrant! Vote Blue November 6th!
Daniel Bennett (2 months ago)
And now we lose Nikki Haley..who's next?
ContagiousRepublic (2 months ago)
Trump has reached X20 turnover in a year compared to years under the last 5 presidents. He also has shrinked his entourage, progressively grinding toward a smaller and smaller number of less-skilled-except-at-deception yes-man staff as typical of super-authoritarian governments such as dictatorships like Russia...
Jackson Wald (2 months ago)
Some of the worst dictators in history, especially mentally unstable ones will often get paranoid and have others in positions that would put them close to the throne killed, fired, or put in a position that will require them to leave. Food for thought.
Warren Mitchum (2 months ago)
So trump is treating it like a business and doing it right. Other presidents try to run it like a business but always tend to fail. Btw you compared trump to Reagan and bush how about Clinton and obama turnover rate.
Marguerite Johnson (3 months ago)
One problem is that the majority of vacant positions in the administration are still unfilled and those who have been appointed have no experience of government at all. Many appointees, such as DeVos, Mnuchin and Zinke are millionaires ( or in the case of DeVos billionaires) who have bought their positions with massive donations to the Trump campaign. The other category is those who have come from Fox, like Bolton. The swamp has not been drained. - the sewers have been emptied into it.
Stacey Dash TV (4 months ago)
please put down that yellow pix of trump in the video so he leaves office now im fbi r next trump
Dave Cullins (4 months ago)
He's probably going to be president again. When he can fool the public once, he can do it again.
steven lucero (5 months ago)
C Brown (5 months ago)
Love your President Trump ••• People's true colours get buffed! Hes quick to spot their dullnes. Amazing they all end up showing those colours in such a short time! How does one find a new job... now naked to the world? He handed them their brass keys. They didn't know how to bring out it's shine...So toot-a-loo my darlings!
Chong Dowdy (5 months ago)
Bad person need to fire !!
Andrew Morris (5 months ago)
I think its because even his most loyal brainless brownosers realize they cannot take it working with someone who is a rash narcissistic clueless depraved egomaniac.
Mom Mom (6 months ago)
Where is hillary hope they lock her up
Kevin Sellers (6 months ago)
Im cooking spegatti ask your wife if she would like some. I bet she would say yes
Kevin Sellers (6 months ago)
Your doing good.
Kevin Sellers (6 months ago)
I dont know good question. Dont leave poppy out
Ira Lajium (6 months ago)
Hey Vox, can u make a video about Malaysia's corrupt government and the 1MDB scandal?
Dee DaDee (6 months ago)
Trump 2020!
John Mendoza (6 months ago)
Turnover is nothing new with new Administrations
Peter Lim (6 months ago)
Who cares, cause I don't! Our president Trump runs the country like a company, if you don't get along with the management, you are out plain and simple!!!
Carly G (6 months ago)
If the fake Obama’s admin would not be so crooked he has to find ppl he can trust and they have to approve them
John Douma (6 months ago)
Whatever it takes deep SWAMP
Jeff Ambrosia (7 months ago)
Not only will Trump be re elected, he'll be remembered as great.obama and hillRy , scandal.obama didn't stop the Koreans, Iranians,ISIS,ms13,false news reporters,sneaky crooked FBI,lying Loretta Lynch,or rapist Bill Clinton, Anthony wiener and his wife , destroyed emails, Benghazi..even Trump didn't have to pay half a billion dollars to get hostages back like Obama did with iran
Jeff Ambrosia (7 months ago)
Hey vox,don't forget to mention that north Korea is now talking to the USA.the Russian investigation was a big lie that went nowhere and the FBI is loaded with crooked players.how about mentioning how the media made his first year a nightmare.
Urantia Wins (7 months ago)
Ummm...maybe that's what it takes to drain the swamp.....the corruption has infiltrated the highest levels for decades....why do you think all these resignations in Congress and all these CEO's jumping ship is all about??? TRUMP'S GOT THE GOODS ON ALL OF THEM....they are bowing out gracefully or singing like canaries for lighter sentences....holy moly...S#@! is going to hit the fan!! Q-ANON.....WWG1WGA there's hope patriots!! TRUST THE PLAN
Truthmedia Rebel (7 months ago)
The FBI spy will be next to go.
