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Girls with Glasses are Sexy too.

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twitter: http://www.twitter.com/daisycheekz blog: http://www.mzchristie.blogspot.com http://mzchristie.blogspot.com/2012/02/girls-with-glasses-are-sexy-too.html romans 14:17
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Fred Prior (5 years ago)
I think that all women should wear glasses look so sexy Never wear contacts!!!!
Jay Nukem (6 years ago)
I think glasses make a girl look more intelligent. Glasses also draw attention to a girls eyes which I think is a good thing. One cool thing about dating an attractive girl with glasses is that when she removes the glasses, she looks like a totally different girl, so it's like you can date two different looking girls.
steven Rodriguez (6 years ago)
I think girls that wear glasses look pretty
stevethefishdotnet (6 years ago)
Girls always look prettier with glasses. If only my stubborn wife would wear hers more often. The optometrist said that if she keeps wearing her contacts too much, she won't be able to wear them anymore because she's hurting her eyes. I've never worn contacts because 1. I hate the idea of touching my eyes, 2. I don't want to place lenses that have been soaking in unnatural chemicals on my eyes, and 3. the risk of bacterial infections and such. Natural is always better, so glasses are better.
AikoKayo (6 years ago)
you've been wearing contact 24/7????
Marco Godoy (6 years ago)
you're very beautiful ;)
dahl46 (6 years ago)
I think that you are beautiful and you look even better with glasses on!!
Munly Leong (6 years ago)
nope. Glasses in general make girls prettier imo
Grecia B. (6 years ago)
I wnt to wear contacts im in the six nd i look weird
sadly koran (7 years ago)
actually it is opposite for me, i have been wearing glasses like since the..3rd grade...and without them i feel uncomfortable and ugly... soo i keep them on....
Yami Kari (7 years ago)
my glasses are 900. DX even if i want to wear contacts, my doctor says i can't. infection issues and all. D:
Yami Kari (7 years ago)
@daisycheekz i initially thought you were, like, 12. XD take it as a compliment.
Hershey Grey (7 years ago)
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Christie Michelle (7 years ago)
@popperpoppy i get that a lot.
Fiona Chang (7 years ago)
I totally understand what you mean! I started wearing contacts this school year and i am so much more confident. Before I used to avoid mirrors, pictures, and people too. I felt like my glasses were holding my personality back. For now I'm very content with my contacts but I hope that one day I can be just as confident as you. :)
Happiineesss (7 years ago)
i totally know what you mean! my prescription is 800 :( and i dont feel as confident with glasses.
Stephanie Nguyen (7 years ago)
OHHH my life, contacts give me SUCH a boost in confidence, I seriously emphathize with you.
luvsmiling513 (7 years ago)
lol you are the first girl i know (kinda know xD) that has the same terrible eyes as i do. i recently started wearing my glasses out more often too, but i continue to wear my contacts a lot because i noticed it slows down the expansion of my cornea so my prescription doesn't go up a lot like it used to. you look gorgeous with glasses! don't be afraid at all :)
watsupSP (7 years ago)
Most of my friends started wearing contacts in the 6th Grade
chynagrl (7 years ago)
Oh my goodness! I totally empathize with you. When I first started wearing contacts they gave me such a boost in confidence. I felt like the world was open to me with possibilities. I hated going outside without my contacts on. I felt closed off when I did. I like this campaign a lot. Thanks for starting it!
zilinbean (7 years ago)
I like you better with glasses..ahah!
Emma Riley (7 years ago)
You look gorgeous with glasses :)
Christie Michelle (7 years ago)
@liiisssiii my eye doctor made an exception for me because I needed them for dance. Usually it is pretty unhealthy to wear them for long periods of time at a young age but, my doctor let me so, i guess consult your doctor.
Kamea Ramos (7 years ago)
You look pretty with glasses! I totally needed this video because i ran out of my contacts and my doctor wont let me get new contacts till next month because he said i need an updated eye exam first..so i have to wear my glasses everyday for an entire month..i was all sad at first but this video came just at the right time! thankyou!
prettycountrygal (7 years ago)
My optometrist won't let me have contacts because I've got a astigmatism.In my left eye it's worse than my right.
Username (7 years ago)
I got contacts I think in the summer before 8th grade. I seriously need to go out and buy a pair of glasses so I can switch around with.
ramya. (7 years ago)
gorgeous! x
Hhh (7 years ago)
So true!

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