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Screwing 500 SHARP screws into my BMX tire to get the ULTIMATE grip on snow!! DIY BMX taken to the next level, and it worked so amazingly good!! THANKS FOR WATCHING! http://instagram.com/olabmx https://www.facebook.com/OlaSelsjord
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Text Comments (536)
Charome Ignacio (4 days ago)
So dangerous tire
Charome Ignacio (4 days ago)
Don't try this at home ok
JYPOOKXD (16 days ago)
Good ide 🤓
Alesandro Lopez arauz (1 month ago)
Like. Sí con el asiento así de bajo seba a triturar el trasero 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ThePT Galaxy (1 month ago)
sachini sachini (1 month ago)
Nice bmx
João Pedro (1 month ago)
Cauã Santos (1 month ago)
Cadê os brasileiros
Dick Pump (1 month ago)
Take it to a protest
만두TV (1 month ago)
Raul Alexandre (1 month ago)
Es. Mútuo fixe
Evi Puspita Sari (1 month ago)
Nggtot bang
Frank Smith (2 months ago)
What a creepy looking fucker...
ヤスタトレック (2 months ago)
Nikolai Skeie (2 months ago)
Er du norsk
John Randall (2 months ago)
Good on dirt/ other terrain???
marius willemse (2 months ago)
Go with wood
اشتركو ابقناتي
Dedy Alex FADLY (3 months ago)
Joemar Samson (3 months ago)
give me a bmx bike idol please <3
علي جواد (3 months ago)
Kobe Sparkes (3 months ago)
He Yost 993
VaNcE PaNcE (3 months ago)
Du er Norsk
Manuel Ortega.s (3 months ago)
You nailed bro😎🤘
plexi (3 months ago)
biltema lol
Gert Kriel (3 months ago)
1:26 why did you show that?
Rihard Gangster (3 months ago)
Сделай футжем )
Toastyy (4 months ago)
Im *TIRED* of these videos
vicky kumar (4 months ago)
You looks like Randy Orton
Kevin S (4 months ago)
video starts at 2:30 you're welcome
vadym dobrovolskiy (4 months ago)
2018? Like
carla (4 months ago)
Hello, I'm Brazilian, and I'll come here to congratulate you on the video, very good !!
Corbin Cardwell (4 months ago)
woo a studded on the bmx
Dines Suaña (4 months ago)
Que idea tan locasa esta bien jejjejjej
Brazil uppp
HP pueden hablar en español hp
Guto VídeosTM (4 months ago)
*Algum Br aí??!* ✌️
Fox crash (4 months ago)
Gladys Mendoza (5 months ago)
Valla es bacancisimo ya lo quiero hacer
Richard Luna (5 months ago)
Bablu Ram (5 months ago)
badhie hai
Bablu Ram (5 months ago)
fkbdvevevevev Santos (5 months ago)
oliver mclaughlin (5 months ago)
We're is your girl freind
Mang Udin (5 months ago)
are you haven't go pro???
yahya Jalal (5 months ago)
لباسه اصفر ههههههه
Sarvesh Arundakar (5 months ago)
Naapalım Gamers -Ömer (5 months ago)
Zombie killer BMX 😎😎😂😂
TikTok Official (5 months ago)
I am from Bangladesh. And i'm your big big fan, your video so so so nice...and good good good..
Eduardo Gonzales (5 months ago)
Thats rad men 😎😎😎
Rajip NXC Tmng (5 months ago)
It's excellent work never give up
Anuradha Masand (5 months ago)
so nice yar
Christiaan Hamilton (5 months ago)
Your ideas are very incredible you are a very creative guy hahahaha
Ryu 6 (5 months ago)
queria uma bmx😖 nem tenho bike veey
BenELXTE 最高 7 (5 months ago)
Imagine running over sombody's bare feet...
jane mudenda (5 months ago)
She Wolf (5 months ago)
Pretty cool but how did you adjust the wheel you didn't show what you did for us people who don't know what we're doing
Влад Саныч (5 months ago)
Что я смотрю
Jyoti Prasad (5 months ago)
Youre video and are intresting
nikease adams (5 months ago)
roses are red violets are blue the nails on the bike Is actually cool
Abdul Rehman (5 months ago)
Like cycle
Hella12322 S (6 months ago)
fet asss
Space X PROGRAM (6 months ago)
Pierre Da Motorizada (6 months ago)
I am brazil, like video
jerick bartolome (6 months ago)
its suw fery hard men
ya (6 months ago)
Drive over Donald Trump
tadjou tadjou (6 months ago)
Reymond Poblacion (6 months ago)
ngo ngo ngo ngo ngo ngo
Gurman sogi (6 months ago)
Nihal Pal (6 months ago)
Best american bunny hop of 10:23
RobloxKidXD (6 months ago)
dilon vinne (6 months ago)
Footh wip kkk
Harpreet Kaur (6 months ago)
Me gusta
SK TV (6 months ago)
Carlos Gonzales (6 months ago)
Hable bien que no le entiendo malparido .l.
Carlos Gonzales (6 months ago)
Severo cachimbaso que se pego en el culo socio
Jumono Gaming (6 months ago)
Saya tidak mengerti
ernie Lagasca (6 months ago)
jackson family (6 months ago)
You are cool
Hot choco bang bang (7 months ago)
Do a foot jam lol
Roluah puia (7 months ago)
Good idea ilove it 👍🏻
Ron Gamer (7 months ago)
This is for mafia
probro official (7 months ago)
Man so sick i want to do it too but i dont have bmx🙁
09Nile Playz (7 months ago)
Im watching you from philipines Can u sent me that ?🙋🏻‍♂️
OlaBMX (7 months ago)
Lucyana Luh (7 months ago)
Muito bom!
Hacker 121 (7 months ago)
see his under wear 03: 43
abdullah faris (7 months ago)
كم عربي يشاهد هذا الفيديو
abigail Mendez (7 months ago)
Fuck ill taa
chechen wolf (7 months ago)
DAVIDGNIK (7 months ago)
Roses are red violets are blue we can make purple with these two
q chido wui
Canal De free fire (7 months ago)
Vai tomar no cu eu nao entendo a sua ligua
Kevin Aparicio (7 months ago)
Wonka LHC (7 months ago)
Where Are you from
Gustavo Hackbart (7 months ago)
Esses BR pau no cu
At Junior (8 months ago)
eu sou português não agentino
VICKBU gamer's (8 months ago)
Yes boy
Maria Sousa (8 months ago)
B fone em Izabel QM

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