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Sexy Metal Girls

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Rock Girls /m/
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Text Comments (51)
Area-C (3 months ago)
Jonathan Carrier (7 months ago)
Sexy Sexy ;)
Metal Inc (1 year ago)
All I want in life is a women like this, a dog, a small propery in the countryside, and finanical stability. Why is this so hard?!?!?
MrMetalhead (1 year ago)
This is nice, but not goth, I'm into goth girls, with black hair, Red hair , black with blue streaks hair, black clothes, black lips, and with big tits
Dean Williams (2 years ago)
Great song
11ALFA& OMEGA00 (2 years ago)
Good song of carcass
hoshihearts omochaooo (2 years ago)
D.va from overwatch 0:06
Sergey Reyter (3 years ago)
come to bitch all!!!!!!!!!
Ljóðaháttr (3 years ago)
Slut´s of Hell I love the irony of fate that we in the elite circles have the hottest girls
G26808 (4 years ago)
love those gals, and this song.
Julio Santos (4 years ago)
my girlfriend is identical this girl. I'm a lucky one. 2:14
Eddy Jacobssen (4 years ago)
0:12 THE BEST! very very sexy!
diemitdemWolftanzt (4 years ago)
Dani Divine *.*
satellitekid1 (4 years ago)
where can I find girls like this
SrizKis Snezpiet (3 years ago)
+satellitekid1 or me xD
Nikola Marinković (4 years ago)
Wacken festival in Germany ;)
satellitekid1 (4 years ago)
 wish i could go there
satellitekid1 (4 years ago)
I have to go that far
The Sagist (4 years ago)
I'd stick and stir any of these chicks.
JUDIT CORDOVA (4 years ago)
good video, but went very wrong with the picture that went xD
Scythe Blood (4 years ago)
G-gee wilckers, I-I didn't know girls l-liked metal
james otalley (4 years ago)
OK LETS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tamás Tálos (5 years ago)
ÉS volt közöttük magyar is! Ott tartja a Borsodis üveget :D
PowerMadHeadBanger (5 years ago)
Let me proud as hell to see Metal chicks and I am sure the Metal Gods are overflowing, over rejoicing themselves with this video.
venetkens88 (5 years ago)
Girl with EMPEROR on her ass :)
Mad Beast (5 years ago)
2:01 is really hot, but i fell IN LOVE with 2:22! \m/ marry me! xD
Joel A. Medina (5 years ago)
JACKSON AXE (5 years ago)
Dark haired girls are so very hot.
Mrs. Foxx (3 years ago)
+JACKSON AXE lol thanks ;)
JACKSON AXE (3 years ago)
@Ariel Sixx You're welcome. You're another fine example. 
Mrs. Foxx (3 years ago)
why thank you lmao.. \m/
Typicalweeb (5 years ago)
0utKast82 (5 years ago)
Where Dafuq are all these babes ??? I'm irish and I cant find them anywhere !!!
Humilhando funkeiras!...
Mila Mila (5 years ago)
Stop wishing and just go for it! What have you got to lose?
D zastre (5 years ago)
They are all smokeing hot beautiful girls but i've got to say 0:49 made my dick twitch and 1:03 made it twith a little more o_0...Just saying
DethOfDrgnz (5 years ago)
Dang I wish I could meet some metal girls.
Orlando Santiago (5 years ago)
son aun mas Sexys reproduciendo Carcass como fondo !!
Lucas Blake (6 years ago)
chick at 316 had fanny
ipunchedsatan (6 years ago)
The girl at 3:17 god damn it!
Kissin Battle (6 years ago)
Wieso hab ich eigendlich keine Freundin ?
Juan C. DeLarge (6 years ago)
Awesome girls and video
jayman6677 (6 years ago)
I want one of these for Christmas
CannedSoop (6 years ago)
Sweet vid. Good tunes. CARCASS!!!!
Mike King (6 years ago)
"metal momages" make me go boing ! \m/
Erika Eir (6 years ago)
Carcass - Cross My Heart <3
You Made This 💀
Emo Guma (6 years ago)
music ?
Dr. Eggscout (6 years ago)
what's the music?

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