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7.Convert Dumpfile into SQLfile EXPDP & IMPDP

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Hi friends today its very important topic in oracle how to convert .DMP file into .SQL format and modified it and used that file. #DumpfileintoSQLfile #EXPDP&IMPDP Oracle database Unbeatable,Unbreakable Platform..
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Suliman Munawar Khan (1 year ago)
can we convert all the data into sql from .dmp i need help in this please
Neetu Ram (2 years ago)
Thanx Lalit, It is very helpfull video
Shakil M Akram (2 years ago)
nice one thanks
Anand Teegala (2 years ago)
Hi Lalit, I am watching your videos regularly. These are very helpful. thank you for the videos.

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