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Gordon Ramsay vs Madelaine Petsch In VEGAN MASTERCHEF COOK OFF!

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Check out who wins the challenge on Madelaine’s Page: https://youtu.be/7aZj_XeqozA To celebrate this summer’s all new season of MasterChef, and his billionth view on YouTube, Gordon is set a mystery box challenge by fellow YouTuber, and star of Riverdale, Madelaine Petsch! There’s only one thing Gordon doesn’t know……it’s a Vegan Cook off! Catch MasterChef Season 9 Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food - https://amzn.to/2zfvgGh Subscribe for weekly cooking videos. If you liked this clip check out the rest of Gordon's channels: http://www.youtube.com/gordonramsay http://www.youtube.com/kitchennightmares http://www.youtube.com/thefword
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Text Comments (14656)
Sofia Paola Ospino Mata (10 hours ago)
This is Cutie Ringo Joy (22 hours ago)
8:39 when your teacher is about to scold you and call you to the front of the classroom with your friend
This is Cutie Ringo Joy (22 hours ago)
*why am I doing this to myself , why am I doing this to myself*
Doge (1 day ago)
Gordon, have you found the lamb sauce yet?
Jose Figueroa (1 day ago)
She is fucking hot
hakimi (1 day ago)
Gordon: You're so gorgerous! Madelaine: I'm vegan. Gordon's mind: *Dammit...*
Nathan G (1 day ago)
I know for a fact he held her down by her wrists after this and just drilled her into another realm
thedankest101 (1 day ago)
bruh he torched her recipe
thedankest101 (1 day ago)
start swearing Gordon
Daan Amelink (1 day ago)
I must say she is fuckin gorgeous
Chloe Lewis (1 day ago)
Who won
Tommy Shorts (1 day ago)
She’d be a great Mary Jane Watson.
Simon Grönlund (2 days ago)
Hehe, Gordon tries to cheat but still kind of keeps in the top. This clip does not reveal the result, which puts me off, but cheating versus an ugly-looking dish ... eeh ... I am not certain here.
Invisible Vortex (2 days ago)
I’m sure almost everyone here are Riverdale fans ;)
João Vitor (1 day ago)
My forehead isn't wrinkled. IT'S MY SECRET SIX PACK Ramsay Gordon-2019.
João Vitor (1 day ago)
+Morelia Toma and yes i know the position of name and surname in arts the surname comes first
João Vitor (1 day ago)
+Morelia Toma he really dont find according to when i watch the show.
Morelia Toma (1 day ago)
funny thing is when this was made in 2018, It's Gordon Ramsay, (no 'm' in Gordon, Gordon comes before Ramsay), and can you add the time that he said that coz i can't find it, thanks!
Adhil Ameen (2 days ago)
Actually Madelaine won in this cool battle.
iSausage (2 days ago)
Que rica y no la comida :v
II TA88Y II (2 days ago)
Gordon got a fuck off boner
Mr JerryKittycat (2 days ago)
How are you Gordan
She's t h i c c
Quinn Hughes (1 day ago)
Ikr 😍 let’s talk about her, my kik is gregbenzz
Jair Eastoe (2 days ago)
Cheryl is vegan?
Delphox The Red Fox (2 days ago)
Wait is it Gordon ?
mub the boi (2 days ago)
This is so staged it hurts
KILLA JD (2 days ago)
Ok she’s hot
KILLA JD (1 day ago)
Greg Benz what the hell lmfao talk about what haha
andy lopez (3 days ago)
My money on Gordon Ramsey, bc ain’t nobody like that vegan shit
wombo 23 (3 days ago)
Who won
ilene Rodriguez (3 days ago)
So who won 😂
clovers10 (3 days ago)
Those few moments you think *burns the recipe* is supposed to be some clever joke or metaphor because you read the comments first and hadn’t gotten to that part of the video 😂😂😂
Moh Afzal (3 days ago)
Cheryl Blossom ♥️♥️♥️
0:45 this lad has sum chonky ass feet
Day Darkness (3 days ago)
She's got Balenciagas
Tim Hasselmann (3 days ago)
Anyone know her insta? just for school researches..
hi señor (3 days ago)
Wtf is Cheryl doing there
WAATS (3 days ago)
Hit The Saquon (3 days ago)
She pretty hot
Pratik Warudkar (3 days ago)
Abey ise gobi matar ki sabji kehte Hai..
