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Dashcam I use: http://amzn.to/2Gho6AO It’s hard to tell from the dashcam footage, but that entire section of M59 is a minefield. No matter what lane you are in, the potholes are INSANE. Took out not one, but TWO of my brand new tires. I am going to have the wheels professionally tested, but they appear to be in good condition. As for the tires, one of them for sure has a puncture in the sidewall and will need to be replaced. Could have been a lot worse, but still sucks. Thankfully I have another set of wheels that are better suited for the current conditions. And big thanks to my dad for scooping me up. The roads are the worst I have ever seen. My Camera Gear: Camera - Sony α6500: http://amzn.to/2gK2am7 Main Lens - Sony 16-50mm: http://amzn.to/2gK2lhh Second Lens - Rokinon 85mm http://amzn.to/2EliC74 Studio Light - Nova Ring Light http://amzn.to/2Ej15w5 Mic - RØDE VideoMic Go: http://amzn.to/2DhUDFm Computer - Apple iMac 27” : http://amzn.to/2z6FvqS Editing Software - Premiere Pro: http://amzn.to/2Bl9bFW Motion graphics software - After Effects : http://amzn.to/2Bk0Imj Follow Me: Instagram - @justinbuice Facebook - http:www.facebook.com/justinbuice
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lukesturbo (1 day ago)
That's a great dad.
716MENACE (1 month ago)
🚘 + 🕳 = 🤦🏻‍♂️🤬 💰
ciennagirl53 (1 month ago)
So on one of the tires the bead broke? And the other tire definitely had a puncture
ciennagirl53 (1 month ago)
+Justin Buice so sorry
Justin Buice (1 month ago)
both tires got punctured through the sidewall by rebar sticking up from the road
ciennagirl53 (1 month ago)
Thumbs up to dad for coming to the rescue!!! And the potholes here in Toledo Ohio are just as BAD
nomecaca (1 month ago)
30 series tire = problems. I got rid of my 20"s after 3 months, I thought I bent a rim on at least 3 occasions.
Retired Early 53 (3 months ago)
I own a small tire shop here in New York . Thank God for the people who invented these low profile tires !! I'm so busy replacing these tires every day, that I'm thinking of opening up a second shop . Some people replace full sets of tires and rims sometimes two or three times a year . Also, they don't last as long as normal size tires , so, people replace them more often ! This is a Win Win for guys like me ! Normal size tires last around 50, 000 to 60,000 miles . Low profile tires last around 20, 000 miles . I hope all car and truck makers in the future will only use low profile tires , so I may become a millionaire soon !!!!!!!!!! Thank you AMERICAN BUSINESSMAN !!!!!!
Icemin Lee (3 months ago)
Good video -- but an even Greater father!
Icemin Lee (3 months ago)
+Justin Buice Hello Justin: my name is Icemin Lee, and I'm a Voice Actor and soon to be one of our industry's best! I saw your video, and was touched by the honor and respect you paid to your father. It was heartfelt and testament to what is possible when a man stands by his son, and assumes a leadership role as a father! He is an inspiration that many of us should strive to aspire to! Your Dad did an amazing job with you! Give your Dad this...🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟! Here's what I do...!!! https://youtu.be/6uV72FpEkNg
Justin Buice (3 months ago)
He’s awesome!
Darrell Gilmore (4 months ago)
Great job Dad!! As a father I completely know how it is to come through for our kids
Ron Paker (7 months ago)
I learned that I should never drive in the Right lane in east coast
Dwayne Smith (8 months ago)
You live in Michigan, yeah? The roads are bad every season! That sucks man
Rony Mejia (10 months ago)
Good job dad👍
bimmer325cic lee (10 months ago)
I do not understand that you are driving it with low profile tires with nice rims in the winter. I love my summer tires with nice rims but I never driving my bimmer in the winter with them.
Sebastien L. (10 months ago)
Bro I would make the city pay for this. It's their fault they are too cheap to fix the road.
Angelo N (11 months ago)
Hey Justin <3 your stuff, could you do one on your take of run flat tires, pros cons, etc. Curious on your thoughts on it, thanks.
Justin Buice (11 months ago)
Personally I dont like them. I got rid of them right when I bought my car. I think they wiuld be fine on smooth roads, but on bad roads, they amplify how rough the road is. Plus they are a lot more expensive to replace
Shawn Miller (1 year ago)
I feel you man i have 22 x 9.5 rims with 245 30 22 tire its a 1 3/4 side wall just hit a hole 2 days ago had a death wobble i replaced all ball joints to find that the tires are swelled on inside sidewall from holes they dont even have 400 miles yet
Bo McGillacutty (1 year ago)
This is why I support updating (increasing) the gas tax as long as it actually goes for road repairs, hell of a lot cheaper to pay 15 or 25 cents per gallon than this sort of thing and all the daily trouble and abuse to your car.
