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Japanese Street Food - VENOMOUS SEA SNAKE Okinawa Seafood Japan

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Me da risa la segunda Vivora Cuando está en la bolsa azul Y se queda Como diciendo Que hay Compa 😂🐍🐍
Fukuokasimin Channel (9 hours ago)
Okinawan boxing champion Yokou Gusiken is this sea sneak soup eating before fight. very strong champion!!
Aasha Poon (12 hours ago)
poor snake😓
Dannes YT (13 hours ago)
Adarsh Tirpude (14 hours ago)
The Overling (17 hours ago)
Is it true that when you order a pizza in Japan with everything on it, some topping are still moving when it gets to you?
Dr. Royalty (20 hours ago)
Damn, these Japanese fuckers are straight up savages. They don't give a fuck. Lmao
sophea seven (21 hours ago)
Me : omg I’m about to- • trows up • Mom: uh honey please stop watching that Me: Nah Ima keep watching Me: I feel like I’m going to- • trows up •
Poppy Kitty (1 day ago)
This was the first video from this channel that I didn't enjoy watching. There's just something horrifying about skinning a snake in comparison to preparing a fish or a mollusc
Megan Megan (1 day ago)
What did he just put in the water before drinking it?
Megan Megan (4 hours ago)
+It's Samuel channel wow thank you
It's Samuel channel (8 hours ago)
It's healthy to drink with snake liver
Ryann (1 day ago)
Turn on the subtitles!!!!!!!!!!
Mary Kate Lim (1 day ago)
Why they eat snake 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Mary Kate Lim (1 day ago)
Kübra (1 day ago)
vay amınakoyum
Ren Ha (1 day ago)
Oh God Oh Shit Why am I watching this whole video OH SHIT
Mahaprasad Das (1 day ago)
gloves toh pehan lo.
Kaio Melo (1 day ago)
Oxi, como assim ela morre no frio?
Nana kamlon Ulilisen (2 days ago)
Receitas mundiais (2 days ago)
Se inscrevam no canal do YouTube obrigadaaaaa
Johana Hernandez (2 days ago)
Me: watching Bronn and Jaime eating venomous snake Also Me: Searches video on how to eat venomous snake
Mubashira Sulthana (2 days ago)
any mallus?
simranjit Kaur (2 days ago)
This is soooo cringy....eho all r watching this while making differnt face expressions😷😝😖...nd still continue watching! !
Mitzi Song-Cheon (2 days ago)
Was watching mukbang, then this was recommended 🤣🤣🤣
Megan Megan (1 day ago)
Omg same
iScreamCandy TV (2 days ago)
Wtf DONT Asians eat? Just nasty 🤢
Travis Huey (3 days ago)
Looks good. I'd like to try it someday. Is the skin edible, and do you have to worry about swallowing bones?
Vann Samblaceño (3 days ago)
I searched how to take care of a snake for my friend, I didn't mean this
M Iqbal K Sindapati (3 days ago)
do you have mosquitos recipe ?
nikhil thomas (3 days ago)
Since it's a snake,people have liked it.Had it been a dog or cat then we could see the ratio of likes to dislikes.
K S (3 days ago)
Omg I'm going to throw up!
I wish you happinnes (3 days ago)
God: I will create a sea snake. Sea snake: thanks god for making me extremely colorful and dangerous, Humans: oooohhhhh it is colorful and and dangerous, bet it will taste good. God and Sea Snake: :0.
Sean Mccabe (3 days ago)
Gnarly scar 13:40 what happened?
Emils Latuff (4 days ago)
It is so horrible, poor snakes
Митя Миллер (4 days ago)
дак этоже уха
madrx2 (4 days ago)
Venomous because it’s meant to be left fucking alone. Japanese really have a problem with eating anything that moves including whales and dolphins. Fucking pricks.
Intl. Cyber Police (4 days ago)
Yummy. Make me hungry.
