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NATURE BOY SENT & RECIEVED NUDES FROM A UNDERAGE GIRL!..........YOUNG PHARAOH'S UPCOMING EVENTS, CHANNEL MEMBERSHIP BUTTON, WEBSITE CONTAINING HIS LECTURES, NEW YOUTUBE CHANNELS, SOCIAL MEDIA & MIXTAPE LINKS ARE BELOW: JOIN MY EMAIL LIST FOR UPDATES ON FUTURE EVENTS, LECTURE IN YOUR CITY: http://eepurl.com/dNJVvU YOUNG PHARAOH UPCOMING EVENTS: https://youngpharaoh.ticketleap.com/ YOUNG PHARAOH CLOTHING & MERCHANDISE: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=w_bl_sl_s_ap_web_7141123011?ie=UTF8&node=7141123011&field-brandtextbin=Young+Pharaoh YP HIGHER PERSPECTIVE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP3UNeL4hEtzQqnNxRBFytg THE ATEN FAMILY: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmlQF1SYS1uWMZHEUGihjNg YP INSTAGRAM LIVE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwCi0VNmIt2vuYh4sCqSGlQ YP GAMING: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMft3trtOJiMfNbZ0DlSYqg MY CHANNEL MEMBERSHIP LINK: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtKtmiQ2GlWlqPDzXwrR4NA/sponsor WEBSITE/LECTURES: http://youngpharaoh.net/ ITS LEVELS TO THIS SHIFT: https://songwhip.com/album/young-pharaoh/its-levels-to-this-shift ITS LEVELS TO THIS SHIFT 2: https://songwhip.com/album/young-pharaoh/its-levels-to-this-shift-2 ITS LEVELS TO THIS SHIFT 3: ITS LEVELS TO THIS SHIFT 3: https://songwhip.com/album/young-pharaoh/its-levels-to-this-shift-3 DATPIFF MIXTAPES LINKS: http://www.datpiff.com/profile/PHARAOH_ALLAH SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/pharaoh_aten INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/pharaoh_aten/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/PHARAOH_ATEN_?lan... FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/PharaohAten/ SNAPCHAT: https://www.snapchat.com/add/pharaoh_...
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Text Comments (426)
Note to self.....never piss off young pharaoh
Maka Xi (1 month ago)
Ineedmoney (1 month ago)
mysassystyle (1 month ago)
+gmasters2 who? Lol
gmasters2 (1 month ago)
What kind of man says this?
krazyj100 (1 month ago)
My man yp is pulling this man's skeletons out the closet daily.
Don MultiMedia (7 days ago)
Get em!!!!!!!!
QueenLadyRo (8 days ago)
Young impressionable Queen. Bless you Young Pharaoh for speaking life and wisdom into her. Smh.... I can't believe this.... All of them would have willingly infected her with a multitude of viruses and diseases!!!!! Omg!!!!!!!
alexis summer (13 days ago)
He said touching his nasty little wing wang I'm done I laughed so hard until cried.But Young Pharaoh is the truth on the these scammers
Janier Just I ce (15 days ago)
Andrea (15 days ago)
Smart young lady... She was asking the questions he didn't want to answer... So he called her rebellious
GorgeouslyReal T.V. (18 days ago)
Pharaoh's skin is so gorgeous!
GorgeouslyReal T.V. (18 days ago)
Nature Boy is freakin sick... When you get your period your body is ready for a man... wtf....
Michele Stewart (19 days ago)
Young lady forget the $1k. Even though you’re hot..like young people are 😅 you paid it to stay disease, sex slave and drama free. Expensive lesson but Good investment. Hopefully, you paid NB to stay away.
dan mil (30 days ago)
Remember when this song first came out
Jerry Kenney (1 month ago)
Nightmare on Mexico street..... I'm dead lmao
Dorothy Beamon (1 month ago)
YP that nature boy mf he's studying other cult leaders like Jim Jones, Scientology, etc. Because you haft to remember all those cults you had to give up something dear to you to. That's how that mf is able to secede in coning these people. He does not know how to do anything himself. He steals and copy from people experiences.
