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Ed Sheeran Greatest Hits - Best Of Ed Sheeran Playlist 2018 (Instrumental )

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Ed Sheeran Greatest Hits - Best Of Ed Sheeran Playlist 2018 (Instrumental ) https://youtu.be/4h4EwDHnDFc
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Text Comments (35)
Amo con todo el corazón ❤❤
YOUTUBEs MASHUPs (29 days ago)
Perfect for listening to this and writing homework 😂
Charles Spofforth (1 month ago)
Maria Corso (1 month ago)
mds eu chorei me imaginando casando ao som dessas musicas, socorro eu não sou normal
Leo Brown (1 month ago)
Helped me to get some
liam ferns (19 days ago)
Leo Brown congrats my dude
Ksawery Lewis (2 months ago)
Its brilliant ed sheeran keep going with the instromentul track list.
Nassim Guerroumi (3 months ago)
How to properly finish your thesis !!!
Comedy Dudes (4 months ago)
#15 You mean "What do I know" not "Wat"
Aaron 1502 (6 months ago)
Dude there is no Galway Girl, Give Me Love, A-Team, Drunk, Lego House... But still a good video.
SuperMinimozart (3 months ago)
And there´s no Nancy Mulligan either
Zofia Lewandowska (4 months ago)
@Aaron 1502 oh sorry :-)
Aaron 1502 (4 months ago)
@Zofia Lewandowska Yeah I can read as well, thank you! But the picture is wrong. There is none of these songs in this video ffs
Zofia Lewandowska (4 months ago)
@Aaron 1502 Galway girl is at point 11, Give me love is at point 12, the a team is on the 13 point, Drunk is on 14, Lego house on 17.
Aaron 1502 (5 months ago)
@Zofia Lewandowskaat what minute?
baho naacc (7 months ago)
Super I like and love this songs collection
Karen Asuncion (8 months ago)
This is so amazing it's like stress reliever to me I can always listen to the instrumental music❤❤❤
Aakangkhya Kashyap (8 months ago)
Te calma, es lo mejor.. this is beatifull
guy klinsreesuk (10 months ago)
Awesome dude ! keep up work !
carmen santos (10 months ago)
Muito bom ouvir essas músicas
Jamiboy626 (10 months ago)
Great vid, time stamps would be helpful tho. Thumbs up anyway
X.xsaltyx.X (10 months ago)
Thanks for this I kept singing along
Vale Dolce (10 months ago)
I played it while I was studying, It helped me a lot! Thank you♥
The Worst Part (1 month ago)
@Melissa Rojas Bonilla And me too
Melissa Rojas Bonilla (6 months ago)
Me too!!!!!
Evka (7 months ago)
Phoebe Berja (9 months ago)
Vale Dolce sml
pjnkblue (11 months ago)
Thank you! I need this kinda playlist today!
Aakangkhya Kashyap (8 months ago)
Wow wow wow .that's all
Aakangkhya Kashyap (8 months ago)
Wow wow wow .that's all
Evelyn JP (11 months ago)
I love this

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