33tyouhk (7 months ago)
Yes is normal, until president Trump find the suitable person for the job & some are mole planted by the liberals & there are republican swam too
Edmond Casasa (7 months ago)
The last four presidents combined have done nothing for America and our veterans. So I think if you don't preform you are out!!
drdecker1 (7 months ago)
This is a real funny video ! Just stop and think about it for a second. Here's VOX trying to paint a picture of the President sacking individuals who have not lived up to the standards that are required to do in the job. It's like when Comey spoke up on Hillary. What did the Democrats automatically call for ? Yep, you guessed it. The firing of Comey ! You can now understand why Americans put in a real President for the job. When you have individuals who do not live up to doing the task. You dump them before they do anymore damage, or you find a more suitable position on the team. You certainly didn't see the Democrats remove Comey when even their own party members were calling for his removal. It takes a real President to get the task completed correctly.
Emilio Bistamante (7 months ago)
I am sure Jeff will be next, he don't have big accomplishment & wasting taxpayer's money.
Emilio Bistamante (7 months ago)
I nominate Jeff Sessions to be fired as AG. He got a baggage to protect, not good.
Tyronie (7 months ago)
A president speaking in this manner "Quiet ,quiet, quiet," means people there show him no respect. They chatter away even as the president stands there...LOL !
Clubland Exrcixe (7 months ago)
Conwayed or Suckabeed - good ones - like those.  An Idea: How about we give criminal intent liars Roger Stone, L00ney Nunes, Hannity, Dobbs, Carlson, 3 stooge couch, Ghouliani,  Cohen and/or Gant., or new guy Emmett Stone, and King Trumpzilla & his Crime Family, the she-male liars Suckabee and Machine Gun Lying Kelly Ann who continue to bald face lie to us 24-7, 120 Volts every time one begins a new  lie  - Mission Accomplished within the first 10 Minutes ~!~
Bobbie Harper (7 months ago)
No it doesn't matter!!
BonerMaroner (7 months ago)
Sorry to see the (R) party voters defend their morality with Trump as their standard bearer
Dan Bertrand (7 months ago)
Expertise.....is useless if the people are using it to oppose the Prez AGENDA. There is going to be a high turnover in the Trump Administration, because a lot of the people are actually placed there by the traitors and the establishment. So Prez Trump has to go thru a lot of XXXXX before he can find those who would help and stay loyal. This will go on well into the next admins. Expertise is useless if the people are using it to oppose the Prez Agenda.
Martha O'Brien (7 months ago)
Margalit Grady (7 months ago)
this is because the white house is full of malls and traitors. that is why.
J AI (7 months ago)
Stupid analysis. Turnover is high because Trump is doing the job as president coming from the private sector and cleaning out incompetent personnel. Trump has done more for the country in six months than obama did in 8 years without complaining that it’s Obama’s fault. In fact obama is trying to take credit for the improvement in the economy. What a phony! MAGA President Trump.
Billy Misir (7 months ago)
Stop knocking trump. He fires who he wants... torching those he wants. He is the boss. GITMO for the 🐁🐁🐁
Jacob Rothschild (7 months ago)
Pretty soon Donald Trump will be all alone in the white house with no one to fight with.
Carol Rompca (7 months ago)
You talk crap ,shut up its up to Trump what he does in HIS White House....
glawrriab (7 months ago)
yeah, its normal in any company if the person is not competent so what you on about maybe your an anti trump yeah !!
Randall Lannon (7 months ago)
Sessions I hope, then the same day rosendouche and Munster Meuller!
Charlotte Russell (7 months ago)
Stand them up and Knock them down. USA. USA USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
James Sacchetti (7 months ago)
It takes a lot to build a cabinet of people that your trust and a lot of these senior people have been corrupted and it's about time that the White House gets fresh blood eventually the right people who will fight for the American people will be in office that's swamp is still festering with douchebags
SUNNY WAKEFIELD (7 months ago)
Diana Mccall (7 months ago)
Not good
Joellen Wortham (7 months ago)
You people are suck and twisted and you will reap what you sow.Ughhhhh morons so many in this country need to be flushed nothing but criminal that want criminal in office blahhhhh.
joe segovia (7 months ago)
I hope Trump's next to leave the WH. Then another idiot will replace him. Pence
Boudica (7 months ago)
trump will be the next one to leave!!!!
