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How To Find A Good Thai Girlfriend - Wife in Thailand 🇹🇭 Thailand Living

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How to find a good Thai girlfriend or wife is a question on many new visitors minds, and even some expats. I don't have the answer for everyone, but some of you might go about it like I've outlined in this short video about this timely topic. Thai girls are best found far from the bar scene. You probably know that already. Here's the post I did on the subject. It has been read over 23,000 times: http://www.thaipulse.com/expats/how-to-find-a-good-thai-wife/ Here is the book cover, though not re-released yet: http://www.thaipulse.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/good-thai-wife-cover-450v.jpg Learn Thai - a quick overview - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SW7m8vCik4 Thailand dating and Thai girl relationship advice for guys wanting to find Thai girls and Thai women here in Thailand to date. Finding a Thai partner is not too difficult, but you must make the effort. ************************************** * SUBSCRIBE if You Like It ! * ************************************** My Websites: Books - http://www.mikefook.com Crank 101 - Motivational Articles - http://www.crank101.com Thailand Snakes - http://www.thailandsnakes.com Thailand - http://www.thaipulse.com/blog/
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pat (1 year ago)
My wife and I met online about six years ago. Like you, I wanted someone educated and had a good career. My wife has an accounting degree and worked for the government. We Skyped nearly each day for three years and met several times on trips to Thailand before deciding to get married. People need to take their time and see past the cultural influences to know the person they are dating. There can also be misunderstandings in language. Meeting online is a great way to meet others as it's an efficient method. You can usually filter out about 95% of the people online and work on the other five percent of potential candidates.
sarita wirsig (1 year ago)
Do you think you very good for some thai wife and what do you think to do for family If you have one?
Thailand Living (1 year ago)
Am I very good for my Thai wife? I think pretty damn good. What do I think to do for my family? All sorts of stuff. Are you some sort of wise guy?
Kirk Davidson (1 year ago)
excellent! Thank you...good words.........
Thailand Living (1 year ago)
at least someone got something out of it. ha!
Bangkok Banjo (2 years ago)
i found my current gf on italki, a langauge learning site. Learning thai and she lives outside of bangkok. has a great job and not looking for money....for now lol
Tsambika (2 years ago)
Many of my Asian Friend are married to Scandinavian men. None of these men have money but they are loving nurturing and caring. Any woman Any race wants a man that will be kind to her. I am informed by my Asian Friends that their 'local' men treat them like shit! I am not speaking about one or two. But I hear this everywhere.
Tsambika (2 years ago)
Thailand Living (2 years ago)
+Tsambika it certainly isn't everyone of them, but there is some sort of problem here
Liberal Tears (2 years ago)
the banks in the mall in any city are gold mines......i can't count the thai girls i pulled out of the mall bangkapi either...lol
Thailand Living (2 years ago)
HA! really? I've heard guys say the malls are good.
james spignesi (2 years ago)
The majority of foreigners find their so called girlfriends and wife's from a bar. Most of these lovely guys are alcoholics high quality guys.
DimitriTheSaint (1 year ago)
why would they move to Cambodia ?
james spignesi (2 years ago)
i feel sorry for Cambodia with the boozers losers criminals moving there.
Thailand Living (2 years ago)
a huge number, for sure. I think a lot of them have moved to Cambodia though by now. Pattaya sure isn't what it used to be.
Boristos Jaxon (2 years ago)
Not Isaan or pattaya
Lottodds (2 years ago)
"I won't go by numbers because I'll get all screwed up." Looool! That was funny. You made me laugh today. Thank you
Lottodds (2 years ago)
Well thank you anyway. I was having a bad day and you made me laugh.
Thailand Living (2 years ago)
I forget the context i said that in... I'll have to watch again. Sometimes I make myself appear stupid. Because it's funny. This might have been one of those times.
Stay away from bars areas and women who is glued to facebook lines or dating sites. And watch out if women who speak too good of an english.
james spignesi (2 years ago)
If they speak bar English RUN!
Stan V (2 years ago)
Ive read a ton and watch quite a few you tube videos (including many of yours) preparing for 2 months in Thailand. Finally here and I have two objectives. Find a place to maybe live a few months a year or for a longer term where I feel comfortable and not always on guard (How I feel a little here in Bangkok, where I am presently) and has a area where beautiful good girls are approachable. Thank you for this video. Ubon Ratchathani seems a little off the beaten path for a solo traveler that can pretty much just say hello in thai, but you have me thinking this is for me. I was considering Chaing Mai or just staying in Bangkok since everything is here but it costs so much! But the transportation is really good.
Pang Lina Wornnapa (2 years ago)
you can find good Thai girl everywhere , better not in bar or night club
M.S. ALI (2 years ago)
Thailand Living Haha
Thailand Living (2 years ago)
yeah, that's true... you CAN find all over... but I think your chances are best by staying far from bars, and even bar areas and bar towns! (tourist sex spots). Do not go looking in Patong or Pattaya for your wife...
