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Why you shouldn't drive slowly in the left lane

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Can we all agree that the left lane is for passing, please? Read more here: goo.gl/OMWfJq Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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Text Comments (14038)
Tristan Cooper (1 day ago)
Well done, you just caught up with the rest of the world.
Justin Floyd (1 day ago)
Australia is even worst
Zack Helfer (3 days ago)
This video blames wrecks on the slow drivers, but the responsibility still falls on the person making these risky turns. You don’t have an inalienable right to drive as fast as you want over the speed limit. Stop being impatient and wait for a safe opportunity to pass. Even if someone is cruising in the left lane that shouldn’t be, you’re putting everyone’s lives on the line so you can get somewhere a few seconds faster.
thekerbal (5 days ago)
Right, y'all are only like half a century late.
Jeremy Currier (6 days ago)
Wait I thought everyone knew this?
Daniel Lopez (6 days ago)
I live in Oklahoma, where the law is to not impede the left lane from passing. Signs are posted when leaving urban areas or entering the state. I’ve always wondered if that same law applies to highways in urban areas where there’s 2 - 4 lanes on each side.
signupstuff (7 days ago)
So I agree, you should stay within 5mph of the average speed of traffic. Can I use that argument with the police? If the speed limit is 65, and the average speed of people on the road is 70, and I'm going 72.. I should be able to use that to get a speeding ticket cancelled.
Zul278 (7 days ago)
I'm convinced the people who don't know about this cheated their way into their license or just doesn't pay attention on their classes
Aaro Lehtoranta (8 days ago)
I thought this was obvious (I live in Europe).
Shali xD (8 days ago)
in Indonesia, left lane is for slow drive.
chancy319 (9 days ago)
I hate simplistic reporting like 2:29 to 2:45. The main reason for lower accident rates in Germany isn't because of left or right lanes. It's because of stricter, tighter and more comprehensive driver education. Driver's licenses aren't just handed out like candy. They are also retested on a regular basis.
J Miller (10 days ago)
SHAME! I am furious people don't know this.
Tom Williams (10 days ago)
It’s called an overtaking lane
M. Bullmann (10 days ago)
in germany we call it: RECHTSFAHRGEBOT
John Doe (10 days ago)
It feels like all some people want to do is cause traffic jams. I just wish those ones would stay in bed.
Jiajian Hou (9 days ago)
John Doe or get run over.
Rune Sten (13 days ago)
Yet again America proves itself as a nation of individuals rather than a collective.
Yayi Suppa (14 days ago)
Or we should just get robots to drive and eliminate human stupidity of the roads :)
Ethel Ping (14 days ago)
Isn't this like... Common sense?
Sylvia Lopez (15 days ago)
pug_master (15 days ago)
Why would you cut lanes to go that's how you get killed kids every month someone dies cutting through lanes on the 1 corner of my street
pug_master (15 days ago)
Tbh idc I'm going exact speed limit in left lane whatcha gonna do now BOI
Jiajian Hou (9 days ago)
pug_master someone will run you off the road one day. Good luck.
kathmandoozle (18 days ago)
Look, I get irritated with people who don't understand that the left lane is a passing lane ... BUT, they are not responsible for the accidents - the aggressive "traffic weavers" are. This video says "it forces them to make dangerous moves trying to pass you on the right" - I'm sorry, it FORCES them to drive dangerously and aggressively?? nope, sorry. Aggressive drivers need to be held responsible. Yes, people need to be educated about the passing lane but they are not the ones killing people.
oslohes tyagi (18 days ago)
It said keep on the right and I was like what ??? Then I realised the Americans Drive on the wrong side of the road !!
Dexxon Gaming (19 days ago)
How stupid are you in the us. We have followed this rule in Europe since 1950. Its always worked.
Rudolph Xu (20 days ago)
Good job Vox now more people would stay on the right unless passing!
Luca Brown (20 days ago)
Welcome to europe, where it’s illegal to overtake on the right
awychoi (21 days ago)
Just don't drive on the left if you are not passing someone...
Ansh Chaudhary (22 days ago)
Same for "Right" here in India, reversed lanes and reversed seat position in cars.
Edward Chan (22 days ago)
UK viewers: I got fined for driving too fast on the left lane...
