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Bulldog Gameplay - Where are the pro girls at? WE NEED GRILLS!

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Text Comments (89)
Decently Dexterous (3 years ago)
*Cough cough* optic midnight
Logan S (3 years ago)
2:34, the word you are looking for is "disparity"
Deanna Davidson (3 years ago)
I'm a girl and I play cod games . and I feel like the reason most girls don't play is because most guys usually do trash talk girls before they even start the game . because it's happened to me multiple times , and the other reason why girls might not play is because they feel weird playing with a bunch of guys that they don't know but it personally don't bother me . and I'm no where near being a pro gamer , but I do enjoy playing mostly call of duty games rather girly games 😂
Jason Bookstaver (3 years ago)
Yesterday in the stream, you insulted your party by telling them that they were playing like girls. I'm just wondering what you meant by that vs what you mean here?
Fritz (3 years ago)
Optic midnite
Thomas Dyll (3 years ago)
There are literally 0 girls in top tier teams in cs go.
Nezer459 (3 years ago)
Liked (Y)
XxDracasxX (3 years ago)
Im a guy but from what i have seen in pubs , why would any girl gamer want to become pro ? They are treated so badly and immaturly in pubs , imagine a tournament ! I think its mostly because of the community and the general idea that girls can't play video games
STR8upDERPGaming 112 (3 years ago)
I'm a male but I think girls are just as good as guys. Go search sssniperwolf she a great youtuber and is really good a gaming
Seníor CaulknBawlz (3 years ago)
Maybe guys just take gaming more seriously but girls see it as more of a hobby and just something to do in your spare time. Plus, males are more competitive and always like to prove that they're the alpha and the best of the best. Testosterone levels are directly linked to competivity
Luca Piacenza (3 years ago)
In cod aw
Twitch Grip (3 years ago)
Because there's no point in a chick playing pro when she can make more money streaming at home and getting subs from dudes without the stress of being a pro gamer.
Its TheHypeTrain (3 years ago)
I've seen girl pubstompers before in lobbies and that's about it and usually you can't tell if it's a girl or not because they might not have their Mic in but that's about it, something odd though is that during the day I find a girl in about every 5 lobbies then at night I don't just find 1 girl in every lobby, it's multiple girls in every lobby of course we are talking about the competitive seen, I'm just saying though
Luis Barboza (3 years ago)
We need *girls* not grills
Jonah St. Hilaire (3 years ago)
I think stereotypes relate.. If the stereo type is directed towards them, people generally act that way maybe not for all of them but I think in this case it's different P.s Marksman u r a god at s&d lol
Funny Comment Guy (3 years ago)
Let's be real, they're aren't girl pro cod players because they don't have the awareness nor the finger coordination. Maybe the communication, but the max potential for a girl gamer is less than that of a guys. If anyone cares to prove me wrong I'll be watching pro events for at least the next couple years. Make it into the top 16, you won't.
Mandy Neville (3 years ago)
As a women, speaking for myself mind you, I play call of duty usually everyday and i'm not good enough to go "pro" nor would I want to I get enough trash talk in pubs to last a lifetime lol. However, I completely agree that there are some women who are on the same level as the top sixteen. I think it's more of a thought that mlg is a male sport. Think about it, if a women were to get on say Optic and they lost a tournament how many immature guys would be like "well you know why you lost you have a girl on your team". And maybe that's just me, but that's my perspective.
Bloo TooT (3 years ago)
theres truth to thaat from some perspective,but guys get shit tones of trash talk from people ,per say nade shot the fans practically blame him for every game they lose his fault or not. but people always talk shit no matter male or female.they just dont care which u really shouldnt .plus if u are good and are in a pro team most ppl wont talk shit cuz ur good as simple as that.
Corey Bruce (3 years ago)
I'm a girl and I honestly feel like most girls only play to get attention. There are very few that just play to enjoy the game it seems.
CrucifyMeyy (3 years ago)
We need grills?
TheStarvingAfrican (3 years ago)
pro gaming is lame
stachis14 (3 years ago)
It's just the way were raised. Growing up, it's much more likely that boys are shown that playing video games is a "boyish" activity. I'm sure that if it was a norm for girls to play video games, they would be as good as guys. I doubt that there would be 50/50 split in demographics but if that was the case, then maybe there a barriers to entry for women who try to enter the pro scene. I don't know much about the pro scene but just a thought.
Im Saxon (3 years ago)
Can you guys help me reach 25 subs today
Nick Wright (3 years ago)
Some girls are really good, Idk any that are professional, but I feel like over half of them play for attention tbh, I mean we all can see that
Its TheHypeTrain (3 years ago)
The infamous [Girl] clan tag
Alex M (3 years ago)
Marksman what your battle tag for hearthstone I'd like to play!
Tate Bourgeois (3 years ago)
And you don't even need hands to be a csgo pro look at the real handi
Tate Bourgeois (3 years ago)
Counter strike has a few girl pro teams but they are separated from guy pro teams for some reason
Spanxxx (3 years ago)
Ha..I just remembered the korean girl gamer who played for stx soul. ToSsGirL was only there for show. She was pretty terrible.
guinea kity (3 years ago)
I think it's because more guys like shooting and violence then girls, though I wonder why, you would have to ask a few girls that don't watch or play video games like this to find out.
Brian (3 years ago)
tK had a all girls pro team dumbass
Russian Bot (3 years ago)
Aren't you embarrassed? lol
OSUkid23 (3 years ago)
+Demise Clan I'm curious, how the fuck can you say "stay in your lane snd star," when you were the one who said "tK had a all girls pro team"?
