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Funniest Jealous Baby Ever Compilation!

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A compilation of Funniest Jealous Baby Ever Videos! Funny and cute jealous baby videos. Jealous babies compilation. Most funny baby videos of jealous babies when parents kissing. Try not to laugh or grin challenge when watching this video! Don't forget to subscribe my channel to help me reach to 10.000 Subscribe : https://goo.gl/E21JGP
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javierperez Perez (7 hours ago)
Michael Tornell (10 hours ago)
0:45 That baby has such a cute cry!
jonita jon (14 hours ago)
Hope Aso (1 day ago)
I AM SANCHEZ (2 days ago)
"1:00" is he really the father?
Yasmin Farah (2 days ago)
5:51 baby would be like “mum I got you safe place away from Dady “.😜😂😂😂
Nichッ (2 days ago)
6:06 No point in putting “Indian” buddy..
Mi Cervan (3 days ago)
johan curyff (3 days ago)
2:09 the kid has golden hair but the parents has black hair she is a thot
johan curyff (3 days ago)
1:11 that black kid doesn't look like father at all that solider wife is a cheating bitch
Jay Dee (3 days ago)
Seriously? At 1:13, who's the real parents?
KabzHD (4 days ago)
1:16-1:35 the woman is full on my science teacher
Andreas Tyros (4 days ago)
3:40 look at him 😂😂😂🖤
Nicole Miller (4 days ago)
I swear this is a beautiful compilation but what the hell do these kids know about jealousy
Emma Davis (4 days ago)
most are cute but some are brats
HolyLand Fan (4 days ago)
It started out being cute , until you realize it shouldn't be encouraged. Not that these will, but some kids end up killing their siblings. Example, Cain and Able.
Vasava Naresh (5 days ago)
1:10 how possible🤔
Sai Srinivas (5 days ago)
I love all sweet cute lovely innocent BABY'S
Flor Betancourt (5 days ago)
Priya Nanda (5 days ago)
That little boy said with his action, my mom is my mom not your..........😊😊😊
Aygun Feyziyeva (5 days ago)
Need the World 🌎 to be controlled by children
karan oraon (6 days ago)
karan oraon (6 days ago)
Bryan Reyes (6 days ago)
Omg! Haha that last video! Hahahaha that spoiled brat xD I love it!
Suranjita Dash (6 days ago)
Awwww too cuteee
Sharon Marinucci (6 days ago)
How what why? (6 days ago)
These babies reminded me of my possessive ex😂😂
Alana Albarado (5 days ago)
How what why? 🤣🤣🤣
Nayara Lima (6 days ago)
Vini Grae (7 days ago)
2k dislikes from parents who aborted
Mahroof Hussain (10 days ago)
Very buityfull video of little cute babies,,ya Allah SWT bless them,,ameen
Praveen N (10 days ago)
Aggressive was when baby slaps to father while kissing.
ankit kharb (10 days ago)
At 1:06 looks like she cheated on him when he was serving his country
Marilyn Anderson (10 days ago)
That one with the brother hugging mom and baby pull his hair is too funny, lol
Kjca (11 days ago)
1:12 ay my guy...I got bad news for ya.
Alpha Tito (13 days ago)
1.06 the parents are white and the baby black!? Lol
Ching Hong (13 days ago)
why are the kids on this video are always naked dress them properly please It is not nice especially on social media
проблема на 1 14 отчего дитя негар а предки дудки он что приемный?
Why was the little girl with the purple shirt got mad when the little boy and the little girl hugged?😂😂
Brown Queen (16 days ago)
I know that's right babies, claim what's yours!
Riki Riki (17 days ago)
1,12 белоснежная чета а дитя темный )
Abed mohamed El Amine (18 days ago)
1:10 where is the real father little bitch? 😂
Maram Al qhtani (18 days ago)
The cute one is 4:13💓💓💓
Earsha Love's Asmr (18 days ago)
1:24 so cute
Musharrat Moon (18 days ago)
LoRd_ HaSsAnEiN (19 days ago)
10:35 hello old friend
HolyCannoli (19 days ago)
I like your content! If you have a moment, please come subscribe to my channel, lend support & suggestions! I welcome all criticism! Thanks😊
tyla baharuddin (19 days ago)
10:00 when i heard my boyf on call with someone & the sentence started with "hi babe"
Marifi Ceño (19 days ago)
Jealousy, envy, being scared & among other negative traits a human being can possess is taugt at a very young age. This vid is one example. You thought this is cute and funny? Wait til these babies grow up!