KiLL3Rw0lF (22 days ago)
There's only one section of road I drive that I dont get over if I'm going slower after it splits into two. That's because I turn 1 mile passed the split, and several drivers go 20 miles an hour over the speed limit in a 45mph section. *I shall force the speed on you!* 😐😂
XO (23 days ago)
chassis807 (23 days ago)
Rolling chicanes ... great video.
Husain Shaikh (23 days ago)
Atleast you have lanes that people actually follow. In India people own the car, the road they've passed, the road they are driving on and even the upcoming road. Let the red light show 10 seconds remaining and hear the honks of a few people. Let it turn green and see the reaction time of 0.00001 sec. I am generally not sexist or racist but it is my general observation that female drivers although drive good enough for their safety but do not have any idea about other people and how to overtake safely. Teenage boys also don't have any fear for their life or anyone else's. You'll hardly see anyone on your entire trip with a helmet.
TrekImpossible (24 days ago)
See a few comments saying being confused by the LEFT side, obviously it's referring the passing lane, the most driver-side lane. If you are able to come to YouTube, watch this video, you should be able to figure it out. Hope those are just kidding.
TrekImpossible (23 days ago)
+Pratik Bhagunde During the rush hour when there is more traffic than the road can handle, then there is not much we can do, just use all the lanes(I personally still try not to stay in the passing lane for long time). But very often you can be blocked by the side-by-side traffic while the road a couple cars ahead is pretty empty. There is no way to stay exactly at speed limit for long distance, I tried with cruise control on both auto and manual transmissions, you might go above and blow because the road grade changes. Plus, you can always stay within speed limit in non-passing lanes. So don't be confused. Here is my thought, I don't like be blocked, so I also try not to block other people. I cruise in non-passing lane, and change back after passing. I don't care how fast/slow other people are driving, as long as I have a way to cruise/pass.
Pratik Bhagunde (24 days ago)
This is very confusing and represents an ideal situation where everyone drives at speed limit. If cars driving in right and middle lanes are all driving at speed limit then this tells that in left lane cars should drive at higher than speed limit. Unless then left lane is only used for passing, essentially during rush hours, all left lane traffic will be driving at higher than speed limit and should not get ticket unless speeds are insanely high. If left lane is used only for passing, then we will be essentially wasting an entire lane which will be catastrophic during rush hours. This is extremely flawed if you have speed limits. It works in Germany because there is no speed limit.
Alexander Dunn (24 days ago)
We have this in Victoria, Australia, but only on freeways and country highways and you have to stay in the left, not right
Simeon Crane (25 days ago)
Being British this video was confusing at first! I was like my life is a lie I always thought the left lane was slow not fast?!
Lukman Leong (26 days ago)
It's forbidden to be in the right lane if you're not overtaking somebody.
Leah Waagen (27 days ago)
So how do we make SURE that slow left lane drivers see this video?? Coming from one of the first groups of drivers described in this video.
Donny Helvey (27 days ago)
atbattson (27 days ago)
I would suggest Germans have less accidents on the autobarn because their driving lessons and test are better and more difficult. The test in the USA doesn't even include Highway driving, which is absurd I think
atbattson (27 days ago)
I take umbridge with the premise said at the beginning that there are two types of drivers, its not about "types" of driver, as you clearly later state "Its the law".
Dubjax 26 (27 days ago)
This video is meaningless for those of us in the UK
Akira.MadeThat (27 days ago)
Problem is, Americans don’t want to be second and will speed to hell just to keep you from passing them.... Then they go slow again.
Lim Yang Xuan (27 days ago)
Wait isn't left lane is for slow vehicles. Oh this is right driving countries.
EggyRepublic (28 days ago)
3 lanes: right: slow middle: fast or passing left: DEJA VU
Dubjax 26 (27 days ago)
Not in the UK
Craig061002 (21 days ago)
It's amazing how many people, who've been driving for years, don't know that the left lane, or the "hammer lane," is for passing or for faster drivers.
ferret (29 days ago)
If somebody is tailgating you, you should move over. Especially if theres a ton of cars piling up behind you.
