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Priyanka Chopra Is Living In America On A Visa

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International star Priyanka Chopra leaves the set of 'Quantico' to talk with Stephen about moving from India to New York. Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel HERE: http://bit.ly/ColbertYouTube For more content from "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert", click HERE: http://bit.ly/1AKISnR Watch full episodes of "The Late Show" HERE: http://bit.ly/1Puei40 Like "The Late Show" on Facebook HERE: http://on.fb.me/1df139Y Follow "The Late Show" on Twitter HERE: http://bit.ly/1dMzZzG Follow "The Late Show" on Google+ HERE: http://bit.ly/1JlGgzw Follow "The Late Show" on Instagram HERE: http://bit.ly/29wfREj Follow "The Late Show" on Tumblr HERE: http://bit.ly/29DVvtR Watch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert weeknights at 11:35 PM ET/10:35 PM CT. Only on CBS. Get the CBS app for iPhone & iPad! Click HERE: http://bit.ly/12rLxge Get new episodes of shows you love across devices the next day, stream live TV, and watch full seasons of CBS fan favorites anytime, anywhere with CBS All Access. Try it free! http://bit.ly/1OQA29B --- The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is the premier late night talk show on CBS, airing at 11:35pm EST, streaming online via CBS All Access, and delivered to the International Space Station on a USB drive taped to a weather balloon. Every night, viewers can expect: Comedy, humor, funny moments, witty interviews, celebrities, famous people, movie stars, bits, humorous celebrities doing bits, funny celebs, big group photos of every star from Hollywood, even the reclusive ones, plus also jokes.
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Text Comments (6563)
Iski maaki chut me isko India me Pasand NHI Aaya to America Ka gora Lund Lene gyi hai
shajjad alam (4 days ago)
Look so .attractiv...Pc
Kalyani Singh (7 days ago)
What is that lame commencing music?
swastik patnaik (9 days ago)
Hillarious oversmart girl. I think she never seen foreign people. Overdressed overacting overenglish show off. PC behave as u are. Do no over react. Looks like u r more like a clown than a joker. Foolish girl covering her foolishness by doing everything over acts. Hahahahaha. Forget India and Indian Culture. Just a joke in the internet than Rahul Gandhi.
Packn Pack (12 days ago)
The end music though
Lazy Bone (12 days ago)
That boobie my god
Mansoor Yousaf (13 days ago)
Well i am here on visa so..... 😂 she is funny
Saurabh Minocha (14 days ago)
Stephen that music towards the end was horrible !!!
Priyo Yoyo (14 days ago)
I love priyanka and our India great nation
Pat B (14 days ago)
Priyanka chopra is too dark to be liked in India. Indian Girls with pale brown skin like this are more preferred https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4rkFp33NRE
Judith lobo (15 days ago)
She's so charming
Parneet Kaur (15 days ago)
Who is watching it in 2018👍👍👍
Tevin Tau (15 days ago)
I've just found my celebrity crush
# Puru (17 days ago)
#secret of Priyanka_-You know she marry Nick for getting Green card...and not want to live on visa😂😂😂😂😂it's just a troll..don't take it seriously
Waleed Javaid (22 days ago)
How can i get the full episodes of this show?
mansi lodhi (23 days ago)
I am here to learn accent
mansi lodhi (23 days ago)
Sachin kumar Singh (26 days ago)
This is amazing
Rohit Kumar (1 month ago)
What was that music in the end ? It's not even an music
Pranita Dash (1 month ago)
She is beautiful!!
Pvks Maheeth (1 month ago)
I dint watch priyanka face in the video
Patra Askar (1 month ago)
ın love wıth her smıle awww!!!!!!
Mosab Hijazi (1 month ago)
JUST WOW! Shes crazy attractive its just unreal ! Nick jonas is a lucky guy !
prashant kumar (1 month ago)
I am jealous of Nick Jonas..he really earned the most attractive woman in India as his wife
Nour Cara (1 month ago)
Well not anymore :)
shilpa Kannappa (1 month ago)
180 degrees math. That is us Indians generally
Tatiana Correia (1 month ago)
Not anymore she is not. Isnt't she Priyanka Jonas now? :-)
nidhi sood (1 month ago)
Stephen was so mature through out the show and priyanka was so amateurish, trying very hard to be cool!
Anmol Srivastava (1 month ago)
I think the Lumiere brothers from France invented movies ,isn't it?
joud andalousi (1 month ago)
American invented movies seriously!!!!! Wtf
K (1 month ago)
She seems sweet and humble
Neel Sareen (2 months ago)
She's got a green card now lol
Apurva Kumar (2 months ago)
Film industry of India --- Bollywood Tollywood Kollywood Sandalwood Mollywood Bhojiwood Gujiwood More 20 industries
Ninja knight (2 months ago)
I see priyanka, i see wonder woman. She will make the perfect wonder woman
Ninja knight (2 months ago)
There is something magnificent about indian women
Yes women from everywhere are magnificent where are you from by the way?
Ceona Benjamin Salve (2 months ago)
This shows how difficult it can be to have a conversation when you are from a different culture. PC pulled it off.
TheCubanMafia97 (2 months ago)
Vale Libra (2 months ago)
she is so beautiful and approachable! the type of woman i would love to have as a friend!
hayla London (2 months ago)
Nice boobs
Sunita Meena (2 months ago)
कही तो साडी़ पहन के इण्डिया को रिप्रेजेंट करती माना आप मार्डन हो पर किसी शो पर तो साडी़ पहन के जाती।
Evgeniy Raskolnjikov (2 months ago)
Those lips damn
mishoo s (2 months ago)
India has 1.3 billion people and have a lot of free time they gather even around a earthmover...
anupam kumari (2 months ago)
She is best
mishoo s (2 months ago)
Indian actors do 2000 films
mishoo s (2 months ago)
She was self-conscious!
