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The Black Keys - Gold On The Ceiling [Official Music Video]

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The Black Keys' TURN BLUE available for download here: http://smarturl.it/turnblue Get TURN BLUE on vinyl/CD: http://theblackkeys.com/turnblue Download on iTunes: http://www.smarturl.it/turnblue Subscribe for more new music: http://bit.ly/XcW3TT http://theblackkeys.com http://facebook.com/theblackkeys http://twitter.com/theblackkeys http://instagram.com/theblackkeys http://theblackkeys.tumblr.com/
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Text Comments (11978)
Me, A Intellectual (5 hours ago)
Let me just say, I was addicted to this song before I knew what the full alphabet was.
LaZe Creed (1 day ago)
Me and my dad love this song
Victoria Hutchinson (1 day ago)
The intro reminds me of the roobarb and custard theme tune
Vincent Liu (2 days ago)
The guitar riff in the beginning reminds me of a certain tracks on Aladdin Sane album. Amazing.
Ruckee Brye Bautista (4 days ago)
so refreshing to have black keys in this era
Michael Cummings (4 days ago)
It’s ok.
Vero Salvador (4 days ago)
👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍ça veut dire ta gueule ! J'assume ! 😅
Vero Salvador (4 days ago)
Merveilleux ! Ci-dessus ! 😑
Vero Salvador (4 days ago)
Cute💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😜😝😗😋😕😑😅😅😅😅😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😇💟lol !
JuanCarlos Reyna (6 days ago)
Nashville Predators!!!
Linda Anderson (6 days ago)
wow..just found the black keys!
nippon19 (8 days ago)
didn't know them, those guitar sound very metal, pretty nice song !
Colin McMahon (9 days ago)
"Crint, you are ranted at Cirry Horr. Crint Eatrood!"
Anibal VeraTudela (9 days ago)
Rock has not died!
Flash Gabbo (10 days ago)
I loooooooove it.....................i LOVE it!!!
dani cali (10 days ago)
song reminds me of these people my dad knew. they were excessively wealthy. we went to their house one night for a dinner party. the wife gave us a tour. showed us her gold f*cking ceilings. vulgar. rather visit someone in some dumpy council flat
My dude in England
Jake Fisher (12 days ago)
I wish I was there bassist for tours
Tyler Melendez-Duke (13 days ago)
I remember dancing to this on the school bus in elementary and there was yellow magnets on the bus for some reason I don’t remember and me and my friends would joke it was the “gold on the ceiling” brings back memories
Josephine Stabel (14 days ago)
G📀LD on The ceiling 🤞🎸 😉.
Leia_Skywalker02 (15 days ago)
Did the gold start burning?
Krpley. (16 days ago)
Preds anyone?
34jdaly (18 days ago)
The black keys have been a huge inspiration to my band and if anyone has the chance to listen itd be much appreciated https://youtu.be/A8_aT_l-LiY
Justin Plant (22 days ago)
Fuck youtubes ads
SideWays S. (23 days ago)
Are we just going to ignore the fact that they jammed a guy in an icecream freezer at 2:57?
Luminiferous Aether (23 days ago)
ItzaMe (24 days ago)
Come to The Netherlands please...
cara bistouille (24 days ago)
a black key with white stipes on it
James Sharp (24 days ago)
Only recently discovered these guys. And they are shit hot ❤️
Josephine Stabel (22 days ago)
🤞 🙈
Kyle B (25 days ago)
Always a great song to listen to in the car with the window down on the first warm spring day of the year!!! 2019 and still going strong 💪
Billy Job Nut bo (25 days ago)
Predators goal horn song! Hey! You suck!
Thais Oliveira Viana (26 days ago)
Brasil? 2019
Josephine Stabel (22 days ago)
🤞 Belgium
Kim Denson (26 days ago)
Nice bass, really makes this move. Everything is just popping.
Shannan Teegarden (28 days ago)
Could being in your heart be good enough for the dad gum people that like to argue
L F (28 days ago)
Point Break!
Josephine Stabel (14 days ago)
They have G 📀 LD on The ceiling 🤞🎸
rich ernest (30 days ago)
Crazy Carol Sings is Motown worth the listen/see!Black Keys worship since way back on Letterman!
Dave Murrell (30 days ago)
I've never understood the concept of selling out. Get into any profession to make a living. There may be a driving and motivating force of creativity behind it. But are you truly only going to be happy with a band that is literally starving to death can't pay their mortgage can't feed their kids has two bum everything they have on the kindness of strangers so that they can bring you real music. To me there's no such thing as mainstream or Underground. There's just good music. Even the music that's made extremely pop my producers took a creative brain to put it out. Stop knocking creative people in all Fields Bart music woodworking tattoos for having a modicum of success. I don't know about you guys but in the early 90s to the early 2000s I would have been dead happy to hear music like this on the 24/7
Salty Boi (1 month ago)
Best band ever
georgia ghanbari (1 month ago)
Love this song sooo much
Just leaving a mark.
profnasty (1 month ago)
Nerds make the World go round.
HackingDutchman (1 month ago)
A video means nothing for a good track. It's all about the music.
James Goodwin (1 month ago)
Best cover of "Lo/Hi" . This guy is going to kill guitar. See what he does in this cover. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nPNOS10oxo
Adil Adil (1 month ago)
Vous etes Formidables oufff
Laura Festa Platto (1 month ago)
I like this song!!! I listen this song to the radio. 👏👏👍👍🎶🎶🎵🎼🤗💋💗
Josephine Stabel (22 days ago)
🤞 Belgium .
