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Six-year-old victim of DUI speaks

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The woman behind the wheel in a deadly drunk driving crash learned her fate today. A mother was killed in that accident, and her daughter, Summer Moll, was severely injured.
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Michael Holly (6 days ago)
That white trash bitch should have gotten a life sentence for killing an innocent woman while driving drunk and depriving a poor little girl of her mom and leaving her scarred for life!
kitteekittee (7 days ago)
Yougirl Kperry (19 days ago)
15 years, you killed a beautiful person, I hope you died too than break the family apart
if someone have the answer of the question I going to ask please help me how IN HELL every time a DWI driver crash to someone 99% OF the Times he or she will survive the crash but the PEOPLE he or she crash into die
0xsergy (1 month ago)
I read somewhere that bécause they're all boozed up and limber they don't stiffen up in a crash so they do less damage to themselves vs the person they hit who tenses up. Its also about where they hit them. If you tbone someone you have a lot more metal in front of you to crush before it reaches you vs their door panels.
aware24 (2 months ago)
Drunk Driver: 15 years Little Girl: Life Sentence
Linda McPherson (3 months ago)
The justice system fails people killed by drunk drivers.. its no different than putting a bullet in their head.. same out come
greg king (3 months ago)
Piece of shit.
Yougirl Kperry (4 months ago)
Dui these bitch should not have been Drinking every action has consequence
Popi Ko (4 months ago)
it's time for new prisons for mandatory minimum first offense DUIs.if the penalty for DUI was 10 years in every state and you would have to be at a work Camp chain gang doing Public Service stuff for 10 year.s at least you would keep the drunks off the road for 10 years.
The Holy Mackerel (4 months ago)
The most irresponsible and avoidable of all crimes. Give these people a life sentence already.
ardith bard (4 months ago)
I almost lost my life To a drunk driver. Was in a coma. Had to relearn how to walk and talk. When will people stop this insanity.
Summer, you are a precious girl. Stay strong beautiful.
Anita Bonghit (4 months ago)
butthole asshole drunk drivers you know that is always a chance to kill an innocent person when you do this shit. they should get long ass sentences
Nez.the.best.89 (5 months ago)
Fuck that sack of shit. I dont give a shit about that drunk driver fuck her give her life! She damaged that little girl AND stole her mother away from her.
Kimberly Roman (5 months ago)
Yt4 like
MICHAEL DAVIS (5 months ago)
But 15 years doesn't mean 15 years! How many years will she really serve?
MICHAEL DAVIS (5 months ago)
If the Idiot Government would Shut down liquor factors then there would be a lot less of this happening. Sure there would be bootleg but Not near as much. If someone posts there would be just as much then you are an IDIOT!
MICHAEL DAVIS (3 months ago)
Yes, Stefan Rainer.
Stefan Rainer (3 months ago)
MICHAEL DAVIS its all about tax dollars
Tiger Steele (5 months ago)
Ryan Schoenick (6 months ago)
That poor kid! I'll be praying for her.
Karen Acton (6 months ago)
Whoa...this lady gets 15 years for killing this woman and I just watched a story where some drunk nailed an SUV in an intersection and killed three people and he gets 12 years. Wow, you guys need to reassess your justice system!!
eatpumkin090 (3 months ago)
Different states have different sentencings. You're assuming they are being triad in federal court.
K Weaver (4 months ago)
Karen Acton one of the few times a woman got more time
Arturo Lopez (4 months ago)
Karen Acton Thats America
stephen hancock (4 months ago)
Karen Acton She should get more time.
Robert Adkins (6 months ago)
Driving high on marijuana kills hundreds of thousands each year also but everyone thinks thats ok ,and is also a DUI and same sentencing, why do you think there are trying to legalize it? But the punishment is a very steep cost.and will bring tons of cash to broward county them arresting your ass for a DUI !!!!!
0xsergy (1 month ago)
Source? Just curious. Im sure there are some high accidents but no way theres that many.
stephen hancock (4 months ago)
Robert Adkins Show me the where got this information. I don't believe you.
Echo 9970 (6 months ago)
Poor litte girl so so sad 😔. I think they should ban you from having even one drink and gettung in your car. Then there is definitely no excuse at all for having even one.
Maggie Gamboa (6 months ago)
Those drunk drivers get off too easy poor little girl she lost her mother God was with her my heart goes out to her 😖😖
Hannah martian00 (7 months ago)
I actually feel sorry for the woman who was killed,the little girl with the head injury AND the woman sentenced to 15 years who was responsible for the collision. This is really tragic because everyone lost in this case and I really feel like the perpetrator feels remorse for what she did and for irreparable damage she did to a young life but, I guess that she will probably have to live with the guilt for the rest of her life and that little girl Will have to live with partial brain damage for the rest of her life. 😥💔
0xsergy (1 month ago)
Man I can't say i feel sorry for the drunk lady. We've all been drunk, you have to stay sober enough to think.
Colombian flag (7 months ago)
Wow this is so sad.
Literatura BDSM (7 months ago)
Have the decency not to wail like that, you damn piece of shit. That child has more guts and dignity than you.
David Taylor (7 months ago)
Cheryl Reimann should spend the rest of her life in prison. I know we all make bad decisions sometimes but I used to drink & I NEVER GOT BEHIND THE WHEEL OF A CAR. But she chose to & because of that she killed that poor little girl's mother & did a hell of a # on her. I THINK SHE SHOULD GET LIFE.