Shiruvi (4 days ago)
snake has always seemed like one of those meats that's way too much effort for way too little meat...
Subham Sarkar (4 days ago)
The cooking style reminds me of Japanese cartoon (doremon , sinchan,ninja hatori) hahaha 😂
Saturno (4 days ago)
Eu: Hoje eu durmo cedo 3 horas da manhã Vendo japoneses preparar uma cobra, bem útil
Nothing B. (2 days ago)
eu toda
TheNinjutsustudent (5 days ago)
He touched the fangs with his knife them proceeded to cut the snake with that same knife . . . Ummmmmm
World Of Food (5 days ago)
Whatt??Who watcing this video while read comment?🙋
Nana kamlon Ulilisen (2 days ago)
Me also😅😅
shiny star (5 days ago)
Yakk.. Do u find it too tasty to eat? Well i think i should just go nd vomit
خريقة فرج (5 days ago)
dnx 006 (5 days ago)
how does snake have red blood, can we use them???
Sanel Isakovic (2 days ago)
You can use it but you must have the same bloodgroup what the snake have 100 pro bro use it clever because 59 Prozent of humans become a snakehybrid
Biw biw (5 days ago)
ไอสัดแม่งกล้าจับได้ไงว้ะอี๋อีเหี้ย ปล.กูไม่ได้ด่าเขานะ
Albo Albo (5 days ago)
Eckelhafte leute 🤢🤮
Jyoan Moyo (5 days ago)
Japanese people can eat anything that comes from the sea.
Con limoncito ummmmmm
Se ve riquísima
Haffizah Faezah (5 days ago)
Haffizah Faezah (5 days ago)
i love snake
Haffizah Faezah (5 days ago)
Nick Nick (5 days ago)
Boiling it live ? Is it that hard to cut the head first ?
I think it could still bite, even when dead...
Nelly datruth420 (5 days ago)
That's nasty wtf did he just eat that looked like a bag of shit 😂😂😂😂 omg I shouldn't have clicked on this video
the samurai (5 days ago)
Rip snake 🐍 2018 - 2018
Bennett Kinneberg (5 days ago)
You’re a horrible horrible person
Aperte o play (5 days ago)
A bicha nem carne tem
Tiffany Fernandez (6 days ago)
I fell sorry for the sea creatures
Tiffany Fernandez (6 days ago)
Sad iam vegan 😭😢
Yeshi Wangmo (6 days ago)
Aliens will go extinct if they land at Japan
Feng Teng (6 days ago)
I think they should kill them first before boiling. I mean it would be less painful for snake.
Wild Indoraptor Henry (6 days ago)
does that lizards taste well because i am not asian if there is some asian to tell me in english >.<
Wild Indoraptor Henry (6 days ago)
poor snake ;-;
Clever Thirdy (6 days ago)
Venomous Sea Snakes: **Exists** Japan: It's free real estate.
Yoga Govin (6 days ago)
I guess he took the venom pouch and swallowed it. Eeeee that is disgusting
Nuzul hidayat (6 days ago)
I was so hungry but then i feel like i want spit up all my YouTube recomandation 😂
Danar Gumelar (6 days ago)
Therese Mahesh (6 days ago)
I feel sorry for that snake 😞
Bob Jenkins (6 days ago)
they're straight up speaking Chinese in the background though
Chad TheFratBoi (5 days ago)
Bob Jenkins stop trying to justify for Japanese you filthy weeaboo, your Japanese master eats weird shit
Drebodollaz Dollaz (6 days ago)
Americans love exotic aquatic animals for their fish tanks. Asians love them for their dinner plates.
Kleber (6 days ago)
Remmy Chan (6 days ago)
I Might Be (7 days ago)
Kevin Durant has left the Chat.....
momakizbrazila1 (7 days ago)
Kein Wunder das die Japsen so kleine Zipfel haben...
