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G Herbo - I Like (Official Audio)

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Listen to the official audio of "I Like" by G Herbo. Subscribe to the official Machine Entertainment YouTube channel for the latest audio, video, and behind the scenes: http://bit.ly/SubscribetoMachineEnt
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Text Comments (1524)
Sabrina Tavares (3 days ago)
If G-Herbo keep going after those nasty bitches he is gonna get STD's
Sabrina Tavares (3 days ago)
This song is hilarious
Brandon Hamilton (15 days ago)
this still my shit🔥🔥🔥
Katelynn Slusher (29 days ago)
Why yo eyebrows fake bitch erase that shit 🤣🤣🤣💯 .
SIR ALZZ (1 month ago)
Yea my name g herbo I like to rap off beat Yeah I got a shmit
SIR ALZZ (1 month ago)
Yea my name g herbo I like to rap off beat
Kanika Haggins (1 month ago)
When you love makeup but you fuck with this song 😍😍💪🏾 at least my fat ass real 🤪😂
sean gan gan (1 month ago)
Ido got rachit bithes
Nate Flint (1 month ago)
The engineer is fire
zach baros (1 month ago)
Vajae Wife (1 month ago)
I'm pissed I'm just now hearing this Str8 🔥
Kaden Irwin (2 months ago)
Joseph (2 months ago)
Here from Isaiah
K Vondo (2 months ago)
When you’re the new student at the school & you introduce yourself to the class
DonDutchhh (2 months ago)
Why am I so late to this? Saw this cuz of a meme. Shit straight, never really bumped g herbo
James Cotton (2 months ago)
I like bad bitches lots of Mexican and American booty🍑🍑🍑
JohnnyOTF600_YT (2 months ago)
Who still listening to this in 2019?_💯
Janieza Jones (3 months ago)
Asia Love (3 months ago)
K Irie (3 months ago)
Gherbo baby momma fat as hell lol she not even bad honestly lol oh drag queen makeup ass
chyna whitaker (2 months ago)
K Irie 😂😂😂😂😂
Chanel Armani (3 months ago)
This song hard blood
8 The Track (3 months ago)
0:45 Hard as hell
RaphaelTK777 (4 months ago)
The music sounds like gta music
Chitown rillas (4 months ago)
This song go hard the gherbo I like nasty bitches
MadGrizzlyHD (4 months ago)
Bro fixed my despreate ass up real quick rip g herbo
Anti Mods (4 months ago)
Drew Brown (4 months ago)
2018 🔥🤞
Dbone Boss (4 months ago)
You got this time
Isaiah Morris (4 months ago)
Still go hard today🔥🔥🔥
Frank Zukowski (4 months ago)
Rack Stackin (5 months ago)
Herb be having these black parties to turnt off this song all da fat booty bitches shake ass to this💯
Pretty.Babe. Ru (5 months ago)
Bitches love me try to hug me but im not a puppy🔥🔥
demar holmes (5 months ago)
All that make up shit, MAN I HATE THIT SHIT
BodegaDan 203 (5 months ago)
Yah dead buggin. Been fuckin wit herb before he even dropped fazoland... first time hearin this shit i knew it was fire .. are yah nigga deaf ? Lmao
JJazzy BRO (5 months ago)
B!tches l🤤ve me try to hug me
Gwapa Manain (5 months ago)
Yo I'm on my way to the works this wave
Just Plat (5 months ago)
I like nasty bitchs
Hannah Valentine (5 months ago)
Y’all dumb this song is bussin.🅿️.🤣🤧🤷🏼‍♀️
Drew Brown (6 months ago)
kaden like (6 months ago)
kaden like (6 months ago)
Brandalynn Monro (6 months ago)
Alex Acevedo (6 months ago)
All the dislikes comin from salty hoes wit fake eyebrows
Loading 1k (1 month ago)
Alex Acevedo elmmmmmm
K Vondo (2 months ago)
Alex Acevedo 😭😂😂 W
Notez The Truth (2 months ago)
This comment made my fucking day lol
consuella williams (6 months ago)
What is your Snapchat;-)
Yrncardi 2x (6 months ago)
I like this song
Lt Versace (6 months ago)
Syd Smith (6 months ago)
u can do better
Jazmyn Watson (6 months ago)
Stephanie Creech (6 months ago)
You It’s funny
6ix9ine Gottheblickyuh (6 months ago)
My made my dog listen to this and he wagged his tail😹😹
Paris Paris (6 months ago)
“Compliment her skirt made her take her shirt off” lol
Jamal Loving (6 months ago)
Tank Dogg. Com (6 months ago)
Shits sub dumb as fuck in the lex 💪®
Tamika Thomas (6 months ago)
If u dont like this song its probably because u wear makeup or draw your eye brows on 😂😂😭😭💁💁💁
Ashanti Chambers (6 months ago)
HELLABEATSLLC 314 (7 months ago)
Mug hard af 314
Donald Andrews (7 months ago)
Not sure if you are cool but I'm very spontaneous
Angela Binder (7 months ago)
I Like this song
why your eye brows fake lmaoo
Donald Andrews (7 months ago)
Thanks you for your songs gherbo I like
Donald Andrews (7 months ago)
Thanks again
lONG lEGGEd BEAUTy (7 months ago)
Herb hard no matter what he talk about💯🔥🔥
josh morse (7 months ago)
his bitch had to piss him off lmao. & he went to the studio blanking.
