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Funniest Jealous Baby Ever Compilation!

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A compilation of Funniest Jealous Baby Ever Videos! Funny and cute jealous baby videos. Jealous babies compilation. Most funny baby videos of jealous babies when parents kissing. Try not to laugh or grin challenge when watching this video! Don't forget to subscribe my channel to help me reach to 10.000 Subscribe : https://goo.gl/E21JGP
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Text Comments (1061)
Ashish Mishra (6 hours ago)
1:10 how the hell baby is black
Horror Vacui (8 hours ago)
Jonnytest123 Noone (13 hours ago)
1:09 am I the only one wondering how the baby is black?
Margaret Szuky (15 hours ago)
Vortex (18 hours ago)
2:55 , When you get ur first Fortnite win
Lauryn Moore (1 day ago)
10:06 he deep
Fuzzykitty _playz (1 day ago)
0:37 oh no!! Ur cheating!
Theyoutuber 1 (2 days ago)
10:35 he was dissed hahahah
Cutesy Cream (2 days ago)
My lil brother is jealous of me.
Steven Rawin (2 days ago)
1.11 what happend while he s in service
Chantal Miller (3 days ago)
that last one is hilarious
Amalia Manafu (4 days ago)
Vince Zetroc (4 days ago)
0:45 reminds me off my sister...😀😀
Jorge Garcia-Robles (4 days ago)
Human is selfish instinctively
Anna Bluefan (4 days ago)
Esther Brandy (4 days ago)
The baby at 1:16 Lol
Malin Adolfsson (5 days ago)
01:16 ooof hahah
Matin Karim (6 days ago)
Little angels 😍
حمودي الملك (6 days ago)
sainaidu dodda (7 days ago)
Last one is best
thanishah sauver (7 days ago)
Basically these babies are saying "this is mine! U supposed to be loving on me!"
Aishwarya Dixit (8 days ago)
I think so its me😂
Isa 33 (8 days ago)
Je pense qu'il ne faut pas laisser son enfant faire des crises quand les parents s'embrassent devant lui (pire encore : rire quand il montre son mécontentement ! ) , je trouve cela malsain. Il faut que dès tout petit un bébé comprenne que les parents ont une relaton amoureuse indépendante de l'amour qu'ils lui portent ! Sinon très tardivement ils vont se retrouver avec leur enfant entre eux dans leur lit et perso je suis archi contre !
jamie henderson (8 days ago)
The 2nd One Was The Best Ion Care Bye.
HyperX Karma (8 days ago)
7:47 GOD DAMN😂😂😂
Monserrat Marin (8 days ago)
So cute😄😍
Chastity Pittman (8 days ago)
I was the same way when i was a baby tho. I didn't want my dad touching my mom AT ALL!!!
Chastity Pittman (8 days ago)
Did you really have to say indian baby jealous tho??
Ara chan Sama (9 days ago)
Your Landlord (9 days ago)
1:08 the baby??🤔😧.....😏oh, I see.
Sumaiya Sumi (9 days ago)
graciouss kng (9 days ago)
I got burned on my right hand with an iron when I was just weeks. My 2 older brothers were jealous of me. 😁😁😁 I still have that scar and I love it. 👌🏾😊
Sarlando Briseno (9 days ago)
I would not allow my children to hit or scream at stuff like this. But that girl that made both her parents kiss her was so cute.
awesome people (9 days ago)
when you are in border fighting for country after a long time you come home and see black son😂😂😂😂
Tabinda Waqar (10 days ago)
Jealous baby with kissing parents and NEW funny kid jealous with his father is so cute
Mafeli Pachuau (10 days ago)
Oo so cute
Frank Star (10 days ago)
sayyad mohammad (10 days ago)
last one is soooooo cute
Lulu (10 days ago)
Maybe the Asian man is not the baby’s daddy so he won’t let the man kiss his mommy. Lol
Shiro Sakamaki (10 days ago)
3:57 *me when i get jealous
tahir naby (10 days ago)
Jealousy 🤣🤣🤣🤣
rohit bharti (10 days ago)
Higgs Boson (11 days ago)
Both my kids were VERY possessive of me. Daddy couldn't touch me anywhere, ever, or these sweet little babies would turn into rabid mini T-Rex's and try to kick his ass. My daughter's nose was a little out of joint when we brought our son home...she was good for about two weeks, then started asking me to take him back. 😂
Philip Anderson (14 days ago)
So much to learn from this kind of documentation...
Philip Anderson (14 days ago)
2:54 *He KNOWS that this means death by abandonment*
Philip Anderson (14 days ago)
1:10 *GOOD DAMN, I hate cucks!!*
Sahar Ayoubi (14 days ago)
Lool the last one was from Supernanny show :'D
Nishal Pawar (15 days ago)
No no no no no😘😘😘😘😘 ........hahaha 😀😀😀
Jannat Mehjabin (15 days ago)
1:12 bro you really need to ask your wife whose baby he is 😂
周yitong (15 days ago)
😂so cute
Maxine A.G. Guess (15 days ago)
adriana sousa (15 days ago)
Petros Noctis (15 days ago)
Baby...Baby...Baby..."wait for it" Indian baby...Really???