Sherlock Jones (7 months ago)
Vox ..? used to be a company that made musical instruments and sound equipment ... sounds like Fox .... very cute .... just what angle is Vox taking .... I'll bet Vox is a different variety of blue pill programming.
Dane Hart (7 months ago)
no tax on stuff sold , if you work at year for fed . A guy saved 1.5 billion in income tax . lol 1/3 of his money now is tax free . like 25 years of work in a stack ..... there not lying , but it is not the truth . some people also just sucked at the work
Unbending Cow43 (7 months ago)
Vox is died
jacktheripped (7 months ago)
27 people so far....
Billy Misir (7 months ago)
He is the BOSS with the prerogative....long live TRUMP. ..... AMERICA WILL BE GREAT AGAIN!
mw3516405 (7 months ago)
Hope it's sessions !!!
Stan M (7 months ago)
Trump want Geraldo and Rosanne Bar to help him out.
タコヤキ (7 months ago)
'nother one bites the dust
Rose That’s me !! (7 months ago)
Frump leaving would not be fast enough 🤮!!
Jeanetta Young (7 months ago)
Reason such a high turn over is we have so many crooked people in Washington so he has to weed them out or drain the swamp
Paul Jason (7 months ago)
What don't you get vox?,he has to clean his administration of liberal democrat,leakers,who are probing continuously within the White House, and among it's staff,as to what the POTUS's next moves against them is, this type of house cleaning,has been occurring,since the George Washington administration,ESPECIALLY,when their is a change of political parties,after a presidential election,Look what Clinton did,after George Bush senior,look what Obama did,after George Bush junior,a complete cleaning of White House staff and cabinet personnel, Vox stop being such a hypocrite,racist,sgainst our current Caucasian POTUS. I gave Obama eight years,to prove his worth as President,and he FAILED miserably!!! You can not stand the idea,that the continuously declining,probably last majority of Caucasians that elected him into the office of the POTUS,in 2016,voted the way that they did!,Now who can I call a racist?. We the voters,want a more even population growth across all races of people, not a lop sided total browning and blackening of North America and Canada,do you really want America to be like Africa?,Mexico?Central America?,South America?,be honest now,Your answer should be NO,NO,NO,NO!. All President Trump is trying to preserve during his term as POTUS,is to keep the U.S.A. a constitutional laws,Republic,before people coming from countries that have never known such a governance, and want nothing to do with actual laws of our Republic,out populate the last several generations of born a raised legal Americans,and institute their non-American,anything goes ideologies. Vox,the wall will be built!,and manned sufficiently,to keep eyes watching it's entire length, not just here and there,or no where at all,during previous, presidential administrations. One more thing Vox, why don't you tell all the viewers here,your legal status,better yet your parents legal status here????,keep bullshiting this GREAT,BRAVE,PATRIOTIC,America Saving POTUS,every body now knows,you are a communist,socialist,anarchist,anti American,snow- flake liberal,hell bent on the over throw of a sitting POTUS!,for a short while,a monkey wrench by the name of Donald John Trump is greatly,interrupting,your agendas,and you are all,watching over you shoulders,waiting for a sealed indictment,to be served against you, in the near future, LMAO,LMAO,LMAO, Why don't you become a constitutional law abiding citizen,instead of fighting against it????,if you mess with the President Trump,you are messing with me!!! and the other people who voted for him, now over 11/2 years ago now,all we want is people who will continue Americanism, not alter it permanently,what do you not understand about that principle???. KNOCK!,KNOCK!,KNOCK!,KNOCK!, at your door,Now who might be there??? Could it be people who have brought a sealed indictment,for you???Be an American,live and let live,I did that while the Damdnocrats were in control of every thing,a short while ago,and we were headed straight for ANARCHY, BUT, D.J.T. got in it's way ,thank you GOD,thank you GOD,thank you GOD!!!,I've got two years and eight more glorious months to watch the demonic liberal agenda,to be interrupted,in his first term yet,and what a glorious revealing of the corrupt people,who want this countries downfall,are you next???LMAO,LMAO,LMAO. ,
Linda Bradford (7 months ago)
It's called weeding. That's doing away with the trash. Keep reminding yourself PRESIDENT TRUMP knows what he's doing!!!!!!!
