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sexy girls at seychelles with beatbags fashion.

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About us What are Beatbags? Beatbags are handmade bags, available in cool, stylish and funky designs. Their design is based on the style of Vintage medical bags. Our bags are unique, and are turning heads around the world. Tell us about the team We are young creative design team who love to have fun. That is the reason why our bags are so different. We believe that our success comes from doing what we love and from sharing our bags with our friends around the World. Each Beatbag is made with our love and for your fun. Best of all we want to hear from you -- so send us your comments, suggestions and ideas. If you also love to have fun then buy a Beatbag for yourself; or maybe buy different bags for different moods and occasions. Beatbags also make ideal gifts. Can the Radio Beatbags play music? No; at least not yet!  The bag is styled to look like a Radio. Our creative team will bring you many new surprises in the future. How can I use my Beatbags? Beatbags can be carried in two ways. There is an adjustable shoulder strap or you can use the carry handles. Or, of course, you can simply put your arm around your Beatbags and hold it close! Our customers are mixing and matching the different styles of Beatbags with their clothes and accessories and even to suit their mood.   Distribution opportunities If you have seen our Beatbags and admired them, or if you have bought one of our Beatbags and enjoyed it and now want to be a reseller in your community or country, then please email us at the address below. Beatbags will never be dull or out of fashion. We will issue a new design every month based on suggestions from our resellers, our customers and the ideas of our fun, creative team. Beatbags will be advertised around the world on Facebook, Youtube and our own website -- www.beatbags.com For more details and for customer or reseller enquiries please send email  to us. and find our pages www.facebook.com/beatbags Enjoy life , enjoy Beatbags. 
Beatbags - let's be different.
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Ommar Mo (2 years ago)
I like this girl

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