Yubgcharmander (1 year ago)
Ahh shit i live in michigan too, Mound Rd is fucked all the way up and down the road, and it’s been that way and they won’t fix it.
Justin Buice (1 year ago)
I heard they just got a $10 million budget approved to fix mound, but we'll see how long it actually takes them to get it done
ltwargssf R (1 year ago)
Ah man I feel your pain, a pot hole took out my brand new studded tire and bend my rim, Im in court with the city right now hoping I can get something back..
Mason Leonel (1 year ago)
Big up to pop duke😵🙌🏾💯👍🏾💯👌🏾
IZZ TV (1 year ago)
That sucks....what's the name of the music? love it
Alex LaFreniere (1 year ago)
tell me you torqued your wheels...
bablon53 (1 year ago)
Thumbs up Dad!!
Steve Wilkinson (1 year ago)
Not sure how much the low-profile contributed to the damage, but as a generalization, higher profile will absorb more punishment. But, for winter tires, I try to run the most narrow tire I can get away with (within reason) for the vehicle. You get better 'dig' into the snow and ice, where as wider tires act more like sleds. I've been running some Michelin X-ICE XI3 - SIZE: 205/55R16 on 16" steel wheels this winter and the thing (328xi E90) is a snowmobile! :) (I live in northern British Columbia too.)
Chuckychopstik (1 year ago)
Wow. That was a fast tire change. LOL
Chuckychopstik (1 year ago)
There's less road than potholes!!!!!!
Nicholas Delgadillo (1 year ago)
No roll flats?
Martin Krastev (1 year ago)
This what happens really sucks, no doubt about it, but Justin you are driving on 35s or even 30, which is primarily suitable for the track. Besides, how do you bare the ride quality?
Justin Buice (1 year ago)
I had 35’s on my old wheels for 4 years and didnt have a problem. The roads are just worse than ever right now
WolfHeart (1 year ago)
I hit some major potholes in NYC many times, cracked my neck and what not but the RF tires arnt bothered at all
vtecboi18 (1 year ago)
That's why I'm sticking with stock tires and wheels while I'm in Michigan
Justin Buice (1 year ago)
Good idea
Andrei Rusu-Feraru (1 year ago)
Come to România to see ridiculous bad roads. Don't complain about America. First time I took my new E91 from the guy that brought me car from Germany, I had a flat tire similar cu what you had here. The tire separated from the rim, but my back right rim was perforated 10 cm. So yeah, I'm still amazed how I still have good wheels in my country.
You should Sue the company for the Road 🛣 big pot hole 🕳 it will be good 👍 for you
IAm And (1 year ago)
Gotta keep those rims safe!
Sneaker Society (1 year ago)
Yeah bro I’m from Detroit but moved to ga but yea the roads are fucked up there lol
GP C (1 year ago)
Wtf how can the roads be so shit in america
Sean porter (1 year ago)
Man you have a great attitude! Keep up with the positivity you motivate me!
Jamel Spencer (1 year ago)
Glad there was no further damage
Jamel Spencer (1 year ago)
Dads are really cool rescuers in the time of need. Dads rock!
Herakles (1 year ago)
Happen to me two times - msport 19s the pa roads are crap- I want to check if the f30 msport 18s fit on the e90
Herakles (1 year ago)
Actually happened yesturday one tire blew out the other bubbled sidewall Last year my wheel split in half
BusyBeeCompany (1 year ago)
Though we do take it careful with the 128 convertible...just one mess up and the no flats are still as junk.
BusyBeeCompany (1 year ago)
The reason I live in Florida and not Massachusetts anymore.
DimaGT (1 year ago)
Same shit happened to me too last week on Jefferson Ave. Damn Michigan roads. This year is really bad.
Edgar Michaus (1 year ago)
Bro, be thankful that u dont leave in Mex lol. Potholes are a dayli issue here and im running 19s... men you should brave to even run 17s here lol
soccerstar2450 (1 year ago)
Aw shoot man so unlucky lately sorry!!! I feel your pain!!!
ThatGuyNamedScott. C (1 year ago)
Can you claim it back from the state? Here in the U.K. We can claim money for damage.
Ken Lawton (1 year ago)
Potholes or not unfortunately this is the price you pay for having such a low profile tire. That road was pretty terrible though. Glad you're ok man.
Ron Engert (1 year ago)
👍🏼pops. Sorry about your tires.
Kiwi TeeTee (1 year ago)
I will stick with my BMW Style 194s - http://www.bmwstylewheels.com/bmw/194 17". I read a review once on the E46 BMW M3 and it said the car handled better on 17" than 18" wheels, so while larger wheels may look cooler, I am not convinced that they actually handle better overall - comfort driving and sport driving.