josh morse (7 months ago)
straight banger. no disrespect to da ladies but damn.
Kaviena Waltz (7 months ago)
When he said “on the gram she so happy call her cutie pie, she do that to hide her cold heart bc she blue inside” i FELT that
Erin Wright (7 months ago)
Antoine Barksdale (8 months ago)
To everybody who say he fell off bitch erase dat shit
ζeus and hera (8 months ago)
i like hera
Antranette Williams (8 months ago)
Elijah Fleming (8 months ago)
Straight gassss
Bobby Shmurda (8 months ago)
I love this song
Zoe Cal (8 months ago)
I'm listening to this on Easter. Satan.
king yo (8 months ago)
Pull up in the new G wagon sky blue body paint Saru inside
Leah Winfield (8 months ago)
Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy this song litty
Cody LaGrew (8 months ago)
Fire af
Julianna Jenkins (8 months ago)
This my shit i play this everyday when i get high this the trap music what ya know about this
TT L (8 months ago)
good enough bro
Remember Vinnie (8 months ago)
I like nasty girls
Lost Boy Byous (8 months ago)
This nigga still fuckin bitches with fake eyebrows and makeup
Enadia Winters (9 months ago)
Why you eyebrows fake bi*** erase that shii😂😂
Drama Queen (9 months ago)
Everyone of dem girls have makeup on and fake brow. Lol
jn (9 months ago)
his shit is good, just cuz it’s not always bout guns n shit, doesn’t mean he “fell off” fuck outta here ofn 💯
Jazmine Felice (9 months ago)
all that makeup shit MAN i hate that shit
Mexico City (9 months ago)
When he whistles get ready for a trip to the Verizon store. 🔥gone melt your iPhone.
Savage Boi (9 months ago)
Someone Make The Damn Instrumental Already
Mas (9 months ago)
Brandon Enriquez (9 months ago)
Why y’all like g herbo I have heard his songs and I think it’s horrible he has no flow
Jane Doe (9 months ago)
Nick k (9 months ago)
why your eyebrows fake man erase that shit 🤣🤣🤣🤣got me dead
Shania9th (9 months ago)
Let him do him its his music IN THE MEAN TIME ION SEE YALL MAKING nothing so chill on him😂
GETBacCerote (9 months ago)
I like when he says "I love hoes, fat nasty hoes".
Trinity Dillard (9 months ago)
That whistle tho
Ehi.-. Mier (9 months ago)
*Bitch Erased That Shit😂😂*
RopeyAstriod 1354 (9 months ago)
Who is better 21 savage Gherbo ELEVATOR Tupac
Rekt Stinch (9 months ago)
Bro that beat
wlyrics. com (9 months ago)
Careless Isaac (9 months ago)
Every time I play this song at ah party the bih’s get mad af about all that makeup part lol
moses galvan (9 months ago)
Jovany Perez-Guzman (9 months ago)
Good beat
Jovany Perez-Guzman (9 months ago)
Tajauna Saulsberry (10 months ago)
I love g herbo polo hoe

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