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Data Science: Reality vs Expectations ($100k+ Starting Salary 2018)

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ENGINEERED TRUTH (10 months ago)
*The first step is the hardest (expand for more info)* Skillshare is the Netflix of online courses. Subscribe for $15 per month and get access to 18,000+ courses (some courses are better than others). If you use my link, you'll get 2 months free meaning you can complete the whole data science course and cancel before your trial is over. Skillshare might not like that, but I'm just being honest with you. Here's my link: http://engineeredtruth.com/skillshare-data-science
Atabek Kadirow (4 days ago)
Thank you bro :)
jamman55 (10 days ago)
Why wouldn't a business that gives you an affiliate link not like you sending traffic to them? (Shameless plug)
EMINEM FAN (4 months ago)
ENGINEERED TRUTH I have a big doubt OUT OF ALL ENGINEERING FIELDS ...which engineering field will PAY HIGHEST SALARY ???
IAM RISING (5 months ago)
ENGINEERED TRUTH he didn't recommend any online course.
Chang Liu (7 months ago)
We got a TL;DR version?
Eric Johnson (2 days ago)
I'm probably considered "data science core." I have an MS in applied mathematics and I'm a good programmer. Most of my time is spent finding the best way to handle data. I call that "model selection." Models may be statistical, calculus based or machine learning oriented. After that I spend a lot of time collecting and verifying data. This is boring but very important. Third, I test the hell out of my models. I write a lot of technical documentation and try to make what I find make sense to non-technical people. Being able to communicate statistical, mathematical, business, and procedural information is extremely important. Just my thoughts. : )
Vishu Kamble (3 days ago)
I thought you had Jeff Bezos in the thumbnail :O
Norman Sabin (4 days ago)
What was he doing at 6:47?? xDDDD
Subrat Kumar Sahoo (5 days ago)
This guy is enjoying at Facebook eating all the free food available 🍓🍊🍈
Wow, I am totally signing up for this course.
Sarah Beersheba Ayuba (6 days ago)
Shi Troy (8 days ago)
So he is pretty much a Data analyst
Aaron Hart (8 days ago)
I am going into Engineering Management so I get to specialize more in the business analytics which is what you need to be a product manager. However, this is making me really enthusiastic about my future prospects. :)
Jered Willoughby (15 days ago)
So I'm working on my Master's in Data Science from Texas Tech University. Do you think I'll land a 6 figure job after graduation?
Gabriel Andy Fono (15 days ago)
hi sir JOMA I really like your video and I would like to jump into data scientist but I don't know exactly what to do and where to start thanks and I look forward to hearing from you back
aditya (17 days ago)
Can mechanical engineer do data analytics for masters!!?
Lu Lu (21 days ago)
Let’s see where are my UW folks? Water water water ~
Wilfried Maier (24 days ago)
Very good video
Daniel Wellington (24 days ago)
Don't Be a ... What vid was that again?
Tyler Welch (25 days ago)
Lol, one of his insights made no sense but the funny part is he said not to use websites and at the end you refer a websites
ENGINEERED TRUTH (25 days ago)
You paid attention haha
Epic (27 days ago)
That awkward moment when Joma said not to use websites, but this guy goes ahead and sponsors a website anyway lol
Albert Monson (28 days ago)
100k in palo alto is chicken feed
danish khawar (1 month ago)
Its a really long journey to became a data scientiest?
Thang Tran (1 month ago)
This guy is a Data Scientist, he has knowledge of Machine Learning, its involved in his job, he's very technical (he's not an Excel baby). If its a duck then...
Jean_ S (1 month ago)
Oh wow this very motivational
Arka prava (1 month ago)
He does database. You'd want to target "Data Science Core"
Is that a specific program choice of data science? Or we have to get in the computer science first then be a data scientist
Amit Vishwakarma (1 month ago)
Can production engineers pursue in data science??
Jongbin Kim (1 month ago)
thank you for giving us this useful and insightful interview video.
