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Easy Crochet Infinity Scarf Tutorial

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Free Pattern and Instructions: http://bit.ly/crochetinfinityscarf More Crochet Tutorials! https://melaniekham.com/tutorials/ Follow me on Social! BLOG: https://www.melaniekham.com/ Etsy Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/benefitandbless Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/melaniehamde... Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/melanieham Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/melanieham/ Instagram: http://followgram.me/melaniekham/ Blog post with instructions! https://melaniekham.com/crochet-infinity-scarf-video-tutorial/ Quick Video on my Facebook page to prevent the scarf from twisting. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=... 3 Skeins Bulky Yarn (I used Hometown USA Super Bulky in Aspen Tweed by Lion Brand) P or 11.5mm hook http://amzn.to/1o9Pn74
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Text Comments (1121)
Mufaddal Khilawala (29 days ago)
Hi Melanie, thank you so much for this video. I made one for my daughter in the same yarn, and she loves it. Quick question, can i chain 2 after each round?
Vanetza Menjivar (1 month ago)
Great job 👍 I'm going to try to make it 😁 thank you for your help and time for your video love it 💕 God bless you and your family always ❣️
Rebekah Austin (3 months ago)
Can I use any yarn size and hook???? I don't have bulky yarn!!!
GODSGIRL6721 (6 months ago)
Love this video and totally going to make this scarf for next Christmas gifts.
ShamaeLaVlog (7 months ago)
Hi I tried this but when I was done the sides of the scarf all the way around curled in.... how do I get mine to lay flat like yours?
Carol Greenwood (7 months ago)
Just made this scarf and it was easy and completed while watching 2 episodes of Blacklist!!! lol. It is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! I used a P hook and the scarf is perfect.
Bridget Smith (7 months ago)
❤ looks like the same yarn I have right now
carol king (7 months ago)
Went to fast and went by inches instead of chains. So I wouldn’t say it’s good project for beginners .
Dalene Homan (8 months ago)
Thank you,,,awesome and easy❤️
melrose795 (8 months ago)
I recommend Fiber Flux for beginners.. Very slow and clear..
Bryna Sudul (10 months ago)
I’m a beginner & tried to make this. As I worked I noticed it got wavy/curly. Any idea on why this happened to me? I used same yarn & size N.
Charllee Dodson (10 months ago)
People are saying that your videos are to fast for a beginner or she doesn’t explain enough so therefore it can’t be a beginner tutorial and I say that’s bull. I’m a beginner and I have been able to make all of her beginner projects. It’s all about how you learn and she teaches the way that I learn.
Melanie Vaughn (11 months ago)
Thanks so much for this video! I'm going to make an infinity scarf for my friend for her birthday and this video is helping me out a lot ❤
lisa cherry (11 months ago)
is it 70 inches, or 70 stitches
lisa cherry (11 months ago)
is it
Holly Phillips (1 year ago)
What should have mentioned is a stitch marker when she joined for the second round for those who get confused. That way on the individual will know it is the third round.
Misty White (1 year ago)
I'm going to do this with thin yarn and was wondering how long to make the chain since I'm using thin yarn instead of bulky?
Deborah Whatford (1 year ago)
This is going to be my first project. I'm a newbie crocheter.😊
thiru kumaran (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/qriGnhGqp1I hey friends click the link to watch the tutorial super video
Shelley Mourer (1 year ago)
What? This is unreal, you’re not showing us how to do this. I’m done. Unsubscribing to you. I’ve had nothing but problems trying to learn from you
Shelley Mourer (1 year ago)
Melanie Ham sorry Melanie. Really struggling trying to learn. I’m really frustrated
Melanie Ham (1 year ago)
Best of luck to ya!
Aydiemou Ulugun (1 year ago)
Beautifully done thank you, love all your tutorials x
lee shafer (1 year ago)
How do you keep it from turning and crocheting on wrong side? Help
Tracee Rogallaguard (1 year ago)
How would you use this stitch for a blanket.. I love the stitch but dont know how to turn it or if i add stitches to the ends?...i am a beginner, and only learn visually
Erin Berhalter (1 year ago)
Hi Melanie!! I love your videos! I want to make this scarf but I’m wondering — is there any difference if I work the width instead of length? So instead of doing my chain row 72” long, if I do my chain row like, 12” across
Liz S (1 year ago)
Ok for those who have a hard time about your twisting, what I do is, I chain 180 than do the half double crochet across, than I slip stitch in the 3rd chain from hook so you don't have to worry about your work twisting on you.... it works wonder! Just an FYI!
Amanda Jackson (1 year ago)
This was amazing ! Very helpful. Turned out great !
