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Judge jails drunk driver’s mom for laughing at victim’s family in court

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A Michigan woman spent the night in jail after laughing during a sentencing for a deadly DUI crash. http://bit.ly/2lAH0rC
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CeeCee Leggs (2 hours ago)
She's RACIST. Thats why she stormed out of the courtroom. A black judge sentencing her white daughter for killing a black man and severly injuring his black fiancee. Her family felt humiliated in front of their white supremacy friends. The judge was wrong for releasing her.
pshodean (4 hours ago)
You see her look at the camera, I got over is what went through her head. Sorry Judge, she should have gotten the full 93 days
Precious Tyme (8 hours ago)
HAHAHAHAHA Lock up that Drunk
Kat Pusa (15 hours ago)
Crocodile tears. She sounded so fake. Bad acting. She deserved more than a night in jail. Imagine if her own kid was killed, and the killer's family was laughing while she made her statement.
Donald Gorth (15 hours ago)
Inbred hillbillies
LoftusRoadLad (16 hours ago)
Good for the judge.
Christiane Montazer (1 day ago)
Great judge. That woman is a moron and should’ve stayed in jail!
WD Harris (1 day ago)
Robert T. (1 day ago)
Excellent job by the Judge. Shame on the mother of the drunk driver and her child.
lgaray78 (1 day ago)
Weak Judge....she broke....screw that, I just lost all respect for her and her position. You can't discipline a child, then go back on your word. Correct response should have been, "I'm sorry, judgement was passed, suck it up and have a great day".
Marie Apple (1 day ago)
Put her ass back in jail and let her rot there!
Dave BB (1 day ago)
Yes thats what i do. I laugh when im under stress like if i get fired or my dad dies or im in a car accident
FUXSQQUAD (1 day ago)
“It’s been very hard for me” fuck you rot in hell you piece of shit clearly your daughter is exactly like you and should never be allowed around the public again. Absolutely disgusting
Samuel Toomer (1 day ago)
Their whole family is disgusting! No wonder one their the females killed another person by driving drunk! Real winners there!
Andrea Beornsen (2 days ago)
That look into the camera says it all. She's just sorry karma kicked her in the ass.
Yvan D.M (2 days ago)
Justice system in USA ??? Hahahahahah...really..??? She has to respond to the same judge as where she broke the law ??? Really ????? Idiots
RMURPHY RMURPHY (2 days ago)
Interesting she’s apologizing and fake crying but NO tears coming from this heifer
robert walton (2 days ago)
She should have locked up the entire family for a couple of days.
catfish500mark (2 days ago)
Crocodile tears,should have left her sorry ass in jail.
Your Ego (3 days ago)
She wasn’t sorry. She had her fake boobs out acting offended. Her daughter killed someone. God bless this judge for setting this person straight.
Tracy Czernik (3 days ago)
I don't believe a damn word she said she wasn't crying she was faking it, Stupid B*tch
I would have been the one in jail for beating the life out of that cunt. I like that Judge though.
JB GTO (4 days ago)
That bitch is just showing crocodile tears! Shes a major pos.
Tam McSkimming (4 days ago)
Hope she died in jail
Jay Lane (5 days ago)
Such a fake apology.
Taz Rich (6 days ago)
Taz Rich (6 days ago)
Should have left it in jail
Leonie Weimer (6 days ago)
Like the judge said her kid is going to jail the other persons child is gone for good there’s no comparison she needs to grow up and be an example for her kids not a joke
Tony Diablo (6 days ago)
I'm sorry, but! The judge has a very sexy voice.... She can rico my statute anyday.
VolDep45 (7 days ago)
She should have served the whole 93 days.
Adi T (7 days ago)
what a whore mother and a whore daughter
SDD 1 (7 days ago)
SEE WHAT A FEW TEARS can do for you.
Sandra Ainsworth (7 days ago)
put her back in jail..her looks give her reason enough to stay longer
NeverBiden (8 days ago)
Good judge. I commend her for explaining the difference between TV shows and real courtrooms.
EmeraldView (8 days ago)
Give her AT LEAST 30 days. One night is hardly enough.
Nu Gundam (9 days ago)
Shoulda been left in jail for 93 days, round it up to 100 actually maybe add another 100, she isn't sorry, laughing in DUI sentencing isn't "being under stress" thats being an awful shitty human being. She's crying cause she was in jail for what she did and was sentenced to something for what she did, judge let her off to easy, nobody woulda batted an eye.