Aadi Ramdhean (3 days ago)
Why Gordon dick is not...you know...what am saying
makayla le (3 days ago)
It's in steinbach Manitoba aka Canada
makayla le (3 days ago)
You need to go to my mothers restaurant Viethouse! It is a Vietnamese restaurant with vegetables in each dish and yummy toppings and sauce there's also vegan options!
Aquastian (3 days ago)
shes so cute
Stello’s 10 incher (3 days ago)
Riverdale girl?
Sam White (3 days ago)
10/10 would smash. Madaleine's hot too, but Gordon's on a whole 'nother level
Mr. Unknown (23 minutes ago)
They’re both so damn thick
QveenLee !!! (12 hours ago)
John SL (1 day ago)
Amanda (2 days ago)
Wait, what the fuck
Vel Dogg's Kitchen (3 days ago)
vR Minty (3 days ago)
Gordon : Hey Madeleine News: Madeleine Mcann has been found
Elle •hârrįš (3 days ago)
sssloe (3 days ago)
Madelaine is a cookie!
Vezzy (3 days ago)
Gordon Ramsey sange liat tt
Kitauna tblanket (3 days ago)
3:12–3:22 was so funny and cute, all he wanted was a steak GOD 😂💕
RUINx Gaming (3 days ago)
Ameena Babar (3 days ago)
wait so who like actually won
lucy and amelia (3 days ago)
Ameena Babar madelaine won, the result is on her channel:)
ツOptix (3 days ago)
She’s hot damnnn
Luis Fernando (4 days ago)
Is it me or I just LOVE when Gordon says “stop it “ sta pet 🇬🇧
Car Jay (4 days ago)
this is hilarious!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Zem_Tex _kryptic (4 days ago)
She’s cherlly blossom from RIVERDALE
Anhelic101 Angel (17 hours ago)
+subscribe to pewdiepie I only realised that she's Cheryl bc of this comment 😶 I feel like an idiot. 😰
Cheryl* fking dumbass
Cecilia Williams (4 days ago)
Gordon: WHERE IS THE LAMB SAUCE! Madeleine: IM VEGAN Gordon: I know but it’s a classic lol 😂
Secret (4 days ago)
Wtf who won!?
lucy and amelia (2 days ago)
Secret no problem!:)
Secret (3 days ago)
Ohhh, ok, thank you so much!
lucy and amelia (3 days ago)
Secret madelaine won, it’s over on her channel:)
kouthao (4 days ago)
I'd bang madelyine or whatever her name is. Nice rack
Hunter (4 days ago)
Oh my shit..... I have been scrolling through the comments for 10 minutes and everyone who says the redhead is cute get over 1k likes.... what the actual hell
ryland is a fail (4 days ago)
Awh how cute
Sheep Lock (4 days ago)
how can she get that amazing body from just eating vegetables?
imzarxki (4 days ago)
*I'm only here for Madelaine Petsch.*
Cummy Krampus (4 days ago)
Need more chicks and lamb sauce.
LIGMA _ (4 days ago)
she’s from riverdale the show lol
Corbin Linklater (4 days ago)
He was to scared of all of this
Scarlett .E (4 days ago)
Madeleine won
Miss Eza (4 days ago)
you know that you are really handsome if your not angry
Jungkookie _BUNNY101 (4 days ago)
Jungkookie _BUNNY101 (4 days ago)
GOOOOO MADDIEEEEEE I LOVE YOU AKA cheryl blossom i love youuuuuu
immortal (4 days ago)
aka madelaine petsch w a fan
Night Faller (4 days ago)
R they seriously gonna leave at that cliff hanger! Im pissed lmao
lucy and amelia (3 days ago)
Varnshii Preeya it shows who won on madelaine’s channel:)
Varnshii Preeya (4 days ago)
You should check out madelaine's video of this😂
MT G (5 days ago)
She is gorgeous and great personality. Sexy lady right there.