Laurenz Schuster (7 months ago)
Cross ridiculous trust acckhsc veteran membership founder African-American.
bg motion pictures (7 months ago)
Impeach trump
David Rothschild (7 months ago)
Donald Trump thinks his presidency is a reality show in his head, he's so twisted, and demented, and distorted, he doesn't know fantasy from reality. It's onset dementia at its finest.
Sonny Haskins (7 months ago)
Sonny Haskins (7 months ago)
Shuby Duby Pro blackness (7 months ago)
Trump reminds me of a spoiled child that’s used to getting anything he wants as long as he cries about it...
Fred Smith (7 months ago)
I think the next one who SHOULD leave is Mr. Bonespur
Grace Bertrand (7 months ago)
Who will leave the White House next???? PULEEEZE...Let it be Donnie!
AccountResurrected (7 months ago)
Drain the swamp.. pay attention to those resigning. There is a reason...
Roedy Green (7 months ago)
Who is your guess for the next exit?
smokeythehobo (7 months ago)
everyone hopes trump will leave next!!!!
Peggy Williams (7 months ago)
You people know nothing about politics. Get a job and read your history books.
Jerzy Feliks (7 months ago)
One issue which is not mentioned, which showed when Obama visited the UAE shortly before his departure was that nobody will treat them seriously because nobody knows whether they will still be there in a weeks time.
Anacunda (7 months ago)
I actually got a Trump muppet ad.
Touringcarton42 (8 months ago)
Most of these people where going to be corrupt and incompetent
kpaddack2 (8 months ago)
As of April 5, 2018, my bet is that EPA douchenozzle Scott Pruitt will be gone next. But he's sucking up as hard as he can, so...
ZAM (8 months ago)
Since Trump is FIRING totally everyone. Who's going to be the apprentice?
Furst Centsaei (8 months ago)
Hey Vox. Is it normal that 4 of my family members have received raises in the workforce because of Trump's tax plan? Is it normal that Hillary screwed Bernie out of the primary putting the DNC in HUGE debt? Is it normal that ILLEGAL ALIENS killed a citizen and smiled in court? Is it normal that liberals are always the ones in recent history that burn down buildings and assault people because they're triggered? Is it normal that you're still just pissy-pants because your perfect little lady didn't win? Btw, weren't you guys PISSED OFF when Trump refused to answer whether he'd concede or not if he lost? AND THEN PROCEEDED TO REFUSE TO CONCEDE WHEN HE WON???? Hey Vox, is it normal that you're just biased?
Sangeeta Adurkar (8 months ago)
Please make a video on Narendra Modi prime minister of India.
Chas Burns (8 months ago)
You idiots using bush as a reason to not fire staff are suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Bush was one of the worst presidents in history so anything Trump does differently than Bush did shows how Trump is doing the right thing.
mindgrapes30rk (8 months ago)
I know Trump keeps you guys pretty busy, but think you'll get around to covering South Africa?
Bampa Maddog (8 months ago)
Go Donald go!
Bampa Maddog (8 months ago)
Does no one else in this country understand the government is staged. People are in place where the want to put them. They make it seem real to everyone, so it seems. They keep everyone entertained. Find all the dirt. Keeping the people in a dither, of deception. However some people love to hate somebody.
Bampa Maddog (8 months ago)
Go Donald go! You are the man. You are not doing worse than the last bunch. To many naysayers
lobecosc (8 months ago)
But this is who THEY voted for. I'm not surprised.
susan Frazer (8 months ago)
Considering the number of Obama faithfuls that were still there and working against the newly elected President it's not surprising at all... It's perfectly logical.. I wish him well, his job is HUGE.
Truckin Convoy (8 months ago)
would love to see a video about Cambridge Analytica
dʒeɪms (8 months ago)
who is more powerful: the us president of today, or the pope of the 13th century?
Robert Pinto (8 months ago)
Looks like H.R. McMaster is out
Cerina Shippey (8 months ago)
I wish I could marry Vox. I’m obsessed
MXJunky (8 months ago)
Making America Great Again This year I paid 0 zero taxes on my business Thank you Trump!! All of you haters are bums! Will stay this way, and will never change haha

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