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Post Malone Takes Jimmy Fallon to Olive Garden

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Jimmy has never tried the Olive Garden before, so Post Malone takes him to experience his favorite restaurant the right way. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: http://bit.ly/1nwT1aN Watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Weeknights 11:35/10:35c Get more Jimmy Fallon: Follow Jimmy: http://Twitter.com/JimmyFallon Like Jimmy: https://Facebook.com/JimmyFallon Get more The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Follow The Tonight Show: http://Twitter.com/FallonTonight Like The Tonight Show: https://Facebook.com/FallonTonight The Tonight Show Tumblr: http://fallontonight.tumblr.com/ Get more NBC: NBC YouTube: http://bit.ly/1dM1qBH Like NBC: http://Facebook.com/NBC Follow NBC: http://Twitter.com/NBC NBC Tumblr: http://nbctv.tumblr.com/ NBC Google+: https://plus.google.com/+NBC/posts The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon features hilarious highlights from the show including: comedy sketches, music parodies, celebrity interviews, ridiculous games, and, of course, Jimmy's Thank You Notes and hashtags! You'll also find behind the scenes videos and other great web exclusives. Post Malone Takes Jimmy Fallon to Olive Garden http://www.youtube.com/fallontonight #FallonTonight #PostMalone #JimmyFallon
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Text Comments (13207)
Aniyunwiya Ageya (7 hours ago)
"When you're here, you're family!" Which is EXACTLY why I avoid the place!
Isaac Robinette (7 hours ago)
In the beginning I thought Malone said “do you have boobs?”
Brooke Huber (7 hours ago)
3:05 "Can I just get a laundry basket of croutons" ME when I have a salad
Yong Yi (7 hours ago)
jimothy...... i flippin love posty
thomas (8 hours ago)
Remember when this mother fucker was in a SkyDoesMinecraft video?
Alex N (9 hours ago)
It’s funny how he says 2mm and it’s more like 2 inches lol
cialesboy (12 hours ago)
Very respectful young man
Jemp Ski (13 hours ago)
It's going to be a sad day when all that butter kills Post Malone
M•G-King (14 hours ago)
Post malone is rich but he still eats butter with bread
AllbreakTV (14 hours ago)
I like jimmy fallon hes so sympatic
Melissa Glez (18 hours ago)
I loved it you probably though Post Malone was a bad person but he's not his parent's raised him right Love you Post Malone i wish i could visit you one day
shaymac (19 hours ago)
That’s what I fucking love about Post, man. No matter the amount of bookoos of fucking money he has, he’s a truly relatable, genuine, happy and wonderful guy. He’ll always be my favorite.
Haru Haru (20 hours ago)
Man of this was done woth Post and Conan it woulve been the best thing ever
Bella Kok (20 hours ago)
Bella Kok (20 hours ago)
That is the fanciest Olive Garden I have ever seen. Wow. 😂
Sobin Shrestha (21 hours ago)
1:39 ohhhhh have yeah!
KiannaOshun (22 hours ago)
The server was sweet. ❤
-.- (1 day ago)
Ellie Wills (1 day ago)
ahpplejacks (1 day ago)
The bromance is strong
Kjca (1 day ago)
Austin is my friend who doesn’t know he’s my friend.
Johnson Aak (1 day ago)
Lmao 🤣
Im starting to love post mallon hes a funny guy and a nice guy like really
Camryn Blankenship (1 day ago)
3:13 = me in a toy store as a kid
Kalaidos (2 days ago)
Nature Man (2 days ago)
Olive garden is good stuff
Alicia Eikenhorst (2 days ago)
P.M. is too adorable
Kayra Martinez (2 days ago)
Keegan Guffey (2 days ago)
it's garliky mmmm it's salty mmmmm it;s buttery mmmmmmmm it's hot and it's cold mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm btw love post and jimmy your the best dad ever
David Ward (2 days ago)
When you're here, you're family.ᵀᴹ ⁻ᴾᴼˢᵀ ᴹᴬᴸᴼᴺᴱ
Chavvie16 (2 days ago)
If I go to olive garden, I only eat breadsticks and Salad.
ApplicationDenied (2 days ago)
Anyone else listening to post malone while watching this?
Secter Plays (3 days ago)
No lie olive garden should have a commercial with post lol
minjae jeon (3 days ago)
Post Malone is cute ahAAA.... ㅠㅠ wae
Hailey Nostrand (3 days ago)
im officially a post malone fan haha hes adorable and so happy about the little things such as croutons lmao <3
Keeps_PTW (3 days ago)
dafuq did I just watch...
Bonnie Bryant (3 days ago)
Post Malone would like eating at Olive garden...