The King (2 months ago)
I like her akcent
Vinoli Ayeh (2 months ago)
Thank u PC for taking trouble and explaining what is bolyhood to the world
DB RaZpuT (2 months ago)
Miss world 2000
Millevenon 585 (2 months ago)
The music is racist
comedy channel (2 months ago)
Priyanka chopda please apni neck ki surgery karwa lou...I feel vomit when I see your neck
Langkah NURSENS79 (2 months ago)
Undang iKON donggg
shikhar bisht (2 months ago)
him and conan are the best talk show hosts. i have never seen them embarrass a host and also they sense when someone isn't comfortable and they try their best to make them comfortable.
Umair But (2 months ago)
pri is awesome.....❤
Kaeval Shah (2 months ago)
Angrez hi met to marry,u,r.f.u.k....
Srividya R (2 months ago)
Why is she showing so much breast?
Vartika Gaur (2 months ago)
She’s so freaking smart. I adore her.
Vartika Gaur (2 months ago)
“This curry is wicked hot” ahahahha
HuCCayne Malyk (2 months ago)
She was literally running when he called her....
Hilda Macheso (2 months ago)
I BET he has a boner behind that desk.
HaSsy MiiA (2 months ago)
Fake accent, fake nose. That is an Indian. Priyanka Chopra!
HaSsy MiiA (2 months ago)
james will Shes fake. U don’t know her well u dimwit. I know her from her early bollywood years back in 2002/3 she debuted in a film called Andaaz, go check her nose out there and compare now. Americans always live without any context.
Tangkhul funny video. (2 months ago)
shut up.
Rachana Soram (2 months ago)
He is trying to be smarter but sorry for him no 1 can match with her... why b'coz people only get 1 title in life but look at dis lady she holds miss world N a superstar wow unbeatable girl
Meet Patel (2 months ago)
Priyanka marry nick because of us citizenship
Aisee Sarkar (2 months ago)
Does he know what Bollywood is I thought it was really famous I’m confused STEPHEN COLBERT ANSWER ME
04rit (2 months ago)
That's some sweet cleavage!
Nidhi Mehta (2 months ago)
I was born in flushing, queens!!!!!!! And I love how she doesn't want to Americanize India and its film industry.
Lika S (2 months ago)
Wow. What a man. He was just like look I'm in a suit and tie I should look superior. But she is farrrrr superior when it comes to being a BOSS. And he gave her the credit.
Nazmul Nazmul (2 months ago)
This girl not indian culture. She is western culture follow. Not good.
Vishakh Unnikrishnan (2 months ago)
P.S she has done 50 incredibly shitty films
knowlight knowright (2 months ago)
Marrying Nick sure helps her "visa" situation fast! Bitch, I c u.
Jay Alabdullah (2 months ago)
Damn she is hot as F*.
Flat Earth Community (2 months ago)
She absouletly look like a bitch nowdays
Comment Raja 👑 (2 months ago)
Wtf with the ending music?!?😂😂😂 He had to be racist in the end
Nel Son (2 months ago)
Oh my She would absolutely love my
wildspringflower (2 months ago)
love her
RazerBLGame- Roblox (2 months ago)
Tell your Indian people to TAKE A BATH?! 95% of Indians I know and come across with smells like disgusting stingky Onions and Masala Yuck! 🤮🤮🤮
Morgan Bev (2 months ago)
So what if she's living in a Visa?! Why not?! She is not the Queen. Duh?!
butchi babu (2 months ago)
Now she doesn’t have to worry about the visa 😉
Raja Varma (2 months ago)
Sam Rajbhar (2 months ago)
Priyanka and Selena gomej r beautiful
harsh patel (2 months ago)
priyanka just stfu girl
good Job (2 months ago)
She's looking adorable
Empress Rae (2 months ago)
Every time I see this women’s name I call her paprika... Edit..is he always so close to people 😑
A Bio (2 months ago)
Fake accent overhyped bitch
something eight (2 months ago)
A Bio true asf
GRUMPZ_51 (2 months ago)
So why trump not deport her ass... oh ya...there's a pussy attached to it and he might get to grab said pussy and as noted she's influential... ya ...tits , pussy and a big ass... no way trumps even thinks of deporting that...
Lipika Dutta (2 months ago)
Priyanka still gotta learn American jokes accent and all
Arpita Jotder (2 months ago)
Shop ov ovacting
Geeta Sachdeva (2 months ago)
Same talk 😇high school
Abeer Gill (2 months ago)
She such a darling
lexas (2 months ago)
Always nice to see people who are a bridge between two worlds.
Comment Raja 👑 (2 months ago)
She is trying to look like a Latina
Bijoyata Reang (2 months ago)
She's marrying Nick So she wont have to anymore Though
Stuti Parikh (2 months ago)
No fuckin body in newyork say coufeeee! Tf!!
Anirudh Sharma (2 months ago)
wtf , they played snake charming music at the end , so fucking racist that was...
BABITAJI JETHAJI (2 months ago)
Ti-Ra- Ti (2 months ago)
What a beautiful human being
Agata Cordova (2 months ago)
I love her
Ed Chez (2 months ago)
Shes average AF tho
lip latham (2 months ago)
She's gorgeous
Manny Singh (2 months ago)
She was in flushing . 👻
Ibrahim Sidibay (2 months ago)
When you are a multi millionaire and a mega super star and successful you are always happy so you have every reason and right to always laugh Hahahah
abby star (1 month ago)
Money will never make you happy ...trust me

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