Ashley Meyka (1 month ago)
Seven years later and I'm still rocking out to this
torb boi (1 month ago)
I’m 13 and can finally play this somg on my guitar!
furiousdevilet (1 month ago)
me too except i can play this on the violin!
kape kape (1 month ago)
Albert Nash (1 month ago)
It was a clever way how this song was used at the end of “Oceans 8”. You don’t have to mention that it was instrumentally abridged.
TheTimaay (1 month ago)
geile lässige band !
Colin McMahon (1 month ago)
So what? Its a Golden dead baby. So?
Colin McMahon (1 month ago)
What have you BIG kids done lately? Exactly.
Colin McMahon (1 month ago)
More ROCK!, ..ye of little.
Colin McMahon (1 month ago)
No idea what happeed to Joey or what they pulled off his head. Fish and chips is suspected, somehow. Now.".Goodbye, eye. Goodbye..e "
Arnaud Risselin (1 month ago)
My favorite band, just perfect
Christian Mueller (1 month ago)
Harvey Specter
En pleno 2019 y la sigo escuchando.🙌
Supermariop P (1 month ago)
Yo igual 🤣
Sir Real (1 month ago)
Don't get no better than this! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Jordan Turnbull (1 month ago)
Rip off of super furry animals, golden retriever
Poulpefaction (1 month ago)
One of the best rock band ever
Salty Boi (1 month ago)
Poulpefaction fo sho
Ayy Rawls (1 month ago)
Little black submarines put me back on the line!!!!!
Ayy Rawls (1 month ago)
You the shit
Rog Rambo (2 months ago)
As far as "new" bands go, there's Black Keys and then everyone else. When I first heard little black submarines back when it came out, I said "FINALLY, here is a modern band that will transcend time. Original, talented, and soul in the music. Awesome.
Eric Berendsen (2 months ago)
Good tune
ralphkjb (2 months ago)
This song needs its own line dance
Keven Guitar (2 months ago)
https://youtu.be/btVID0kUVMU Feel free to Check out our Cover Version from this Song we hope you enjoy Greetings From Germany 🤟😎
shawn Cheney (2 months ago)
the riff in the song sounds like jefferson starship:find you way back.
Anthony Clarke (2 months ago)
Knock out rock n roll. Wish I had a brother I could do this with. Wouldn't you love to rock with a guy you love shared a bedroom with as a kid then together knock it out the park. I remember going back to the UK from Africa, going to his place he was on the roof, i was shouting hey, hey, hey, eventually he took the ear goggles off and said hi, put the goggles down I could hear slightly Electic Ladyland., my first though, my brother listening to brilliance, before a word. Love the keys.
Krista Antonini Martin (2 months ago)
Ikonik 2K (2 months ago)
The drummer looks like a dork, but I bet he is a total badass
He looks like that Austin Powers guy
Khal Netherfields (2 months ago)
this song makes my face go full michael jackson. you know the goddamn face im talking about, do it with me
Al Bogdanovic (2 months ago)
It’s such a great song!
DryCucumber20 (2 months ago)
Guitar hero live anybody???
Mr Elvis (2 months ago)
DryCucumber20 yea the best song in the game !
Nia Productions (2 months ago)
I thought that’s an old song from the Vietnam War.
Alexandre Augey (2 months ago)
this is some kind of pure energy this song lads ! haha greetings from ganjaland
Frankie Cash (2 months ago)
one hit wonders lyrics are childish
doh5artcrimeskrew (2 months ago)
The singer looks like some sort of Jake Gyllenhaal and the drummer is a mixture made up of Mike Myers from Austin Powers and that Ghostbuster guy who wears glasses
WGG Manager (22 days ago)
Described so much for jus 1 like man! No offence!
slamdunkceltics (2 months ago)
Darcy Morrish (2 months ago)
Carli Williams (2 months ago)
I saw these guys open for NIN for almost a year before they hit it big...it was one of a handful of "best' that played with them...and if you ANYTHING about Trent Reznor, he knows and looks for talent!!!!
Peter Fedorik (2 months ago)
King Coaster (2 months ago)
Still one of the best
And people thinks music is bad from listening to the radio. If you like good music its here to be found.
Colin McMahon (2 months ago)
When ypu whores rub " his honours" underbelmy (between cum kaudes) does his keg kick lije a dogs... as hs iffera whats mibe lartially back. slightly used. well. raoed
HoRRoR JuNkIe (2 months ago)
Damn these dudes kick ass!!
Ferdziosz (2 months ago)
I think this song would fit so well as a Borderlands opening
Clay Johnson (2 months ago)
I started listening to Black Keys songs at 1.25 speed and now I can't stop
angelos mico (2 months ago)
One of the best bands of this generation.
Alguien más viene por #DoIt 2019?
James Blip (2 months ago)
Get it on! Bang a gong! Ge......wait wrong band....
Norwall Beats (2 months ago)
This is the best!
Samiyah Corelli (2 months ago)
good fun music... can't go wrong
mwboost (2 months ago)
Mould on the ceiling....
Itachi Uchiha (2 months ago)
Questa canzone la hanno rovinata solo perche la hanno messa nella pubblicita di Lidl... Ma se no ci sta..
Colin McMahon (2 months ago)
the old Indian said ' !thuh Nort Fox eh'
Colin McMahon (2 months ago)
thays the new Aw-Aw pedal. what ya think?
Colin McMahon (2 months ago)
chicken wire. dead giveaway.
Colin McMahon (2 months ago)
drop of glycerine and quarter drop sodium. Keep the lid on till someone is sent for. (solution, remember.) 37c
Jeromy Wolfe (2 months ago)
Bill Gates killin it on the drums!
N C (2 months ago)
GregoCatal (2 months ago)

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