Sphinx Money (8 months ago)
Sphinx Money (5 months ago)
xF8ed Gamer lol ok. I'm engaged to the same guy I've been with since I was 14. I'm the complete opposite of a slut. you're just taking your insecuritties out on me, and so I'm not offended at all. nice try though, fuckface. 🖕
xF8ed Gamer (5 months ago)
xxEmpty Promisesxxx that's what all guys say after leading you on you filthy slut
Gayla Aucoin (9 months ago)
all she got was 15 years what the hell is going on change it to 40 years let her get old and sobor that way if she killed my child I would vote for her to hang for it the needle is to easy.
Bionett Arroyo (9 months ago)
My mom was hit by a drunk driver, and she has never been the same.
John Dana (4 months ago)
No fucks given 🖕🏻
Martin L (8 months ago)
+January Snow I didn't get caught, its hard to identify a hit and run when you're paralyzed and your car is upside down. In my defence their was a cute little kitten crossing the road I didn't want to hit that
Martin L (8 months ago)
+January Snow You might as well just copy and paste what I say you fool. I enjoy driving drunk, can't feel the crash until the next day. Pity the other car couldn't say the same
Martin L (8 months ago)
+January Snow I don't understand, unlike you I was thought English in school.
Martin L (9 months ago)
She's probably afraid to stand on the street corner now and lost a lot of customers
Cali Plays (9 months ago)
That woman deserves more than 15 years. She will actually get out early because of good behavior. For murdering a person and almost killing another, she deserves 25 minimum. That is sad how the system is broken.
First3is OnU (9 months ago)
I know the feeling. I am a T.B.I victim myself an everyday is no different from the day it first happened. You can see the problems that you're having but can't do nothing about it. It's no way around it, no treatment for it an no mercy because of it. 💖🎩
0xsergy (1 month ago)
+Martin L except brain injuries are permanent. Dude why are you so angry.
First3is OnU (8 months ago)
Martin L when a driver refuse to stop after the fact that driver becomes criminally responsible and criminally charged. The awards associated is called Victim of Crime Compensation. Keyword: Victim.
Martin L (8 months ago)
+Wyatt Allen That's where the weak mentality shows, why not say your a survivor? Or just shut the fuck up
First3is OnU (9 months ago)
Martin L I was struck by a vehicle at the age of 4. That's why I used the term victim.
Martin L (9 months ago)
Wait there I'll get you a medal because you claim to be a victim, we'll have a presentation ceremony with the worlds smallest violin playing at it
The kids head looks like Herman Munster
Derek Heckelsmiller (5 months ago)
Campervan Elvis I toof on you Your a SOB of a human being dude. You definitely need to be locked away now!!!
xrcrx ftfghjg (7 months ago)
Campervan Elvis I toof on you so do you
Uncle Ryan (9 months ago)
Only 15 years?
Justin Bergeron (8 months ago)
Uncle Ryan if this was a man, he would of got life
LectronCircuits (9 months ago)
Lives of perpetrator & victims are basically shot to Hell. Bummer!
Reina Arana (10 months ago)
Man drunk driving is never ok
xF8ed Gamer (5 months ago)
Reina Arana. Unless you live in Mexico
Reina Arana (10 months ago)
Omfg Poor little girl
Beverly Archer (10 months ago)
HAHAHAHA drunks have no remorse for drunk driving if they did they wouldn't have decided to drink and drive so their apologies mean nothing
Adam Aaron (3 years ago)
The little girl has lost her mother and she is scared with head damage, just because this lady wanted to drink and drive, its very sad
0xsergy (1 month ago)
+John Dana or if people could be responsible. wow, that's quite a stretch eh
John Dana (4 months ago)
Adam Aaron boo fucking hoo. If every car had an ignition lock dui would be just about over. This is about money and madd cunts and revenge.
Syvannah Leigh (5 years ago)
I'm a bit late, but I used to babysit Summer and she was so sweet. Her mom was also amazing, I miss her. :/ 15 years is not long enough.
Zeayo (5 months ago)
Martin L You are a pathetic excuse for a human being, little boy. Trolling the comments all day to take life's frustrations out on other people will get you nowhere fast.
Martin L (9 months ago)
+Connie Barnes $150 that's ridiculous, how's he supposed to pay for beer and gas when he got out
Gina MacDougall (9 months ago)
Syvannah Leigh my condolences to you and her family is the little one doing okay.
Connie Barnes (10 months ago)
Syvannah, That had to be terribly sad for you. She looks like such a sweet little lady. 15 years is not enough. We lost my wonderful brother-in-law many years, however, he was also killed by a drunk driver. He was only 19 years old. The drunk driver got 3 days in jail and a $150.00 fine. Just pathetic.
mcrfuse (6 years ago)
Azure Faye's Family (6 years ago)
0xsergy (1 month ago)
Yeah selfish assholes do happen, you are correct
Bear with me (6 months ago)
kikikinko It shouldn't happen. That's why there are laws.
Kriegt Gott (7 years ago)
@lukey67jets Agreed what a Bastard !!!!!
musicphreakk (7 years ago)
luke burton (7 years ago)
she should spend her life in jail
xrcrx ftfghjg (7 months ago)
luke burton you Should become a judge

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