Josue Gutierrez (1 year ago)
I've busted three Blizzaks RFT's on my 335 here in CO in the last 3 years. Busted in that they formed sidewall bubbles. Thankfully I got them thru Discount tire and had paid the warranty on them ($35 a tire), so replacement was cheap (just pay $35 for new warranty on replacement).
joe lane (1 year ago)
Way too go pop!!!
Timoteo Delicioso (1 year ago)
Your wheels are probably bent also. I just hit a pothole and my wheel looked fine but when I took the wheel to tire shop it wobbled on the machine. Lol so wheels are on Craigslist.” Put in description that one wheel is bent” perfect time for the summer!
illestprincess (1 year ago)
I’m glad OUR car is okay ;)
Nathan Crouse (1 year ago)
Jesus... Glad I'm in a red state that at least fixes the roads
sadiel1 (1 year ago)
funny enough i woke up to work watching this video and walking to my e46 there it was a flat tire 🙃
chris alexio (1 year ago)
My Civic Ek would of done a damn somersault hitting them potholes
Dutch79 (1 year ago)
That sucks! Can't you sue the owner of the road? Over here (The Netherlands) we are ranked 5th of best roads in the world, so luckily it's not likely to happen over here.
Brooks Autry (1 year ago)
Damn that sucks. I know what you mean about the problem not being the low profile tires. Some potholes are deep enough to come up to your ankle.
Reyes Moreno (1 year ago)
File a claim to the city they’ll reimburse you like 5 years later.
Ricky V (1 year ago)
Thumbs up daddy
Jai Khanna (1 year ago)
Sad to hear that man! Kudos to your dad:). Good luck for the future!
Befriend & co 2020 (1 year ago)
Can you get money from the city becouse the roads are crap In your city
VALADCM (1 year ago)
Thank DAD
Shifted Perspective (1 year ago)
Wait, so who helped you that night?? You never mentioned how you got the winter wheels
Justin Buice (1 year ago)
lmao bruh
Ilikeduhrice Nummy (1 year ago)
His father i think.
Mcypress5 M (1 year ago)
Dad!....Thumbs up!
Ken Phillips (1 year ago)
Hey bro i lived in Taylor Michigan for years and i think Michigan has the worst roads in all of the state's. I live in North Carolina now since 2008 and i wouldn't even think about driving my 03 e46 330ci to Michigan lol. The potholes there can swallow a whole car. Anyway love your videos keep up the good work and sorry your Bimmer was a victim of the roads from Hell..
steven johnson (1 year ago)
Your dad is a rockstar for helping you and supporting what you're doing on your channel! Big shot to Pops! I have a 335i too! Ask him could he adopt me? Lol
starky carrillo (1 year ago)
Jajajaja great dad and nice jeans jajaja sale your dad's jean and buy new tires
Journey to Wellness (1 year ago)
That’s horrible that you guys are forced to drive on such horrible roads. I thought the roads in California were bad, but they are nothing compared to what you guys have over there.
Duncan Lee (1 year ago)
Big Thumbs up for your dad (I'm about the same age) Not a big fan of the Low profile tires for that reason. I just put 4 extreme contacts on my 2008 X3 e83- I feel your pain. I have a question- In the last few weeks at -11 degree F and then up to 50F and back down I have had to replace 2 coil packs on #2 and #5 cylinders. Every thing was running fine... Then, this afternoon the X3 is hesitating and jerking on low rpm acceleration. Not the original owner so I do not know about the 02 sensor. 163K. Any suggestions? (Our roads have blown up too)
Tristian Billy (1 year ago)
Thumbs up to your dad!
Beer400C (1 year ago)
Check this site: http://www.michigan.gov/mdot/0,4616,7-151-9615_30883-93194--,00.html
Peter Thompson (1 year ago)
Jacob F (1 year ago)
no warranty on your tires?
The Wiseguy (1 year ago)
How about you get smaller rims or beefier tires because those tires look thin af with these rims on.
BMW 4 Life (1 year ago)
With roads that bad you must slow down i don’t care if people are slamming the horn Ill go 5 mph
Von (1 year ago)
Shit if nobody's coming I'm on the other side I don't want to go anywhere near those potholes with my bmw
Gamers Lust (1 year ago)
BMW life 203 STRAIGHT FACTS FAM!!!!!!!!!
MARSH (1 year ago)
Oh man that is so sad. Glad that you are ok tho! Could have been way worse.
mel o. (1 year ago)
same thing happen to me!! brand new Pirelli over a huge pothole. as I pulled over I realized there was a car in front of me also had a flat. and to my surprise with in 5 minutes 6 more cars pulled over!!! all got flats. that pot hole must have just opened up.