Jessica Gouthro (3 days ago)
4:50 was so funny "Extra Crispy" By post Malone 😂😂
Ambili C (3 days ago)
Post Malone is that person who looks as if he’s dead broke but is rich af at the same time 🤪🤪
Francesco Leks (4 days ago)
*Got me sayin' wow.*
Cruz Taco (4 days ago)
0:37 oh god the hand shake
Jacques Williams (4 days ago)
Bruh, if you don’t like posty, we got issues
Looderville (4 days ago)
Of course post Malone goes to Olive Garden in a pink limo
Saint Tyrant (4 days ago)
Saying yes mam to a waitress, man, i know i made a great decision to make him my idol 😂
Sam Klemets (4 days ago)
Has anybody ever noticed that Jimmy Fallon is Ted Mosby
Darius Kedys (4 days ago)
Yuriy Disman (4 days ago)
I'm picking up grape
Itss Munchkin (4 days ago)
That laugh at 3:36 😂
DLynn H (4 days ago)
Fallon you went? That’s why you’re too cool for school.
Rich Rolen (4 days ago)
Gage the Demon Slayer (4 days ago)
I dont wanna be mean to a kid at school but he watched this he said post looked gay because he had painted nails
Tony Celentano (5 days ago)
"What is that palet picking up....a grape" legit lol'd. Used to work as a waiter at Olive Garden...nothing beats fine dining on a $10 budget eh?
Post Malone is simply nice
jacob morales (5 days ago)
They were drunk
Playa G (5 days ago)
I feel like post Malone is high. Look at his pupils ! Lol
PATTYY L (5 days ago)
I find post Malone so cute .not hot. But like cute lol
Nathan Dellah (5 days ago)
Is the background song pizza time?
blast ura (6 days ago)
Are we going to ignore the fact that they are drinking wine with a *STRAW* lmao
Omaris Noel (6 days ago)
Spiritual experience while eating those breadsticks... 😂👌🏾 I love this so much
Jacob wack (6 days ago)
I love you Jimmy Fallon
Chelsea Ortega (6 days ago)
They’re so good
Chelsea Ortega (6 days ago)
This is actually true, like the salads and breadsticks are free
Stale Churro (6 days ago)
Like if free would put a dent in their accounts...
Marcus fuller (6 days ago)
Post and Jimmy are the best
Mimi ß (6 days ago)
now i always order chicken parmesan...extra crispy chicken (;
John-Francis Villines (7 days ago)
1:30 Jimmy's somethin' else. Someone else snorts some wine and he brings a napkin up to his own nose. Man's got more mirror neurons than a politician crossed with a beauty pageant queen.
I died when post stuck his nose in the wine cup lol
Vivian v.j (7 days ago)
Post Malone please come to Malaysia.. love u
Nida Ahmad (7 days ago)
' it's hot and it's cold"
Asian Jalapeño (8 days ago)
One more thing me and post Malone have in common. A love of croutons
Sam Sykes (8 days ago)
Post Malone is funnier than Jimmy fallon.. the late night comedian.
jesscateyeSQUAD (8 days ago)
Anyone see Olive Garden old SNL skit about are shooting a commercial funny stuff
jesscateyeSQUAD (8 days ago)
I bet they shut down Olive Garden just for them 😻
“Jimmy your the best dad ever!”
Asher Harwell (8 days ago)
Did they smoke a joint in the bathroom before this or sumn😂😂
Rewind (8 days ago)
I identify as a Post Malone
D E X X I E (8 days ago)
☺ Jimothy???
hazard (9 days ago)
I hate when people judge book by it`s cover. Post is actually very polite and sweet person.
Okay Man (9 days ago)
3:42 what I see during sleep paralysis
Sarah Clayton (9 days ago)
Postyyyyy i didnt know you were so fabulous! 😜😄😍 Im so late to the party. Post Malone Marathon, here i come. 😂😁😘
Tragicallycae (9 days ago)
The southern hospitality post has is the best thing I’ve ever seen
FRESH TV (9 days ago)
Jimmy fallon takes a homeless man to the Olive Garden
Akashi NC (9 days ago)
This video made me a believer in Malone
Matteo (9 days ago)
Post Malone trying to speak Italian 😍 it's awesome !
That RVA Drummer Dude (9 days ago)
Post and Jimmy, probably 2 of my favorite peeps with the fame fame. ✌🏻
jennifer jennifer (9 days ago)
I freakin love Post Malone!!!!
yelloirfi (9 days ago)
J. W. Fernando (10 days ago)
This is so bazaar.
Jonathan Dooley (10 days ago)
I find it odd Jimmy Fallon has never been to an Olive Garden they are literally in any city over 50,000 people.. Most people say Olive Garden is “commercial Italian” food but it’s a good restaurant
Ramit Inmah asol (10 days ago)
*_That place probably makes no money_*
Coriden Cain (10 days ago)
This is the one time im disappointed in lost olive garden is trash
ADAM CTY (10 days ago)
the best video ever !!!
Klára Nedbalová (10 days ago)
He’s so cute ☺️ I was amazed by his manners too! 🙏🏽
Namenlos (10 days ago)
Postyyy babe
Richard S (10 days ago)
What’s a ‘post malone’ a new kind of cereal?
Ronald Johnston (10 days ago)
I remember when I first went there
1st48Official (10 days ago)
3:35 My crush asks for my name: Me:
Michael Tavares (11 days ago)
Could you imagine the tip the server got? 20% of a free dinner.. that's like $0!
Isnt olive garden Italian not french? Why do he say bonjour at the end....???
Akshanth Gunda (11 days ago)
Nice of Post Malone to get sober for this

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