M McTavish (29 days ago)
Just follow Canada’s way
GAMETIME R (29 days ago)
If u in the left lane going this slow and you don’t get out the way after I high beam and honk, I will come in front of u and give u the brake check of your life. Idgaf
Lodle (30 days ago)
Americans drive on the *incorrect* side
SmilinGoat (30 days ago)
oh come on, you put 49 states in your info-graphic, you include Hawaii. is it that hard to also include AK?
zombiekillar1234 (30 days ago)
It's should be legal to rear end left lane campers and not have to stop lol
Nicolas Dolinschi (30 days ago)
This stuff is so annoying people learn already
suyash singh (30 days ago)
simply just drive a monster truck
Remy LaBeau (1 month ago)
Please send this to TEXAS DEPT OF PUBLIC SAFETY!!!
Wie is Iemand? (1 month ago)
Im from Europe but this is the most logic thing ever right? Why is there even a video of this are americans that dumb??
Fox in a tornado 400 (1 month ago)
aer yuo Muslim donkey from Londonstan .??
QeXDee (1 month ago)
This annoys me so much I'm driving 130km/h on the fast lane and there will always be an idiot driving slow even after flashing them
Sexy Panda (1 month ago)
How come people in the left lane slow down when they see the police?
David Bolaños (1 month ago)
Most accidents happen during lane changes go figure
superkrabban (1 month ago)
driving is bad for the environment
Daira929 (1 month ago)
In Germany you are not only supposed to drive right except to pass you're also not allowed to pass on the right side. The combination makes it safe. Also we are not driving like 120mph all the time. When I visit my parents some 162 miles away, I average a speed of ~83mph door to door (with a bit of driving through the city at the start and the end)
Florida w it’s massive amount of elderly. Are u listening?!?!?
Omg this video should be mandatory to watch before anyone could drive. Some people are simply inconsiderate.
Jonathan Erickson (1 month ago)
And then there are the people who tailgate you even though you’re passing the people in the right lane because apparently you aren’t passing people fast enough. Also while I agree that it’s law to use the left lane as a passing lane, the argument of “Other drivers are forced to weave in and out of traffic making it more dangerous” is probably the most ridiculous argument ever, that’s their fault for driving recklessly which is also illegal.
Ivan J California (1 month ago)
Speeding is a victimless crime that racketeers use to generate their racket by bullying you,
Star Mayhem (1 month ago)
same problem for pedestrians, people in a group like to walk next to each other forming a blockade that is hard to go around
Joshua Bunkers (1 month ago)
How ridiculous. Driving slow in the left forces ("FORCES") speeding, irresponsible drivers to make dangers passes. How about we just ask all drivers to drive defensively, like we learned in driver's education?
S (1 month ago)
Americans are so thick in the head
CARL LOGAN (1 month ago)
It is rush hour and all lanes are filled including the passing lane. Everyone is driving the speed limit. A speeder is trailing and wants to pass. Is there a violation? Should everyone in the passing lane move and allow the speeder through?
N boyer (1 month ago)
This is obvious if you’ve been driving for at least a year.
policeman198705 (1 month ago)
Utah drivers, listen up really good!!! I wish Utah would plaster this video all over the news for a month solid!!!
Justme Yram (1 month ago)
Mexico is a horrible place to drive. Trust me. IT IS HORRIBLE.
Luis Alvarez (1 month ago)
This should be mandatory viewing every month.
sochinese (1 month ago)
Cop told me to go with the flow not the speed limit
owen prince (1 month ago)
That may be one cop but that is not the same everywhere. I have seen 20 cars pulled over and everyone of them got tickets. Now with the radar they just send out 120 tickets in a day, in the mail and you pay it at the courthouse. Around here if you go with the flow and not the speed limit you will get a 200 dollar ticket in the mail with everyone of the other speeders.
A Deep Thinker (1 month ago)
People tend to treat that lane as a "speeding lane" not a "passing lane." And god forbid they have to exit at the last minute and cut a across four f***King lanes to get to their precious exit.
Danny Y (1 month ago)
This needs to be shared all over so stupid people everywhere can understand this
Raul Ojeda (2 months ago)
Well then i should drive slow on the right lane than to be safe.
Keith Walker (2 months ago)
I'm looking at you Washington (state), and Tennessee.