Eddie L (1 month ago)
We don't call you a Data Scientist who doesn't do ML. You are a data analyst. Just a fact. I don't want to hurt anybody.
Analytiker (1 month ago)
MY STORY: I'm an economist and I'm focusing on Data Science (Machine Learning etc.). I need this kind of stuff for forecasting. I'm also a founder of a team which specializes on advanced algo programming. Last time I checked LinkedIn I saw a couple of guys - who I know from university - and they are "Data Scientists" right now. I mean, I'm respecting Data Science a lot because I know how much effort you need to get a model right. But it seems that everybody is a Data Scientist who can run a linear regression model in R. This is ridiculous! I would never say I'm a Data Scientist, because I know the fckn ML papers which I have to use. But the new data science kids are just funny... You are not a Data Scientist when you are able to code in R or Python!!! The kids are using bullshit models on bullshit data. I don't even know how they test the assumptions. They have nothing to do with DATA SCIENCE!!!
Dharmil Shah (1 month ago)
Just Amazing. It's really insightful and thank you for Sharing.
warmongerism (1 month ago)
Well done. This is entirely accurate. I encourage everyone who viewed this video to pursue a career in data science/analytics/mining.
Nadya Pena (1 month ago)
I loved that he described 3 different "archetypes of data science" : Data Analyst, Data Engineer, and Data Science Core. I'm currently doing all 3 at my company with a basic CS degree bc my company doesn't know how to differentiate between the three. They also don't have budget to hire for 3 different kinds of data scientist lol. I'm not yet very confident with being doing Data Analytics, Engineering, and Science because as people pointed out, the Data Science Core folks tend to hold advanced degrees due to the deep knowledge required to build good, robust models (as well as explain how they work). I feel like I'm getting owned at work everyday. So humbled but learning more and more each day.
ibrahim olanrewaju (1 month ago)
Please, how can I get started with data scientist or get an internship?.
TheLazyCalifornian (1 month ago)
Did he say he got equity in his company?! I'm so goddamn relieved that it's an option that some companies offer.
Msrosie1112 (1 month ago)
Do Data Scientist work long hours?
Shrikant Bhadane (1 month ago)
Hi, I am a Oracle PL/SQL, ETL developer havin 10+ yrs exp. in Banking and finance domain. I am looking for a career in Data science/data Analyst. Please recommend me what I need to do or this.
Bboy Network (1 month ago)
I'm from Italy. If you have dinner at work in Italy, the police will come and put the CEO into jail. This is insane. Take your fu****g time off and enjoy the modaf***a dinner guys. What hell is wrong with you? (This doesn't apply if you're under a strict deadline) <3
E R (1 month ago)
Hey there, I am a final year student doing maths. Data science has always been a great interest of mine, I am learning the programming skills such as Python and R as well as a lot of statistics and modelling, I plan to keep getting better at stats. I have done an internship in cyber security and have been offered the job after college. I just wanted to ask if anyone has advice about starting in cyber security and getting into data science? I really loved my internship and would love to stay in cyber but would also love to do the analytics in cyber. I am in a dilemma. I just wanted to get views and opinions on it.
E R (1 month ago)
Apologies, I meant to say analytics within data science**
franwex (1 month ago)
Dude deserves this salary. Actually more. I tried programming during college and it was absurdly tedious and annoying. I couldn’t sit through hours and hours of that shit in front of a computer.
Jhaz Petersen (2 months ago)
i like how true he is!
Tanay Chaudhari (2 months ago)
Quite insightful, thank you. However, for approaching a stable career in data analytics/sciences please do elaborate on "how to switch profiles for people coming from different backgrounds" and "how data sciences could pursue different profiles, such as - finance, economics, media and entertainment, etc.".
William Weixin Zhang (2 months ago)
I used to think 100K+bouns a year is a looooooooooot ! Until I live in Bay area, alright, it is just normal.
Subhash ray (2 months ago)
Can you please tell me what should i learn to be data scientist as i am from math background?