Duganboy (1 month ago)
who needs televisions with this entertainment lol!you are the KING AND NEED TO GET PAID FOR THIS!!! BIG UP
Cheryl Kelly (1 month ago)
He was feddy cogerr
Cheryl Kelly (1 month ago)
I love you YP, hope to talk to you when my daughter speak out. My daughter is still under his spell
Cheryl Kelly (1 month ago)
Yes he causes division between families and he punches the women's in the eye and tell them not to talk with their families
Cheryl Kelly (1 month ago)
She telling the truth my daughter left 4 children behind and their dad he told her not to tell us were she was going. She reached out to us when she was in danger warn us and got caught by him,,;then a monthl later she escaped from Mexico and was running threw the jungle alone and call us for help. Some Spanish people help her and call us
Cheryl Kelly (1 month ago)
I ment I love you too
Cheryl Kelly (1 month ago)
I live you to you are courageous, strong and brave fo your age. MY daughter hasn't come out to speak about her experiences in Mexico
Nikki Boykin (1 month ago)
Well done Pharoah!!👍🏽👍🏽
SPIRITUAL (1 month ago)
Y.P........ You are a good man, what you are doing for the people who have, or is being affected, and infected, by that nasty piece of garbage, is an amazing act of humility and kindness, to be honest, while I have been following these events which NB is inflicting upon human beings, my blood is boiling just listening and watching what he is doing with, young, vulnerable people who are at there lowest in life, its very disturbing to say the least, and this piece of garbage is an absolute Narcissistic, deluded, very delusional, dangerous individual, who needs to be stopped and taken away somewhere and dealt with, I shall leave that to ones imagination, but Y.P hopefully by you stepping up and confronting him like you have done, and doing, maybe this will give him pause for thought and he will stop his nastiness and, these victims can carry on leading there own lives without being controlled and dictated to...... Y.P Thank you in what you are doing for your people, you are a true man with very classy attributes and principles, and I salute you in your efforts in protecting your people, and others...... In the meantime, stay safe N blessed, Peace out.....................
MIT LilJamez (1 month ago)
She coulda came on this live wearing a shirt. Why she in her bra even tho she quote on quote 18 and we’re all sappose to be mature. I just realized half way through the video. This girl don’t even got a shirt on. Smh......idk man it’s the little things I guess. I also noticed YP did a a live stream with his shirt off. We gotta DO BETTER with these little things people. Real eyes recognize real lies
MIT LilJamez (1 month ago)
She said, he said “have a community” 😖
DEE (1 month ago)
Wow! NB is grooming these young ladies like a pimp, or an inmate grooming a person on the outside to get them to keep sending money or, to support them while in & outside. So NB preys on the young, desperate, depressed, insecure, hoping to rise to higher consciousness, wanna be a part of a group/family of same interests. That's a damn shame how he preys on these ppl, and using the Internet to gain a lot of followers. I believe he created his own lil world of preying on the people with the same insecurities & inadequacies that he possess. He treat those members in a domineering way overcompensate for all of his own inadequacies & weaknesses that he has experienced in so called Babylon . Foh...😡. This fool needs to be stopped. I almost felt he meant well, but may be a lil misguided until I started learning of all of his VICTOMS stories. Thanx 4 bringing all this evidence to light YP, I appreciate ur passion to bring light to this foolishness. This is like a TV series that keeps us coming back for more. Hell, u can turn all of ur interviews & receipts into a documentary by the time I finish & catch up with all I feel the victims past & present.
EatTheMachineSF (1 month ago)
YP!! Peace! Where is Pocahontas and Yaya at??
Latoya Thomas (1 month ago)
YP gotta be careful with his sources I think NB may be planning to send in a fake person with a fake story to try and make YP look like a liar. YP gotta press his sources to say that everything they say is the truth and nothing but the truth.
Bella Harris (1 month ago)
Notice how her whole demeanor changed when she got that first message
Bella Harris (1 month ago)
That young girl Look afraid
Bella Harris (1 month ago)
+Linda Jackson excalty I'm concerned for her because she is spill the tea but who going to to protect her young pharaoh it seem to me he is just looking for a story line but who's gonna check them for harassing and bullying that young lady for speaking her truth on this platform ?? .. For Real !!