Speeding is illegal
TrekImpossible (2 months ago)
we all know that. but the video is to tell you don't stay in the passing lane when you are not passing, and return to non-passing lane after passing, regardless the speed. speeding will be given ticket by law enforcement, and should not be a concern for regular drivers.
NP2 NPC3 (2 months ago)
Yeah, I hog the left lane. Fight me. I will also speed up and block you if you try to pass me lmao.
Hugo H (2 months ago)
if there’s a jackass in front of u in the left lane: 1. tail gate 2. use your left blinker 3. flash your lights 4. pass them on the right and honk at them
Jiajian Hou (9 days ago)
Hugo H I not only did all of that, I also; Use my light bar shining at them so bright I can see what their kids were watching in the back seats; Purposely attempt to drive them off the road by blocking just when I finish passing. Of course not actually do it.
edwin dato (2 months ago)
The cops should give more tickets to these morons.
Phalini McLeod (2 months ago)
very good advice. i already try to be fair to faster drivers by staying out of the left lane as much as possible, using it only for passing, but it's good to be reminded. Thanks for producing this video.
0 O (2 months ago)
Most stupidest thing to talk about , people are going 80 mph on i4 in every lane left middle and right lane every day 80 mph ,how about enforcing the speeding ? Hand out some damn tickets signs says 60-65 speed limit not 80. People go slow merging people don’t even stop at signs. Your not educating anyone by posting on you tube .
Victor Pelini (2 months ago)
Lmaoo why is this an issue ONLY in the states 🤣🤣🤣
Kuunib (2 months ago)
Who doesn‘t know this frfr stay out the left lane unless you want to pass someone.
boon xin kok (2 months ago)
my country we use right lane to pass cuz we drive left side
Bucky V (2 months ago)
1. Because it’s fucken annoying
Curry God (2 months ago)
Thank God, I hate slow drivers
SAVEGE BEAST (2 months ago)
So basiccally if everyone is going 80 miles per hour in a 50 mile per hour road on the left lane then your allowed to go that much over the speed limit?
TrekImpossible (2 months ago)
Speeding is not our concern unless you are law enforcement. And even you are going 80 mph in a 50 mph limit road, you still want to move back to non-passing lane after you are done passing. We want to avoid all lanes blocked by side-by-side traffic, regardless the speed you are driving.
callum hardy (2 months ago)
Well actually according to the Highway Code the left lane is the driving lane and the right lane is the overtaking lane. So this is wrong.
Quirktart (2 months ago)
Isn't this how the German Autobahn works?
Charlotte Yates (2 months ago)
This confused me until I realized it was American and they drive on the other side of the road 😂
Grigori Rasputin (2 months ago)
Me : What the f---? *clicks on video* Me : O yeah I live in bloody England
Josip Ricov (2 months ago)
Americans are uneducated and get to easily drivers license and don’t have enough driving hours, don’t know how to park in narrow spots or drive on narrow roads. And don’t know first aid!
Léni Vienne (2 months ago)
America really has some weird people. In Europe this behavior is almost unheard of
yes_Tom3 (2 months ago)
Does not matter in philippines for some reason
voltzilla (2 months ago)
Change the signs to be simple and direct "LEFT LANE IS FOR PASSING ONLY"
N B (2 months ago)
If you disagree with this video please kill yourself. Speeding has nothing to do with it.
NAME NAME NAME (2 months ago)
To say a bit more about the German Autobahn: A large portion of the way is two lanes in each direction. You have to drive on the left lane unless you want to overtake someone else. Oh, and we aren't just "more likely" to stay on the right lane as stated in the video, this is taught in driving lessons and to my knowledge enforced by law. More heavily used parts have three lanes in each direction. The right lane is usually used by trucks, they have a speed limit of 80km/h (50mph), so car drivers usually stay on the middle Lane with ~100km/h (60mph), because they're constantly overtaking trucks. Of course, the off ramp is still on the right side, so eventually, you squeeze on the right lane, but that mostly works without problems. The left lane is again only for overtaking. Major points like the A3/A4 southeast of cologne have four or five lanes which split at intersections, with two or three going one direction, two going the other. This is only on the busiest of parts of the network. Like I said, most of the network is two lanes.

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