Luffy Senpai (7 days ago)
I just came here to watch how to butcher Orochimaru
Ratnoto Tirto (7 days ago)
love it man
Kunthida Kongsamrit (7 days ago)
Kara Murat (7 days ago)
9:20 She carries the american flag on her shoulder. How does it feel to move the flag of a country that kills half its ancestors with an atomic bomb?
Devin Serasinghe (7 days ago)
few days ago it was cruising the sea and now he's somebodies lunch....so sad😓
Elim Kwok (7 days ago)
Is no one talking about how he boiled the snake alive?
nugroho jati (7 days ago)
You have to mastered Hokuto Shinken to eat that
nugroho jati (7 days ago)
Can't believe they eat sea snake too *Among all snakes
DjjC13 (7 days ago)
I fail to see why anyone would want to eat this...
gkgyver (7 days ago)
People realize that this is not too far away from eating eels, right?
Dea Razernifs (6 days ago)
gkgyver eel are fish and snake are reptile lol but I can see why
Mite Warrior (8 days ago)
우리는 너무나 고급요리 입 맛인데 그래도 뱀 요리도 맛잇다 고기 요리 하나하나 부터 이야기하면 다 역겨운 요리 입니돠 ~ 뱀고기인데 역겹다 생각하시면 어떤 고기요리도 발골하는 모습보면 못먹어요 하하하 한국도 뱀요리 하는 식당은 별로 없지 ~ 딱 생각하면 일본이 아직까지 뱀 개구리. 요리가 존재하는 것은 맛이 있으니까 존재하지 아니였으며 안묵어 ~
수 정Kim (8 days ago)
3:10 *when your on your period and your watching something funny or watching a vine*
Special Pear Channel (8 days ago)
Davante Chatman (8 days ago)
That looks absolutely delicious. 1st plate Soup looks delicious, broth looks rich and thick. Meat is fall off the spine and skin tender and juicy. Excellent. Plating was amazing and beautiful. You could almost pass snake off as sardine they look a little alike. All in all 4 out of 5 stars. 2nd plate Looks great. Love the ingredients, saw garlic so it's a green light for me. Was a little confused on the sauce looked a little bit like spaghetti O's for a minute. Lol All jokes aside the sauce looks like it has a bit of heat but the tomato sauce gives it a balance. Sauteed snake looked great. Once again falling off the bone tender. Plating looked amazing. 5 out of 5 stars. SN: Was really hoping to get some deep fried snake. But I was not disappointed with this meal. Great eats and see you next plate🤙🏽
saitama (5 days ago)
Wayne Jr (5 days ago)
I like it as well man. It looks good to me also.
amber marquez (8 days ago)
ewwwwww so grows
Takmashi A'chick (8 days ago)
Feel pity for this beautiful creatures that they are not powerful enough to take on humans
Abdlrhman AlGhazwni (8 days ago)
سوو كل شي الا ترمي حيوان حي ف النار حرام.
Abdlrhman AlGhazwni (8 days ago)
حتا العير يأكلونه
Bmoney (8 days ago)
🥴 my face the whole time
Amador Lopez (8 days ago)
Did they freeze the snake to death
Emma Heitzman (8 days ago)
-has to use it bad doesn’t care and continues watching-
Emma Heitzman (7 days ago)
+Tyson Añdrei wut
Emma Heitzman (8 days ago)
I think ima throw up now🤮🤮🤮
Tyson Justice (7 days ago)
Tyson Justice (7 days ago)
Tyson Justice (7 days ago)
Chris Fernandez (8 days ago)
beautiful sea serpent being murdered by some gold chain wearing japanese pig
Susanna Kamei (8 days ago)
U r pig
JesusChrist69 (8 days ago)
Jaqueline S. O (9 days ago)
Quando eu for para qualquer país asitiatico vou virar vegetariana
Planet channel M (9 days ago)
Bah wat een vies volk!!
Poké STAR (9 days ago)
Kitabul Sk (9 days ago)
Beti chod😠😠😠😠😬😬😬😬😬

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