Linda Jackson (1 month ago)
Because ain't no telling what them misguided fools are capable of...
misfit inkworx (1 month ago)
I wouldnt use her receipts, it seem like she seem mad cuz she aint get him
Lynn The Magnificent (1 month ago)
Do not ignore red flags, they are big tell tell signs, no matter how much you want it, keep it moving
Wayne Gourdine (1 month ago)
YP said "Nightmare on Mexico Street"😈😆
Wendell Williams (1 month ago)
Yo, you funny as shit. But keep that truth going
This is creepy..when is the movie coming out? Smh
Yvette Johnson (1 month ago)
That introduction music says a lot 🚨
Chi Zeus (1 month ago)
getting to the root of the problem
Damn they stalking ya lives lol
How can they get away with murdering people like that?
I don't think she seen those nudes but different ones. She never described those ones.
Eliana wasn't of age when she went there
Linda Jackson (1 month ago)
Hell she still not of age in the brain now... Smh!
Lol the intro tho
Nicole Marie (1 month ago)
As a mother of three, she’s not being fully honest. To ask to come to your platform about her story she’s still nothing being fully honest. The blacked out photo I don’t believe is what she says it was. I use WhatsApp being blocked doesn’t erase the conversation history. I have someone blocked in mines as we speak & all the history is present. The responses & eye position on certain questions came across as dishonest to me. He was wrong for conversing after he knew her age on any level which is what has him looking crazy on this one.
Muvaa MayI (1 month ago)
Where tf is the FBI ? 😩😭
Black Pro (1 month ago)
So where are all these pics he sent? Where are screenshots of the convos and PayPal? Did she send YP a blacked out photo or did he black it out? If the conversations go away when ur blocked then why NB still got them? 🤔
Landfall's Very Own (1 month ago)
This is why ppl dont come forward.... she's less believed because she's bigger and dark skinned. She had more 'proof' than other women who have made videos.... but somehow everyone is saying she's lying?? Wow..... he was attracted to the AGE anyway.
Rain And Petalsss (1 month ago)
Ras James (1 month ago)
Damn!...Carbonation is Really Comprised of Ex-Hoez and Simps!
Samuel wylie (1 month ago)
38:26 she made a very valuable point
Nikia Davis (1 month ago)
45:05...Ready Set Go...😂😂😂😂
Dior Diva (1 month ago)
Rev Receipts on dat swollen Fred Flintstone foot fuckas neck be AGAIN! smdh 🤷🤔🤣
Mr. Russell (1 month ago)
Yeah i can't stand that bastard either.
Tre Hazel (1 month ago)
Oba-Heru-Ra Dacosta (1 month ago)
34:44 - 35:25 You Gotta Vibe. Supreme Facts......
God Body Rahk (1 month ago)
🤔🤡💨🤳🏽This girl was once doing videos on YouTube supporting and defending Nature Boy. She was once the same girl going hard on Ase devine head and then Ase started cheaking her and going off on her. Then she tried to be Ase friend. This girl then erase all her videos about Ase Devine and latter started trying to expose Nature Boy and shortly after Yada . These are the 2 people Ase was talking about at the time on youtube. So I believe something didn't go in her favor with Nature Boy several months ago. She's a liar only doing this in spite and clout chasing. I've been following her on YouTube for a several of months and she had like less than 8 followers and still do not have much more than that. Real talk!👪🏾🖤✊🏿💯
Linda Jackson (1 month ago)
Ok if true she made her mistakes and admitted it!
rockstarglam mona (1 month ago)
God Body Rahk 👀 well damn
jinx Mad1 (1 month ago)
anybody blaming this young lady, i hope yall have the same energy with any other underaged female claiming they was taken advantaged of by a grown man. don't have selective outrage just because you find yourself not liking this young lady for whatever reason. nature boy need to be stopped! he's a sick motherfucker. a pedophile. he gets all the blame!
