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Mom of victim cries out in court

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Mari Hearndon (19 days ago)
they should have locked up in the room with him cuz I think she would have took them. Auntie I'll be praying for you on the family sorry for your loss
Drake Metzler (3 months ago)
A person who's charged with murder who then claims to be innocent is even more dangerous than a murderer who doesn't claim innocence. Somebody lock this monster up and throw away the damn keys!
Conni Lane (5 months ago)
They all claim they're innocent...every single one of these selfish stupid punks is innocent, and the killers in prison are innocent. No wonder the mother was furious. I'd like to kick his ugly head in.
Conni Lane (7 months ago)
Most of them 'claim' they're innocent...they just blindly repeat what other black thugs say...."ah diddu nuffin"
Zshoubin Farzandi (2 months ago)
Ashley Maynard Please give me these statistics because that is the finest bullshit I have ever heard.
Conni Lane (3 months ago)
+Larry Steele ANd stupid blacks who call everybody 'racist' are even funnier but the joke is on them. The prison is full of blacks who won't own up to their crime as if they're fooling anybody. Got anything helpful to say Mr Steele?
Larry Steele (3 months ago)
Racists are sooooo funny LOL
Conni Lane (5 months ago)
+Ashley Maynard HERE WE GO AGAIN....HERE WE GO AGAIN....CAN'T WAIT TO BLOW YOUR INEFFECTUAL RACIST BUGLE CAN YOU? Blacks call each other 'brotha' and 'sistah' and then can't wait to blow each others brains out at every opportunity. Have you no feelings for the mother here? Her heart has been ripped out and all you can think ab out is the stats on crime....AS IF THAT HELPS OR CHANGES THINGS. The biggest problem with blacks is not the white man....it's STUPIDITY. And f or the record....I DON'T GIVE A DAMN WHAT NAME YOU CALL ME. I DIDN'T MURDER THIS GIRL.
Ashley Maynard (5 months ago)
Conni Lane actually studies say whites committed more crimes than Black so go somewhere being racist
Kay Bleeps (10 months ago)
Takes a Cowardly POS Baby man 2 murder 2 young ladies in front of a child. He’s should’ve manned up & taken his seat on death row instead of coming up with excuses & reasons for his actions. Hopefully GenPop will serve him up daily justice for being a Pus*y in the free world.
Renee Sotelo (10 months ago)
Omg poor mother her screams ripped my.heart out. Pure pain and hate in those screams.they should have to cuff him to a rail and let her do what ever she needs to to him.
Orphan of Kos (11 months ago)
I just got earraped holy shit.
Terry Everitt (1 year ago)
no one carried that woman nowhere
Lee Lee Rocks (1 year ago)
I would have let her screamed and get it out so sad 😔 so sad 😔

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