Kathy Holsted (1 year ago)
Hi Melanie, this has nothing to do with the scarf, but thank you for the video you make it easy for me to understand with your step by step instructions (I'm a beginner and written instructions just don't make sense to me).  I've also tried some of your hats, worked out great, now what I would like to try is like a tank top (summer blouse like other videos call them), have you ever made one, help.  I have tried to follow others but they are either to fast, leave out steps (assuming I know what to do) or I can't understand what they are saying.  I didn't know how to contact you so I decided to try posting here.  Thank you!.
Tracey Fairbairn (1 year ago)
I'm a self taught crocheter who is still very new. I just made my first infinity scarf following your instructions to a T. Thank you so much for this tutorial
Macayla Lutz (1 year ago)
Hi, just watched this informative video. The only question I have is : Why did you insert the hook thru the top half of the stitch during your first round and then insert the hook thru both sides of the stitch while making the rest of it? Does it matter if you go thru one side of the loop or both? Does it make a difference if you go thru one side for a couple rounds and then go thru both sides for the rest of it? Other than that, I loved the video and will make this a project to do.
Rinay Courtland (1 year ago)
How many chain
Faisa Farole (1 year ago)
I love your video. Made my first infinity scarf! It came our so good! Thank you! Please more scarf patterns.
How many chains are in the foundation chain?
Adaija Packnet (1 year ago)
My scarf did not turn out that well, I still managed to get it twisted but it still turned out nice 😄
Vickie Jones (1 year ago)
I made this a couple of years ago, but I am a really tight "chainer." I hate when I get that first row tightness. So after completing it and wearing it a several times, I took it apart and redid the first row using a foundation half-double crochet stitch. Love it, love it, love it! After the first oatmeal-colored one, I made another in hot pink. Thank you, Melanie!
Danielle Steward (1 year ago)
Before watching your videos I was so scared to do any of these projects I thought written instructions where so confusing! But from a few videos you've helped me so much thank you!!!!!
Jerri (1 year ago)
Omg this was such a fun and easy project to make!! This was my first scarf and it turned out so great!!
Just Li (2 years ago)
Great tutorial!!
Brenda Dumas (2 years ago)
Awesome video! I made this scarf following each step..and it came out beautifully,,,,and my granddaughter liked it so..that I gave it to her..now! I have to make me one for ME!!...LOL...thanx for your help! Love it!...:-)
Maryann Flynn (2 years ago)
Any suggestions on how not twist the chain during first round thanks love this project
Ferrel Cloud (2 years ago)
I can't find you in FB -_-
Kymm Cummins (2 years ago)
Is there anywhere I can get written instructions for this scarf?
Chloe Johnson (2 years ago)
she goes wayyyy to fast!
Moon Glow Art Studio (2 years ago)
I'm so glad I found this... I'm starting this one today as my very first crochet project! You explained everything perfectly and went through slow enough for a newbie like me. Thanks!
Haseena Tulean (2 years ago)
كل ما
MidnightCrystal (2 years ago)
I did 150 chains... is that to big???
Haseena Tulean (2 years ago)
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Elena Madsen (2 years ago)
Love this chunky style and your positive vibe, this scarf looks really stylish in the tweed yarn.....
Katy Harrison (2 years ago)
So I found the answer to my first question, but am I suppose to connect the chain stitch together with the other end first, I didn't do that, I started th he first row, do I have to start over ?
Katy Harrison (2 years ago)
I have medium 4 size yarn & j size hook, will this work ??? 1st time makeing one.
Sally Claar (2 years ago)
pamela diane lopez (2 years ago)
how many rounds did u do i lost count was it 9?
Sierra Whiteside (2 years ago)
I am a first timer. I used the whole yarn and I wanted to know could I still make this scarf even though I did the same crocheting all the way through?
Mihaela-Alina Matei (2 years ago)
I just finished it but I don't like it cuz I couldn't find anywhere a hook size P(11.5mm),so I've used a size N/15(10.00mm) and is too tight for me,I would love it like urs.......does anyone know where can I find a hook size P(I didn't find online,Walmart does not have it)?
Mihaela-Alina Matei (2 years ago)
Michael's has it in store,now I just need time to go buy it and order more yarn......I'm a Prime member on Amazon but I think is the only place I didn't check,weird isn't it...thank you for reminding me
Carmelita Ramos (2 years ago)
On Amazon
Bri (2 years ago)
I'm trying to make a infinity scarf out of #4 thin yarn how many rows should I do?
Bri (2 years ago)
Bec ca how many rows did u do?
CRU3L R3B3LL10N (2 years ago)
Brianna Johnson im using a #4 thin yarn with a 6mm hook. i kinda did more rows then the video and it turned out fine. :)
Stacy Wilson (2 years ago)
What length and width would you use for kids? I have ages 4-6 and they want one!
