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Judge jails drunk driver’s mom for laughing at victim’s family in court

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A Michigan woman spent the night in jail after laughing during a sentencing for a deadly DUI crash. http://bit.ly/2lAH0rC
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gtlip (2 hours ago)
@1:03 her eyes say it all. She is lying and acting. Plus if her family was laughing then it shows their character as a whole. Ugly, lying bitch.
Starlit Equinox (13 hours ago)
Fakest performance ever.
chgo60610 (1 day ago)
She's probably an alcoholic like her daughter.
Katrina Perez (1 day ago)
Sometimes people laugh because of nervousness.
I8thumper (1 day ago)
She's beyond sick. Both lives are destroyed, but obviously the perp it's deserved.
BIG TREES (3 days ago)
What callousness to laugh at the death caused by her drunken daughter, if I were the judge she would have got 90 days so she and her shit stain of a child could have had some bonding time in the same cell. What a nasty bitch, she needs a good slap to sort her shit out the dumb cunt.
Mike Perkins (4 days ago)
White privilege.
llw53one (4 days ago)
The Judge was right! Bet that lady won’t laugh again.
Aftersex Highfives (4 days ago)
That look at the camera said it all. She deserves jail.
Paul Newkirk (7 days ago)
Thank you judge.
Michael Mallonee (8 days ago)
So happy she became the defendant
Kurt Smith (11 days ago)
Crocodile tears. Her and her family are nothing but white trash. Her daughter kills someone and her and her family are in the courtroom laughing? Disgusting people all of them.
Deborah Dantin (12 days ago)
How HATEFUL can a person get!!! Laughing at victims family? I hope her daughter enjoys prison!
Dan Roberts (14 days ago)
Giiiiiiirl, you caint be actin' a foo! I be a fo real judge baby! We caint be having nobody come in here and show they asses. Now take yo skank ass on to the lock up wiff the depaty o' dare.
Sharyl Wenger (15 days ago)
Here is a question, this posting is dated Mar 2017, yet if you look at the calendar on the wall beside the judge it clearly reads April 2017. How does that work?
Russell Tech (17 days ago)
Got what she deserves.
DREW CRAIG (23 days ago)
Who is here because of trandcrave
Joyce Aitchison (28 days ago)
She is one bitch does not care about the death of someone - or their family - its all about her - should have put her away - then maybe she would understand what its like not to have loved one around - but then again maybe not - hope her and her bitch daughter and rest of their family one day feel the pain the dead persons family are suffering.
rolanda parker (1 month ago)
She not sorry at all those are fake tears she just want to go home
Jacob (1 month ago)
I hate videos like these when they do not really laughed.
Brent bee (1 month ago)
Wait. A drunk came from bad stock?
Indrid Cold (1 month ago)
Did the trash woman ever hear of contempt of court?
Ian S (1 month ago)
Jimmy Mcdonald (1 month ago)
Typical woman
Mag (1 month ago)
People like her are in charge of this country.Dictatorship of the stupid.
Sparkle Shine (1 month ago)
I bet if color had been the other way around.... blacky killing a whitey.... no night in jail. They would have been asked real nice to leave the property and offered money on the way out the door.
WACO Glider Man (1 month ago)
Judge should be disbarred
mighty whitey (1 month ago)
she needs a good raping
Amed Tajan (1 month ago)
An apology Sony bring back a person back to life.
Cyon Orthrus (1 month ago)
She's crying but I see no tears.
Nick H (1 month ago)
Good on ya judge.
Mustafa Ahmad (1 month ago)
People like to paint black women as angry but this is a level of compassion I know only a black woman could have had. Especially looking at these comments. Her mother saw the face of god when she got them 93 days and just like God she showed her mercy. I can only pray that she learned her lesson but man what a horrible way to learn a lesson. Who raised her this shit looks generational they all have issues laughing at another families death.