Slick Willy Dilly (1 month ago)
Note to Parents....keep a damn eye on your children! WTF is a 14 or 15 year old doing talking to or sending money to these fools. It's ok to keep tabs and communicate with your children.
Blue Hunnits (1 month ago)
Blue Hunnits (1 month ago)
MyNameIsKiya (1 month ago)
Lmaoooo SVU intro killed me! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣
BriBri82 (1 month ago)
Lmao Pharaoh went all the way in on their nasty asses at the end of the video. Read every last one of their dirty, demonic asses. I’m mad as hell that they’re taking money from minors and are also trying to incorporate minors into their f__ckery. If this baby had gone over there, her whole life would have been over before it’s even started. Because she would have been infected with AIDS and other types of diseases. They are so damn nasty and trifling. Sick muhfuggas.
Amira Youngblood (1 month ago)
Are your lives on IG or YouTube?
BriBri82 (1 month ago)
Nah F all that, she’s STILL a baby. 18 or not. This video got me mad as hell. This girl is a baby, a child. That demon NEEDS to be stopped. Enough with the talking and exposing. It’s time to get his satanic ass brought up on some charges. It’s well overdue. Get his shit shut down. Eliana needs to go to jail with him, dumb bitch! 😤😤
BriBri82 (1 month ago)
This is too damn much. He’s taking money from minors? And sending nudes of him having sex with the women in his cult to minors? There is no end to that demons f__kery. Smh! #Keepyofootonhisdemonicneck 🤬😡😤
Amani TheGod (1 month ago)
When this is over I would love for you or Ase to do a mini documentary called "the rise and fall of Natureboy".....
offline mode (1 month ago)
This that classic wiz tho👊
Rob Clay (1 month ago)
Got that wiz on the intro🤘
Tawanda Walker (1 month ago)
Yes EJ very awake and loving every minute. Have anyone seen her lately?
Tawanda Walker (1 month ago)
Do she have cloud messages should be there
I DON'T feel SORRY for her!!!
Danielle Cuero (1 month ago)
Nature Boy got the whole cult on Young Pharaoh Alert!!!! JAJAJAJAJA They all got they notifications on for YP! That's so wild. He got his cult watching YP, ASE, BLAQ, and all on his neck at his request. jajajajajaja Dis 2 much
It's Noël (1 month ago)
Eligio is gonna be done with Iyah soon.
Belus Bell (1 month ago)
That's right YP BURY that COCKAROACH!!!!
Danielle Cuero (1 month ago)
Wow! Waka Fluk
A bunch of women Need to Infiltrate This Crazy Ass Group
RichRootz (1 month ago)
This is what happens when, your “teen” don’t get attention and home. Everybody wants to be loved, but without guidance, just like a pimp, you could end up in the wrong hands. She was about to be his cash cow 🐮, he acting like you his “main one” but I don’t see you as his “type”. He BIG LYING for Babylon Bucks 💵 💵💵💵🤦🏾‍♀️
Mysasser1 (1 month ago)
You got that right!!!!
Cre8 (1 month ago)
Most conscious dudes on that when a girl have her period she's ready to be sexed shit... That is a male doctrine.
Cre8 (1 month ago)
When are these Lil women gonna be accountable for their stupidity? Ain't a woman in her right mind gonna be caught with the likes of a NB... Bird brain chics get on my nerves
True Black Powaa (1 month ago)
Yoo I kno her
Foxey King (1 month ago)
If NB didnt want Eliana when she was fat, what makes you think he would want her?... She's telling half truths.
Linda Jackson (1 month ago)
+IMMASTAR SPARKS thank you...
IMMASTAR SPARKS (1 month ago)
+Foxey King He could've been acting like she was to seduce her into coming down there. The same thing he did to Sheeba. A predator uses any tactic to lure someone in.
Foxey King (1 month ago)
+IMMASTAR SPARKS yeah but the way she was talking was as if he wanted her to be his direct...that would have never happened.
IMMASTAR SPARKS (1 month ago)
Being down there after messing with them she would've ended up skinny like the rest. He had full figured women down there before.
Solar Powered (1 month ago)
Thank you soilder Black Power !