Maxyshadow (9 days ago)
lock all of her rubbish family up they were laughing too.
kgainer (9 days ago)
40,000 people a year are killed by these criminals behaving NEGLIGENTLY on our PUBLIC roadways. If terrorists killed 40,000 a year here there would be rioting in the streets. Due to the unending and ceaseless toll of dead from car crashes it is pretty obvious to me that the Judiciary needs to bring back public executions. After a few of these people who kill so many innocents on our roads are strung up in a public square maybe the rest of the community can then enjoy law and order and peace and quiet. In years past, I would never make such an extreme comment (advocating for public executions) but it is now abundantly clear that all other tactics the authorities have tried to stem the enormous tide of death and destruction has not put a dent in the annual death toll from crashes of 40,000 a year. 40,000 a year dead...and those are the lucky ones!!! That is, there's an ADDITIONAL 3.5 million people who are maimed as a consequence of idiot drivers and who daily suffer the consequences of injuries. Society needs to resolve this problem with draconian measures, if need be. As far as the laughing hyena in Courtroom 502, she should have been sent away to crush rocks with a sledgehammer for 5 to 10 years and then her attitude reassessed. To the Public: START ARTICULATING SOME OPPOSITION TO WHAT YOU SEE!
Eduardo Garcia (11 days ago)
That's why these people act as they do because they never get what they ABSOLUTELY deserve. This self entitled bitch needed to stay all 93 days so the rest of her family could get the idea. Fuck her and her family.
donna eastin (13 days ago)
Should have thrown all of them to jail. She’s not sorry.
Vikram Gupta (14 days ago)
Great comments by the judge.
Lamovec (14 days ago)
While I'm against her cruel cynical behaviour to victims, I wonder in what kind of state you get to jail for laughter?
Fatma Aden (18 days ago)
my right ear feels lonely.....
RCPRO B (21 days ago)
Jailed for laughing? That's abuse of power!
TacticalboyHD (8 days ago)
Nope. If the judge tells you to shut the fuck up, then you should shut up. Typical neanderthug behavior.
ed barcela (1 month ago)
Yes you need to apologize and go to jail for bad attitude..
MICHAEL DAVIS (1 month ago)
If alcohol wasn't made in factories and sold there would be a whole lot less people dying of DUI drivers. Don't give me a stupid comment. Yes there would be some but not Near as many! Period.
Adrian Gates (1 month ago)
Did that judge say "actin a fool"?
Yougirl Kperry (1 month ago)
Known she was laughing bitch you should have been crying your daughter is going to jail Fucking bitch victims family lost their child And you playing victim should have shut the fuck up , figured you raised a daughter who wouldn’t drink and drive I have no Toro rants for fake bitches like you and mistake your daughter did that cost beautiful souls life
angela knowles (1 month ago)
Master Yoda (1 month ago)
Her apology isn't sincere, I see it in her eyes this bitch is just a soulless stupid cunt
ou812 ou812 (1 month ago)
You can look at her and tell her she's ignorant laughing at the trial of her daughter killing another woman She's a real scumbag.
streetlegacy816 (1 month ago)
Snowflake tears have no moisture! Harambe on he bench would have let it stand, if she was a man!
johnny sauceda (1 month ago)
looks like she shed tears because she got in trouble for laughing and could spend some time and not for the other family. hell lock her up too if she doesn't care about taking someone else's life.
Ronnie Bishop (1 month ago)
Yes this judge hates whites but she was still justified. That white women acted like the idiot that she is, but she needs to hide being an idiot in court.
Mason Kissel (1 month ago)
So annoying when these horrible scum are suddenly so sorry and cry crocodile tears when they get the punishment they deserve.
Thadeous Badeous (1 month ago)
This is clearly a racist judge.
Eric Fernandez (1 month ago)
iAndale, cabrona!
Bay Phan (1 month ago)
She not sorry what if was her family member die she would be piss dumb bitch
emi beru (1 month ago)
should have sent her to prison, she raised a POS because she is a POS
Shanna Sweger (1 month ago)
Can't imagine where her daughter gets her morals from
white zebra (1 month ago)
COOL JUDGE!! WELL spoken. Polite. And nice
Tre Monroe (1 month ago)
She should've done some time! She's not sorry, just sorry she spent the night in jail!
Nezza Felt (1 month ago)
Should of at least a week
DreamWave Dave (1 month ago)
Garbage people.
Dipped In Moonlight (1 month ago)
Trash bag.
The Greek Pianist (1 month ago)
Hateful immature bitch!!!
DUST BOWL METAL SHOW (1 month ago)
I like this Judge
riku shet (1 month ago)
Why she let her go??she needs to be locked!
mobb s (1 month ago)
Typical women, commit a crime come back to court and cry for forgiveness. This bitch daughter kill somebody and she is talking about her emotions, bitch what about the people whose love one your daughter killed. This bitch should have soend the entire 93 days in prison.