ENGINEERED TRUTH (2 months ago)
Just apply if you already have a math degree
Mike Maks (2 months ago)
0:55 why put your shoes on the couch where people sit btw :(
J P (2 months ago)
Super helpful Btw whats the ending audio pretty catchy felt like I was playing retro game.
Other TechLead (2 months ago)
you can't survive on 100k in silicon valley....
ENGINEERED TRUTH (2 months ago)
100k is alright
Leon Van Les (2 months ago)
Guys, I have IT Project going, which include a development of application with AI functionalities. If someone interested to be involved in Software Engineering process, please write me on my facebook, soundcloud my Leon Van Les artist account. I will provide you then with other details. Cheers
deepak chowdary (2 months ago)
i got data science course ad from udemy
sirkid (2 months ago)
great content but why am i slapped with 4 ads in a 11min video?
David Leach (2 months ago)
Omg this is incredible. Thank you soo so so much.
Adam Mendum (2 months ago)
See, in reality it's a bald asian guy, but you expect it to wear a snapback and headphones
Refreshing Moments (2 months ago)
I am a commerce graduate..not a technical graduate..like CS or electronic and communication..so if I am a non technical..and that again not a regular bachelor degree..so what u think..can I get a job after doing any course
Austin Starback (2 months ago)
I do statistics in Kenya ,how can I get into the US job market the rewards are so enticing!
Zack C (2 months ago)
I came from an EE Background(mainly controls and power ), graduated 4 years ago. Is that possible if I just study online at home and land a job as a data engineer without further formal education?
Rebecca H (2 months ago)
I'm so thankful I found your channel. I'm 47 and starting out fresh and know I have potential to do so much more then the job opportunities I'm finding. I have strong people skills and a keen insight to what is needed by then and for them. The course doe data science greatly interests me and I'm excited to see what other opportunities are available to me that I have not previously known about.
ENGINEERED TRUTH (2 months ago)
Good luck on your journey?
Xpectro MO (2 months ago)
Thank you!!
Fabio Bargossi (2 months ago)
At the second point he defines himself Data Scientist because in Facebook they are called in that way, but compared to what he explained his role can easily be defined as Data Analyst / Business Analyst not Data Scientist
Sewak Singh (3 months ago)
so its mean i don't need bechlor in data science or in cs
Kay Flip (3 months ago)
Microsoft has been recruiting at Waterloo as one of their top schools since the 1970s. It's easily one of the best engineering schools in the world and a top feeder to silicon valley.
feridun abi (3 months ago)
"yeah sure" -joma tech 2018
. (3 months ago)
This guy is a data analyst not a data scientist
Paula M (3 months ago)
Any advice in choosing a computer science dissertation topic? Machine Learning, big data, natural language..?
Software Man (3 months ago)
wtf? i got a tai lopez 6 min long UNSKIPPABLE AD
ENGINEERED TRUTH (3 months ago)
The fuck lol I didn’t even know that was possible
Fatih Akkentli (3 months ago)
How to turn neuroscience degree experience to advantage in data science field?
esteban arrieta (3 months ago)
Good interview although I have to say that the guy is not a data scientist, he's more of a data analyst. I work as a data scientist and for the work it is necessary to know statistics at a high level and programming knowledge in Pyton or R. In my case I prefer to use R. Besides knowing how to interpret results and ask the right questions. Currently to become very good in this area is required to create neural networks that help us make the best decisions.
IanoB1994 (3 months ago)
5:58 How to center a div within a div... I was trying to figure that out for my college web app project. haha pain in the hole
Jose Araujo (3 months ago)
Thought data scientists were stats guys, not engineers. What has data science to do with engineering? Why don't companies hire the right guys for the jobs?
dhz155 (3 months ago)
how do you become a product manager?
Karman (3 months ago)
Data Science doesn't interests me! i'm more of a back end developer kind of guy
Jeff F (3 months ago)
Hey man, thanks for the video! I love how you bring people from different careers and have them personally talk about these important questions. :)
ENGINEERED TRUTH (3 months ago)
I try my best to help people with their careers
Mattias Ahlsén (3 months ago)
yeah, sure, so...
jeremy cheong (3 months ago)
I see tableau visualisation haha.