Billy (1 month ago)
She is just crying because she is scared she might go to jail
aurelle champagne (1 month ago)
Sorry judge...could you please forgive me for neglecting to tell you to FUCK OFF
Mandee Nelson (1 month ago)
What is wrong with people! She will be sorry in prison when people laugh as some dike make her their bitch!!! Or kills her
Nat Wolins (1 month ago)
The judge got her attention.
Donovan (1 month ago)
I have anxiety, my dog has fleas, my fish drowned, my bird pooped in my shoes and my cat ate my bird.
Wallace Crawford (1 month ago)
Only one night?! She should have gotten the full sentence.
richgs76 (1 month ago)
For every action, there is a equal and opposite reaction. Her actions deserved the equal and opposite reaction.
Brian Hendricks (1 month ago)
BS she was overwhelmed.
Peter Palmer (1 month ago)
The Judge was more than merciful. I would have let her sit in jail for at least 15 days. Just long enough for he inner lesbian to be forced out.
Infidel Lover (1 month ago)
Fuck off to prison trailer trash shit
Martha Wilson (1 month ago)
Good for that judge! She should have left her in jail another day!!!
Brian Chase (1 month ago)
I always love it when women try that fake crying or weeping when they have put themselves in a jam. Pop the bitch in the face and give her something to really cry about
Spidermom (2 months ago)
She deserves an Emmy.
Beth Roesch (2 months ago)
They laughed???? Explains why that little twat murdered someone. If it's that funny, maybe she could stay in jail and hold her daughter's hand??? The judge should have made her apologize publicly
Matthew Turk (2 months ago)
F that..laughing at victims family over their lost loved one ........then the mom gets smart?..6 months minimum
tortilla1soup (2 months ago)
She's just sooo sorry, boo hoo
Night Shift (2 months ago)
hang her
michael Hendrickson (2 months ago)
Hooray to the judge for pointing out that the victim's family has a much bigger loss than that woman.
Cathleen Williamson (2 months ago)
Did you her eyes roll when the judge pointed out her daughter's victim is never going home? She's sorry about being punished. Not sorry about her behavior.
France Richard (2 months ago)
What a dumb ass family!!!!! There all scum bags!!!!
Sonya Eric (2 months ago)
Is she mentally stable? Right decision
john kendall (2 months ago)
She would have spent the entire 93 days if I was the judge -
RJSP Brown (2 months ago)
Just disgusting her daughter is like her mother trash and low down. She should've been put in jail one night is nothing.
Richard Motroni (2 months ago)
gul alatas (2 months ago)
James Chavez (2 months ago)
She should have let the bitch rot in jail for 93 days. What they did laughing and snickering in the courtroom just evil.
David Phelan (2 months ago)
This judge just taught this lady a huge lesson in respect. Trailor park women.
strfltcmnd. (2 months ago)
you can't come to court and act any way you want unless you are black. with them disruptive behavior is normal.
RM SemFl (2 months ago)
Woman aren't really the victims they act like. cry wolf to many times and nobody believes them.
Trump on a Tuesday (2 months ago)
Both the daughter and the mother are pieces of shit!!
Amazin82 (2 months ago)
She’s only crying because she was looking at 3 months in jail.
GUILLERMO RAMÍREZ (2 months ago)
One night only? Stupid worthless bitch, hope she dies in a terrible horrific bloody accident! Don't like it? You will too!
Nikito Nikio (2 months ago)
Oooo crocodile tears... looks at camera confirms is was an act. Unreal.
Banglaroad (2 months ago)
this judge belong to a sandbox because she's just not tough enough................
John Smith (2 months ago)
Put that white trash in jail. Fuck the daughter and all her family, put the lot of them in jail Fucking low class white trash
Thefirstgalaxybeing (2 months ago)
Boo-hoo, fake tears and fake grief. Bitch should be spending years in jail.
Jimmy Gorman (2 months ago)
Hang the bitch,,😡😡😡😡
Michael Laman (2 months ago)
what a pathetic loser, judge gave her very light sentence
Michele Johnson (2 months ago)
Why let her out? Should throw her in a cell with her drunken killer daughter!