Yahel Israel (15 days ago)
I remember when I came home with my son my nephew was so jealous he tried to pull my son's hair he was so mad because he wasn't only baby anymore
Brenda Orr (16 days ago)
Aafreen Husnejana (16 days ago)
🇮🇳JAI HIND🇮🇳 It's funny how every other clips description says "baby getting jealous". But one clip which I really liked, says "Indian baby gets jealous". Thanks for that title which means how important us Indians are to the world. We are the only people who belong to a civilized 🇮🇳Nation🇮🇳 and everybody else in the video have no identity. Maybe they are from the uncivilized, unknown parts of the planet earth. Makes me feel important and proud of myself for being Indian. 🇮🇳JAI HIND🇮🇳
UkrGaz (16 days ago)
That military homecoming clip is a suspect!!!!
Preeti Aditya (17 days ago)
12Sisters 1bride (17 days ago)
That last kid,hot mess,she knows the words let me hold you and ruuuuuuuns into the room.hilarious
BLOOD LOSS (17 days ago)
1:10 mom and dad white..but son is black..how?
Neeshpeesh123 (19 days ago)
That last baby was a whole mess. She was in another room and couldn’t deal with it 😩😩😂
Neeshpeesh123 (19 days ago)
So does thus mean when you’re being jealous you’re really acting like a child? 😩😂
Vanessa Rosas-Serrano (21 days ago)
The last one is a smart baby because she can listin to her mom say"can i hold u" 😆😆😆😆😆😆
Kayla & Layla (21 days ago)
Soo funny lol
x0desertrose0x (22 days ago)
ive noticed its rarely the older child. its always the younger one because they are usually center of attention, to avoid this i wouldnt sit there coddling and spoiling a baby too long and make sure the older child gets equal amount of cuddling. the one at 7:48 in particular pissed me off because no one was getting her away lol
the saleslady (22 days ago)
Im jealous too😡😡
mac igwagu (22 days ago)
Freed Playz (23 days ago)
HIMANSHU SINGH (23 days ago)
1:12 is there anything wrong or its just me
Sizwe Ndlanzi (23 days ago)
Haha "Boss babies"!!!
ever Green (24 days ago)
Every where Racist and Religious fanatics. Racism will burn in the Hell. Each Reaction having its own opposite Reaction What you are seeding now You will harvest the same. If you Rape a girl or steal the money from someone and can ran away from the Human Hands but your destiny will not leave you Easily.
Amanda Wright (24 days ago)
I was like that as a kid. Didn't like when my Uncle was with anyone else.
Jarrod Dorsey (25 days ago)
I used to do the same thing when i was younger 😂😂😂😂
Maldives Baby (25 days ago)
Lil man @3:53 is not having that new baby! He's big mad! 🤣🤣🤣
Maldives Baby (25 days ago)
That baby @1:37! 😂😂😂
Phethile Maseko (25 days ago)
Abine P Dejose (26 days ago)
1:14...where'd the black kid come from no offense?😂
MzCokeBottleangel (26 days ago)
The last baby wanted to play but she couldn't leave her mommy alone for two seconds mommy being disrespectful picking up other kids 😂😂😂
Morad Messaoudi (26 days ago)
Thank you
Kashni (27 days ago)
1:20 😍😍
nyima choenzom (28 days ago)
my sister first child stoppd eating n talking...until he was givn equal importance with the new born....poor baby i saw him being so sad....he got his mom n dads love for 6 yrs n later somone new cums n his ignored...😔😔
سوسو نونو (28 days ago)
Nurul Fitri (29 days ago)
The last one is so ... seriously jealous
Krishna Kamath (29 days ago)
WIR überwinden (29 days ago)
whites are beautiful
VivinShi (29 days ago)
where is the one in thumbnail
Kiquanna Harvey (1 month ago)
atul k (1 month ago)
its gr8
Budding Voice (1 month ago)
Mikyle Smith (1 month ago)
I love this so cute and funny
101% Srbenda (1 month ago)
1:00 i hope that kid is adopted...
1:12 excuse me !!
Blissfully_ineffable (1 month ago)
1:02 oops...she got laid someplace else!!
devolutionone * (1 month ago)
0:41 future psychopath
Clickbait Cop (1 month ago)
*Damn Bobby Made My Eardrums hurt*
hey sara jeiden (1 month ago)
1:19 so cute
Neshia Cole (1 month ago)
These children need anger management.
Lincol (1 month ago)
Military homecoming......But ... but... kid..o_O
A Baker.10 (1 month ago)
Aww omg the baby at 1:18 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂 omg so funny and cute

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