Breathing Success (3 years ago)
+ImMarksman Wrekt.
Brian (3 years ago)
+ImMarksman nice editing your comment. so nV wasnt a pro team at orlando? stay in your lane snd star... snd pub star smh lmao
ImMarksman (3 years ago)
Lol, to actually be a professional, you need to place in the top 16. Which they never did nor have really any girls.
Seth (3 years ago)
But nadeshot is a pro player....
Kilos In My Bag (3 years ago)
I read a similar article, but I'm pretty sure a majority of women play mobile games and such
Th3AGam3 (3 years ago)
Come sub to me and I'll sub back and stay active
Broc OBrien (3 years ago)
I think it's looked down upon
lucas sells (3 years ago)
You say your good at search but you never play UMGs or anything of that sort not ranked bit UMGs
Banard Adams (3 years ago)
The funny thing is he doesn't say he's good at search he just plays it a lot. He obviously does really good and we see that he's good and assume that he thinks he's good because he's always carrying his team,but he doesn't believe he's that good at search I've asked him before.
Oteca (3 years ago)
Anatomically, men are better at tracking moving object. Now while some women may have equal or greater ability, that is generally speaking. When I play CoD I rarely find females who keep pace with the rest of the lobby, much less lead it. It's usually one girl gamer, with about 4 squeaky nerds gasming over the fact they are playing with a girl on their team, so not much is accomplished.
Mr.Wigglez187 (3 years ago)
OpTic MiDnIGhT, OpTic Jewel and Scarlet Assassin r all really good. The OpTic girls were going to b pro, but Hex has sumthin else is mind for them soon i guess, is wut Midnight was saying
Matt Kroh (3 years ago)
In a survey done in 2014 by the National gamers united, stats show that 89% of the 25 000 girls surveyed don't game for long periods of time because their fingers always get stuck to their controller's because they forget to wash their hands after they've done the dirty deed to them self.
Bloo TooT (3 years ago)
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stoooooooooooooooooopid
Tktakeofc (3 years ago)
made my day
Collin (3 years ago)
JULESMEDIA (3 years ago)
omgezniki is probably the best female cs player I've seen, but there's definitely not one who's professional. I believe with the growth of eSports there will be more girls coming into the scenes.
JULESMEDIA (3 years ago)
Natawhee is pretty sick actually. Never seen the other one play!
shane kemper (3 years ago)
The two girls shroud plays with are better. Natawhee and pterodactylsftw. "BY FAR"
Ole Aleksander Horn (3 years ago)
real grill?
TwoNibba’s kissing (3 years ago)
I think its be aide they refuse to play with men in the same league if their was female only champship we would have a lot
Kyle Ofeldt (3 years ago)
Ehem league if legends to 0 PRo girl gamers. Many of girls who stream but none are pro.
I Kill For KD (3 years ago)
I Kill For KD (3 years ago)
I got the 69th like!
Nat Partington (3 years ago)
What attachments on ur bulldog?
gursaj maan (3 years ago)
You are right girls can play but they decide not to because of you are a girl you like different stuff, but not always. Like if I was to play sports the girls would say I am going to do make up or something. #thisishowiseeit
Halo 4 killers (3 years ago)
jcoogzz (3 years ago)
What about optic Minnie or optic jewels? There is a good amount for girls in call of duty
ImMarksman (3 years ago)
Being an entertainer is far different, they seem to do that much more often actually playing competitive to be the best
IV-JACK-IV (3 years ago)
Did you see them play at champs qualifiers? They are not professional
gursaj maan (3 years ago)
Keep up the good work and I am sad the Pamaj and faze rain are fighting lol but anyway marksman you are the best
yoHatchet (3 years ago)
Doesn't OpTic Formals girlfriend play for a somewhat professional team
Catbino (3 years ago)
OliverHD Kastop (3 years ago)
Liquid Scarlet is a sick SC2 gamer
mikep1212 (3 years ago)
Nick, check out Riot gaming UK  https://twitter.com/RiotGaming?lang=en-gb Awesome female team.
Dave Nome (3 years ago)
now he gets a lot of pussy XD
Afi Akau (3 years ago)
We need Grills?
Ole Aleksander Horn (3 years ago)
it's a joke
DexTy (3 years ago)
yeah i was about to say that to xd
Sedzepi (3 years ago)
Hi marksman
Mike Pettine (3 years ago)
I've talked to thousands of people on x box and never talked to a girl
Uzi Versissi (3 years ago)
2nd comment! :)
overtflow (3 years ago)
most pro girls look like bulldogs :D
turbo eVo (3 years ago)
+Chad V she's not a pro, she's an entertainer
Chad V (3 years ago)
Thumker (3 years ago)
I love pingas :)
Thumker (3 years ago)
kys :)
Bloo TooT (3 years ago)
Barackoli (3 years ago)
First bitches
PenguinMercy (3 years ago)
I said first. Lemme kill myself now.
PenguinMercy (3 years ago)
First reply.
GAJM__ (3 years ago)
Am I actually first for once wow
GAJM__ (3 years ago)
yoHatchet (3 years ago)
Nope you were late other guy got it
Mike Pettine (3 years ago)
I can take the gta loading screens I can take the skyrim loading screens But when the ads buffer... I suffer
Mike Pettine (3 years ago)
Me either m9
Fallen (3 years ago)
+Mike Pettine I can't take the AC:Unity loading screens though

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