Jose Ayala (2 years ago)
that is not possible.
Jose Ayala (2 years ago)
yes i used to say the same as you. hope the best for you well i was not so lucky. Anyway i still have my daughter with me.
Thailand Living (2 years ago)
I found a great girl
Jack Roth (2 years ago)
Interesting comments here. The Thailand I know is nothing like the Thailand described by ex-pats. It is beautiful and the people are the most caring people ever. I stay away from any place that looks like it might ever have tourists frequent the area. And when I say "area " I mean whole towns. Stay away from tourist places and you will not be a target. Tourists are targets in every country, not only in Thailand. That leaves you only about 99% of the country to choose from. Stay away from sex tourism areas or you will be stereotyped as a slug and treated accordingly. Same as any place else. It wouldn't hurt for you to learn to speak the language at some useful level. It is their country, not yours.
james spignesi (2 years ago)
Hang with the foreigners you are only asking for trouble. Most a low life drunks. I avoid anywhere the foreigners hang. Pattaya , Phuket, Hua Hin , Koh Samui etc.
Sukanya Sutham (2 years ago)
I come from UBON 😆😆😆😆
Private Name (2 years ago)
You are very pretty.
Baby Begin (2 years ago)
I'm Thai. I live in esarn. but I dont really think easy to find good wife here. because most of them just like your money and live with other guy. and lie to you. but with you I think you just lucky.
Boristos Jaxon (2 years ago)
Baby Begin Go to Chiang Mai or Surat Thani
Thailand Living (2 years ago)
+Baby Begin I was lucky - absolutely... because we just happened to meet up. But, she has 100 friends who are also good Thai girls. The northeast is full of them. Sure there are many who are tainted by the "industry" where they have family members or friends making money in bars and whatnot, but it isn't hard to weed them out I think.
Jarek Wysocki (2 years ago)
Hello :) I think it all has to do with man having their head screwed on right. One needs some luck be patient and know what he wants and I don't recall the guaranty that you always going to get what you want in life :)
Fred blah blah. (3 years ago)
No self-respecting Thai woman would ever go anywhere near one of these ugly fat aged western losers. Any Thai woman who does that is after only one thing: his $$$$$$$$, & feels no emotional attachment & no sense of duty towards the idiot ... even after decades 'together'. Many of these whores go as far as insulting their 'husbands' ('preys', would be more accurate) in front of them (in a language or in words he won't have a clue about), they laugh at them, & walk all over them! This fact puts both the western moron & the Thai hooker in quite a bad light. The guy thinks nothing of giving away his lifetime savings for the sake of a whore's companionship. The woman thinks nothing of biting the hand that feeds her. Dignified men, real men that is, would not for an instant consider relating themselves to a Thai woman ... not beyond the sexual experiment of a moment, anyway. If western women, who are of their same stock, do not love these 'males' (& in fact, walk all over them too!), how would women who are of an entirely different racial & cultural background! No way. If he's got no money, he'll find no women in Thailand at all. The Thais are naturally racist to the point of brazen hatred. They are indeed a very hateful lot. They hate their own kind too (read, red-shirts vs yellow-shirts, for instance). There's more than a fair share of evil gossiping, quarrelling and aggression between the Thais themselves. But the more different a person is from them, the more he will be ostracized, maligned & resented. Unless, naturally, a use can be found for him ... in which case he will be tolerated ... but never, NOT EVER, respected ... even if he happens to be a medical doctor (as i am). One may quite safely make the claim that a majority of western professionals stationed in Thailand, do look down on its 'culture' & lowly inhabitants, particularly for the sheer lack not only of intelligent behaviour but of any form of morality ... lie, cheat, kill, do whatever you feel like doing ... by sheer instinct, as it were ... operate on a level lower than that of a water buffalo. All the same, Thai women adore Thai men. But then again, perhaps they love $$$$$$$ even more.
Gary p (1 year ago)
it seems like that , alot of times it goes bad , but it seems like asians do like ugly white guys , i have kids that dont know money yet stair at me ,love my skin . where opposite - they like it alot ,, my beautiful asian roommate here in usa can have any guy .. here boyfriend is a ugly white guy - her sister super hot also has ugly white guy and all her couzins same story .. its just the way it is .. yes alot of scammers ther but if your white go to asia - youll be in heaven
Fred blah blah. (2 years ago)
Full of mok nor mai, yes. And i'm not "over there" but "right here", with scorpions crawling up walls, snakes lurking underneath fridges, loathsome giant centipedes, & the noble water buffalo wallowing in the cool pools around the village. As for "Pattaya" ... i've never been there ... neither do i intend to have anything to do with a place so revolting and seedy that Sodom & Gomorrah look like a nursery in comparison. TO EACH HIS OWN.
james spignesi (2 years ago)
Private Name (2 years ago)
+MrWisemasterful Or perhaps he doesn't have the money for the ticket to get over there. One thing's for sure, he doesn't know much if anything about Thailand. And it appears he associates with prostitutes a lot. At best, he never left Pattaya Beach to meet nice, traditional and wonderful Thai people the country is so full of. Fred blah blah is certainly full of SOMETHING. ;)
Pierre Bahnsen (2 years ago)
U know nothing !
it's true, Bad people can be anywhere.