TecH AyeruS (3 months ago)
Though they are many jobs positions in a company like a programmer and a tester where they were paid less amount of money than compared to the data scientist and data analyst? Then why they were paid more than compared to other jobs positions peoples ? for what they were paid more?
TECH dh7 (3 months ago)
Bro please post your videos with subtitles
WiiThoko (3 months ago)
did you try turning on captions? they're there for me
Pemba (3 months ago)
What he describes as “data science analytics” is the job of a data analyst (with all due respect because it was my job too). [It also reminds me of the saying “A data scientist is a statistician who lives in San Francisco". ;) ]
Sunnatjon Ganiev (3 months ago)
data analitics ia nice skill. you can still go to the PM bootcamp or just do an MBA, if you want to be a PM.
probst9999999999 (3 months ago)
Lmao I went to university with Jonathan and I recognized him from a random thumbnail, what a small world.
Ian Eune (3 months ago)
This isn't data science then... this is data analytics!
Linda X (3 months ago)
How do you get an internship out of undergrad? Startups require too many skills (like what the video said), but big companies require internships. How do I start?
confused (3 months ago)
Why only Asians do this kind of shoot?
mehrdad r (4 months ago)
Was very good. Liked it. Thank you
Chase Grund (4 months ago)
Is data science not a good career to start in if you wanted to work into a product manager role in the future?
ef mons (4 months ago)
Your a Filipino??
Racist Grandpa (4 months ago)
"WHY I QUIT BUZZFEED" coming up next 😂😂
Qin Zhu (4 months ago)
If I hadn't know his title is Data Scientist, listening to his remarks will make me think he's more BIE than Data Scientist?
curtly critchlow (4 months ago)
I recommend Dataquest to learn data science. Very Practical, you learn the concepts by working with real data and the slack community is great for build relationships and getting help, I'm a student there and you get the first few courses free to see if it suit your learning style.
Matthijs M (4 months ago)
Why there's someone scrolling through all kinds of front end html css stuff throughout the video?
Ty0072 (4 months ago)
Im from Ontario and my main goal is to get into waterloo. Its literally the best school in Ontario for computer science, You need an average of high 90s to get in. Its so competitive and insane if you manage to get in.
chloe blackburn (4 months ago)
He doesn't recommend any websites?? :-(
Justin Anderson (4 months ago)
Why's this dude doing random web app development queries in a video about data science?
manny beck (4 months ago)
Can you try to do a product manager reality vs expectations?
Omer Mindivanli (4 months ago)
Good Video!
CryptoLab1 SCI (4 months ago)
Nice professional website and good value for money, that is a lot of courses for only $15
Angelo Garcia (4 months ago)
Awesome love this video
rajesh david (4 months ago)
Lol. Why is he searching about nodejs and html :D stuff in the video
Technical Machine (4 months ago)
Reality: No hair Expectation: hair
Kenneth Solano (4 months ago)
I have some cybersecurity experience and now I have an opportunity for a temporary contract as a data scientist. Should I ditch cybersecurity to be a data scientist?
Kenneth Solano (4 months ago)
Does data science has a better income and job opportunities than cyber security?
Samm Mir (4 months ago)
fawadmahdi (4 months ago)
This guy really knows what hes talking about. great video
Tony Salt Chavez (4 months ago)
I make more money and no degree, I work for myself 😏 clowns and pawns need to be told what to do. So clock in at your 9/5 making someone else rich. Stupid to be honest and work so hard for another person but not yourself. I was in IT and I have offers over that but no way in hell will I ever go back to working for someone else. When you can make 1k in the morning easy and keep going for the rest of the day and $2,739.72 a day for 365 lands your first million. The dude in the video said he likes his job now but at one point didn’t. Anyways don’t go to college and make your first million, work yourself!
Csaba Tankó (4 months ago)
very good interviewer!

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