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St. Benedict Enamel Crucifix

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These stunning Saint Benedict Crucifixes are a medium the Church offers to bring help to the dying. All contain the prayer, written in Latin, "We desire you in our hour of death to be our armour by your property and presence." Each crucifix stands about 8 inches tall and they are available in white, black, or blue. The Enamel St. Benedict Crucifixes are a perfect way to show your faith in a time of need. Purchase Black Cross: http://www.catholiccompany.com/st-benedict-black-enamel-crucifix-8-inches-p2066368/ Purchase White Cross: http://www.catholiccompany.com/st-benedict-white-enamel-crucifix-8-inches-p2066369/ Purchase Blue Cross: http://www.catholiccompany.com/st-benedict-blue-enamel-crucifix-7-1-2-by-4-inches-p2066367/
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Text Comments (3)
The Catholic Company (6 years ago)
So glad you like it! Thank you for your business.
DeathPorky (6 years ago)
Finally got one, the Black one :D Looks awesome the Red color from the Medal of St. Benedict really goes great with the Black cross :D I will try to make my St. Benedict Enamel Crucifix blessed on All saints after i go to mass :D
DeathPorky (6 years ago)
There is also a color red one, saw it on St. Paul's bookstore.

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