Ken R (1 year ago)
So let me see if I have this correct: It's January, you live in Michigan, and your snow tires are where? Home!! But a thumbs up to dad.
Justin Buice (1 year ago)
Lesson learned
jafxdwg (1 year ago)
Yeah Dad !
Ali Alesawi (1 year ago)
If you call the city you can file a claim and get paid for any damage to your car or wheels i just hit one and it completely messed up my alignment 😑
Evan Weese (1 year ago)
Hard to tell with the lighting, but it looks like you may have put a right side wheel on the left side (the tread pattern should be turning the other way).
Justin Buice (1 year ago)
Yeah i saw that when i was editing. I’ll switch them around this weekend.
Jay Genesis (1 year ago)
Should email the city this happen in then buy the tires obviously cause you don’t want to be driving with two different set of wheels and send pictures of the tires and maybe the video of you hitting the pot hole then they should reimburse what you paid for it cause its the city’s fault check your alignment
Rama Nana (1 year ago)
That could damage your shock absorber, too.
torre1976 Vs (1 year ago)
Justin, check if It's available Michelin ACORUS (wheels protection system) in your area, Agurrak,
N54 Lord (1 year ago)
Dam bro....make sure you get them tested..same thing happened to me but my wheels was warped and tire couldn't hold air...So I had them reshaped and welded because I cracked them. 😤 Hooray for you man you dodge a bullet👏
SheaAP1 (1 year ago)
Hate seeing this, hope the wheels are undamaged. :( Hey what's the song in the background during this video?
Victor Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Big thumbs up to Daddy Buice for coming to the rescue. I feel your pain my friend. This weekend I am going to take a picture of the road in front of my house and post it on instagram. Due to the road being so bad I stopped watching reality shows and just stay watching out front since everyone is now crashing. Sadly It is like the ultimate high definition TV reality show and it is interactive since I call the cops on each accident. BTW do not forget to check out all the connections behind the rotors of your car. Extremely bad potholes can cause damage to other parts of your car and over time that damage and get worse and worse.
Ay Mynus (1 year ago)
I need help:( I have a 06 325i. I don't know what exhaust system to put on it. Any one?
123456bmx (1 year ago)
Ay Mynus 6 straight pipes for each cylinder
stubbk3 (1 year ago)
Did this to a front last week. Trying to decide between one new winter tyre or just throw some pilot super sports on the front a bit early as it's not my daily driver
joe lane (1 year ago)
The state should pay for your damage..You have the video to prove it>>Good luck.ps.F'ed up roads..
AutOdometer (1 year ago)
Man your Dad came in clutch. Nice. Hope everything works out
Enzo Pianelli (1 year ago)
Dude, drive in the left lane if the roads are that bad. I’m sure the left lane’s a little better. Someone at the DOT or government needs to be held accountable for this bullshit. That road is absolutely useless. Glad everything worked out for you, except for the hit on your wallet. Wow.
Ryan R (1 year ago)
Now thats a road you'll never go back too.
Justin Buice (1 year ago)
It's the main road in my city. I have to drive on it just to pull out of my apartment complex
Feroz Bawa (1 year ago)
That very same thing happened to me when I had my E46. I feel your pain Justin.
Kent Stater (1 year ago)
Did you buy road hazard coverage for the tires? That would replace them for free.
Karim Bacchus (1 year ago)
Sean Johnstone (1 year ago)
Dang, sorry fam. Jersey is terrible as well. My fiance says I drive like an old man. BMW told me yesterday that I have 3 cracked rims.
BMW-E90-HQ (1 year ago)
I hope the city will reimburse you for your damages. Tbh I don’t think they will 😢. I remember in a law class learning about this I can’t remember exactly what it was (it’s been a while) but good luck I’m really sorry about your wheels they’re so nice. Also thumbs up for your pops
Rick Tobin (1 year ago)
Yep trump all worried about a wall? How about fix the bloody roads
Logan Robinson (10 months ago)
Rick Tobin trump doesn’t choose what roads to fix 😂 blame the state
Justin Buice (1 year ago)
I want to clarify, this is not one isolated section of road I could have been more careful with. This is EVERY section of EVERY road in my city. This week I have seen other cars and trucks with the wheels ripped off the car or cars that have been totalled after hitting a chunk of concrete. It doesnt matter what tires you have, no one is safe right now.
Hector Garcia (1 year ago)
You should move out of Michigan
Justin Buice (1 year ago)
yeah but this is east of where construction ended. This was like right in front of CJ Barrymores
GaynNovi (1 year ago)
Didn't they recently repave massive sections of M59?
123456bmx (1 year ago)
You need an old Ford F-350 with 38" tires .You'll feel no bumps at all haha
Frank Poncherello (1 year ago)

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