Sophie 65 (2 years ago)
How many stitches do you use? Also if you are slip stitching the foundation chain and connect the first row do you need to slip stitch each new row and if so could you show where to slip stitch the next row or do you just keep going with the half double crochet?
tammyluu86 (2 years ago)
too fast can't catch up lolz
MitchDaBitch89 (2 years ago)
How do you incorporate 2 colors of different yarn?
Tin (2 years ago)
hello this might be a stupid question but this is actually my first crochet project...so how do you go to the 2nd row of hdc? do you do two single stitches? can you please link me a video thank you for your time
B Elliott (2 years ago)
made my scarf way to long. How do I fix it?
Holly Phillips (1 year ago)
This is an infinity scarf so you can wrap it around three times as she did so it is not too long! Very awesome!
Saaliyah Johnson (2 years ago)
B Elliott see if you can go back and take away some of the rows or just make the actual scarf rap around more so it won't be as long
Crystal Hamilton (2 years ago)
I noticed that on your webpage that some of your patterns are permissible to use a pattern for personal use or sell items made from said pattern, as long as there is a link back to give proper credit. Is it the same for this pattern? Thank you.
Michshelly18 (2 years ago)
Literally every scarf I make ends up twisted I swear lol. But apparently it's a style (at least that's what I'm telling myself LOL). Love your vids.
Cortnie Bowers (2 years ago)
Anyone else have issues with their scarf being curved when finished? I think my stitches might be a little too tight but I'm not sure if that is what the issue is or not
K Hylton (2 years ago)
Cortnie Bowers mine is curved too. I have made two of them and they are both curved. It's frustrating when I put it on it gets all twisted up
mibelleson (2 years ago)
Cortnie Bowers you must have added an extra stitch somewhere
veronica arriaza (2 years ago)
did you do two loops first then three because I didn't understand
Jennifer Purple (2 years ago)
Your facebook link did not work
Angela Arismendy (2 years ago)
This is pretty easy and nice. I love it thanks Mel.
Margie Echevarria (2 years ago)
I love the bulky look, and softness of the yarn. I noticed that you don't slip stitch the rows together, you just keep going around. Is this going to make uneven rows?
Hazel O'brian (2 years ago)
How many chains do you do for your foundation?????????
Chantale Lavoie (2 years ago)
72 stitches
kk lemon (2 years ago)
that was fun and easy now im going to make my 2 daughters scarfs for christmas ty
Vernita Patterson (2 years ago)
Excellent! Thank You! I have made three. They are going to make great gifts.
Disney Toys Club (2 years ago)
Love this tutorial! I am using a thinner yarn so it will be less "chunky," but it's turning out super cute!! I've never done this stitch, and it's so fast!!
gloria pierce (2 years ago)
OMG! Happy I found your video. You explain things so easily definitely following you.
Adrienne Espinosa (2 years ago)
What kind of stitch is this called?
Louise Dutton (2 years ago)
whoa, whoa, slow down lady, whoa
Shira Lubinsky (2 years ago)
Louise Dutton that's not constructive criticism. Use your words
kaitlin blaner (2 years ago)
every I I try to make The chain it keeps twisting and I have a hard time.
Rosa iled Rosabal (1 year ago)
kaitlin blaner. Just happenened to me but didnt noticed it until I was about to begin the third round. Will have to redo all. 😥
Chelsea Rubino (2 years ago)
Just wondering how I prevent my scarf from twisting.. once I get to my third row it starts twisting on me :(
tamia11 falanna (2 years ago)
I love this design of scarf, I've made many, God bless America, and Merry Christmas
Ann Butner (2 years ago)
how much yarn is needed?
Hannah Marie (2 years ago)
Ann Butner Look in the description.
Swangels3 (2 years ago)
Hi, This scarf is in a continuous round correct?
Laura Kave (2 years ago)
Swangels3 yes
tamia11 falanna (2 years ago)
made it love it!! thanks for sharing, God bless
rayshell robinson (2 years ago)
thank for making this project fun and easy
Ashley Best (2 years ago)
Hi, Melanie! I'm a total newb, so this might be a silly question, but would the finished scarf still look ok if you didnt join the ends together and just made a regular long scarf? If so, how many inches would you suggest the foundation chain be? Thanks so much, I'm learning so much from you!
Ashley Best (2 years ago)
OceanIvy09 Thanks so much!
OceanIvy09 (2 years ago)
Ashley Best hi, hope it's ok if I help. Just make your foundation chair how thick (wide) you want your scarf. When you get to the end of your row you'll prob want to chain one then turn your work and continue w the hdc, this will help you have a nice straight sides.