Aswathy Rohith (20 days ago)
Albury Beauchard (21 days ago)
Vive tous les bébés je t'aime❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Panna Kot (22 days ago)
This is not cute, this is horrible :/
1:08 That's not his kid.. someone fucked her when he was not at home
Alyssa 4 Life (22 days ago)
*its not my birthday* *my dog did not die* *can i get a like* *cuz i didn't lie* *i see this everywhere* *so i had to try*
Sultanahaque Kona (23 days ago)
4:00 so funny
creative world (24 days ago)
9:34 cutest
jenish jenish (25 days ago)
1:07 i think he adopted
Doug Roberts (25 days ago)
Infinity _ (27 days ago)
That last baby running from the other corner of the house 😂😂😂😂😂
Farok Mohamed (27 days ago)
سبحان الله. كل مولود يولد على الفطرة
Marilina Nimes (27 days ago)
Para que tantos sillones !!
Berg (27 days ago)
1:01 Pray for the man.
YOCΔSCO (28 days ago)
2:55 😂😂😂😂😂
Jazzy life Yo-yo (28 days ago)
Aww the 2 girl was so funny that was my favorite one
warda Selmi (29 days ago)
Judy Walker (29 days ago)
Funny today....trouble later......its cute as long as the kid isn't hitting or pulling hair,but after that its time to put that sh*t in check!And that screaming.
Karuna Jamatia (29 days ago)
My stomach almost busted seeing this cute kids jealous video. Lovely video.
Marina Yakut (29 days ago)
大人のjealousyは醜いのに 子供だと 愛しく思える🥰❤️❤️❤️ 早く母親になりたいな✨✨✨👶✨💍✨
Naturally Kamiah (29 days ago)
0:49 and the whole clip is my one year old baby brother when i hug my mom lmao
Jaica Hu (29 days ago)
1:16 so cute😊 and funny😂😂 cant stop laughing..😄😄 ohh.. gosh😊 your so adorable bby😘
Adrienne Strong (29 days ago)
She knew her mom was holding one of her siblings and she wasn't in the same room? Speechless
グレゴリオス (30 days ago)
1:00 but how they get his kid black? 🤔🤔
Waqar Khan (1 month ago)
Like the last one .😁😁
zaheeen bayezid (1 month ago)
0:56 happened same to me
Maristela Lerio (1 month ago)
How cute baby when they jelous
Megan Stewart (1 month ago)
It’s so horrible to teach your child to perpetuate jealousy. Then to laugh and reiterate physical violence when they resort to hitting🤦🏾‍♀️
zzz games (1 month ago)
#1:10..Are they so sure for their children.....😂😂😂😂😂
Brandy Webb (1 month ago)
I've got to stop watching these adorable baby videos, because every time I see a baby then I want another one. ;(
Shantelle Ponapart (1 month ago)
Awww.... I think these sweet cute little babies are so adorable when they are jealous! They were so cute and adorable😣
Yaseen Banihashim (1 month ago)
Beautiful video love this cutie pie's❤
patrik 2op (1 month ago)
1:14 I don't know why kid does not look like her parents
These people actually teaching their kids to be jealous...very bad very bad.
erma dela vega (1 month ago)
So adorable cute babies :-)
Oscar Cordero (1 month ago)
The Soldier at 1:06 Got Cuked
RAJI RAJA (1 month ago)
N G (1 month ago)
Where’s the video in the thumbnail?
Peter Martin (1 month ago)
Just don't let kids slap your face that hard. Especially not if they did it on perpose because of jealousy.
Dave Ridlespriger (1 month ago)
Dave Ridlespriger (1 month ago)
Like Nelson standing on my porch telling me to get rid of my relationship. Y'all altered my love life a tried to replace my sexual preference . GODS SCALES ARE PERFECT AND SO AM I.
Elsa Dunand (1 month ago)
My parents told me when my lil sis was born I was so scared she would replace me that I tried to eat a picture of her while crying
Gretta Garboux (1 month ago)
😂😂😂 that last baby is hilarious! She's gonna drive herself crazy before its all said and done😭
Victor Fanai (1 month ago)
The last one is going to be so embarassed when she's older
IT'S ME FROM 713 (1 month ago)
I think that soldiers wife was busy while he was away...
nixter417 (1 month ago)
My dog is like this
Black Ice (1 month ago)
whats going on at 1:03
merna_ salah (1 month ago)
الدقيقه 1:14 كيف الام والاب بيض والولد اسمر واضحه🌚
josette Fino (1 month ago)
C'est pas rigolo de voir un enfant qui hurle et qui tapes soit sois frères ou soeurs quand il voit un plus jeune dans les bras de son père ou sa mère, et les parents qui rient à gorge déployée et qui font exprès de s'embraser pour le faire crier plus fort : le résultat est que et enfant taperas et deviendras violent dans une même situation d'adulte. La violence est là ! Pas besoin d'être psychologue ou psychiatre pour comprendre ça. Arrtetez de nous mettre ces situation en épingles pour nous faire """ rire "".
BIG BRAIN MUSIC (1 month ago)
Santo Art (1 month ago)
the last baby at the thirth sound like car racing or something😂😂😂
Ree Salvatore (1 month ago)
2:55 RIP headphone users...

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