+Abdulaziz Alghamdi yes
Some people from some countries can do bad many times you know right !
Better go to phechabun ! there are many good girl!
james spignesi (2 years ago)
no. full of foreign drunk losers!
Thailand Living (3 years ago)
+gmhook toonhook tell us more
Mr. Bass (3 years ago)
EXCELLENT VIDEO , TOP shelf among a lot crappy stuff on Thailand on the internet , Thanks,,  Don't need a wife , lol  but still very informative.
Thailand Living (3 years ago)
+Mr. Bass nobody NEEDS a wife you know, but we all seem to pick one up along the way. You'll get yours... haha.
Jimmy Maheux (3 years ago)
love your videos, super educational. im going to Thailand next year and i need all the advice i can get. so anything new that you care to share ill be glad to follow it. If you have your email i will email you for in dept questions. Thanks again for all your videos.
Shane Bairstow (3 years ago)
remember guys , if you cant make relationships work at home then you most likely cant make one work in Thailand. You are you , go somewhere else and your shit goes with you.
Matthew Wright (3 years ago)
Is Ubon Ratchathani really getting big? Dang, I just love Isaan and I don't want to see it change much.
Gregory Kelly (3 years ago)
You give some of the best advice out there, just saying Vern.
chris103050 (3 years ago)
Just discovered your channel, full of good stuff, so thanks.☺ You have a really nice laid back style, which drew me in more.
Thailand Living (3 years ago)
+chris103050 thanks Chris - well, most of it is layed back... keep watching. lol.
Mark Morse (3 years ago)
That's what married life does, it wipes your smile away gradually.
Put her in check
Thailand Living (3 years ago)
+Mark Morse I'm still happy though
BigBangkokTheory (3 years ago)
I walked around Surin during the elephant festival weekend back in 2009 and it was much like you described. Eventually I met a group of people that included another farang. We drove out of town to a local market, then to one of the villages to eat and hang out.  Beautiful rural scenery. Then back to town for a karaoke night and more food.  Hands down the best travel experience of my life. A small risk with a huge reward.  And it felt like home!
Thailand Living (3 years ago)
+BigBangkokTheory An Aussie teacher in Surin had his arm hacked off by 2 Thais on a motorbike with a machete... he died from it. So, there is good and bad... and a lot of bad man...
Kaoss Comkaoss (3 years ago)
I've been living in Chiang Mai now on and off for a year and a half of total time spent in Chiang Mai. I live beside the Technical College. I am definitely not looking for a Thai girl. with dreams of marriage. and ATM machines I am a sworn bachelor. but it would be nice to befriend a educated Thai woman. with rudimentary English. I'm not a young man but a long way from retirement age. unfortunately I have found slim pickings. probably from a lack of interest. as I am NOT in Thailand to find a wife but maybe I'll check out those places you mentioned. I did travel to the bridge over the River Kwai and north to a small town on the Burmese border very nice place I prefer the smaller Villagers. thank you for your videos. always informative
Goondock Saints (3 years ago)
+Kaoss Comkaoss I think Thailand got that reputation mostly because the culture has been more accepting of Trans Gender people for a long time. There probably aren't many more TG people 'per capita' than many other countries. But remember that ladyboys have the same motivation to scam or rob you as the bar girls do. So flying across the world just to have sex with a ladyboy or bar girl is a bad idea from the start. Seriously, you can find that kind of risky business in your own country.
Thailand Living (3 years ago)
+Kaoss Comkaoss don't fall for it man... stick to lady games. The ladyboys have a whole different trick up their sleeve (slacks).
Kaoss Comkaoss (3 years ago)
is it me or is there a lot of ladyboys in Thailand
Kaoss Comkaoss (3 years ago)
she should be more worried about the girl next door
Thailand Living (3 years ago)
+Kaoss Comkaoss my wife wont' let me go to Chiang Mai because she said the girls there will steal your man. Apparently that is the Thai myth floating around. I think it's myth, I'm afraid to go look.
userwl2850 (3 years ago)
Always enjoy your vids vern. I found myself smiling at 8.30 on as you started to remember things and places you did a few years ago. Man i bet you have stories to tell. Your face looks happy as hell. How things change as we get older get married and have kids. Still great times but our youth is always the best. Keep smiling buddy.
Thailand Living (3 years ago)
+userwl2850 Yep, I think anyone that stays longer than a few years has some stories. I have spent the last 8 relatively quietly. If you live in Pattaya for 10 years, you've definitely got some stories to tell! Cheers man!

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