Dractic (2 years ago)
Great video now I have a new project for myself tomorrow after I get off work I can get supplies :)
DGKoch (2 years ago)
How long do I make it if I want to use 2 skant? Thank you so much! And how wide will it be?
Julie Ouellet (2 years ago)
so the first turn you use 1 single stitch and than you go on and take both of then for the rest ?
Ilianna Binti Hashim (2 years ago)
I love your tutorial! I have made about 8 scarves using your tutorial! Thank you!
Courtney Szwec (2 years ago)
alright so i made this, my only imperfection is i did the same amount of chains and mine wasnt long enough :/ but its still pretty. now my husband wants one with a hood on it and im just winging it wish me luck ;)
thekosh10 (2 years ago)
made it! turned out really cute. except i somehow twisted the scarf while crocheting and didnt notice until it was too late. so it't not a perfect loop. I have no idea how I did that.
Holly Phillips (1 year ago)
When connecting the ends together... make sure it is straight and does not turn as you continue on!
Jean Daiss (2 years ago)
Hi Melanie, I love your videos! What a great scarf! What color of the Lion Brand yarn did you use? It's a really nice neutral color.
Hannah Marie (2 years ago)
Jean Daiss It's called Aspen Tweed
jaclyn Richmond (2 years ago)
I'm confused if your putting your hook into the whole stitch or just the front of the stitch.
Hannah Marie (2 years ago)
jaclyn Richmond When she is chaining with the single crochet- only through the top. When she is doing the half double crochet- through both top and bottom on the stitch.
JeffenyG (2 years ago)
jaclyn Richmond into the whole stitch. :)
Kari (2 years ago)
I'm in the process of making this now! This is great for any beginners like me. I will say it has taken me a few hours so far and I'm not done haha I guess I'm not the fastest crocheter :)
Samarqand (2 years ago)
how do you prevent the scarf from twisting?
Holly Phillips (1 year ago)
If you attach the ends together where the chain lies flat and is not twisted that is how you will get your work to never twist. Best way to see this for an example is watch a YouTube video on crochet fingerless gloves. When they start the chain around your wrist. They show you step by step how to join and not have it twist to continue the work around. That’s how I learned. Hope this helps! If you have more questions.... message me.
Lisa Appio (2 years ago)
Hi Melanie , I just love your videos I crochet this scarf and I'm not happy with it I Used a lion brand homespun thick and quick and my foundation I tighter than the whole scarf and my stitches are very loose how can I fix this I love the yarn I'm using I'm a new crocheter and I love making stuff thanks lisa a
Frenchi (2 years ago)
okay mine did not turn out like this 😂 my stitches were way too tight but still not bad for my first try. your video was very helpful
Frenchi (2 years ago)
i just stitched it right into the top of the first row, i had to google some things for more detail
Tin (2 years ago)
ashleysings14 how did you go to the second row of hdc?
Saaliyah Johnson (2 years ago)
ashleysings14 I bet it's still cute
Melanie Ham (2 years ago)
+ashleysings14 haha well now you have some more experience for your next project! You got this!
Donna Berrios (2 years ago)
I love the stitch I love the big hook it did not take me an hour or two n I m not new it took me all night when I was done the scarf was twisting and it seems so stiff to wrap around I'm not happy with the length too long for me how many chains is s normal size infinity scarf I'll try one more time before I give up thanks your video was great
Disney Toys Club (2 years ago)
Donna Berrios she said about 72 inches. I didn't want mine as long so I did about 60in... the number of chain stitches will depend on the type of yarn you are using
jaclyn Richmond (2 years ago)
do you have other tutorials to learn the stitch you are using here. i am a beginner and only know the double stitch.
Brittany morris (2 years ago)
making this for my niece for her birthday in October she'll be 7 want to make sure she has something as its my first infinity scarf
Julie Shirley (2 years ago)
This was soooooo HelpfuL!!! thank you!! I am teaching myself how to make new things. This helps out... i was doing it so wrong at first.
FireTamer101 (2 years ago)
Trying this with regular yarn because I'm broke and I can't afford bulky yarn
Holly Phillips (1 year ago)
I do this too. The only thing is that the bulky yarn is stretchy. I love that! When I combine two yarns together.... I love it, but it is so hard and not stretchy.
Chandra Cox (1 year ago)
Bulky yarn doesn't cost any more than regular yarn so this makes no sense. Also, go to Michaels and get it on clearance and stock up. Problem solved.
MrsDeWinter (2 years ago)
You can use two strands of cheaper regular yarn and work them together in place of more expensive bulky yarn. I've done this several times and it works out really well.
Yasmine Hossam (2 years ago)
how did it go ?! :D
Lorena Patterson (3 years ago)
Starting this today! So excited
Idne Aparecida Camargo (3 years ago)
cachicol trançado no papelão

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