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FISHING FOR SEA SNAKES: We went fishing in the Newport Bay! Shay caught the only cool thing... Get our gear here - www.gethushin.com Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/user/hushinwithlavere?feature=watch My twitter https://twitter.com/#!/caseylavere My Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Caseylavere/192307430825970 Edited by Jared Kowalczyk --- caseylavere, deep sea fishing, fishing, shaycarl, sontard, wolf eel, Newport Bay, Maker Studios, free video, fishing video, hushingwithlavere, sea snakes, golden valley jerky
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4640jds (18 days ago)
Eight to nine fish between all of them in five hours? Must have been a real hotspot!!
Cameryn Jones (2 months ago)
That’s a monkey face eel not a sea snake
Joseph Burnside (2 months ago)
seriously, is this some kind of freakin' joke? You catch an eel and throw it back with hook still in it's mouth? what kind of stupidity is this??
Mel Makavali (6 months ago)
The captain took you to shity spot...
Mel Makavali (6 months ago)
Sabiki rig
Jesus Is SATAN (9 months ago)
My brother has bigger fish In his fish tank ! LOLOLOL !!
Jake Li (1 year ago)
it is not snake. it is eel.
you didnt even catch a sea snake that was an eel
Dung va (1 year ago)
thank for your video, i love this
Khang cuan (1 year ago)
2:35 wow amazing video
Sat San (1 year ago)
thank for your video, i love this
steve pilant (1 year ago)
misleading title click bait!
Michael Gause (2 years ago)
I know not to watch Hushin now nothing but misleading titles.
beefmelt (2 years ago)
Pretty nice to get to see Shay and Sontard again. YAY!
Lukas Draven (2 years ago)
rassan tv- ss-fasist himler -vlasov atmatos viespaties israel-jerusalem amziu amziu amin.amin.miliard sory amore.amin aminamin.
Country Kid (2 years ago)
You look so young
Brodie Phillips (2 years ago)
Put the smaller fish back next time, not good to see tiny fish being taken...
Little LuuLuu (2 years ago)
Omg that poor flat fish don't hurt it
stizan24 (2 years ago)
This has to be one of the saddest things I have ever seen. I fish, I hunt. I bashed a catfish yesterday and yelled at it for flopping while I filleted it, but all those little fish who's eyes pop because the lack of preasure. You can't catch and release deep sea fish.
Mark Westergren (2 years ago)
I caught a real nice thresher out of Newport a couple years back. Miss that spot.
Jonas Dane (2 years ago)
Shit audio
Samurai 2006 (2 years ago)
angel (2 years ago)
So cool
bbiggd (2 years ago)
I went same boat caught 4 yellow tail 5 boneto and 18 perch
Lunatic Soldiers (2 years ago)
Waisting the fish you could have fed the starving kids in Africa..
Lunatic Soldiers (2 years ago)
jkjk love the channel thanks for the upload dudes
stephanie racelis (2 years ago)
Hunter Montez (2 years ago)
John Ratko (2 years ago)
They mentioned Catalina; which is off the coast of USA California - (also mentioned California [state] requiring licensing) - So U.S. California.
goperts7 (2 years ago)
i went scuba diving and seen a flat fish
sdpy (2 years ago)
1:05 Guy be like: "Don't mind if I sneak a peek at what your using!" XD
Stian Lien Suphammer (2 years ago)
I would have loved this video if There would be a sea snake in it, but There isnt...so i just like it:PBeat that for a trash comment bit.hes;D
Bruce Samoville (2 years ago)
that is a wolf fish
Bruce Samoville (2 years ago)
the big eyed fish the kid caught is very venemous
JB McNasty (2 years ago)
It wasn't a sculpin pal
Red Koosh (2 years ago)
bet it was, it looked venomous. know the name of it?
Quinten Mosher (2 years ago)
Shay from shaytards!
Edgar salinas (2 years ago)
No me gusta
Dragitall (2 years ago)
Get a basic field guide to Pacific Coast fish, you moron.
Trapper Boyer (2 years ago)
Audio is bad fish are too small I don't r8 8/8 m8
Red Koosh (2 years ago)
I r8 8/8 because of the rented b8 m8
James Smith (2 years ago)
Bait deposit. hahahaha
Χου Σου (2 years ago)
why not remove the hook dumbass?
sdpy (2 years ago)
If the hook is deep in the gullet, taking it out could snag the gills thus killing it. If left in, salt water will corrode it in a matter of a week or so.
Red Koosh (2 years ago)
it's safer for both the fish/eel and the fisherman. Taking off the hook could potentially hurt the fish/eel to the point where it would for sure die. The hook will dissolve and in a lot of cases the fish shake it off themselves. Also that eel has strong jaws and could give a pretty nasty bite which would make it even harder for them to take it off
Laytan Elix (2 years ago)
neither snake or fish it's a eel
Charlie Burns (2 years ago)
why did thay thet it go
Charlie Burns (2 years ago)
lol a girl nos fishing moor then a boy
Cathy Kirkland (2 years ago)
Paul Compagno (2 years ago)
Those wolf eels are a trip. You guys should try Chris' fishing trips out of Monterey bay, CA next time you guys fish the west coast. They're cheap, they limit out every time on rock cod with huge lingcod, and there's some killer seafood on the wharf where the boat is docked.
ahh everything I need for a good fishing trip crap I forgot a gatoriad
Cookinitmax (2 years ago)
To many people and fishing for what ever comes up on the line ,kill every thing small big of large what kinda Captain did you guys have the boats name should have been called (fishing for what ever)
wolf eel taste alot better than rockfish...