Daniel McCarthy (2 months ago)
Why on earth would she laugh? She should have spent the entire 93 days in jail. Shame on that judge. Voters should remember this and vote her out in the next election.
Nicki nurse (2 months ago)
Can't believe she let her out....so disappointing
Kat LOLOLOLOL (2 months ago)
My left ear is raped.
Wayne Cameron (2 months ago)
A typical "alky-family"of hard-drinkin' and hard-drivin' sots and losers who think they have the right to drink and drive (but never actually be "drunk", of course). The concept of how the family of the victim felt had never so much as crossed her mind. It was all about her and her "poor baby".
RUNaway (2 months ago)
Tom Anderson (2 months ago)
Fake excuse!
LMNOP OTAY (3 months ago)
I think tha mom was crying cause she needed a drink😉
SpiderFang (3 months ago)
No pitty lock her up
A StickFigure (3 months ago)
Imagine if the genders were flopped...
Magneticitist (3 months ago)
Bitch spends a single night in a cell and now she's all sorry and shit
rob sim (3 months ago)
click bate 1 day is not getting sent to prison
Kevin Goetz (3 months ago)
Trailer trash scum
Daniel Hulett (3 months ago)
Not a crime
chief tp (3 months ago)
judge Shaniqua don't play dat
riikerman (3 months ago)
Who's judge Shaniqua?
jdexposure (3 months ago)
Ever wonder where dirtbags come from? Dirtbag families! Cry your crocodile tears in the butt farm, dirtbag!
Randy Hildebrand (3 months ago)
This is why we can't sugar coat shit these days ppl you end up creating a ppl like this lady......look n learn bottom line.
drServitis (3 months ago)
Good coaching by her lawyer to shed fake tears. Garbage family. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Should have gotten more jail time than just one night in lock up.
renatobott (3 months ago)
no sympathy for that female monster
Ben Dillard (3 months ago)
Some people don't have a conscience I am convinced that there are people that don't have a soul ,born without one.
J Lau (3 months ago)
John Law (3 months ago)
Well spoken judge
nadacool (3 months ago)
POS, let her rot in jail.
Chris (3 months ago)
The mother is a Trailer Park Trash! You can’t deserve better from people who were never taught better! Scum bag is scum bag!!
billygoat catfish (3 months ago)
How do you know what someone is laughing about all the way in the back of the room? Some people laugh when nervous or under stress. They nay have been laughing at the look on someone else's face or something unrelated. She was asked to leave and responded with an outburst which may have been a defensive reaction to being misunderstood. She got jail probably for the outburst, not the laughing. Which was probably very quietly done and probably only noticed by the judge. Youtube commenters here are poisonous... You are judging her in your comments without understanding or all the facts.. Misjudging for selfish personal self righteous gain is in my book even more evil than laughing at someone. Misjudging and spreading gossip is malicious evil with the intent to harm. Repent. You condemning commenters here doing greater evil than this woman who may ( your not sure-which makes it rumour gossip) have been inappropriate under extreme duress of losing her daughter to jail. If you so sure she is evil person then prove it now here by revealing the exact reason they laughed, what was said, who heard it, and what it's meaning was... Right.. Just as I suspect.. You have no answer Tell me what was the outburst about.. Was she laughing out Lou's and yelling offensive as you seem to think?.. Perhaps she was objecting to the court guard unnecessarily touching her for removal for this misunderstanding and not being allowed to explain herself. If her daughter was offender that doesn't mean mother is guilty. She a victim too. Maybe you right but mu point is you don't know for sure.
S S (3 months ago)
What is contempt of court? My ass. What are law's? It's just some shit made up by assholes who think they lay down some rules for poor or middle class people to live by.
GY (3 months ago)
Those trashy bitch of a mom and daughter need to be sold to isis for just 2 bucks for the rest of their lives
This kind of person is only possible in the United States Of America !! Get a grip America !!
B A (3 months ago)
So your kid kills someone and you have the freaking nerve to be pissed that she's going to jail??

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