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How to Update Your Christmas Tree video

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Read the full story go to Frontgate's Inspired Living blog: http://www.frontgate.com/inspiredliving/how-to-update-your-christmas-tree-2/ Christmas is one of those holidays so steeped in tradition that proposing any changes can cause ripple effects through the family. From when you put up the tree to what you eat on Christmas Eve, the whole family may want a say. Yet, often the tree needs a refresh...
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Text Comments (7)
MIKE SCHUMACHER (3 months ago)
Nice $50K ring she's wearing. Wonder how much she's making from these preplanned inserts?
Esta muy hermoso
mark layton (1 year ago)
Décor is pronounced 'Day - Core ' ....why do americans say Dick'Or
Gladis Odish (2 years ago)
This tree is done only for christmas ,so please say merry Christmas not happy holiday .
K1234 Tx64 (4 years ago)
I love the big flower with the big bow ribbons on your Christmas tree. Can you teach /show me how to make the big flower on the big bows too. Thank You Kcs
Katherine Mansfield (4 years ago)
love your items....great..
Lichie Pink (4 years ago)
Simply Gorgeous!!!!!!! WOW...thank you for sharing these amazing ideas

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