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Distributed Environmental Data: On the Ground at the Data Sensing Lab

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http://oreil.ly/DistNetData Sensors are the future of distributed data. General-purpose computing is dissipating out into the environment and becoming increasingly invisible and embedded into our lives. We will soon begin to move in a sea of data, our movements tracked and our environments measured and adjusted to our preferences, without need for direct intervention. At the Strata Conference in New York last year, we gave attendees a taste of the super-connected world that's ahead of all of us by instrumenting the conference environment with basic off-the-shelf sensors and mesh networking. At the Strata Conference in Santa Clara this February, we will observe and report on the conference once again, with more sensors, real-time visualization, and some new interactive features for attendees.
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Webdevvie (5 years ago)
Turn on the captions and at 00:45 it says "Homosexuals with cults of the data level we are right now" Someone break the auto translation? this is just silly
Cole Rayne (5 years ago)
I was in a deep sensing data moment with my trackpad.
Cole Rayne (5 years ago)
Did that just happen? It bugs out on purpose?
carey g. butler (6 years ago)
If we continue in this vein, we'll be able to create a sensor 'skin' for the earth making the whole organism a sensor grid. A sobering concept indeed. Soon we may find ourselves irrelevant. Is this science or is it premature globalism acting like it?
John Walter (6 years ago)
"Big data is a reality no one escapes from." Wow. Great piece.

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