TheEggburglar (2 years ago)
I love how he says the eel is the snake of the sea yet there are sea snakes
TC TC (2 years ago)
this is why i dont deep sea fish, u spend your time untangling lines the whole time, trout and streams babyy wooo
Zhong Zhang (2 years ago)
That is not a sea snake sea snakes don't have flippers
benny padilla (2 years ago)
They call a freaking eel a damn sea snake
Doktor Plague (2 years ago)
it looked like a eel
Doktor Plague (2 years ago)
compradorecoins (2 years ago)
That's not a sea snake, it's just a fricking Wolf Eel.
Scott Hoy (2 years ago)
This is a waste of bandwidth.
BM Azizul Islam (2 years ago)
Looks like a great time!!
small whales
Lucian Cloete (2 years ago)
Firman Sidiq (2 years ago)
that wasn't sea snake stupid.
danny chung (1 year ago)
Jack Redmond
Mr Rova (1 year ago)
+Maggot King It's all fun and games. But maybe you're right. I'll call it quits for now at least. :)
Maggot King (1 year ago)
This was and unneeded flame war and this was coming from a fucking internet troll.
Tonnie Connolly (1 year ago)
who is the man child?
judy albaciete (2 years ago)
Jon J (2 years ago)
most of those fish look smaller than allowed.
Colton Mclaughlin (2 years ago)
Buddy Buds (2 years ago)
Sick dude
DeMia Keenan (2 years ago)
I can't believe that shay is there
Aundre Palmer (2 years ago)
sounds like him to
Eden Lednum (2 years ago)
Why the fuck did you let it go? 😕
queenform (2 years ago)
your voice changes when you go from fat to slim
iiDiamant 2 (2 years ago)
No I mean wolf fish
iiDiamant 2 (2 years ago)
Are sea snakes dangerous
Bad luck. You are never suppose to leave port on a Friday.
Grease (2 years ago)
That was an eel ya dummy
Chris Rodriguez (2 years ago)
no 🐺 eel
Marc Hoffman (2 years ago)
damn, in ny we have to throw back dozens of flat fish that size
General Minigun (2 years ago)
I live in new England
Guerra dos Bichos (2 years ago)
that guy looks like slimmer shaytard
flange (2 years ago)
them flatfish are flounder
hYP3 (2 years ago)
It's the shaytards
Maricris Cubacub, RN (2 years ago)
Did they eat THEM or realease THEM
900 Gecko (2 years ago)
Used to launch the waverunners from the Back Bay and cruise down this channel to the open ocean.
Amarion Mock (2 years ago)
ho beside is beg Sadie
Dragon ClanEMP (2 years ago)
Is shay your brother
Wolf 16 (2 years ago)
I think that's a moray eel..
H恵美子 (2 years ago)
Newport beach! That's not to far from where I live! ^_^
Sarah S (2 years ago)
Banking it with Mix (2 years ago)
yeah thats a eel not a snake .an you try to pull a hook out the mouth then it will def die the hook will work its way out in a few days .
Alex Strasser (2 years ago)
Editing was awful
Aniyah R (2 years ago)
U guys only caught one sea snake
Kollin Kadinger (2 years ago)
There eyes look huge because there eyes pop out do to the sudden change from deep to real shallow
Tee Pugh (2 years ago)
so crazy
D Green (2 years ago)
Asshole move leaving the hook
Boyan Georgiev (2 years ago)
Lol the little boy is so cute.
TheJericho1123 (2 years ago)
oh this is the Mormon and his jobless brother that says being a youtuber is a job. dn`t catch black fish, Mormons don`t allow black things.
Somebody (2 years ago)
I cant believe you left the hook in its mouth.
Red Koosh (2 years ago)
it's safer for both the fish/eel and the fisherman. you have the chance of hurting the fish/eel to the point where it would just die. the hooks can dissolve and in a lot of cases the fish shake it off themselves. Also that eel has strong jaws and would give you a nasty bite but as you can see they take off the hook when they can
Arse Robinson (2 years ago)
anyone else notice they are not seas snakes? this vid is tard
Brittany Wilson (2 years ago)
I had reeled in 6 fish at one time in Florida
jmowreader (2 years ago)
You should have kept the wolf eel. Those things are REAL good eating.
Sniper Viper (2 years ago)
wolf fish will bite you they have huge teeth did u see those things don't put your hand near that mouth
Carlos Venegas (2 years ago)
that it is shay
hatboxful (2 years ago)
That's nothing, go fishing in Northland in New Zealand during summer time and you can catch Marlin, Broadbill, Yellow Fin Tuna, Mako Shark, Blue sharks, Great whites, and snapper.
mario moreno (2 years ago)
mario moreno (2 years ago)

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