Jonathan Magana (5 days ago)
Shes hot as fuck. Id wreck her ass
Deimos (5 days ago)
Legend has it, Gordon hid lamb sauce as a present to Madaline. But just as he, she never found it.
QveenLee !!! (12 hours ago)
Deimos 😂😂😂😂😂
Ren Gowan (5 days ago)
No judgement but hey vegans, PLANTS HAVE FEELINGS AND CAN FEEL WHEN THEY ARE BEING PICKED, HARVESTED, ETC. The entire vegan philosophy is 1000% hypocritical.
Torisugiru Decade (5 days ago)
I love seeing them cook against each other And I love just seeing Gordon sit around the room doing random things XD
Maria Volleyballover (5 days ago)
There should be a ‘vegan master chef’ On tv come on Gordon Ramsay
Nutmeg Thunder86 (5 days ago)
Gordy definitely gave her a bit of good ol Scottish meat after the cameras went off
Mo holley (5 days ago)
Name (5 days ago)
She must have killed him when she found out haha
april evora (5 days ago)
*Cheryl is that you*
Naomi da Rosa (5 days ago)
What a miracle he was not shouting and yelling like the devil after touching holy water.
Miguel Melo (2 days ago)
That's the best god dam comment I've seen in while 😂
Ivaghn Lindo (5 days ago)
ItSyow Lloyd (5 days ago)
madelaine is so cutee
Furry Potato (5 days ago)
To be continued --->
Ben Porter (5 days ago)
eww disgusting vegan shit
dw k (5 days ago)
램지형 착해졋네.
JustCompletingGames (5 days ago)
Gordons done the impossible, Thats 1 meal hes cooked that I dont want to eat
Myiah Ho (5 days ago)
If they had an argument who would win?
Bagged 280 (5 days ago)
Shes got some nice tits
Black Nigg (6 days ago)
So we give you 1billion views and you don’t even show us who won? I’m refunding all 87 of my views
lucy and amelia (3 days ago)
it doesn’t have 1billion views but aside from that ahaha, they show you who won on madelaine’s channel:)
darcaro _love (6 days ago)
She's beautiful
stan loona (6 days ago)
*On this episode of Cheryl vs Men*
TheOlk87 (6 days ago)
Gordon you dirty bastard!
Jeff Hoelscher (6 days ago)
I enjoy your channel but vegans cause more harm than good. Hunting and eating meat is good for the environment if done properly, end of story. (Now watch the intolerant vegans chastise me for my beliefs but freak out when they are called out.)
Robin Negus (7 days ago)
oh my 😍
California E92 (7 days ago)
Those are some big ass tittys
Juice (7 days ago)
Gordon Ramsay is hilarious. I love watching his shows
GoWatcher (6 days ago)
Me too
John Stitt (7 days ago)
Dear Gordon, How do you make delicious and proper tomato soup from scratch ? With a proper side or garnish. ✌️🎸😎☕️
KayleighLeanne (7 days ago)
Yeah vegan 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Ben Porter (5 days ago)
KayleighLeanne no disgusting
Beast GamingMC (7 days ago)
Wow, Gordon that’s the first time I’ve seen you happy in a Kitchen!
Mr. Unknown (23 minutes ago)
This is Cutie Ringo Joy hello Howard’s echo
This is Cutie Ringo Joy (22 hours ago)
Lmao you must have never watch masterchef before
Nehemiah Howard (4 days ago)
You must never watch masterchef
She should have said NINO!!!

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