Soo Kymbo (1 month ago)
She sounds drunk
Koko Peter (1 month ago)
Oh my, the judge believed her when she said she "din du nuffin"
Flutter Bize (1 month ago)
I am white - white white white - and my dear friends of all colors what you see here is an example of white trash of which I find deeply embarrassing.
Polar Bear (2 months ago)
Crocodile tears. It's probably her fault that her rugrat drinks and drives and murders people. She looks like the kind of person who probably pounds 10 Old Spillwaukees and drives.
mellen jordan (2 months ago)
this judge is awesome!....good job
Marco Feekil (2 months ago)
I just am curious if she has any underpants on during all of this.
Bibi Jaikaran (2 months ago)
Go judge
reggie santos (2 months ago)
After a night night in jail. She felt sorry. I wouldn’t have released her. She would’ve stayed 14 days
Darkamp_48 (2 months ago)
SO! who's laughing NOW !?!?! =)
MrsConnie 2You (2 months ago)
Don't nobody give one good damn about her fake ass tears...THERE WAS NOTHING FUNNY ABOUT THAT PRECEDING AT ALL!!
kitty62862 (2 months ago)
No. I call BS. You aren’t sorry you did it. You’re sorry you have to answer for it. Laughing at victim impact statements. Disgusting.
Carmel Apple Blossom (2 months ago)
i swear women are sociopaths it started with Eve. they always seem to want want want only about themselves no feelings for others
macarthur field (2 months ago)
Did that lying stupid bitch say "Let's get out of here" at 1:04, to here lawyer, when she caught the camera looking straight at her? Oh, POOR ME.....Its SO hard on me. Yep, we can see that murderer daughter of hers, didn't fall TOO far from the tree !!!
Kossolax the Foresworn (2 months ago)
what a complete trash person she is
Donna Stuart (2 months ago)
She should have gotten more time it’s disgusting the way this mom acted
mattsmiddy40 (2 months ago)
disappointed she went soft on the bitch, cheers from Scotland
mattsmiddy40 (2 months ago)
crocodile tears, send her down
Ezekiel Major (2 months ago)
I would have let her stay in there for a week to teach her one heck of a lesson.
Miguel Jr. Orias (2 months ago)
DUI is no joke you stupid cunt!
fightrrrrr (2 months ago)
She sounds like a bar hag drunk.. apple Never falls far from the tree
Melissa Soenksen (2 months ago)
Them fake sorry ass tears... I’d have left her in there a few more days...let it really sink in....that family will never ever ever get to have even a moments breath with their loved one again and you laugh...excuse my language but fuck you!
joe r. (2 months ago)
Pathetic bitch,should have had her ran over by a drunk driver then sentence her to prison.Useless cunt.
Abs Stock (2 months ago)
Disgusting piece of crap...how dare you breed...I hope you have the pain and sorrow inflicted on you that your low life daughter did to another family...let’s hope a bomb drops on you and your brood 😡
Dan Conner (2 months ago)
I have a family member who was killed by a intoxicated driver. She was hit while crossing the street in the cross walk with the light in her favor. This driver was over the speed limit at approximately 80 mph and my aunt didn't have a chance. She was dragged and killed in front of her kids. And yet this so called mother, stands up and laughs at the victims family while they set there realizing that they will never get to see their loved one again, and she thinks it's funny? The victims family showed respect towards her daughter while this "mom of the year at being the worst" laughs. Judge should of put her under the jail, gave the keys to the cell to the family and let them decide when the "Mon of the year at being the worst" should be released. I am a former LEO abd I had no respect towards DUI suspects. I lost friends who were Killed by DUI suspects who were non law enforcement personal and who were law enforcement. If I was that judge, as she was crying, I would of gave get a paper towel and told her to cry on someone else's shoulder as she was being escorted back to jail.
Prisanarat Buasumran (2 months ago)
Her voice her face so fake locked her up with her kid,
Jose Daniel (2 months ago)
Cmon judge I was happy you putting her in jail, cuz she cried you let her go_?? Same judge,jus like the last judge 👎🏼
Serpent Sepia (2 months ago)
She should have got 90 years.
kenny lars (2 months ago)
Hang her
Kerstin Nilsson (2 months ago)
93 days in prison? Prison is for sentences over a year. I think she meant jail...
What a flake (2 months ago)
This is the same ugly broad that showed up in court the day before with her fake tits hanging out for the world to see. Grow up you stupid woman. Learn to show some respect. It’s no wonder your daughter behaved the way she did. Apple doesn’t fall far

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