Solar Powered (1 month ago)
Nightmare on Mexico fuc'n Street everyday over their 😂😂😂😂
YP does way more good than NB thank him.
Dannie W (1 month ago)
I'm here for the Hot tea 🍵 🍵🍵 🍵🍵 🍵 Looking for the receipts 👀👀👀👀👀👀
Nsi (1 month ago)
Nb would have passed her on too. He said her chart showed rebellion.. Gotta listen future possible infections if you choose to go. Listen and digest take notes like this lil sister did
MzLeakster (1 month ago)
Biggggg ups to u YP and this beautiful young woman!!!!!💙💙💙
Nsi (1 month ago)
Recently 18..still a baby.. She may have some wiseness... But there are still times that that stage of life is still garnered by age..emotional immaturity..smh..her daddy will want to break NB in half if he knew
rose amble (1 month ago)
Nsi (1 month ago)
Peace..smh 14:42 this baby is wise to some extent.. Even she knows that what NB did is what a man would do if he respected his women.. Sooooo we see he likes butt.....a lot a lot...ijs peace
Trillforthis Facts (1 month ago)
Shout outs to you on the platform and wiz classic
East Afrika (1 month ago)
Build a good case against him so the order can be given to go in and take Nature Boy down and go through all the rest of the evidence of what he has been doing. There must be dead bodies along his trail.
I'm glad that cute girl didn't pursue the demon's agenda. NB is no different from the occult/secret societies, asking them to sacrifice something they love to prove their allegiance
BC carter (1 month ago)
What!? The Government want their money back! I cant believe she said that Ghetto........sh!t!
Feed Your Faith (1 month ago)
Our young people are lost our Conversation tells it all. We need to do better
WILD N REGAL (1 month ago)
Pharoah stay holding his hand over his mouth to keep from laughing 😂🤣😂
NYC LADIBUG (1 month ago)
Nightmare🤠 on Mexico streets🤤🤣🤣
Feed Your Faith (1 month ago)
She has no receipts she reminds me of the girl that said she slept with Usher. Lol I’m just saying she doesn’t seem Genuine
NYC LADIBUG (1 month ago)
Ur a rightious✊🖤✊brother 'YP, keep protecting our youth by exposing this Demon seed. This is a lesson for parents to pay attention to ur kids our kids are hurting & searching for a spiritual connection, they searching for love & guidence, this is heartbreaking on so many levels.
La'Shondra Burnett (1 month ago)
🎧Pharaoh bumping that Wiz Khalifa. I love it!! 💜👑💜
Organic_GrowLife (1 month ago)
YP the tax man. "Where them receipts at" #solid
Brittnee Hanna (1 month ago)
She's not that Credible. She's definitely adding to her story
God Body Rahk (1 month ago)
BC carter I was one of her first follower on youtube. I ran across her several months ago.
God Body Rahk (1 month ago)
BC carter 🤔🤡🤳🏽This girl was once doing videos on YouTube supporting and defending Nature Boy. She was once the same girl going hard on Ase devine head and then Ase started cheaking her and going off on her. Then she tried to be Ase friend. This girl then erase all her videos about Ase Devine and latter started trying to expose Nature Boy and shortly after Yada . These are the 2 people Ase was talking about at the time on youtube. So I believe something didn't go in her favor with Nature Boy several months ago. She's a liar only doing this in spite and clout chasing. I've been following her on YouTube for a several of months and she had like less than 8 followers and still do not have much more than that. Real talk!👪🏾🖤✊🏿💯
BC carter (1 month ago)
God Body Rahk how can you tell? What are the signs?
God Body Rahk (1 month ago)
Right Brittnee!
BC carter (1 month ago)
Brittnee Hanna how do you know that?
Hakeem Mohamed (1 month ago)
🤔 I'm just trying to figure out....why?
(Rico voice) "It's bout time, I think we gon have to drop a dime on them niggas...*bites banana* smh...ION LIKE DAT SHIT, ION LIKE DAT SHIT"..AT ALLLL!!!!!!!!!🙅🙅🙅🙅

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